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  1. nannymm

    Brought forward from last thread:

    Brian In NYC, on March 11th, 2009 at 8:37 pm Said:

    Well I see our beloved AP is being torn into shreds on Trail Mush, I wonder if Craig has considered naming his new rules “Craig’s Little Red Book”.

    nannymm, on March 11th, 2009 at 8:42 pm Said:

    I tried to post on TM in defense of Anon-P’s point, but Craig is “holding my post for review.” Translation: He is not going to post it because it hits too close to home. He has an aversion to disagreement these days; he expects his posters to kiss his rear. For the record, here is the comment he is holding:

    “Whether you all like it or not, many of us who have left this site, or don’t post here often, agree with Anon-P. We feel that we are not welcome here because we tend to disagree with the rest of you most of the time. And while your words say we are welcome here, your actions in say otherwise. You can disagree if you like; but you can’t say that we don’t feel the way we do. Anytime you want to discuss this with an eye towards resolving the issue, especially you Craig, I would be happy to have that conversation.”

  2. Homelessness could happen to anyone in a moments notice due to circumstances beyond an individuals control.

    We, as a society, need to own this problem and find a viable solution.

  3. chefsheila

    ….In the Kitchen….

    This is the secret that is NOT a secret, that everyone is afraid to talk about right now. It could be them in the tent.

    We ALL have to own this in order for action to be taken. We all have to get involved….

    I am tagged for a volunteer the moment I am back in The Puget Sound. I am so close and I’m so lucky to be a part of a family that could take me in.

    Can you believe so many people are not?!

  4. Well sheila another part of the story is how many families are now doubled up in a single family home or apartment.

  5. nannymm

    I think it is a disgrace that we have so many homeless people in this country. It is even worse that businesses, law enforcement agencies, and society in general treat the homeless as if they were less than fully human. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue, Brian. We should all be shouting from the rooftops about this.

  6. All this homelessness, while homes, apartments and condos sit empty…….serving no purpose….and in many cases just deteriorating.

  7. chefsheila

    The same happened during the depression….also, food in grocery stores went unsold and instead of being given to the starving, the food was buried or dumped out to sea or crops were burned….


    I know as long as Obama is there, it won’t happen

  8. chefsheila

    Back then, there were bodies on the streets of New York everyday.

    Well….time to finish dinner. Cio!

    Shutting this think down.

  9. Folks I’m trying out some new themes, don’t go getting all nervous on me!

  10. nannymm

    Well, if you insist!

  11. Ok, I’ve settled on this theme, hope you all like it, I find it very easy to read and frankly I was bored with our old theme.

  12. I like this theme, it’s got bigger text and I think easier to read! Deal with it and genuflect before, this is my fan site, not Barack Obama’s!

  13. Bigger avitars too, nanny if you don’t like it, go fly a kite!


  14. nannymm

    Well! Of all the nerve!

  15. nannymm

    Actually, I like it. The bigger type is nice for aging eyes. And Dog’s Eye will like all the “white space.”
    Ya done good!
    As soon as the weather warms up, I’m off to fly that kite.

  16. Yeah I figured you’d find it easier to read!

  17. nannymm

    You’re so sweet! Always thinking of your girls, Charlie!

  18. chefsheila

    Looking good!

  19. chefsheila

    Well….forgive my leaving again….I need benedrill and a sleeping pill….lol night everyone!

  20. It’s bold and brash, just like me!


  21. dog's eye view

    I like the new theme. Easy to read. You are out of the doghouse after the “nesting” experiment yesterday.

  22. BevnTempe

    Looks awesome, very professional- I guess this means we’re supposed to send a picture unless we want to remain “anonymous” or is that being “paranoid?”

  23. Yes bev, time to set up a wordpress account for yourself and upload a pic! And glad you like the new look, I figured it was time to shake things up a bit.

  24. Steve

    We are a long way from being in Great Depression conditions or Depression of 1894 conditions (called “The Great Depression” before the 30’s). Although to the homeless, I am sure it feels like a Depression to them!

    We are in a recession, one mutha of a recession, but a recession at any rate.

  25. Steve

    I like the new look also see you soon troops…still no “X” on the forehead

  26. Steve

    Religious Righties oppose bullying bill in North Carolina.

    Three guesses as to why. You can find out about mid-way down the link

  27. dnd

    I remember during the deep recession of the early ’80’s lenders would allow people to stay in their homes if they were in foreclosure. This was a practical measure. Nobody was buying and empty homes would deteriorate and lose even more value. So it made sense to let people stay in their homes.

  28. dnd

    Well, they said it wouldn’t last, and it hasn’t. Bristol and Levi are breaking up.

  29. It’s better to not get married then to marry the wrong person, I am happy for them, actually.
    I heard a new term regarding the losses for the Madoff victims….”Phantom income”, apparently the victims are upset about all the taxes they paid over the years on money that really didn’t exist.

    Bernie’s big day in court today.

  30. btw…good morning all…..what a fresh new look, I like it!

  31. horsedooty

    hate to be the fly in the ointment. This design looks like “Ned and the First Reader”. I would recommend dropping this design. Way too much white and the font is terrible. Just what I would expect from an IT guy. 🙂

  32. chefsheila

    Good morning Folks.. Back from working out. Man this is great for stress….My blood pressure is normal for the first time in 10 years.

  33. chefsheila

    Brian, I really like this format. So much easier on the eyes. 😉

  34. Thanks Sheila, see doots, other people like it!


  35. horsedooty


    just no accounting for peoples taste I guess.

    back at’cha


  36. You’re from Texas what would you know about good taste?


  37. BTW peeps I don’t know if you noticed, I added Politico44 to the page (look at the top), it’s something I really enjoy checking out, hope you all do too.

  38. Victoria Jackson On Fox News: Obama Is A Communist, Rush Limbaugh Should Run The Country (VIDEO)

  39. horsedooty

    this still looks like a blog for the seriously retarded. This is the blog version of dumb down.


  40. Actually the blog for the seriously retarded is located at:


  41. dnd

    “Victoria Jackson On Fox News: Obama Is A Communist, Rush Limbaugh Should Run The Country (VIDEO)”

    Now there’s an astute political commentator 😉

    In the “where is she now?” file, now we know…

  42. Madoff’s Bail Revoked After Guilty Pleas to All Charges

    Bernard L. Madoff, who expressed remorse for a vast Ponzi
    scheme, was sent to jail on Thursday to await sentencing.

  43. You know Brian, I don’t think he (Madoff) will sing….
    not a peep.

  44. Well if he has any hope for not ending up in a Max facility he better start singing!

  45. I think he may see this as his one and only last attempt at redemption in his own mind, to protect those he can by taking the hit himself.

    There is no way on earth he didn’t have help running the scheme.

  46. dnd

    “In a Daily Beast exclusive, Lucinda Franks says investigators are zeroing in on at least 20 people, including family members, among them Ruth Madoff, who received at least $70 million from her husband. Plus, how Madoff is “jerking around” investigators.”

  47. Thanks for the article dnd. Can you imagine how it must feel to know the whole world is closing in on you, that you more or less are about to get caught ?…I have to believe those people would be serious flight risks.

    Any bets to how much cash they have stored in shoe boxes and mattresses?

    The Billionaire in the Cell Next Door.

  48. got to run……have a great day….see ya later!

  49. And the winning billboard is (drum roll please):

  50. dnd

    A site that makes it easy to stick to your diet:

  51. dog's eye view

    Have not been following the Madoff pleading. Do you sense that further cooperation with prosecutors is any part of it?

  52. doots this one if for you:

    Violent spillover from Mexico is focus of House hearing

  53. nannymm

    Hi everybody! Another lovely but bitter cold day here.

  54. nannymm

    Dnd, That Victoria Jackson video is unreal. I’m still shaking my head. Someone needs to get her a good shrink FAST!!

  55. And tell her to lay of the sugar and refined carbs too!

  56. Jim Cramer: I’m “Nervous” For “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart Is My “Idol” (VIDEO)

  57. dnd

    “Jim Cramer appeared on “The Martha Stewart Show” this morning and divulged that he’s nervous to face-off with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” tonight — and that Stewart’s attacks have especially hurt him as he considers Stewart an “idol.””

    The Martha Steward show? The woman who when to jail for insider trading?

    Put a fork in it Cramer; it’s done…

  58. dog's eye view

    dog weighs in yet again on the blog redesign:

    Brian: I really liked the original format best. The smaller print made it easier to scroll through a lot of posts; this one is tedious. Makes it harder for someone who likes to check in through the day and rapidly scan what others have discussed or raised.

    For someone going blind, new format probably a better feature. But was that an issue?

    I liked the format from Strawman, etc. posts, in place for several weeks. Clean style, easy to read, lots of white space. (nanny knew that comment was coming!)

    Do like the gizmo that tells us who is visiting from where, although some might find it big brotherish.

    Change is change. It can be good or bad.

  59. all former threads are available at the blog archive, but I can also increase the number of threads displayed on the blog home page to a week’s worth. This is the design we’re going to be going with for awhile, it’s not possible to please all of you so I’m invoking my rights as blog overload (that’s right I said overlord, oh brother who the fuck does he think he is)

  60. dnd

    I’m not going blind, but I like the larger font size. Peepers ain’t what they use to be 😉

    Personally, the blog format is not what’s important to me, it’s the content.

  61. nannymm

    Ditto on the peepers, dnd. Isn’t getting old fun?

  62. dnd

    Who you callin’ old nannymm? 😉

  63. Ok, so the market is up by triple digits today, third day in a row the market has been up. Citigroup announced it’s actually going to turn a profit this quarter, and GM announced that due to it’s cost cutting it actually has enough cash on hand right now. Pardon me while I scratch my head, but how come the CNBC crowd, and the repugs aren’t singing the praises of President Obama and stimulus plan? Lord knows they were screaming last week that the president wasn’t getting it right.

  64. They used to say if people were talking about stocks at your child’s bus stop or at a cocktail party…..whether on the upside or the downside —it’s already too late – the train has already left the station.

    So how many small investors got in before this 3 day rally? Who knows….

  65. I am looking forward to watching Jon Stewart tonight, this will be a challenge for him to top his other two segments……I wish him (JS) luck, and I hope he doesn’t disappoint.

  66. nannymm

    I’m looking forward to it, too. It should be fun! I doubt JS will disappoint.

  67. dnd, “this is why you’re fat” site….lol….however the pizza cone looked kind of yummy to me……two that really made me think…omg!

    Secret Treasure Loaf:
    A loaf of ground Spam cubes with a Velveeta cheese center topped with a layer of hot Velveeta.

    The McNuggetini
    A McDonald’s chocolate milkshake with vanilla vodka, rimmed with BBQ sauce and garnished with a chicken McNugget.

    thanks for the laugh…sending it on 🙂

  68. nannymm

    “Iraqi journalist hailed as a hero in the Arab world for throwing his shoes at former US President George W Bush has been jailed for three years.”

  69. Kathy

    good job on the site- It does look cleaned up and crisp-

    About the post- the worst statistic I have heard in a long time is that one out of 50 American kids are homeless- who do you think would have predicted that a few years ago?

  70. Kathy , your post made me to look into that statistic for Ohio….I would never have thought it was this bad. 😦

    Report: Thousands of Ohio Children Looking for a Place to Call Home

    That means one in every 26 Ohio children is homeless, according to the report from the National Center on Family Homelessness.

  71. Financial Stocks Lead Broad Market Rally; Dow Back Above 7,000

    Stocks finished higher on Thursday for a third day. The Dow
    Jones industrial average closed 239.66 points, or 3.5
    percent, higher at 7,170.06 while the broader Standard &
    Poor’s 500-stock index was up 4 percent, or 29.38 points, to
    750.74. The Nasdaq was 3.97 percent, or 54.46 points, higher
    at 1,426.10.

  72. nannymm

    Chuck Todd is asking a very good question : why is there no commission looking into the economic crisis. He states:
    “This is odd behavior for Washington. Could it be the folks who run government are fearful of what a commission would find out? Do they think the commission would get into the way? What other reasons? Isn’t this something we all have to know at some point which is, how did this happen? Was it something the Fed did? Was it mortgage brokers? Was it everyone? Did the Glass-Steagall Act, which created FDIC insurance, contribute?”

    I think he is raising an important issue. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how this all happened? Perhaps the answers would help President Obama turn it around.

  73. Hardball is on here, what are you watching or reading ?

  74. nannymm

    Oops! Here is the link:
    Why no commission on the economy?

  75. dnd

    This poor guy’s days at the RNC are definitely numbered.

    “WASHINGTON – A day after a magazine quoted him as saying abortion was “an individual choice,” GOP Chairman Michael Steele said Thursday he opposes abortion and that Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Steele, who was adopted, told GQ magazine that his mother had the option of getting an abortion or giving birth to him.”

  76. dnd

    My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that after the economic ship gets righted Obama’s economic team, or some non-partisan group will investigate what got us into this mess. Congress needs to pay attention…

  77. horsedooty

    Yesterday at the Waffle House or Awful House (take your pick) I was talking to an older guy may 72. He was telling me how successful he was and that always gives me pause to think maybe this guy is full of shit. He owns a bunch of rent houses or so he says. He was ok for a bit then he started with the “maybe McCain was right we are a nation of whiners.” Another quote was, “hey, we don’t have any hard times now. Hard times is looking a mule’s ass all day while you are plowing.” I had to jump his ass and told him he was full of shit. Just ask the people in Sacramento living in the tent village. Then I decided that my time with this clown was better spent by myself so I got up and left.

  78. Steve

    Sarah Palin should play matchmaker to Jim Cramer and that crazy Jackson woman from SNL.

    I’d love to see the baby.

  79. Steve

    So, when the market is up for three days are the pinheads at CNBC giving Obama credit since it was his fault when it went down???

  80. dnd

    1. Nobody is living in Sacramento’s tent city. They booted them out.
    2. “Hard times is looking a mule’s ass all day while you are plowing.” My grandfather was grateful to look at a mule’s ass all day on his farm. It got him out of the coal mines.
    3. “Awful House” LOL!

  81. nannymm

    Dnd, those jerks at CNBC aren’t likely to give Obama credit for anything.

  82. horsedooty

    you know that Jim Cramer is a Democrat? At least he was an Obama supporter.

    this house will be watching the Daily Show tonight.

  83. nannymm

    That guy at the Waffle House didn’t even have his facts straight, Doots. McCain didn’t say we were a nation of whiners; Phil Gramm did.

  84. nannymm

    I think we’re all going to be watching tonight. I hope Jon Stewart lets Cramer have it. I’m dying to see if he asks him about shorting stocks. Cramer should go to jail for that.

  85. dnd

    “Dnd, those jerks at CNBC aren’t likely to give Obama credit for anything.”

    It was Steve that pointed that out. Not me.

    That said, not everybody at CNBC is an ideological nitwit. Many of their analysts are pretty good.

    Gonna be pretty interesting to see how Cramer responds on the Daily Show tonight.

  86. dnd

    For those interested in the instantaneous movements in the markets, I’d recommend Robert J. Shiller’s book “Irrational Exuberance.”

    Shiller shows that there is little correlation to daily events and market moves.

  87. dog's eye view

    Evening all. I wonder if Jim Cramer or Jon Stewart’s producers are more nervous. Should be a good showdown, though. Think Stewart has hit on a good formula for dissuading possible no shows. As has Letterman.

  88. horsedooty

    I am sure the Waffle House guy has a lot of facts wrong.

  89. nannymm

    Sorry, Steve.

    Dnd, I didn’t mean to include everyone at CNBC, just the clowns like Cramer that are more into showmanship than analysis.

  90. dog's eye view

    Doots: for you and others: LA Times story on cowboy poet gathering in Elko, NV.

    Not Tejas, but close.,0,1123243,full.story

  91. A bit of good news for the Citi gamblers…

    Citigroup Well Capitalized, Needs No More Aid: Parsons

    Citigroup Chairman Richard Parsons said Thursday that the bank does not need any more capital injections from the government and expressed confidence that Citi would remain in private hands.

  92. horsedooty

    does everyone feel played by the Daily Show? I am sorta pissed.

  93. Hey Doots ,

    I missed the whole thing. I didn’t see Cramer on and thought it was the wrong night. What happened?

  94. nannymm

    Was it on already?

  95. nannymm

    I just checked the website; it will be on at 11pm eastern time.

  96. Thanks Nanny, I’m going to try to see it. The Daily show that aired here at 8, didn’t have Cramer on, or if it did I missed it.

  97. horsedooty

    he was not on I watched the whole thing.

  98. nannymm…

    Thanks for support.

    I got nailed again over kill him yell at a Palin rally when I brought it up and Dexter throw some support my way as well for that.

    Of course Patsi got on me for it also so I posted four stories on it and a video link of supporters at a McCain\Palin rally in PA.

    Jamie also threw in a short comment about how I was not saying Palin said it, but the crowd she incited were the ones with the hateful yells.

    And if I’m lucky all, I’ll end up able to keep a roof over my head unless the economy and my job go south any time soon.

    What a compassionate country we’ve turned out to be?

    That was sarcasm above.

    God Bless.

  99. Brian…

    Per your Seymour Hersh comment above I left this over on another site…

    So the question one needs to ask is…

    Did Vice President Dick Cheney order the Assassination of Ranger Pat Tillman?

    The Pentagon has been covering this death up for a long time from all the stories I had read on it and interviews done by Ranger Tillman’s parents.

    IIRC all of Ranger Tillman’s clothes were burned as well as all his personal belongings, including his diary. Also I believe that it was reported he had a tightly grouped pattern of three shots in his head.

    Sounds like he had something that the VP Cheney didn’ t want put out into the public.

    God Bless.

  100. Now on a happier note from Raw Story below and also on Suzie-Q…

    My comment left at Suzie-Q…

    Hopefully soon Bush won’t be able to leave U.S. soil without fear of arrest and prosecution for his War Crimes.

    Let us all pray that it’s sooner rather than later.

    God Bless.

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