Everything old is new again ~ BrianInNYC

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

President Obama and Transportation Secretary LaHood have announced that $27 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds are headed to states to provide critical repairs to our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges.

Parts of the allocation are set aside to make sure that urban, suburban, and rural areas alike all get a share. But since local leaders — mayors and governors — know their communities best, much of the money is left to states’ discretion. And if states don’t use it, they lose it. To make sure that funds go out quickly to give our economy the jolt it needs, states have 120 days to assign the funds to specific projects.



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66 responses to “Everything old is new again ~ BrianInNYC

  1. I think for many Americans there is a kind of “romantic nostalgia” for the Depression, and the New Deal, I think the president is attempting to cash in on that, that really is the point I’m trying to make with this post.

  2. dnd

    Good thread Brian. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ray LaHood has been doing an excellent job at Transportation.

    I’ve read the transportation segment of the stimulus bill, and a lot of it stresses getting input from states for grants and deadlines for getting the money pumped back into the economy.

    It’s clear that LaHood is a major player in helping get this economy back on track.

  3. Top of the morning to ya!

    Well, I sure hope some of that money goes to our interbelt bridge….the major bridge over the Cuyahoga River. Right now trucks are no longer allowed on it and two lanes are close….I avoid it like the plague.

  4. That’s pretty scary UB, I wonder if there is some way for you to find out, and maybe keep track of what’s going on, you can be our own little ARRA monitor.

  5. Nannymm

    I think you are on to something, Brian. The tales of hardship and strife we all heard from parents and grandparents do conjure up a romantic image of families struggling together and growing closer, of people helping each other, of fireside chats and people huddled around the radio to listen. For New Yorkers, it reminds us of of Horn and Hardarts and Woolworths soda counter and rides on the Staten Island Ferry. In short, it brings to mind simpler times and simpler pleasures, when family and friends mattered more than cars and big screen tv’s. It is a Norman Rockwell painting come to life. If Obama can tap into that, I think it may aid him in getting his policies enacted. Here’s hoping.

  6. horsedooty

    after LaHood wanted to put GPS in all cars and tax the be-jeezus out of everyone for the miles driven I now have little faith in anything he says.

  7. Exactly UB, boy you’re clever!

  8. I meant nanny in my last post, but you’re pretty clever too UB!


  9. For some odd reason you two have kind of merged into one supper blogger (on TM I suspect they would say “pain in the ass”)


  10. Nannymm

    LOL@ Brian

  11. Obama would have to ask Norman to adjust the painting to reflect a more diverse and realistic definition of “family”.

    I think it’s a great concept. I hope he’s reading again today. 😉

  12. Well I do think that is the goal of the whole “ARRA” thing, create a sense of community about getting America back on it’s feet. Now all we need is Judy and Micky and an empty barn and we can all put on a show, “The Blog Follies of 2009”

  13. Kathy

    HI All- Brian your post reminded me of a recent article in the Boston Globe, “the Myth of the Good Recession” (linked below)

    Today would have been my mom’s 85 birthday- she passed away 2 years ago next week. My Mom, Annie Hurlak, was born to Polish immigrants- both of whom died when she was young. She had no extended family in the country.

    I was raised with her tales of walks in the freezing cold of two miles to ask for welfare from their small city, of not having a single doll as a toy, or feeling very alone in the world. It did not help not having English be her first language which caused her to be treated as if she was an idiot. FDR was a superstar in our house who saved the country and one of her happiest memories was of seeing him when he visited her city as a girl.

    She valued education and always told me to not spend money- she went without for herself for the benefit of her children, and never was able to work more than in a factory herself. She definitely did not instill a feeling of romantisicm of the depression- her lesson was to be able to care for yourself, to be strong, and be careful with your money because once you spend it it is gone. She detested credit cards and people spending more than they could afford not becuase of a moral failure, but because the possibiliy of poverty terrified her.

    Nevertheless, it was important to her that I focus on my kids and that they have happy childhood memories- she was grateful to be able to help out with the little she could afford to assist with summer outings and camps.

    The suffering of children bothered her the most.


  14. I also think it’s an ongoing effort to shore up the grass roots support for Obama’s administration. He needs the support both on the ground and in the air….meaning public opinion. Power to get the change agenda through the system with support now and for years to come.

    Old Chinese saying: Many hands make light work.

  15. Hey Kathy, how you doing? Better I hope!

  16. chefsheila

    Hi Kathy! THanks for that. Wonderful rememberance for you Mom!

    Thanks Brian, I honestly haven’t been keeping up with this job right now. You guys are keeping me abreast of the news!

    I have to stop watching Morning Joe….

  17. dnd

    “supper blogger” Is that someone who blogs during supper? 😉

  18. dnd

    LaHood backpedaled from that GPS/miles idea like the turd in the punchbowl it was. Sorry to mix metaphors so badly 😉

  19. Kathy

    Hi again-
    Life is better- I should probably have posted this under yesterday’s post. My husband: Being basically pretty confident about his abilities, when he decided he was forced to close his store in Sept., he was positive he would get a job immediately. Well, that went 2 1/2 months of unemployment- not fun at all- especially reading the daily headlines. he felt at 45 old and washed up and totally struggled with confidence.

    Finally he got a job at a bank which was exactly what he wanted. Very entry level, though he has a lot of hours- and also gave us something we never have had in our adult lives: employed paid health insurance! Being both self employed, we were paying $13,000 a year for HI- I always get frustrated at the uninsured statistics- because while we had it, it was a huge chunk of our income because there is no way I would rick not having it. Instead, I have accrued no savings, and drive a 1991 car .

    I struggle with feeling optimistic about the country- however I thank god that we do not have McCain! I cannot imagine how I would feel then-

    I hope to post more as life is coming back into focus-

  20. dnd

    Well, it’s early, but I think Kathy’s 11:37 post


    should be nominated for post of the day.

  21. chefsheila

    Kathy! Wonderful just seeing your name!

    I’m glad its all getting back to normal and Thank Goodness he got the job!

    I am on the edge of optimistic too….of course I am transitioning myself to feel optomistic about a future that is not what we have created…

    I think there is the excitment for me. Something better for my kids.

  22. dnd

    “WASHINGTON – The nation can’t afford to wait for the economy to recover before tackling out-of-control medical costs, President Barack Obama is telling some of the most powerful players in the health care reform debate.”



  23. chefsheila

    Well. I second that !

  24. That Boston Globe article was very interesting….I for one find the recession/depression educational.

    As my upbringing was similar in that the children were a top priority, we were not taught much about depression. My mother wasn’t effected directly and my Father never spoke about it…just was never really discussed.

    Kathy, I am happy to hear things are looking up for you both, and thanks for sharing your story Small business/self employed H.I. is a killer, can’t afford it and can’t afford not to have it….wondering if that will ever change.(?)

    Second the nom for POD

  25. Well someone on CNBC just uttered the word “Depression”.

    off topic: Why don’t they put waterproof GPS tracking devices in life jackets? and hiking gear? optional of course.

  26. I third that nomination for POD!

  27. horsedooty


    none the less, any a-hole that could come up with a hair brained scheme like that deserves to be watched like a hawk watching sparrows at a bird feeder.

  28. dnd

    I don’t think LaHood came up with that idea. Greenies here have been pushing the same thing for a while. My guess is that someone proposed it to LaHood and he ran it up the flagpole. Went over like a fart in church. There I go with those lame metaphors again 😉

    That said, I agree that he deserves to be carefully watched, as do all of them in DC.

  29. Barbara Bush’s surgery successful, frankly I’m surprised, I didn’t think she had a heart.

  30. dnd

    Oh, Brian, that’s bad, especially after what nice things she about the Katrina victims stuck in Houston’s Astrodome.

    BTW, her heart valve was replaced with a pig’s heart valve. Now don’t you go there 😉

  31. How much you want to bet the pig wants it’s back!

  32. dnd

    I told you not to go there!!!

  33. Wanna bet the pig valve was a perfect match?

  34. Hillary really looks tired!

  35. citigroup is down a dollar a share?

  36. horsedooty

    time zone shifts hurt everyone. I used to travel to Europe on occasion and the time zone thing kicked my ass every time.

  37. dnd

    Hillary’s been working her butt off. She deserves to look tired.

  38. It wasn’t a criticism!

  39. Nannymm

    Brian, STOP!!! You nearly made me choke on my tea!

  40. I wonder if when they rolled the pig and Barbara into the OR they had to label them so the surgeons would know who was who.

  41. dnd

    I’m with Doots. Time zone shift can be really hard. Particularly when you don’t get much chance to recover like Hillary.

  42. dnd

    You are really a bad, bad person 😉

  43. dnd there is an entire blog dedicated to that very fact.


  44. Nannymm

    But we luv ya just the way you are, Brian!

  45. Nannymm

    really? What blog? May I have the URL?

  46. Actually I should have said “fan site”, it’s not a blog.

  47. re: C Citigroup a penny stock?

    I notice how tired Hillary looked last night. She looks like she’s been hit by a train….

    Pig valve perfect match….lol…

  48. dnd

    Since the US govn’t is now a major shareholder in Citigroup, I’m wondering if it’s a buy at these levels. Or at least buying some calls on C.

  49. dnd,
    One guy was on Squawk Box the other day and his theory was go with the government. He said that his firm has always done well with that.

    I’m in Citi now…..not a lot of cabbage, but personally it’s a gamble I am willing to take. ( I don’t tell my Hubby….lol)

  50. dnd

    Who is this gal Melody Barnes? WH Domestic Policy Director. Never heard of her until today, but I’m impressed.

    A little liberal for me, but wowza is she smart and talented.

  51. dnd

    Dame Burrito,
    I think that’s a good bet. About as safe as Treasuries with a lot more upside potential. It’s gonna take a while to pay off, but when it does you may hit the jackpot.

  52. Hey if I had a few hundred bucks I could easily part with I’d buy some citigroup.

  53. Nannymm

    I just bought back in too, UB. The potential gain far exceeds the potential loss.

  54. Wouldn’t that be funny if on this very day the market hit its bottom……..?

    Ironic Alantis Morisette

  55. Nannymm

    Barbara Bush’s surgeon is giving an update. Appears she does have a heart after all. But her valves werent soft and flexible, sort of like her mind.

  56. Nannymm

    Does anyone know if we are paying for Mrs. Bush’s medical care?

  57. dnd

    You’d better believe we’re paying for Bab’s health care coverage.

    After her recovery, if she came out and publicly said everyone was entitled to the kind of medical care she received, I’d send her roses.

  58. did that old fool tear up?

  59. teddy on TV right now from the White house

  60. dnd

    Why is Henry Waxman wearing a name tag? Is there anyone who doesn’t recognized that mug?

  61. dnd

    That’s “Sir Teddy.”

  62. Nannymm

    Kiss her??? maybe a handshake if I was wearing gloves…

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