2/28/09: Your Weekly Address

President Obama explains how the budget he sent to Congress will fulfill the promises he made as a candidate, and assures special interests that he is ready for the fight. (this video is public domain)

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75 responses to “2/28/09: Your Weekly Address

  1. dnd

    How refreshing to have a President with principles and a spine.

  2. It’s certainly been some week, the speech, the budget and the war plans, I’m very impressed, and frankly thrilled with everything we’ve heard this week!

  3. BTW at the risk of being accused of bragging, I’m very excited, I’m going to see Placido Domingo tonight at the Met! Yay!


  4. dnd

    Speaking of speeches, Rush will be giving the closing speech at CPAC tonight at 5pm ET. Fox will cover it live. Must see TV!

  5. Must seen TV indeed, tomorrow’s Sunday Times Mag is about Newt also.

  6. Happy Saturday E-one!

    I can’t believe what a fast pace President Obama is keeping…all work and yet he still slips play into his week as well.

  7. dog's eye view

    Angry white people photos. Yesterday’s Tea Party anti-stimulus protest across from the White House.

    Most amusing.


  8. LOL, great pictures there dog, i love the “don’t blame me I voted Sarah” one!

  9. dnd

    Huh, dog. Apparently the freepers don’t know the history and motivation for the Boston Tea Party. No correlation with the stimulus bill. More correlation with the corruption we’ve seen recently in the Republican party. And if they’d read H.R.1, they’d know there’s no pork in the bill.

    Brian, the “don’t blame me I voted Sarah” protester may not understand that Sarah’s AK is a (political) pork paradise.

  10. Not to mention that most of AK income is created through a socialist arrangement with the oil companies!

  11. Memo to Rush:

    The open shirt look is not for your, put on a tie man!

  12. Rush is difficult to watch…..maybe that’s his Tony Soprano look…..

  13. What a shame I won’t be able to watch all of him, I have to get in the shower, what a loss for me!

  14. Have a great night Brian, I am sure it’s going to be wonderful….(jealous…lol)

  15. dnd

    Great vid of Placido Domingo’s classic:

  16. dog's eye view

    hi all. Burning up teh internets, I see.

    Burrito: thanks for suggesting IMAX for The Dark Knight. It was fantastic. Wishing I could see the movie again tomorrow before it leaves! Really interesting as an allegory on terrorism and possible responses. Lots to think about and a really good script. Can see why so many thought it deserved an Oscar nomination. Look forward to watching it again on a (*sigh*) smaller screen and maybe catching more dialogue.

    Brian: guess you’re at the opera, cape, opera glasses and all. Hope you’re having a cultured and wonderful night and plz tell us about it on your return. Had never ever heard of that opera. You’re set if it’s the final answer or final jeopardy on some game show.

    dnd: glad you got to catch Robert McNeil’s partner with PBS interview of president. And glad you all liked the tea party photos.

    PS: learned from comments on string that tea bags etc./tea bagging as a verb has an urban dictionary definition.

    Sheila, nanny and other friends: give a shout out when you come up for air.

    Doots is having a good weekend. Glad he went.

    Ciao for now.

  17. Evening peeps.

    Obama Is Said to Pick Kansas Governor for Health Post

    President Obama asked Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas to
    become his nominee for secretary of health and human services
    on Saturday.

    Ms. Sebelius accepted the president’s invitation and will be
    introduced by Mr. Obama at the White House on Monday, said an
    administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity
    to avoid upstaging the formal announcement.

  18. dog's eye view

    Morning all. Settling in with MTP, tea and the fireplace.

  19. dnd

    Karl Rove on the This Week round table. Spitting out talking points like he was talking at CPAC or on Fox. No ideas. Just talking points.

  20. What else do they have other than talking points dnd? I’m watching Gates on MTP, far more important than anything Newt has to say!

  21. dog's eye view

    Doyle McManus opinion piece in LATimes: “Obama’s smart play on healthcare”

    “Barack Obama makes no small plans.

    Until last week, there was still skepticism in Washington that the president really meant to tackle all of his big domestic goals at the same time: healthcare reform, alternative energy, education projects, plus a tax hike on the well-off to pay for it all. Congress isn’t used to bickering about that many thorny issues at once.

    But Obama’s budget proposal Thursday made it clear that he expects action on all of his priorities this year — beginning with health insurance, which has been on the wish list of every Democratic president since Harry Truman.

    Obama’s innovation was outlining how he would pay for his health plan before he had fully formulated the plan itself. Earlier presidents were always a bit vague on the funding question. Obama proposed at the outset to increase taxes on high-income earners by cutting their deductions for such items as state taxes, mortgage interest and charitable deductions.

    That was smart politics, and it gives his plan a much better shot at getting passed than President Clinton’s had 16 years ago. A tax hike will be easier for members of Congress to support if it’s going to a popular cause, and fiscal hawks will be happier about voting for health reform if they know it’s being paid for.”


  22. dnd

    Paul Harvey has died.

    And now you know the rest of the story. Page two.

  23. dnd

    “Morning” Joe Scarborough on MTP panel. I guess Gregory didn’t get the memo that he’s “stunningly superficial.”

  24. dnd

    The photo of Newt on the cover of the NYT Sunday Magazine speaks volumes.


  25. Hence the expression “the camera doesn’t lie”!

  26. dog's eye view

    I am turning MTP off now. Probably for good. Will skim the transcripts in the future.

  27. dog's eye view

    PS: that’s a reaction to the roundtable with Joe Scarborough. Gates was excellent.

  28. dog's eye view

    dnd: how is your first Sunday without the Rocky Mountain News? Are you missing an old friend? (Habits die hard.)

    Any word on what Mike Littwin and your other favorite journalists/columnists will do?

    If they start blogs, we should link to them on this page. (And won’t that be special for them. LOL)

  29. dnd

    It’s sad. It’s amazing that the Rocky’s owner, E. W. Scripps doesn’t think Denver can support two newspapers. My guess is that they haven’t managed to understand the internet age.

  30. dog's eye view

    That NYTimes mag cover art of Newt is amazing, and maybe even unfair.

    (Live by the sword: I am remembering the Mark Warner cover where he appeared to have horse teeth and was kind of purple. Looked like the cover of some old 1960s record you would never want to play again.)


    Photo of Newt: he looks like the devil awaiting Obama’s fall, probably by design of photographer. Ears as pointy as Spock’s or a subdemon’s; hands clasped. He appears intent, waiting and watching prey, ready to pounce. Snidely Whiplash without the mustache. Slightly amused expression; he knows all dreams and hopes fall to earth, or lower.

  31. chefsheila

    Good morning. I’m watching George Steph…..Great Round table

  32. chefsheila


  33. chefsheila

    Rove just got dusted by Katrina V

  34. chefsheila

    Nearly 60% of the voting population voted for Obama……Come on Conservatives, stop being stupid

  35. chefsheila

    Inflation is so much better than Deflation!

  36. dnd

    Rove was overmatched by everybody on the This Week’s round table.

    Scarborough was overmatched by everybody on the MTP round table.

    Ideologue’s vs. thinkers. Thinkers win.

  37. chefsheila

    Will: “Socialism died of ignorance and failure”

  38. dnd

    Mike Keefe on the demise of the Rocky Mt News:


  39. chefsheila

    Well done round table.

  40. All this attention the repugs are getting this week is nothing more than the long lines you see at the freak show when the shabby carnival comes to town.

  41. chefsheila

    I agree!

  42. chefsheila

    Watching State of the Union. Mullen is doing a good job!

  43. dog's eye view

    Morning Sheila.

    Picking up on a comment by Mike Murphy on MTP re taxing for healthcare coverage: he suggested that, in addition to the wealthy, everyone pay some part of the tax for universal health coverage.

    I think that’s a good idea. People have told pollsters again and again they would be willing to pay a tax for better health coverage. Even GOP voters know plenty of people with no, insufficient or “surprise; we say we don’t cover that after all” insurance.

    Majority of Americans would have been willing to make serious sacrifices after 9/11, had they been asked.

    Perhaps President Obama should go with that — the tax is a shared sacrifice — with the wealthy bearing more — as the price for better health for all.

    With an emphasis on preventative medicine and publicizing better health practices, eating better and less calorically, and exercising to one’s ability. Maybe assistance/subsidies to local farmers/producers to make their (healthy!) food products available in local communities.

    Oddly, an economic downturn can positively affect some people’s health. Simplistically, some people (who can afford the pounds) lose weight; less cash for cigarettes, fast food and empty calories; less driving, more walking and public transit; less stress from a job (although other stress can increase); possibly more time spent with friends and loved ones. (Yeah, maybe a bit more stress from that too.)

    Will find a link about that.

  44. chefsheila

    I’m confused. I thought we were….Mike Murphy is twisting again.

    The republicans have been twisting who pays taxes again. If we were to believe them. the taxes that we pay, in fact, we really DO NOT.

    We will all be paying for health care.

    A great example of what is going on with taxes in this country is on Charity;

    The middle class get a $150.00 credit to every $1,000.00 they give to charity.

    The “Rich” get $350.00 credit to every $1,000.00 they give.

    Meanwhile, we middle class and poor don’t pay taxes…I have yet to feel that in my tax returns.

  45. chefsheila

    That speaks it all! Go Rahm!

    Not missing any opportunity to make Rush Limbaugh the figurehead of the GOP, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel called the brash talk show host the “voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party” on Sunday.

  46. I seriously got a kick when several pundits were questioning the wisdom on the prez “picking a fight” with Rush. I think it’s a stroke of genius.

  47. chefsheila

    I do too….I gotta tell you, I thought the same thing. The President coming back on anyone about a subject will highlight it. This is making Rush look like a Joe mcCarthy.

  48. Hi everyone,

    I really was amazes to see to CNN give Rush all that air-time. I mean, seriously, 20 minute was hard enough to believe, but then to let it run on for over almost an hour and half.

    What’s next the Anne Coulter hour?

  49. The more air time Rush gets the better for our side!

  50. dnd

    “Picking up on a comment by Mike Murphy on MTP re taxing for healthcare coverage: he suggested that, in addition to the wealthy, everyone pay some part of the tax for universal health coverage.”

    I didn’t understand this for two reasons:
    1. Everybody who is working pays for Medicare.
    2. Income tax dollars are fungible. They go wherever the Congress decides.

  51. dnd

    Anybody who missed Canada’s Prime Minister Harper on GPS, I highly recommend going to their website and watching it. Harper is a conservative, an economist, and pretty darn smart. While not a Keynesian, he thinks stimulus is the only way to get out of this jam.

  52. Well in time, as the economy recovers we are going to have to some tax increases, however those tax increases will be offset by health care spending by both business and individuals as we move to a universal system.

  53. dnd

    “”[Obama] is spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to keep this information from getting out,” said Gary Kreep, the lawyer representing former presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who sued Obama in California to prevent the state from certifying its election results.”

    LOL! How funny is it that someone named “Kreep” is representing Keyes! Keyes is just pissed because Obama beat Keyes 70% to 27% in the state race.

    BTW, Obama has a security clearance from his work on the Foreign Relations committee. If he hadn’t been born in the US, they’d know.

  54. dog's eye view

    dnd: re the 1:56 p comment: am well aware that we all pay for government healthcare, from Medicare to Tricare to Medicaid to state programs to some foreign aid. Also aware that cash is fungible, as those who gave away the first batch of TARP funds without any guidelines are finding out.

    My point (and maybe Murphy’s) is that ensuring access to healthcare insurance/coverage for all is a national good and a case should be made that we all must support it, for societal and business-competitive good.

    Aside from some flat earthers (see Rushbots/GOP ideologues), I think most Americans would understand everyone has to pony up a bit more in taxes (means tested, please!) in these uncertain times for healthcare, which is needed more than ever as job losses and underemployment mount. Ridiculous that healthcare coverage has been tied to employment as long as it has.

    Was going for the idea of spelling out increased shared sacrifice by all, so that all will benefit and healthcare/business costs will eventually be more fairly allocated.

    A la buying war bonds and planting victory gardens to support previous past national crises.

    Going for buy-in, and appealing to Americans’ good nature/altruism.

    Use that bully pulpit!

  55. A Foot of Snow Is Predicted for New York City

    “The National Weather Service predicted about a foot of snow for New York City overnight, with the heaviest snowfall starting at 9 p.m. and continuing until 7 a.m. or 8 a.m.”


    rut ro……

  56. Porn in the USA: Conservatives Are Biggest Consumers
    8 of Top 10 Porn-Consuming States Voted Republican in 2008 Presidential Election


    go figure!

  57. dnd



    I wasn’t questioning your post, I was wondering why Murphy phrased it like that. He is a remarkable strategist, but rarely is he a propagandist selling talking points. He’s a thinker, not an ideologue. So, I was confounded by his statement.

  58. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    “The National Weather Service predicted about a foot of snow for New York City overnight, with the heaviest snowfall starting at 9 p.m. and continuing until 7 a.m. or 8 a.m.”

    It’s snowing in Atlanta. Meanwhile, tomorrow Denver’s high is forecast to be in the lower 70’s, possibly breaking a record. March is typically the snowiest month here.

    BTW, Denver had the driest February on record.

  59. Does anyone here watch NASCAR? Frankly I don’t get it.

  60. dnd

    “Exclusive: Dean Talks About Not Getting HHS And Post-DNC Plans”

    Brian, I think Dean has great ideas about health care. I’m not sure how effectively he could have sold them to the Republicans because as DNC chair, he decimated them.

  61. Agreed dnd, and considering the feelings that exist between him and Rahm I don’t think he would have been that effective. I’m ok with Sebalius as the choice.

  62. dnd

    Stock car racing is better live than on TV. You get a better perspective of the speed. Understanding the strategy helps too. Kinda like watching the Tour de France or the Grio de Italia.

    Unfortunately the media covers it hoping for a crash, like they cover hockey hoping for a fight.

  63. Nascar.. is that considered Formula One’s ugly stepchild?

    Quite frankly without the lavish hospitality suites I don’t understand either.

  64. This guy that used to work with us, decorated his entire home, NASCAR style….lol….legitimate grounds for divorce in my book.

  65. Lots of snow coming down.

  66. chefsheila


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