Can you be an Evangelical Christian and a liberal? ~ BrianInNYC

It’s Sunday, what the hell lets discuss religion.  Something I’ve found myself wondering about lately is can you be a Evangelical Christian and consider yourself to be a liberal?  I know of prominent liberal prominent Roman Catholics, mainline Protestants, Jews, Mormons, Muslims but  for the life of me I can’t think of one prominent Evangelical Christian who embraces a liberal political ideology.  Which leads to my next question, is Evangelical Christianity a religion, political movement, or cult?  Certainly no religion professes a more “pro-life” stance than the Roman church, yet 3 of the most prominent liberals in American politics today are members of the Roman Church, Senator Kennedy, The Speaker of the House, and Senator Kerry.  The Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, a Mormon has by what most accounts could be considered a liberal record on the issues.

Yet to me it seems that if you claim to be an Evangelical Christian you must surrender all self will in matters of politics to the church.  I used to have a friend who was a regular attendee of a mega church, when I asked if her if she wore her Obama for President button when attending church she told me no.  For the life of me I could never imagine leaving my political beliefs in the parking lot upon entering a synagogue (rarely as that happens).  So again let me ask, can you be an Evangelical Christian and a liberal?



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  2. Steve

    Jimmy Carter

  3. Jimmy Carter is not an evangelical, he’s a born again baptist.

  4. colleenerin

    Good Morning, guys!

    Seems it’s all about values, which some choose to apply in a religious format, allowing the religious institution to determine the parameters, which can be pretty narrow. With some belief systems, it’s about fear, judgement, fire and brimstone, with others, compassion, tolerance, acceptance of differences. The first likely has control as its primary motivation, not so much the others. One of the things I was thinking about is the concept of service to others, and I don’t know where that exists in the evangelical community, although it does in others. Any thoughts about that?

  5. dnd

    With all due respect, I think the term you’re referring to is Christian fundamentalists, which by definition are conservative.

    Evangelicalism is a factor in many Christian sub-denominations.

  6. Well it’s a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Ohio , a frosty covering on all the cars…..25 degrees…good news – it should reach 60 by Tuesday.

    On the subject of Evangelical Christian, or any religion for that matter, I am a firm believer that organize religion is big business, their product is God. So, I tend to separate that very personal choice from political identification. Coke or Pepsi?

    What makes a person a liberal, in my book, is what they do in their daily lives and the choices they make, and the policies and ideals they support.

  7. MadMustard

    Can a Liberal also be an Evangelical?


    ‘Liberal’ and ‘Evangelical’ as currently defined are diametrically opposed philosophies that cannot coexist. You can convert from one to the other, but you cannot be both simultaneously.

    Jimmy Carter is an intriguing example that proves the point. To non-Evangelicals, Jimmy Carter could be mistaken for being both a Liberal and an Evangelical. Jimmy Carter may even consider himself to be an Evangelical. But he most certainly is not.

    Evangelical Christians hold a special place of loathing for Jimmy Carter. The reason; he openly voices criticism for Israel. That is forbidden in Evangelical Churches; you don’t do that. Not now, not ever. It is blasphemy to speak any ill of Israel because of the writings of Book of Revelation and the ‘end times’ that Evangelicals strictly interpret.

    Believe me, I know about what I speak. Before I was born-again to rationality, I attended a Southern Baptist church in the heart of the cultish Evangelical Movement.

    My answer is; you cannot be both a Liberal and an Evangelical. I consider myself to be a moderate and have serious doubts that even Evangelical and Moderate philosophies are compatible.

  8. dnd

    “Before I was born-again to rationality”

    Mad, you sure know how to turn a phrase 😉

  9. Steve

    I’ve always defined JC as an evangelical personally. By my understanding of the word, an evangelical is someone who actively preaches to others to be “born again” or saved.

    BTW, I am from the same background as madmustard…that being SBC.

  10. Steve

    Besides, who says what a liberal is any way? Look at people who call themselves “conservatives.” Half of those folks want a much bigger government. They just want it to be for blowing people up and wasting it on foreign aid to Israel and Iraq.

    They are for a bigger government than I am and I am always being labeled a liberal.

  11. Hi MadMustard- Thanks for your comment, it’s very interesting to hear an opinion from someone with first person experience.

    Living in Texas we had exposure to Evangelical Southern Baptists, but we never joined their church, and never talked political policies with them. They were our friends and we wanted to keep it that way….lol

  12. *stretches and yawns* morning peeps. dnd you might be right, I might have my terms wrong, to this heathen it does get confusing, and Mad you made several good point too.

  13. dnd

    Sra Burrito and Hip make excellent points. It doesn’t make any difference what label one slaps on oneself. What matters is if you talk the talk, you walk the walk.

  14. dog's eye view

    Morning all. Some very perceptive comments by all. Always enjoy a Colleen and Mustard sighting, and glad Steve is able to be here more too.

    “evangelical christian” and “liberal” seem to me labels, of a sort, that probably mean quite different concepts to different people discussing them.

    I think blanket statements rarely hold up, because there are so many variables.

    Further, as the not wearing an Obama button in church example shows: there is likely great variation of belief and thought among a congregation’s members. Not seeing an outward display doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    Is an evangelical Christian automatically a conservative? Suppose you have a Christian who believes fervently in the hope and love and social justice and positive lessons of the New Testament, with less emphasis on the Old Testament’s vengeful God smiting many, deserving or not, and its litanies of age old wars and unresolvable conflicts.

    Mentioning the Roman Catholic members of Congress: are many of them not following their own consciences, on many issues, under threat of excommunication for straying from the RCC line?

    The fewer labels, and the more observation and genuine listening, the better.


    Sheila: if you are looking in from your weekend of rest, I hope that you are well!!

  15. Well certainly I didn’t intend to leave them out!


    I think in the popular parlance evangelical and fundamentalist have become interchangeable terms. And at the heart of my question is, is it a real religion or is it a cult, and for the matter when is a religion not a cult. In fact don’t all religions start out as cult, and through time and increased membership assume the veneer of acceptability and therefore become “religion”

  16. dog's eye view

    Has anyone here read Jimmy Carter’s book, “Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid”? Not yet for me, but intend to do so.

  17. “with less emphasis on the Old Testament’s vengeful God smiting many,”

    UB rapture is a Christian belief, so I’m not sure you can consider the Christian attitude towards god any less vengeful than you can the Jewish one. But your thread brings up another points regarding what terms we all use in religion. As a Jew I don’t use the terms “old and new” testaments.

  18. dnd

    dog jogged my memory.

    1. “3 of the most prominent liberals in American politics today are members of the Roman Church” Make that 4: Joe Biden.

    2. Shelia’s an evangelical!

  19. horsedooty

    I was raised in the Baptist Church until I was about 14 when we moved some distance away from the church. Our new next door neighbor once removed was the local mance for the Presbyterian Church up the road. The preacher and his wife became friends with my parents and soon we switched to that church. Mom and Dad liked to have a drink now and then and they also liked to go to dances. These two things can land you in Hell according to the Baptist Church. My mother still goes to that Presbyterian church.

  20. You’re right dnd, I should have included the VP, no UB I haven’t read it, but I too would like to. Maybe I’ll borrow you’re copy when you finish. It’s funny you bring him and the book up. Recently I mentioned Carter during a conversation with my mother, who upon hearing his name said “he’s an anti-semite”, I replied with a sigh, “no he’s not”.

  21. “Mom and Dad liked to have a drink now ”

    Thanks god!

  22. Brian….lol…those were Dog’s posts….the “rapture” and the Jimmy Carter “book”…lol

    Me talking about the bible would be as likely Bush winning the Nobel Peace Prize. 😉

  23. dog's eye view

    there’s also the “religion”: one’s personal spiritual beliefs vs. “religion” — the established code of beliefs and formal organization.

    Not interchangeable, but too often used so.


    Colleen: re concept of service among evangelicals: since this is so easily answered, I suspect I’m misunderstanding some level of your comment.

    Service exists in the evangelical community. Missionaries, building schools and hospitals and providing medical care and even immigration assistance in addition to (availability of) religious preaching.

    Habitat for Humanity was founded by Christians and is supported by many evangelicals.

    Service to alcoholics and substance abusers and ex-convicts returning to society; maybe one has to sit through some religious lecturing, preferably not.

    They would ideally prefer to impart and implant their religious beliefs, but have provided a tangible service to others in the meantime. Which is its own reward.

  24. My SB friends hid their alcohol, and went out to dinner far from their church so they could have a few cocktails in peace.

  25. dog's eye view

    Burrito: I have never read most of the Bible. Have heard only what comes up in the Mass, literature, and culture.

    We were willed our beautiful Bible by a family friend!

    dog (I’ll skip “the Bible for 2,000, Alex”) dog

  26. dnd

    One more thing. Evangelical comes from the Greek word meaning “good news” so evangelical’s are those who spread the good news. This makes Jesus an evangelical. And any cursory reading of the New Testament reveals Jesus to be pretty liberal.

  27. Hey I’m still on my first cup coffee!

  28. lol… are forgiven…..

  29. dog's eye view


    And don’t forget the “zealous proponent or enthusiast” part. Have heard of “Technology Evangelist” on Silicon Valley business cards.

    e⋅van⋅gel⋅i⋅cal   [ee-van-jel-i-kuhl, ev-uhn-]


    1. Also, e⋅van⋅gel⋅ic. pertaining to or in keeping with the gospel and its teachings.
    2. belonging to or designating the Christian churches that emphasize the teachings and authority of the Scriptures, esp. of the New Testament, in opposition to the institutional authority of the church itself, and that stress as paramount the tenet that salvation is achieved by personal conversion to faith in the atonement of Christ.
    3. designating Christians, esp. of the late 1970s, eschewing the designation of fundamentalist but holding to a conservative interpretation of the Bible.
    4. pertaining to certain movements in the Protestant churches in the 18th and 19th centuries that stressed the importance of personal experience of guilt for sin, and of reconciliation to God through Christ.
    5. marked by ardent or zealous enthusiasm for a cause.
    6. an adherent of evangelical doctrines or a person who belongs to an evangelical church or party.
    1525–35; < LL evangelicus (< LGk euangelikós; see evangel 1 , -ic ) + -al 1

    Related forms:
    e⋅van⋅gel⋅i⋅cal⋅ly, adverb
    e⋅van⋅gel⋅i⋅cal⋅ness, e⋅van⋅gel⋅i⋅cal⋅i⋅ty, noun Unabridged
    Based on the Random House Dictionary

  30. dog's eye view

    I have always thought that Jesus and the 15th century (etc.) Catholic missionaries could be considered evangelicals.

    Am puzzled why it’s come to mean protestantism…

    realize that part might be that Catholicism considers the Church and its catechism paramount; less a Bible based religion (presumably since the Catholic Church predates the Bible) ….

  31. dnd

    Of thread, but Christina Romer’s on MTP. Really smart. Really unflappable.

  32. dog's eye view

    Doots: I am thrilled that your parents liked to have the occasional drink and dance. Might have played cards too.

    It makes you the man you are today. Thank goodness (secular version) for that.

  33. dnd

    Also off thread. We haven’t had a good health care rant for a while, so if it’s Sunday, it’s my favorite curmudgeon Ed Quillan:

    “Every so often, a Democrat is elected president after promising to pursue some health-care reform (i.e., Harry Truman, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama). This provokes a Republican response that we must be protected from the horrors of “socialized medicine.” ”

  34. good catch there dnd, now I don’t think we should stop providing govt funded health care for all govt employees, just elected repugs!


  35. I heard about this book NPR last week or so…(link below)

    ‘The Gospel Truth: Sometimes A Little Hazy’

    “What people do is, by combining these Gospels in their head into one Gospel, they, in effect, have written their own Gospel, which is completely unlike any of the Gospels of the New Testament.”-Bart Ehrman.

  36. dog's eye view

    An on-topic reader comment posted by Andrew Sullivan, on faith.

    As you read it, look at writer’s use of word “faith.” Although Catholicism is a topic, it seems “faith” is non-ecumenical and can be secular too. Could mean “human spirit at its finest”.

    Beautiful photo.

    Also like dismissal of false certainty. That seems to me a problem with any belief in inerrancy and only one interpretation of written text.

  37. colleenerin

    hey, dog, being a heathen I guess I have all my terms mixed up and I haven’t decided yet if I care enough to pursue a better understanding of the subtleties of all the sects. The concept of belonging to a particular religion scares me a bit because that seems to inherently reject others’ views, may place a barrier to broader acceptance. Having never been baptized, as a kid I went to Methodist sunday school, Presbyterian bible school, Catholic mass on holidays, and girl scouts at the synagogue. What fun!

  38. “The concept of belonging to a particular religion scares me a bit because that seems to inherently reject others’ views, may place a barrier to broader acceptance”

    That’s not exactly true, we Jews, we tend take a “I could care a rat’s ass what you believe” to other religions.

  39. dog's eye view

    Colleen: agree with you on the divisive power of religions.

    Watched some documentary on the Bosnian conflict years ago. Some very old women were interviewed; neighbors of different religions. They and their community lived peaceably for all these women’s lives; the women were very close friends; until some firebrand religious leader arrived and polarized the whole community.

    It’s the concept of the “one right way” and not allowing for coexistence or personal conscience.

  40. Obama launches message war

    The White House on Sunday began harnessing every part of the Democratic Party’s machinery to defend President Obama’s budget and portray Republicans as reflexively political, according to party strategists.

  41. dog's eye view

    PS: my mom belongs to the Church of Tiger Woods. Tiger’s playing, we are not at evening Mass!


    PBS Frontline “Sick Around the World” — on comparative healthcare systems — webpage with link to program and other resources.

    Found this in comments following dnd’s Quillen Denver Post column on healthcare.

  42. dnd

    “I don’t think we should stop providing govt funded health care for all govt employees, just elected repugs! ”

    Me neither, but the fastest was to health care reform is to pull all health care benefits from members of Congress, and prohibit them from piggybacking on their spouses health care plans.

  43. dog's eye view

    John Cole of Balloon Juice requests a good salsa verde recipe.

    Lots of good readers comments and recipes on the thread; throw him a recipe if you are so inclined.

    You can also consider this on thread, we are discussing The True Church of Chile Peppers in All their Incarnate Mystery.

    Good salsa = finding religion!

  44. another dose of tweeter humor if anyone missed it:

    See you “peeps” after 5, hopefully with a glass of some cheap chardonnay in hand. I’m not picky today.


  45. cheap chardonnay? You’re such a class act.

  46. dog's eye view

    AP story: headline: Things are Bleak in Journalism.

    They are discussing the business model.


    a tiny ray of light and one small mention of content (vs delivery model): Tom Rosenstiel: power is shifting away from institutions to individual journalists.

    Could be good if you are a Josh Marshall type or Seymour Hersh or a modern day muckraker/public’s right to know evangelist. Or Dana Priest (Walter Reed abuses, secret military transport of suspected terrorists), were she cut loose from the WaPost.

    Bad if you are a celebrojournalist from the industrial infotainment complex.

    Maybe journalism is discredited because it seems to take John Stewart to actually practice it??

  47. nannymm

    Wow! This is obviously a great topic. I’m glad you brought it up, Brian. A few observations:
    1. I agree with Mad. An evangelical cannot be a liberal. The two are completely incompatible if by evangelical you mean fundamentalist evangelical.
    2. When I lived in Texas, I was surrounded by Southern Baptists. As a Catholic who attended “the Mexican Church,” (as the Catholic Church was called by most non-Catholics) I was quite surprised to learn that Southern Baptists considered my religion evil and a path to hell. Having grown up in NYC, I was surrounded by people who practiced many different religions and never thought any one of them was evil or a path to hell. The nuns and priests did teach that Catholicism was the one true religion but I never heard others condemned for not being catholic.
    3.No Catholic in congress is under threat of excommunication. A few bishops have stated publicly that they would deny Holy Communion to John Kerry and other pro-choice Catholics. That is far, far different than excommunication.
    4. I don’t know ANY Catholics who believe in “the rapture.” We do believe that Christ will come again but not that some will be “raptured up” into heaven as fundamentalists proclaim.
    5. The teachings of the Catholic Church are based on the life and teachings of Jesus. The New Testament is based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Thus, Catholicism cannot be separated from that which is “Bible based.” The difference is that the Catholic Church does not always interpret the Bible literally as fundamentalists do. For instance, no serious Catholic believes that God created the earth and all living things in exactly 6 days and rested on the 7th.

  48. BevnTempe

    Not all Christians are Evangelicals. It depends on their moral, social and economic outlook. I have never met or heard of anyone who is Evangelical and liberal at the same time.

  49. dnd

    A little humor injected into today’s thread: the rappin’ flight attendant.

  50. Steve

    FYI; I am a guy who has been both a Southern Baptists and a confirmed Catholic. So, the thread is personally interesting.

    For the most part, though, i am just lurking. I do that more than you would think…

    Oh until that whole “big brother” thing got added over there on the right side of the page. heh…right wingers always snooping…

  51. Steve

    should have read “Southern Baptist.”

  52. dnd

    You just can’t make this up:
    “Former White House spokesperson Dana Perino said on Sunday that the Bush administration, while presiding over the start of the current recession, nevertheless deserved some credit for the modest uptick that Wall Street experienced this past week”

  53. dnd

    A little something for Neil Young fans:

    What kinda pooch is that in the car?

  54. dog's eye view

    Beware the accuracy of that Live Traffic Feed widget, though.

    From the Dell desktop, upstairs in Virginia: I am in “Washington, DC.”

    From my Mac laptop, downstairs, same house, dining room: “Bethesda, MD.”

    Today, it has not even gotten the state right!

  55. I think that’s a Labor-doodle… the car.

    cheap chard is a step up for me, it’s Sunday after all, no place or time for my normal white-lightning in a plastic sports cup….. 😉

  56. So far I get two different towns …..but my state is consistent …..
    I saw that about the White House claiming credit for the recent market up-tick…I couldn’t bring myself to read the article….I just thought to myself, they can’t stop themselves from grand delusions and lies….they just can’t stop.

  57. Big brother! Folks I need a nap, bbl

  58. Steve

    There’s just something cool about me showing up as “Jefferson, GA,” when in fact, that’s not really where I am…though reasonably close.

  59. That’s where your ISP’s network center is.

  60. Rezdog

    Hey UB,
    How goes it? Playing any poker lately? I’ve had the most horrific luck at 21 the last two trips out. Time to give it a rest for a week 🙂

    Is Bonnie still in the picture? Sorry for the 3rd degree, it’s just been a while. I stop in and read but have very little to say.

  61. And btw I really didn’t see it as a big brother thing, I just think it’s pretty cool that we can see where people are logging in from. I’m very surprised at how many visitors we get from other countries. If anyone is bothered by the widget please let me know.

    Yo Rez!

  62. dog's eye view

    Dana Perino should almost be a verb. To spin sh*t into sugar.

    “The quarterly sales numbers weren’t too good, so we DanaPerinoed them.”

    “Tests show our new product is highly toxic and the battery lasts about 2 weeks. We hadda DanaPerino the rollout.”

    “I ran the car into a ditch fulla water and just left it there. DanaPerinoed my wife the car’s being detailed for her birthday. Surprise!”

  63. dog's eye view

    Hey Rez. Long time!

    You always have something to say.

  64. Steve

    I like the new look and wouldnt mess with anything. The widget is good.

    Perino….what a joke…the only one of the Bush spokespeople that was likeable was Scotty and that was only after he finally came home for the good of his country. I wont speak ill of Tony Snow, since he isnt around any more, and I didnt want him to go out like that….but I always scoffed that he had a direct path from FOXnews to the White House….

  65. Rezdog

    Hi dev and all,

    I was telling Brian the other day that I enjoy the politics of electioneering much more than of governance.

  66. cool vid there, I may have to fly South West at some point.

  67. dog's eye view

    That’s devil dog to you! Canine non grata.

    Good point about electioneering vs governing. The horse race vs. more substance. And having to know a lot more to make informed comments.

    Rez: what are your biggest issues for Obama? (Mine are universal healthcare and improving education.)

  68. Rezdog


    You’re right about having to inform oneself on the issues and keeping up in order to carry on a quality dialog. I think that was one of the reason I was drawn to Obama in the first place. I am a lazy US citizen and I was seeing in Obama someone who I felt would best represent my lazy ass. lol. I have to admit his appeal to become better informed/involved was important to me. Not so much me but for the Democratic youth coming up.

    As far as current issues, effective and efficient healthcare is probably at the top too, like it is for most. And of course it is so intergral to the well being of our economy. Also, I don’t know how well Obama can keep the special interests out of our politics but that is a issue important to me. There is so much on his plate it’s hard to imagine accomplishing anything.

  69. Steve

    The cart shouldn’t come before the horse. Logically, the economy would have to come first for the health care to follow.

  70. dog's eye view

    I know, Rez, and on so many fronts. Although I think he is going to have a lot of help and patience from his fellow citizens. Lots of heartbreak out there and less patience with the usual snake oil.

  71. dog's eye view

    Hey Steve. Agree on the usual timing, but healthcare reform will be an immense quality of life/peace of mind issue for so many families and individuals. Lose your job or move to something entrepreneurial (by choice or necessity) and there goes your healthcare.

    And education is important in the long run for strengthening our economy. (As you well know and purvey every school day. 3 cheers for Steve and other teachers, out there on the front lines.)

    Economy is top issue, but Obama gets more of a run at some longterm solutions too, by virtue of the utter disaster he has encountered.

  72. Not sure you can seperate health care and the economy, just ask the folks at GM, Chrysler, or Ford!

  73. dog's eye view

    Got to step away from the laptop and back into real life.

    Rez: you visit more often, please!! And Steve: bummed that can’t visit more with you, since you’re usually in short supply during the week.


  74. It seriously pisses me off when I hear these repug scumbags rant on about how GM and such should go under or file chapter 11, and why should the tax paper be expected to bail out badly managed companies. The truth of the matter is had they done their jobs instead of kowtowing to the drug and insurance industry “Detroit” wouldn’t be having to deal with the staggering legacy costs they do, unlike their foriegn competition.

  75. and speaking of widgets, I’ve also added daily kos, huffpo, and politico incase no one noticed. If you have any ideas for news feeds you’d like me to include you know where to reach me.

  76. nannymm

    There is no way we will ever solve our economic problems until we enact a comprehensive healthcare plan for all Americans. Healthcare costs are dragging down every sector of our society. Unless we deal with this this, we will bankrupt ourselves individually and as a nation.

  77. nannymm

    BTW, it’s good to see you, Rezdog. I hope you’ll join us more often.

  78. dnd

    “Logically, the economy would have to come first for the health care to follow.”

    Well, hip, much as it pains me, I have to join the chorus. I think health care reform, and cutting health care costs are central to getting business and the economy back on track.

  79. dnd

    Let me echo the prevailing sentiment, good to see you hear.

    To quote from “The Ballad of Jed Clampett”, y’all come now, ya hear?”

  80. dnd

    Should be: “y’all come back now, ya hear?”

    Yes am I embarrassed 🙄

  81. dnd

    It’s the Ides of March. Give me a break!

  82. Steve

    et tu Brutus?

  83. Steve

    What other political blog could reference Shakespeare (“Julius Caeser”) AND Flatt and Scruggs (“Ballad of Jed Clampett”) in the same hour?

  84. dnd

    “What other political blog could reference Shakespeare (”Julius Caeser”) AND Flatt and Scruggs (”Ballad of Jed Clampett”) in the same hour?”

    Pee-yer-pants funny 🙂

    BTW, is there anybody who doesn’t love Earl Scruggs?

  85. None that I know of Steve!

  86. Well things are just too classy around here, I need to fix that!

    Palin’s Ex: Need to ‘Mature’ Before Marriage

  87. HI all,
    Just got back from Grand Torino, I don’t like to say much about films in case someone hasn’t seen it, so all I will do is give it a “thumbs up.”
    Belated shout- out to ya Rez,
    I have not seen Bonnie since the first snow, I am sure she will be back to the Dog Park when the temps rise….and poker…..well…..I am not totally out of money yet…lol… 🙂

    I am really glad you stopped by, don’t be a stranger.

    & as always Good Luck 🙂

  88. This is a slide show, take note of the some really awesome architecture that is becoming nothing more than scrap.

    Highest State Foreclosure Rates

    In February, one in every 440 American households received either a default notice, bank repossession or auction sale notice

  89. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  90. there are mail server issues with the email list, it’s being worked on.

  91. nannymm

    Just a reminder that MSNBC is airing Marijuana, Inc tonight at 10pm eastern.

  92. Hi Nanny,

    Missed you the other day, anyway I wanted to thank you for your post today, great info for someone like me that doesn’t have a lot of exposure to religious conversation.

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful day at the slopes…sounded like a great end of the season.

  93. Pakistan’s Besieged President Agrees to Reinstate Former Judge

    The Pakistani government agreed early on Monday to reinstate
    the independent-minded former chief justice of the Supreme
    Court, a stunning concession to the opposition leader Nawaz
    Sharif, who was heading toward the capital in a convoy
    threatening to stage a mass protest over the issue after he
    broke free from house arrest at his residence.

    Read More:

  94. nannymm

    Hey, UB and Brian, we’re on TV! Charlie and the Manson girls are on MSNBC. LOL

  95. nannymm

    Thanks, Burrito. It’s been a busy few days here. Tomorrow is going to be another hectic day. Maybe things will settle down in a day or two. At least, I sure hope so.

  96. lol Nanny…..we were so much younger then…

  97. We are family, I got my girls here with me. Now which of you is going to avenge me and show up at a certain pundits front door, knife in hand? Well?

  98. come on…..can’t you find a more worthy target?

  99. I am watching that show Nanny spoke about….

    It is really amazing that we allow this profit making crop….drive up crime and violence, when we could easily make it legal and profitable for the the USA.

  100. Well he’s fat enough to be pregnant, I’m going for a sense of reality here.

    Ok, that was bad, I admit it!

  101. bodysnarking? That has a nasty quality to it, what is it?

  102. Great day at the ranch…..have a wonderful night everyone!

  103. Brian, it’s a new term ….coined at Huff…on the piece about McCain’s daughter, here’s the link

    ……sweet dreams


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