A Modest Proposal For Shipping The Nations Goods ~ Horsedooty

Much has been said about the US dependence of foreign oil. I could envision a solution to some of that. Let’s reduce the nations long haul trucking to mostly local delivery. Let’s ship inventory that won’t spoil by rail and off load to a central warehouse in a big city. Then load said inventory on to smaller trucks that deliver to the retail outlets in the town or city. That is essentially the delivery method of UPS and Fedex. They use airplanes for the overnight stuff but no one would think to ship a refrigerator with UPS.

Over the road drivers would still have a place to ply their trade. Produce and things that are time critical would be their loads. Reefers, if you will. Railroads have reefers also.

This rail shipping could also bring back passenger travel also. There would have to be terrific amount of infrastructure built or at least rebuilt. It would also require a lot of smaller railroad companies as start-ups. There are at least 2 railroads doing this sort of thing here in Ft Worth.

Looks to me like this proposal would put a lot of people back to work. Construction and other trades would benefit greatly. Warehouse people would be needed and more trucks and drivers needed. Looks like a win-win to me.

Might be something to think about!



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  1. good idea doots, and any excuse to look at pictures of freight trains makes me happy!

  2. dog's eye view

    Bringing this forward, because who knew it was Pancake Day? Happy Fat Tuesday all around.

    dnd, on February 24th, 2009 at 9:08 am Said:
    Happy Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday Terça-feira Gorda, Mardi Gras, Martedì Grasso, Fettisdagen, Vastlapäev, Martes de Carnaval, Terça-feira de Carnaval, Faschingsdienstag or whatever you call it..

    dnd, on February 24th, 2009 at 9:10 am Said:
    I’m happy too: it’s Pancake Day!

  3. dog's eye view

    OctoMom update: video in which she argues with OctoGrandmom. Not a pretty sight. I feel even more for those little kids, if it’s Nadya’s way or the highway in OctoMom’s universe.

    From radar.com, used on an LATimes blog


  4. dog's eye view

    Doots; think you’ve made a great suggestion. Well reasoned, particularly since there is plenty of other freight for truckers.

    Will be interesting to watch if this is already happening.

  5. dog's eye view

    Sheila: excellent blogpost topic yesterday; I never commented because have not yet read the Richard Florida article. Am doing so and will comment later. Thanks for bringing it to attention.

  6. dog's eye view

    Rupert Murdoch finally personally apologized for the chimp cartoon.


  7. Keith will have fun with murdoch’s apology tonight! LOL

  8. dnd

    Won’t KO be preempted with Obama’s speech to congress?

  9. Well KO is hosting the speech on MSNBC, so I’m sure he’ll get a comment or two in!

  10. re:Rupert Murdoch
    Did you read his apology? I rate it as a big fat zero – empty words.

  11. And this comes as a surprise to you UB?

  12. Does anyone know exactly what this “bank stress test” is about? Is it just a matter of going over their books with a fine tooth comb?

  13. BevnTempe

    Not only is it all the wonderful days that Dog referred to, it’s my birthday!

    I think it would be great if the trains came back. There is one commercial on TV already showing how trains are the best and cheapest way to ship things.

    I also want to say that the words by Cleve Jones about Harvey Milk on KO last night were inspiring and hopeful.

  14. dnd

    That’s not a modest proposal. That would be huge! Enormous energy savings. Plus there’d be less worry about sleepy truckers causing accidents. And you have no idea how much fun it is to be behind a jackknifed truck on a snowy I-70 or I-80. Those piggyback rail cars are the way to go.

    There weren’t many long haul truckers prior to the interstate highway system.

    Ever wonder why there are no more airmail stamps? USPS uses passenger flights to transport a lot of mail. Using rail may not be as fast, but certainly more efficient. And high speed rail would be great for mail.

    We’d need new regulation to enable smaller rail lines. Deregulation has allowed rail-Barron’s like Phil Anscheutz to buy up small rail, shut them down and form an oligopoly.

    I think Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood and whoever gets Commerce should get on this right away.

  15. dnd

    Happy Birthday Bev!

  16. dnd

    I’m guessing KO will have some interesting comments on LA Gov. Piyush Jindal’s Republican reply to Obama’s speech.

  17. Does Jindal really think he can get the GOP nomination? The day that party nominates a person of color to head their party I’ll lick Sarah Palin’s slut pumps.

  18. BevnTempe

    Thanks, Brian and dnd.

  19. Survey Reveals Broad Support for President

    A majority of people surveyed in both parties said Mr. Obama was striving to work in a bipartisan way, but most faulted Republicans for their response to the president, saying the party had objected to the $787 billion economic stimulus plan for political reasons. Most said Mr. Obama should pursue the priorities he campaigned on, the poll found, rather than seek middle ground with Republicans.


  20. Happy Birthday Bev !
    Make it a good day… cheers.

  21. I love the sound of a train in the distance…….we have a line near us, used to run two tracks both directions, they have over the last twenty years cut it down to one track…..the reason…Noise. How silly it was there for 50 years without a single complaint.

  22. dog's eye view

    Happy Birthday, Bev!

    Flapping a pancake in your honor. Will drink to your health (much) later.

    And how nice for President Obama to schedule a presidential address on the very day.

  23. Ok I need someone to come rub some vicks on my back. Any volunteers?

  24. dog's eye view

    I know several if they are allowed to use a howitzer to apply it!

  25. LOL, that’s funny dog, I’m going to bed for a while, I want to be able to stay up late enough to see the prez tonight.

  26. Nannymm

    Happy Birthday, Bev! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of presents and CAKE! Did I ever mention that I LOVE cake?

  27. Nannymm

    Great posts, Doots. I remember those freight trains that blew through Marfa and Alpine, Tx back in the 70’s and 80’s. Seemed like there were so many of them back then. Now, there are fewer. Also, the trains were much longer then. We need to get back to that.
    Our tracks here in Northern NY are basically gone now.

  28. colleen

    good afternoon, my friends

    although I’ve not been around much, you all are warmly in my thoughts…

    today’s topic is an especially fond one for me. I live near railroad tracks, along the Youghiogheny River in SW PA, close enough to wave to the engineers as they go by, and it’s a route for AmTrak as well. My side of the river has 2 sets of tracks, the other side’s have been removed and replaced by a bicycle and hiking trail that I believe now goes from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC, and several friends have given much of their volunteer time to help build the trail. The river here is also a main route for canoes, and sometimes on a weekend day there are as many as 200 that pass by. There are often CSX trucks down my road, repairing or inspecting track, and they’re a kind, jovial bunch. Just 2 days ago, I saw, for the 1st time in my life, a commercial on TV for CSX, encouraging people to use the rails rather than the roads for deliveries, so Doots’ comments are quite timely. Here’s hoping the Transportation Secretary reads this blog for this wonderful idea.

  29. Hey colleen, good to see you back on board.

    Gotta love youtube:

  30. Nannymm

    This guy is a few slices short of a full loaf:

    “Santelli Claims The White House Is Threatening Him: ‘My Kids Are Nervous To Go To School’”

  31. More than a few slices short, good catch there nanny, interesting choice of radio shows he’s decided to go on.

  32. Nannymm

    Isn’t it? You get a much clearer picture of this guys politics and where he is coming from. Tweety asked him the other day who he voted for and he finally admitted he was for McInsane.

  33. Geez, Santilli what a dufus….. and CNBC seems to be drunk with the idea that they are getting coverage, yet they don’t realize just what negative drag they are promoting…..sheer stupidity.

    I can’t even watch the whiners on Morning Squawk anymore.

  34. BevnTempe

    Thanks UB and dog – enjoy that pancake and especially the drink for my health!! In fact, have 2 or 3 for me.

  35. BevnTempe

    Nanny – I missed including you – thanks – so far the day has gone well. Not sure anyone is baking me a cake though.

  36. I’ll bake you a cake, unless you want butter cream icing, if you do ask sheila.

  37. UB that has far too many candles for Bev!

  38. dnd

    Hey colleen, good to see you.

    Usually when the topic of trains comes up I think back to the late, great Utah Phillips’ classic “Moose Turd Pie.” However today I’m reminded of Phillips “Daddy What’s a Train.”

  39. Oh how times have change….when we were little we played on the tracks, no parents with us ……can you imagine a bunch of little kids playing on the tracks ….we loved to flatten coins….I can remember the wind created by the 80 mph trains…..blowing in our faces and I can even recall the smell of the rails and ties.

    When I walk to work I cross the very same tracks…..different town same line.

    Good to see you Colleen!

  40. Okay, if for no other reason watch to check out the outfit.


  41. The Locomotion the way it was meant to be done!

  42. dnd

    Yeah Brian, probably the best train song ever. Written by the late, great Steve Goodman, made popular by Arlo Guthrie. Truly a prescient song.

  43. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    When I was a kid we’d always wave to the engineers and guys in the caboose. And they’d always wave back.

  44. Judy Collins is my favorite version dnd.

  45. Yeah waving, I remember waving too. They did wave back, I forgot about that…..we loved that!

  46. dnd

    Steve Goodman was my favorite version Brian. I saw him do it at the legendary Tulagie’s in Boulder when I was a freshman at the University of Colorado.

    It’s one of those songs that everybody seems to do well…

  47. Brownback Letter: Kennedy And Pelosi Aren’t Real Catholics, Obama A “Pro-Abortion Radical”


  48. Nannymm

    There is no Free Choice Act pending in Congress. This is more repug trash talk.

  49. dnd

    When you have no ideas, when you are on the losing side of the public, when all else fails, trot out abortion. Or gay marriage. Or guns. Or God.

    One can get away with this when things are good. When times are bad, not so much…

  50. dnd

    Should the Forest Service be moved to the Dept of the Interior?


    I vote yes. I don’t know the history of having it under the USDA, but it seems misplaced there.

  51. horsedooty

    trivia about Goodman’s song “City of New Orleans”, It was chosen by NASA to wake up the astronauts one morning. Can’t recall the flight but I do recall hearing Steve talk about how weird it was.

  52. I always assumed it was part of Interior dnd, you learn something new everyday.

  53. Michael Steele ‘Open To’ Punishing Stimulus-Backing GOP Senators [UPDATED]

    During an appearance on Your World with Neil Cavuto yesterday, Michael Steele told the host that he was “open to” punishing Senators Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter for their votes on the stimulus package, by withholding RNC monies for their re-election bids. He then said he was “open to everything, baby,” because that’s his bold schtick: inserting the word “baby” into everything.


    Major douche!

  54. dnd

    How huge is it to have the first Latina as the Labor Secretary?

    The times they are a changin’

  55. I like it….a reflection of our great and diverse population…..the more diverse the better…..

    Who’s writing lyrics like that nowadays? Thanks for the tune.


  56. dnd

    “Who’s writing lyrics like that nowadays? ”

    Willie Nelson.

  57. thanks….

    I’ll look into their work.

  58. chefsheila

    I’m HERE!!! I’m cooking to, but I’m here!

  59. I’m here too, sick but I’m here! What a refreshing change to see Biden up there instead of darth vader!

  60. chefsheila

    I know! I’ve been thinking all day that Jindl is going to say something outrageous and just screw the party more with regular Americans

  61. Shelia please make some chicken soup for Brian…..I would, but I stink at it.

  62. Nannymm

    I’m here too

  63. Screw the chicken soup, I’d be grateful is someone comes and walks the dogs!

  64. I’d walk your dogs…..I would love to, I never thought of that when you’re sick in the city.

  65. Nannymm

    Where is that friend you dog sit for? Tell him to get his butt over there to walk them for you.

  66. I could use a pedicure too UB.

    here we go!

  67. Nannymm

    Sully looks great!

  68. Nannymm

    It’s good to see her looking so well. She’s been through so much.

  69. I loved how grand a reception she got!

    here comes the first lady

  70. dnd

    Who’s the rock star tonight? Ruth Bader Ginsberg!

  71. chefsheila

    THis is a delight, seeing Michelle

  72. Nannymm

    Whoever does Michelle’s hair is awesome. She looks better every time I see her.

  73. Purple is a great color for her.

  74. dnd

    Michelle could wear a potato sack and look elegant.

  75. Nannymm

    I don’t like that color on Nancy.

  76. qick dnd, who’s hotter, Michelle Obama or Sophia Loren?


  77. chefsheila


  78. now you have dnd considering them both…..yikes

  79. dnd??? you still with us? rut ro

  80. Nannymm

    ewww! he just shook hands with Shelby. He should slap that man after what he said about Obama’s birth certificate.

  81. chefsheila

    That was nice with CLinton

  82. dog's eye view

    such a sense of relief. No more alternate reality addresses from boy Bush.

  83. Nannymm

    I think Obama and Clinton really like each other.

  84. What a thrill to see a Dem up there!

  85. chefsheila

    Sheila is beeming…

  86. dnd

    “qick dnd, who’s hotter, Michelle Obama or Sophia Loren?”

    What, you didn’t throw Jill Biden into the mix?

  87. dog's eye view

    Do we have any drinking games going?

  88. Nannymm

    I was thinking the same thing, dnd. And we won’t have to listen all that bull about bringing freedom and democracy to the world.

  89. chefsheila

    Tears in SHeila’s eyes!!! 🙂

  90. That’s Dr. Jill Biden to you!

  91. chefsheila

    Cheerleader in Chief!

  92. dog's eye view

    crisis might be a word to get us drunk. Recover.

  93. Nannymm

    What’s with the “reaction meter” on MSNBC?

  94. dog's eye view



  95. dnd

    I prefer Dr. Jill to Dr. Phil.

  96. dnd

    Is someone going to count the standing ovations tonight?

  97. Nannymm

    I nominate you, dnd.

  98. ….doctor/ patient ….. a movie star and a political goddess…… oh my!

  99. I could almost go for that…..lmao

  100. Nannymm

    ewww!! No thank you!!

  101. No body messes with Joe! LOL

  102. dog's eye view

    because nobody messes with Joe.

    Got to like that.

  103. Actually my Hub feels that the repugs and the Wall Street @ssholes should sit in the corner and shut (TF) up.

    It’s good to be in power again….even in this challenging time, humor and drive is alive.

  104. Nannymm

    I agree with your hubby, UB.

  105. dog's eye view

    I think many more ppl are watching this address than ever sat through one of the Bushapaloozas.

    Too much at stake, and a speech made in fluent English!

  106. He just nationalized the banks!

  107. dog's eye view

    Holds no one accountable for reckless decisions

    Yes! Tell it!

  108. Nannymm

    Sure sounds like it, Brian.

  109. Only the mega banks that would sink without the help of the Government.

  110. Nice to be watching a President with a brain. Geez, he’s a smart man and I love that about him.

  111. Main St. vs Wall St. you can’t go wrong with that msg!

  112. Nannymm

    There it is: HOPE. Yes, we can!

  113. Budget to shape social policy, god I love being a Democrat!

  114. It all works hand in hand…..the old republican motto “every man for himself” doesn’t fly.

  115. dnd

    Energy, healthcare and education. I’m thinking the prez is reading our blog 😉

  116. Look how high that red line is staying, Obama may just kill the GOP for the next one or two decades!

  117. Nannymm

    I’ve been looking at that line; it’s as high as or higher than the blue line. Amazing!

  118. wow Brian,I wasn’t even watching the line, because I have it in a small window…..on my PC….that’s amazing

  119. You go Nancy! You deserve that!

  120. dog's eye view

    Great speech, and so well tailored to those watching at home. Pose the banks issue as a lack of credit for consumers, not a ginormous bailout of executives.

    He believes in what he is saying. Such a difference. It’s not just in there as window dressing and a gimmick.

  121. chefsheila

    I can’t believe I’m listening to such a great speech and to understand that its going to happen…all of it.

  122. dog's eye view

    Commitment. another drinking word?

  123. I just got goose bumps on the health care statement!

  124. chefsheila


  125. dog's eye view

    out-teach us today, out-compete us tomorrow.


  126. chefsheila

    WOW!!! ON Education!

  127. yep…….very cool. Education, what a novel concept, I guess if the president is well educated he’s more likely to understand the concept of education……we will never NEVER hear President Obama say…..

    “our children is learning” – GWB

  128. I’m so glad he mentioned Teddy!


  129. dog's eye view

    Under new management.

    Not pass on to our children a debt they cannot repay.

  130. Wow, people are actually having fun!

  131. Nannymm

    Lots of real substance. None of that phony macho-man stuff Bush used to spout.

  132. dog's eye view

    Any Bush slams are so very well deserved.

  133. Nannymm

    Mitch McConnell looks ill.

  134. dog's eye view

    because we’re also suffering from a deficit of trust


    no longer will we hide the price [of our war]

    Grown ups in the room.

  135. Nannymm

    It’s about time the wars are in the budget!!

  136. dnd

    Mitch McConnell is ill; mentally ill…

  137. dog's eye view

    Interesting how he pronounces it


    Noticed that before.

  138. chefsheila

    YES YES YES~!!!!!!!!

  139. dog's eye view

    not watching so much.

    Is McConnell literally ill, or seeing his party’s future?

  140. Nannymm

    Seeing the future, dog.

  141. chefsheila


  142. dog's eye view

    The United States of America does not torture. We can make that commitment here tonight.

    Amazing we even have to affirm that principle.

    Why do I think GWB is out to dinner with friends and not watching this in real time?

    It’s a complete repudiation, and needs to be.

  143. dog's eye view

    A comment from the Balloon Juice thread:

    “Good grief. I can’t believe I’m watching the President speak and not cringing.”

  144. chefsheila

    And Thank You Mr President!!

  145. dog's eye view

    Out of the ball park, I think. Clearly reasoned; good analysis of how we got where we are — and it does need explaining.

    Spoke over the heads to the American people.

  146. Nannymm

    I feel proud to hear my president speak again. It’s been a very long time coming!

  147. dnd

    “We are not quitters.”


  148. dog's eye view

    Man hug from Tom Coburn. Nice, and looked sincere.

  149. Ok, lets see what Jindal has for us! This could be either very sad, or very funny!

  150. dog's eye view

    Faux is going to have to work overtime to twist that speech. But you know they will.

    Obama gets what Americans are concerned about.

  151. dog's eye view

    Going to be interesting, Brian. Jindal is a bright guy. Hope we will be spared Cantor-isms.

  152. I loved what Tweety just said about Obama being a left of center prez!

  153. Nannymm

    Me, too. We need left of center.

  154. dog's eye view

    Rachel Maddow picking up on line that stood out to Andrew Sullivan too:

    9.50 pm. The best line so far from the first black president:
    Dropping out of high school is no longer an option. It’s not just quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country.

    So so true. If he and we can do something to get young people fired up about having a real future and meaningful work ahead.

    It’s not just for the students and parents too; adults in the broader community need to be plugged in — voluntarism and support — too.

    Weird that, 40+ years after JFK, that’s our man in the moon moment. Just picking up some ground that has been lost or gone unnoticed for too long.

  155. dog's eye view

    Thinking on Jindal: his speech is already written; think CMatthews noted it would be Reaganesque boilerplate.

    BUT Jindal is from a family that reveres education and accomplishment. Wonder if, over time, Obama’s approach might win him over too.

    There are probably some teachable Republicans out there.

    Ergo, perhaps the sick expression nanny noticed on McConnell’s mug.

  156. Here’s Jindal, boooooooooooooooooooooooo hissssssssssssssssss

  157. dnd

    Ask Levi Johnson (of Bristol Palin fame). You need a high school education to get into the trades these days. Not everybody needs to go to college, nor should they. There is nothing wrong with a blue collar career, and they should be rewarded with a middle class existence. But you need to graduate high school and attend a trade school or do an apprenticeship. Education is key.

  158. Did you guy hear the open mic as Jindal walked out….someone said …”my God.”

  159. god he’s terrible, really!

  160. I heard it, it sounded like Tweety! that walk on was terrible.

  161. dog's eye view

    yes, Burrito! Heard that. Who do you think that was?

  162. Jindal sounds like he’s doing a interpretation of Mr Rogers.

  163. Omg he’s more than Horrible, he may surpass Palin on SNL!

  164. dog's eye view

    Republicans and better ideas

    have seen a lot of commentary: Americans don’t care whose idea, as long as it works.

    That red tape. Ignore those bureaucrats.

    Ummm. Could have maybe used some livelier ones at the SEC?

  165. chefsheila

    Jindl Sounds Naive

  166. dog's eye view

    Yes, I had forgotten he would have a Southern accent too. Was expecting clipped tones.

  167. Jindal has just made himself the punchline of the evening……can’t wait to hear what the pundits have to say.

  168. dog's eye view

    dnd: he just mentioned your beloved LA to Vegas rail line.

    You drinking yet?

    Take it Boehner or whomever wrote this speech? It’s an alternate universe from the situation Obama described.

    Ask yourself: which is likely to seem more realistic to Americans?

  169. Nannymm

    Jindal is a piss poor speaker. Sounds like a kid giving his first speech.

  170. dog's eye view

    Healthcare by doctors and patients.

    Not govt bureaucrats.

    Unless you’re Terry Schiavo!

  171. dnd

    Piyush is lying, on a number of things. What can you expect from someone who (see his wiki page): according to family lore, Jindal chose to re-name himself “Bobby” inspired by the sitcom character Bobby Brady after watching The Brady Bunch television series at age four.

  172. dog's eye view

    Feel a little badly for him. The GOP response seems like a good platform, but it’s so flat and inadequate to the problems of the moment. The other side of the sword. Sacrificial.

  173. Nannymm

    Or unless you have an HMO or managed care plan. In fact, ALL insurance plans now determine what care we can and can’t get. Except for the rich who can pay for whatever they need or want.

  174. Piyush to Bobby…..lol ……

  175. Nannymm

    Good platform? It’s same old tired worn out FAILED ideas and policies.

  176. dog's eye view

    “principles you elected us to fight for.”

    Aha. One of the few who can say that without laughing.

    Don’t tell us we can’t recover? Did he just say that?

  177. Well that was pretty sad, I’m going to walk the dogs

  178. dnd

    Piyush is more articulate than Caribou Barbie, but he’s just as clueless.

  179. Nannymm

    I’m with Rachel. Totally stunned and amazed. Is Jindal for real???

  180. dog's eye view

    nanny — agree re GOP platform; was actually speaking of the opportunity to follow the non SOTU. Sloppily written by me! GOP platform is a wreck.

    Meant: it was a coup for Jim Webb to follow W; it was a trap to follow Obama.

  181. dnd

    “Well that was pretty sad, I’m going to walk the dogs”

    you know things are bad when scooping dog poop and Vicks vapor rub are preferable to listening to “Bobby” Jindal.

  182. Nannymm

    OK…now I get it. You scared me there for a minute,Dog!

  183. dog's eye view

    nanny: good lord! Just looked at my 10:34 post and it doesn’t say at all what I meant. Not at all suggesting the GOP platform is good.

    What I meant to type, but didn’t:

    GIving the GOP response seems like a good platform/opportunity for a up and coming politician, but his speech and approach is so flat and inadequate to the problems of the moment.

    But too much shorthand and ended up with a diametrically opposed blogpost!

    And have not even been drinking throughout the speech!

  184. Rachel is awesome….she said it all by being speechless.

  185. dog's eye view

    good for calling me on it, Nanny, because you read what the post said! But not what I’d intended to say! The perils of typing and listening to something else simultaneously….

  186. Good night everyone, once again a pleasure to spend a bit of history with you all. Sweet dreams.


  187. Nannymm

    Good night, UB. sweet dreams.

    Don’t worry about it, Dog. Now that you’ve clarified, i think we all get your point. 🙂

  188. dog's eye view

    Actually, Jindal’s speech was incredibly helpful to Obama, wasn’t it? That was one of their leading lights — the one smart enough to sidestep the McCain VP slot — and he had NOTHING but platitudes and a few Katrina anecdotes.

    Boxer’s right; Jindal didn’t have the benefit of seeing Obama’s speech in advance.

  189. dog's eye view

    Anybody brave enough to be watching Fox, or checking out blogs that shall not be named? I’m sticking with reality-based… but wonder how they’re going to twist this one after Obama gave such a clear and on point speech.

  190. dog's eye view

    Hello out there?!

    SNL writers enjoyed Jindal speech, I think.

  191. Nannymm

    LOl…I’m looking forward to seeing how SNL treats it this week.

  192. dog's eye view

    Yeah, it’s been a week for those of Indian heritage.

    Slumdog soars.

    Jindal tanks.

  193. Nannymm

    Well, it’s bed time for me. See you all tomorrow.

  194. dog's eye view

    Here’s the immortal Jindal enters the room “Oh God” moment.


  195. dog's eye view

    Doug J’s blogpost at Balloon Juice.

    “I just got off a conference call with the Greenberg-Quinlan-Rosner polling outfit and the big take away here is that the response to Obama’s speech was almost the same among Republicans as among Democrats. The phrase I heard was “I have never seen anything like this before.”

    Another point is that the talk about the bank and mortgage plans went over extremely well (contra Santelli).

    But mainly there an amazing uniformity between Republican and Democratic response to the speech.”


    dog speaking: I am not surprised. Obama is exceptional, and he understands the challenges of his time.

  196. dog's eye view

    Hope you feel better, Brian.

  197. horsedooty

    well folks, I am heading out west today for the annual Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine, Tx. The event is now in its 23rd year.

    their web site is http://www.cowboy-poetry.org

    I will be out of pocket for about a week. Should be back in touch by Tuesday late.

    Y’all be careful and keep on bloggin’.

  198. dnd

    Interesting link Brian. Democratic pollster said everybody was unified, Republican pollster said everybody was divided. I sense a trend.

  199. dnd

    What Jindal should have said: “Sounds like a plan Mr. President. Let’s go with it.”

  200. I was actually amazed at just how bad Jindal was, and he said nothing.

  201. dnd

    Piyush did say something: tired old talking points.

    I’m sure his wife is telling him this morning: “There, there dear. You really didn’t want to be the president anyway.”

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