More About The Violence In Mexico ~ HorseDooty

Margarita was celebrating her third birthday on the front patio of the family home in the sweltering northern Mexican city of Culiacán when the shooting started. By the time it stopped three gunmen were dead, and two of her cousins lay screaming with bullets in their legs. “We used to tell her that the noise was fireworks,” said her mother, Claudia, of the shoot-outs nearby. “She doesn’t believe us now. She knows they are bullets.”

Childhood innocence is not the only victim of Mexico‘s descent into narco-violence. A turf war between drug cartels, fuelled by a government crackdown launched in 2006, has set in train an epidemic of violence that is killing 20 people a day on average. News bulletins are saturated with episode after grisly episode – torture and beheadings chief among them. This, after all, is lucrative business: the US government estimates that Mexican drug traffickers make profits of between $25bn and $40bn a year.

It is sad but we may never be safe in Mexico again.



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88 responses to “More About The Violence In Mexico ~ HorseDooty

  1. From bottom of previous thread…


    Per your Seymour Hersh comment above I left this over on another site…

    So the question one needs to ask is…

    Did Vice President Dick Cheney order the Assassination of Ranger Pat Tillman?

    The Pentagon has been covering this death up for a long time from all the stories I had read on it and interviews done by Ranger Tillman’s parents.

    IIRC all of Ranger Tillman’s clothes were burned as well as all his personal belongings, including his diary. Also I believe that it was reported he had a tightly grouped pattern of three shots in his head.

    Sounds like he had something that the VP Cheney didn’ t want put out into the public.

    God Bless.

  2. From bottom of previous thread as well…


    Thanks for support.

    I got nailed again over kill him yell at a Palin rally when I brought it up and Dexter throw some support my way as well for that.

    Of course Patsi got on me for it also so I posted four stories on it and a video link of supporters at a McCain\Palin rally in PA.

    Jamie also threw in a short comment about how I was not saying Palin said it, but the crowd she incited were the ones with the hateful yells.

    And if I’m lucky all, I’ll end up able to keep a roof over my head unless the economy and my job go south any time soon.

    What a compassionate country we’ve turned out to be?

    That was sarcasm above.

    God Bless.

  3. And last comment from previous thread…

    Now on a happier note from Raw Story below and also on Suzie-Q…

    My comment left at Suzie-Q…

    Hopefully soon Bush won’t be able to leave U.S. soil without fear of arrest and prosecution for his War Crimes.

    Let us all pray that it’s sooner rather than later.

    God Bless.

  4. I doubt he ordered the killing, but I feel pretty certain he knew about the cover up!

  5. Sad tale doots. I’m curious if you know what the break down of that profit figure is weed, and how much of it is coke?

  6. Dooty…

    Another reason to legalize drugs. If its legal and taxed the bloodshed would stop as well as bring revenue into the tax system.

    It would help to rebuild our country and help our citizens once again be able to live the American Dream.

    God Bless.

  7. Brian…

    There is suppose to be a story coming on television {cable} on pot this week or weekend sometime.

    Al Roker I believe is the one doing it and the figures your looking for my be mentioned on it.

    As to Ranger Tillman…

    What did Tillman know and who was he going to tell what he knew about it too?

    Why else burn the diary and all his personal belongings?

    I would not put it past Cheney ordering the death of someone who was deeply respected by Americans for his sacrifice to our country if it could damage Cheney’s selling of our soldiers lives for oil.

    God Bless.

    PS: Need to go see what’s happening on TM. Later.

  8. BevnTempe

    The local AZ universities cautioned students to avoid Mexico during Spring Break this week. I find it amazing when I express my opinion to friends that I think drugs should be legalized. They don’t see the similarity between marijuana and alcohol. It’s ok to drink, get drunk and beat/kill your wife or kid.

  9. nannymm

    You’re welcome, doots. Wish I could have done more to point out that you were correct, but Mr. Crawford doesn’t like posts that disagree with his groupies so he refused to post what I wrote. I was furious when Patsi called you a sexist pig and Craig said nothing. But that’s the new and improved Trail Mix. Sure am glad we allow dissent here on BackChannel.

  10. nannymm

    OOps! That was for Anon-P

  11. nannymm

    That show “Marijuana, Inc. is on Sunday at 10pm eastern on MSNBC. It is the 3rd in a series. The others were about prescription drugs and heroin. I saw both and thought they were well done and very informative,

  12. nannymm

    Doots, a very sad piece indeed. Several years ago I stopped taking side trips to Mexico when I’m in Texas. It’s a lawless place these days and I’m afraid to risk it.

  13. I don’t what you peeps are talking about, Cramer is on Daily right now.

  14. nannymm

    He belongs in a jail cell! I’m watching it, too. JS is doing a great job.

  15. Stuart should win a peabody for this show!

  16. nannymm

    I agree.
    Cramer looks desperate. My hubby is outraged.

  17. nannymm

    I can’t wait to see the spin MoJo and his little Kewpie doll, Mica, put on that interview.

  18. nannymm

    I wonder if Cobert is going to continue skewering Cramer.

  19. nannymm…

    I like Mica and I have dropped emails several times in the morning which of course are never mentioned because I call Joe out.

    I have called Joe a fascist, his buddy Pat a bigot and the republican party the party of fascism.

    I have called him a sexist and I also questioned his manliness because he once told Mica “Don’t make me give you the back of my hand”. I stated that to even make a joke about hitting a women showed his true character and did he ever hit his wife.

    I also called him a liar for blaming the state of the economy on people who made bought homes and that it was the fault of greedy bankers and wall street who sliced and diced those mortgages and pushed them out into the global market.

    A total of $541 Trillion Dollars I read somewhere and how could he continue to lie like he does.

    MSNBC should can Joe and while I’m at it they should also get rid of Dick Gregory and give MTP to Chuck Todd who I believe was being groomed by Tim Russert for that job.

    Anyway I just checked me emails and would like to thank all of you who left comments of support. Off to bed now so take care and …

    God Bless.

  20. I’m with AP on this one, I like Mika.

  21. nannymm

    I don’t like Mica’s “cutsie” act; if she would stand up to Joe, I would cheer her on. But as it is, he treats her like crap and she takes it. Not good IMO. I want to see a strong woman stand up for herself. In fact, I’d like to see her tell Joe he is an ass, just as her dad told him how “stunningly superficial” he is. Mica is smart and well informed. She does herself and women in general no good by allowing herself to be treated so poorly.
    Anon, I’m glad you have written to the show to express your displeasure. I, too. was outraged by Joe’s comment about giving Mica the “back of his hand.” He should have been forced to apologize on the air by MSNBC management. And she should have threatened to quit if he didn’t. Just my opinion….

  22. nannymm

    I find it hard to believe that anyone buys that trash she puts out.

  23. BTW it’s Friday The 13th, hide me – hide me!

  24. Steve

    I did see the story about the problems going on near the border on NBC (Mexico). I understand the fears about racism butr you can make a stronger case for guarding our border than the one in Syria. Its not people i would like to see kept out, its the dope.

  25. Steve

    Joe Scarborough is one of the most intellectually lazy people I have ever seen on a television program.

  26. Apparently we’ve had a visitor from Wasilla, I kid you not!

    Wasilla, Alaska landed on
    02:21:47 — 1 hour 28 mins ago
    [United States]
    Wasilla, Alaska landed on
    02:21:45 — 1 hour 28 mins ago
    [United States]
    Wasilla, Alaska landed on
    02:21:43 — 1 hour 28 mins ago
    [United States]
    Wasilla, Alaska landed on
    02:20:26 — 1 hour 29 mins ago
    [United States]
    Wasilla, Alaska landed on
    02:18:43 — 1 hour 31 mins ago
    [United States]
    Wasilla, Alaska landed on
    02:15:39 — 1 hour 34 mins ago

    Morning Steve.

  27. chefsheila

    Doots….3rd world country on our borders….what to do.

  28. chefsheila

    Steve…Morning Joe…..NO KIDDING…..My mouth is slack with awe….

  29. chefsheila

    Brian, Wasilla Alaska…I wonder if its one of the Palin family…as much ribbing as we gave “The Most Famous One” during the election.

  30. horsedooty

    the Morning Load did a little discussion this AM on Mexican violence. Big Joe stated something like “Good God, why are we only now hearing about it.” This was after being told of the number of murders on the border last year.

    First he is stupid and lives about 2500 miles from the problem.

    Second he doesn’t read any paper but the Right Wing Papers.

  31. chefsheila

    Checking in! Power Cooking Part “Due” will commence upon shower….This weekend is San Diego.

    Going to shoot pictures of our old house for my mother and stuff like that.

  32. Morning peeps, looks like today may be the day we hit 80,000 hits!

  33. chefsheila

    …what is it about “White Fuzzy Slippers”…..10 more minutes……lol

  34. dnd

    Larry Summers speaking on CNN now. Smart guy.

  35. dnd

    Good thread Doots. One more thing on this administration’s plate.

  36. BevnTempe

    Hurray for the Wasilla AK visitor – s(he) is using a Mac!!!!!

  37. This is pretty funny, this caption appeared under a picture on Texas darling’s web site. Talk about P.U.M.A. scraping the bottom of the barrel:

    “The White House released one picture of the two women and it does not appear to have been selected with any kind of special relationship in mind. There is a menacing bunch of pink peonies in the foreground and the angle is most unflattering to Mrs. Brown, who has the air of a woman very much in need of a stiff drink.”

    Menacing bunch of pink peonies, LOL.

  38. dog's eye view

    Doots: good post, and thank you for bringing this whole situation to our attention.

    Andrew Sullivan on the Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart appearance last night. Entitled his post “To Catch a Predator.”

    Didn’t watch it yet; going to do so now, coffee far away from keyboard.

    PS: believe Comedy Central is re-airing TDS/Cramer tonight at 8? Heard that in the car….

  39. dog's eye view

    Here’s Balloon Juice with the Stewart – Cramer interview.

    Not watching cable today — don’t as a rule — but did see that arrests were made in the Anna Nicole Smith drug providers case.

    Which story do you think will get more coverage today? And which affects more Americans?

    Let us know, if you’re watching any of the cable news channels.

    Am on a cable holiday now. It’s lovely.

  40. dog's eye view

    Bird commandos attack a Delta commuter flight, which landed safely. 2 birds’ identities and nationalities not known.

  41. nannymm

    Re: Michelle Obama on GMA: It’s so nice to have a First Lady who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  42. Hi everyone! Happy Friday….13th and all.

    Re: the border….They have been reporting the gruesome killings in Mexico, and border towns for some years now, however it has only recently hit the mainstream media.

    The time is ripe for the USA to seriously examine legalizing marijuana, and move on it quickly.
    I thought Stewart was awesome last night.

  43. That photo above of the truck is very chilling.

  44. Married Same-Sex Couples Sue US For Federal Benefits

    I’ve always felt this is exactly the type of suit that will force the Supreme Ct. to deal with this issue and render a 14th Amendment ruling.

  45. You mean the blog header pic UB?

  46. Nanny it’s nice to have a first family who really seem to be enjoying their role instead of the dourness of the Bush’s who seem compelled to remind us what a heavy responsibility living in the White House was!

  47. the truck with the bullet holes…..imagine having that amount of fire power out on the streets where you live…..maybe you do ??? some of the NYC gangs are pretty well armed, I would guess.

  48. around here the police caught and killed a bank robber last week, and the first shot fired was an officer shooting himself in his foot! no lie.

  49. oh and the robber had a toy gun….lol….not funny…but true

  50. dnd

    Just a thought. If they showed the drug violence on the border on TV more, and I mean a lot more, it may get some start to contemplate where they get their dope, and the impacts it may have.

  51. Unlikely dnd, and frankly isn’t that kind of the same logic Bushco used to try and tie drug usage to terrorism?

  52. nannymm

    Legalization and regulation is the only thing that will work.

  53. re: seeing the drug trade violence

    All the more reason to legalize it….market it and profit from it….take the ability to profit away from the criminal…

    I say let people grow it…..the ultimate herb garden 🙂

  54. Big words there dnd, did you have to look them up?

  55. 80 more hits and we cross the 80,000 mark!

  56. dnd

    “Big words there dnd, did you have to look them up?”

    Nope, saw them on the news today 😉

  57. Ten Etiquette Rules for Children

    8. At the Table
    When eating a roll, be sure to break off a bite-sized piece at a time. No bread-and-butter sandwiches, please.

    Good lord I can still hear my mother saying “break your bread”.

  58. dnd

    I don’t have a problem with legalization. Clearly being illegal isn’t much of a deterrent, and I doubt legalization would make a bunch of people want to start.

  59. dnd

    “Ten Etiquette Rules for Children”

    No “bread and butter sandwiches?” Wouldn’t make life worth livin’.

    Oprah forgot rule #11: Don’t put peas in your spoon and fling them at your sister.

  60. dnd if I had ever flung my peas at anyone my mother’s hand would have been under the table her finger nails digging into the flesh on my leg through the fabric of my pants, the woman is/was a total table manners nazi!

  61. Which means Steve people who’s unemployment runs out are totally fucked!

  62. dnd

    I use to like Sanford’s fiscal conservatism. But this stance is so over the top, I can only think it’s politically motivated. He knows that the legislature will overturn this, so it’s completely disingenuous.

  63. nannymm

    How do you think it will effect him politically, dnd? Will the voters of SC punish him in the next election?

  64. dnd

    I have no clue. Culturally, SC is a world away from Colorado, so I have no idea about the dynamic there. Steve could probably shed some light on this.

    I do think that his perception on the national stage as just a fiscally conservative, no nonsense guy, is over. The age of radical ideologues isn’t over, but it’s fading fast.

  65. Hey we crossed the 80,000 mark!

  66. another criminal on the billionaire list

    El Chapo, Mexican Drug Lord, Makes Forbes’ Billionaire List

    MEXICO CITY — Who says crime doesn’t pay? A suspected drug lord who is Mexico’s most-wanted fugitive made the Forbes list of billionaires on Wednesday with a fortune described as “self made.”

  67. Steve

    SC is a one party quai-fascist state politically speaking. they will appluad him…

    and languish near the bottom….

  68. You know I’m really starting to feel the that GOP should change their motto to “Let ’em eat cake”.

  69. Congressman explains birth certificate bill

    This must have the PUMA set dancing in the street!

  70. Media critics pile on Cramer, CNBC

    The never publicity-shy Cramer skipped a scheduled appearance Friday on “Morning Joe” that was billed as his first chance to discuss the “Daily Show” debate; host Joe Scarborough noted on Twitter that Cramer “had a late night.” And TVNewser reported that MSNBC asked producers to leave the Stewart-Cramer interview out of their shows, with CNBC hosts also saying little about the interview.

  71. giveitupfolks

    10 whole humans talking to themselves. Impressive. And sorry, but 60,000 hits by the host doesn’t really count for much. Care to share your unique visitor numbers?

  72. giveitupfolks

    I mean if you’re going to invade the privacy of lurkers to prominently display their home cities and states without their permission, at least share the stats on how many individual visitors you actually have, instead of touting bogus hit numbers that mean nothing.

  73. giveitupfolks

    Also, where is the date range on your 80,096 hits? A year? A month? What? If anything more than 6 months (OK, I’ll be generous and say 3 months), it is a truly pathetic figure not worth boasting about. Any obsessive compulsive fool can sit on his keyboard and drive up hits.

  74. DBCooper

    Do you smell garlic? Man, I hate that!

  75. colleenerin

    Good Saturday morning to my friends!

    A heart-wrenching post, Doots, we do sometimes forget the human aspects of all the violence, don’t we, but this brings it back with painful clarity.

  76. morning peeps and peepettes

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