The Punditry of PUMA, life in an alternate universe ~ BrianInNYC

Earlier today, after finishing up my work and having gotten a load of laundry behind me I decided to enjoy some of nature’s bounty (Unfriggin real it’s still illegal, btw folks don’t be surprised to see over the next year or so a real ratcheting up of the “legalize it” movement), and feeling perhaps a tad (yes,  I said tad) bitchy I decided to surf some of the nets better known P.U.M.A sites.  In all candor I was very much surprised to see just how far this crowd has gone to craft for themselves an alternate universe.  None of these fairly well known blogs are writing anything that has any meaning when compared to what is going in the world.  For the most part they are void of any meaningful criticism.  Since you can barely fit a sheet of copy paper between Sect. Clinton and President Obama  where the issues are concerned no meaningful discussion of the issues can take place.  With Hillary Clinton now our Sect. of State discussion of foreign policy is off limits.  What are they left with?,  the following examples show what they are left with.  Name calling: socialist, Hugo Chavez, the truly meaningless: Dr. Phil, the truly stupid: “the tea party movement”,  any 8th grader can tell you the Boston Tea Party was about taxation  without representation, last time I looked Congress was still in session and functioning.   Or the down right insane:  Presidents Obama’s citizenship status.

Another thing becomes abundantly clear is just how much these people have turned into that which they constantly accused us Obama supporters of being “kool-aid” drinkers.  Scan through the comment sections of these blogs, the tone is simmering rage, and no dissent is tolerated. Well I guess if you want to find a silver lining in this very dark cloud that would be that only the internet (and perhaps Roswell,  NM) can the truly irrelevant find a home!

Hugo Chavez Tells Barack Obama To Come Out of The Closet and Openly Embrace Socialism

Craig Crawford’s TrailMix
Dr. Phil says Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Wikipedia scrubs
Obama eligibility

No Quarter
Tea Party chain letter rebellion

Texas Darling
The Rise of the American Patriot



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89 responses to “The Punditry of PUMA, life in an alternate universe ~ BrianInNYC

  1. Nannymm

    Great post, Brian. It’s true that PUMA’s are angry and bitter and totally bereft of any real ideas. They are blinded by their hatred of Obama and have resorted to either vitriolic attacks against him and his supporters or to the regurgitation of inane nonsense. A pathetic bunch indeed.

  2. dnd

    What Nannymm said. Sometimes I wonder if these are really Hillary zealots. Perhaps they are simply Obama haters, who masqueraded as Hillary zealots, possibly members of the radical right. I’m suspicious that some in the PUMA camp would be just as critical, and just as loony, had Sec. Clinton won the presidency.

  3. dnd

    And who can forget the PUMA poster child, Harriet Christian:

  4. I wonder about that d, seriously.

  5. It would be interesting to hear what those people really think about now-a-days…… certainly from those blogs you listed there is a obvious similarity.

    When PUMAS are longer are part of the news, then I guess you are no longer are cover in the news……

    I believe the PUMA window is closed… one cares…poof gone!

  6. Ah Harriet Christian, she so reminds me of so many we know.

  7. Except Harriet Christian.
    She’ll go done in history for the PUMAS, she has earned her broom, as “they” say.

  8. Here’s a little PUMA flashback for you dnd:

    You only need to watch the first 20 seconds or so.

  9. dog's eye view

    don’t have much to say about PUMAs; maybe in time we’ll just think (1) large cat and (2) athletic shoe. Suspect their 15 minutes is over.

    However: much prefer these visuals to the billboard Rush on last post.

    And miss that diabolic strawman, somehow.

  10. dog right click on the picture of strawman and you can save it! He is a handsome fellow indeed.

    Speaking of “anti-puma” Ariana is on KO, PUMA hates her more than they hate Maureen Dowd, and that’s saying something!

  11. Dog, it will take years for people to remove the PUMA stickers on their cars….it’s their badge.

    Around here, no one kept their ( McCain/Obama) election stickers this year. Not like the Kerry loss, that election people were really bitter about….but even the McCain people I know, say they really like Obama, it’s pretty amazing. They don’t agree with this policies but they think he is smart , capable, and they hope he does well.

  12. dog's eye view

    Problem with not liking Ariana, or MoDo or Tom Friedman: you cannot discard everything they say, in any circumstance. It bothers me when I see ppl do that.

    MoDo writes with a lot of attitude and sometimes it is too much. BUT she is very often accurate in reporting what she sees — not always. If you leave aside the snark or topics du jour that bore in the long run, her stuff is often good read long after the fact.

    I used to want to link to some of her columns. Knew that many would dismiss her out of hand — as with Andrew Sullivan — but you’re not well served by doing that, since both are frequently on the mark.

    Bill Kristol: don’t even need to read his columns.

    But others: read for what does advance understanding; skip the cheerleading bits.

    That said, I have not read a David Brooks column for weeks now. (Hypocrite, thy name is dog.)

  13. Oh I don’t think they are going to fade any time soon, look how many of them are calling for a third party, or bragging about their new found liberation as “independents”. They will be a very vocal, angry minority till at least the 2012 is behind us.

  14. Nannymm

    LOl, I need to remove my “Sorry W, I’m the Decider” bumper stickers. Had forgotten all about it till you mentioned PUMA stickers.

  15. LOL Nanny…… that’s funny.

  16. dnd

    I think the reason the PUMA blogger hate Ariana is {fill in the blank}-envy 😉

  17. dnd

    “PUMA blogger” should be “PUMA bloggers”

  18. You better wait for it to warms up some Nanny, or you’ll need a hair-dryer…..I know this because my son just removed (as he says) “the stupid stickers on the mom van.”

  19. Well dnd that’s kind of my point about the kool-aid aspect of the movement. It was funny to hear them deride Bush during the primary season and then go on to use his “you’re with us or against” tactics once the primary battle had been played out. Look at the names on their black list, Pelosi, Reid, Dean, so on and so fourth.

  20. Does it follow then that PUMA bloggers hate Obama because of “being the winner-envy?”

  21. Nannymm

    thanks for the advise, UB.

  22. Nannymm

    BTW, someone asked me the other day if we were likely to get more snow here this year. Well, we got about 4′ today and expect another inch or two 😥

  23. Meghan McCain: Ann Coulter ‘Offensive, Insulting, Confusing’

    If she had said so before the election I’d be impressed!

  24. Here comes socialism

    Some kind of bank nationalization is probably inevitable. The Democrats don’t want to admit it yet. The Republicans just want you to be scared.

  25. Steve

    She discusses education and says NC will take SC’s stimulus money if Mark Sanford doesn’t want it….full text at the link

  26. Steve

    A little clarity- the above is from the Governor of NC….

  27. chefsheila

    Good Morning everyone!

    I’m not even paying attention to PUMA….they are in yayah land

  28. dnd

    Gov. Perdue sounds like a pretty savvy politician.

    Looks like Obama thinks education is important too.

  29. chefsheila

    The Governor of NC made a great speech. I am duly impressed.

  30. dog's eye view

    Obama speaking on education now. Live on CSpan radio and other outlets as well. (The dreaded cable.)

    PS: good morning all.

  31. dog's eye view

    via TPM, here is text of Pres Obama’s prepared remarks for education speech this morning.

  32. Smaller vote pool may hurt Coleman

  33. Help us choose our billboard slogan

    We asked you to submit a slogan to put on our billboard in Rush Limbaugh’s home town and we received thousands of responses. After reading through everything you wanted to tell Rush, we narrowed down the results to what we think are the top five. Now it’s up to you to decide which one Rush gets to see.

  34. dog's eye view

    Hmmm. A travelling Bill Maher – Ann Coulter roadshow, with Mark Halperin (yeah, “objective”) as moderator.

    I would like to see a tape of this. Someday when it’s just too quiet.

  35. chefsheila

    Well, you think I’m busy now? I’ve got this next weekend off and then its over until I leave on the 13th of April. After I drive back up I will have another 7 days before I had some time off.

    I’ll be racking up the comp time for sure…..

  36. Sheila you should be getting battle pay!

  37. chefsheila

    …I feel so stretched to the limit……..I just don’t know what to do except react. On the one hand, Its warm down here, but on the other hand, I’ll have help up there….lol

  38. BevnTempe

    Has anyone seen this blog? Quite snarky and fun to read.

  39. dnd

    “Jim Cramer Defends Himself On Today Show (VIDEO)”

    Me thinks Cramer doth protest too much. Had he just laughed, said “Even Warren Buffett isn’t right all the time. Stewart sure got me. ” it would have given him a lot of cred. This outrage, feigned or not, seems to be a calculated distraction.

  40. Cramer should have just gone with the flow and laughed it off, hard for a megalomaniac to do though.

  41. dnd

    Cramer should go on the Daily Show. I’m sure he was there when his last book came out.

  42. dnd

    “There’s no “stem cell research” button on the set of Mad Money that makes a fart noise. ”

    Stem cell research is completely orthogonal to the financial mess. All Obama had to do is rescind the order and now it requires no more of his attention.

    This leads me to believe that Cramer’s in a defensive mode, probably in fear of losing his status as a money maven for the masses.

  43. “This leads me to believe that Cramer’s in a defensive mode”

    As well he should be. And you’re spot on about the stem cell issue, it took the president all of about an hour to deal with that issue. Basically here’s what I hear Cramer and his ilk saying. You’re not paying enough attention to us!

  44. dnd

    The Snarking Lot’s Jeffrey Ferguson calls himself the “Snarker-in-Chief.”

    Isn’t that title already taken? 😉

  45. colleenerin

    per usual, I’m a day late, but I’ve got to say PUMAs just want to be mad, they like being mad, would find something else to be mad about if they had gotten their way. ’cause if they didn’t feel mad, they would’t feel at all. by the way, whose picture is that on this post? the ‘do looks familiar. anyway, getting back to “mad” for a sec, Andy Borowitz has a better idea…

  46. dnd

    Dow is up ~310 45 minutes prior to closing time. Will Cramer say that it’s because of the repeal of the ban on funding on embryonic stem cell research? Or because Citi is up today? Clearly this is a sign of a new confidence by the markets in the administration 😉

  47. I think the market is having a Stuart Bounce!

  48. dnd

    LOL! As usual, you’re analysis is spot-on.

  49. Colleen, I love Borowitz ,have gone to see him a few times here at the 92nd Street Y.

  50. dnd

    you’re -> your. Where’s the grammar checker 😉

  51. colleenerin

    geez, Brian, I’m jealous..I’d love to see Borowitz live, there’s something very sexy about his sense of humor. By the way, I figured out whose hair’do that is. Never mind…

    hi dnd

    and, Brian, once weed is legal, no one will ever be arrested for speeding again. my friend’s teenage son just figured out his Dad smokes weed when he was driving him somewhere, asked his Dad why they were stopping the car, when he replied “a red light” his son pointed out it was still 1/2 a block away, oops

  52. haha, funny colleen.

    Hey folks I just put up a follow this blog widget (left side bar), I hope you’ll all click on the link which will help improve our ranking and get us more notice!

  53. dog's eye view

    NYTimes breaking news banner: Madoff will plead guilty to charges carrying a life sentence.

    What I want to know: does Mrs. Madoff get to protect some of her assets? She should live frugally too, if not in THE big house.

  54. dnd

    My understanding is that they need to understand if Ms Madoff knew what was going on or not.

  55. dnd

    Sir Teddy on national service:

    “Many years ago, on the fifth anniversary of the Peace Corps, I asked one of those young Americans why they had volunteered, and I will never forget the answer: “It was the first time someone asked me to do something for my country.””

  56. Sir Teddy, has a nice ring to it!

  57. 1600 is really good today.

  58. colleenerin

    Obama’s creating a Women’s Council at the White House (beware of PUMAs bearing gifts!!!)

  59. dnd

    Ed Schultz was good on 1600, but why did they put on Lars Larson? He’s another Limbaugh wanna be. Nobody really challenged his bogus statements. They shoulda had his nemesis Stephanie Miller on to make fun of this BS.

  60. chefsheila

    How do YOU guys feel about Card Check?

  61. chefsheila

    Oh Oh! in 60 secs on Harball, we’re going to find out where the most contented and the angriest constituents are. 😉

  62. chefsheila

    PUMA’s bearing gifts! Funny Colleen

  63. I’m stickin with the union!

  64. chefsheila

    Love Ed Schultz, sorry I missed that!!!! But don’t you think Shumer is trying to get some excitement mixed into his program? Its a bit old right now.

  65. chefsheila

    So whats with Card Check? What is that?

  66. chefsheila


  67. chefsheila

    Almost time to start work again…See you tomorrow

  68. giveitupfolks

    enjoying talking to yourselves, all 10 of you?

  69. Interesting giveitupfolks lives in the DC area and uses verizon for his ISP. Who could it be, who could it be? Craig you don’t have the IT savvy for this, but as you can see, we allow who wish to post to actually post.

  70. dog's eye view

    giveitup: welcome. Got anything else to throw out for discussion?

  71. dog's eye view

    Bashur, a dog rescued from Iraq, may have regal bloodlines.,0,7733383.story

  72. dnd

    I hate Card Check. Not on principle, but because it’s so horribly written. It gives the opposition tons of ammo and the proponents nothing. I say this as a former union member (IBEW).

    That said, unions are becoming increasing irrelevant in the US. Their membership is dominated by workers who don’t need union type protection. Government employees, airline pilots, etc. The big beef about the UAW or the UMW is largely irrelevant.

    And that said, the poop is that in the 50’s and 60’s trade unions pushed a lot of workers into the middle class, which benefited the rich, the poor and everybody in between.

  73. giveitupfolks

    gee what a brilliant sleuth you are brian, narrowed it down to a million suspects or so, and picked one? like craig would even care. you’re the obsessive compulsive here

  74. So giveitup, any comments on today’s thread?

  75. Good evening…

    Just left this comment over on TM. Very good read and video.

    Here is a very good read and eight minute video of Frank Schaeffer on an interview with D. L. Hugley.

    Excerpt below:

    “Dear Republican Leaders: The Republican Party has become the party dedicated to sabotaging the American future.

    You Republicans are the arsonists who burned down our national home. You combined the failed ideologies of the Religious Right, so-called free market deregulation and the Neoconservative love of war to light a fire that has consumed America. Now you have the nerve to criticize the “architect” America just hired — President Obama — to rebuild from the ashes. You do nothing constructive, just try to hinder the one person willing and able to fix the mess you created. ”

    Read the whole article and watch the video it is very, very good.

    A real Republican speaking out and truth to power.

  76. Be back in a short while as I read the last post by our famous chef Ms: Sheila.

    God Bless.

  77. giveitupfolks

    yeah, skp the “nature’s bounty” next time, maybe it’ll make sense

  78. dog's eye view

    hi giveitup. What is nature’s bounty? Sounds vaguely like a laxative…

  79. Yes Ms. Sheila let them all kiss is anal and then stick their heads up it.

    God Bless.

    Now to read the comments from the last two posts.

  80. BTW folks, WordPress has added nested comments to it’s setup, if you don’t know what I mean by nested comments take a look at hos Kos is setup. When I change the thread later I’m going to enable nested comments and lets see how it works for us.

  81. Damn Brian…

    You didn’t give me time to answer you.

    God Bless.

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