My Family ~ Anon Paranoid

A little over a year ago I had to let my Gingerbread girl Ginger go. She was very sick and would only have suffered needlessly for a very short time if I did not let her pass on to a better place.bab

Shortly after Gingers passing I started a new family and so begin my search to fill my house with the love and joy that once filled it with my beloved Ginger.


Baby is a let alone type of cat. She does not like sitting on laps or a lot of loving and petting. She stays by herself most of the time and likes a little head petting and chin rubbing when she wants it.


With Baby in the house I started looking for a friend for her. I had already informed my landlord that I was going to get another cat when I had too let Ginger go. I also said that I would like to get a second one so once I got a cat there would be company to help pass the time, play with and help keep them both healthy.


Two weeks later I had found a second cat that was a five year old female who appeared to be a very loving animal that liked being petted and acted very affectionate. This time I went to a no kill not for profit shelter. I did a foster to adopt and brought her home.

At first it seemed that it would work out, however after a week it became obvious that it was not. She had bit Baby on her back and it was bleeding due to getting infected so she went back and Baby went to the vet for treatment.


After what seemed forever and checking every week I went to see what new cats they had gotten in and I found my second kitty for the family.



Jasmine had just arrived at the shelter only days before. She had been at a county shelter and had been scheduled for euthanasia when they found her.

So on this Sunday when I got at their adoption site she was all alone in one of the pet cages.


As she sat in it and was washing herself it looked like she had a little pouch on her stomach. I looked and thought to myself when is a kitten going to pop out. It looked like a kangaroo’s pouch and she looked adorable. I talked to the fellow who’s name is Jim about her and after watching her for about an hour felt that she would fit in with Baby.


Jasmine was around a year old, spayed and as you can see a domesticated short haired Tabby. I brought her home and Baby sniffed, hissed and walked away from the carrier she was in. After I let her out of the carrier she tried to play with Baby, but Baby was not interested at all in playing.

Like Baby I took Jasmine to the vet to get a checkup and although she had her shots she had worms. So after getting a clean bill of health, except for worms, I brought her back home with medicine to kill them.


Jasmine is a very curious cat who likes to follow me around and constantly gets into everything. She plays well and unlike Baby she likes to lay on your lap when she wants to. Same thing for petting, only when she wants to be petted. She has the hair on her ears one sees on cats with a lot of wild in them and a personality issue of liking to nip if she don’t want to be touched. But a very loving teenage cat all in all.


I now had a new family and thought that finally there was no need to look for any more animals to bring home. Also my landlord would have had a fit it I did which might make them ask me to move or remove one of my over and above what they said I could have.


Little did I know that there would be another addition to my family at that time, however it did increase by one.

I had a outdoor semi feral cat that was hanging around the yard that I began to feed. After some time this little lady would show up the minute I pulled into the yard after work or on weekends when I would get home after being out.


I spoke to Jim from the shelter and he said if I could get her into a carrier to bring her in and they would have her spayed along with giving her all her shots for free. I believe that since I give donations regularly that was why they offered to take care of her for me at no charge. I felt bad about that and gave them a check to cover what their cost would be and I attempted to get the young lady into my carrier.


It was easier than I thought and soon Jim had her and took her home with him. He had her surgery a few days later and I picked her up from him the following weekend so without further ado….



Lady Greeneyes is a very sweet young lady.

She is about one years old, medium hair and quite a energetic kitty. She too tried to play with Baby to no avail.


For a time she was very shy and would stay away from me. I do not blame her though since she remembers being put into a carrier and ending up with surgery.


For a long time she would stay in one of the other rooms and hide. Or she would lay where she could see the hallway and move out of reach when I would go into the room she was in. She plays with Jasmine and the two of them get along like they were sisters. They chase each other and play constantly except when their sleeping.


So now I have a full house and though Baby will not play with them she does join in whenever I’m playing shoelace with them. It’s funny how a simple thing like a shoelace can get the whole family together. I sit on the floor and toss one end to Jasmine who catches it between her paws and bites it. From Jasmine to Lady Greeneyes who does the same to Baby and round and round it goes. This is the only time I have all three playing at once and let me tell you that after ten minutes or so my arm gets tired.


Lady Greeneyes seems to be the only one of the three who plays by herself with no problems. She even chases her own tail which is highly amusing since I’ve generally only seen dogs do that. Though cats do chase their tails I only have had one who did out of all the pets I have had.


I also got a new home entertainment center for the holidays and of all the cats Lady Greeneyes seems to enjoy watching television as it is new to her since she was an outdoor cat for her short life. So below is a picture for those whom were aware that I was going to update my home entertainment center for the household.



We all enjoy it and hope it last as long as the previous televisions and players I have owned. So for all you curious friends whom I told about this….enjoy, I am.

Please welcome my new family into your households and …


God Bless you all.


(editor’s note, AP sent me the following to add to his post after I already had it formatted)


I should have added on Lady Greeneyes that originally I was going to bring her to Jim so she could be fixed and let back outside where she was use to being. The reason she was so easy to get was because one day after work when I got home she was laying under the bushes and was very sick.


I guess that she must have eaten something bad and I got her into the carrier relatively easy. I called Jim and he had me bring her over to the adoption place where he met me and took her. I don’t really know what was wrong, however they did take her to their vet who took care of her.


While there they did the surgery, gave her all her shots and medications for her illness. Once I got her back I could not in all good faith put her back outside. And while she was healing I fell in love with her. She also ended up with a urinary infection and had a lot of blood in her urine. Not sure if it was from her surgery or her illness, but I had to take her back to their vet for treatment.


She is doing great now and everyday she seems to be a little more trusting of me. She now has a good home and a playmate so I am glad that she is letting me into her life. I should have had this in originally, but sometimes so much needs to be said and often some of it is forgotten while telling about the events as they occurred.


Be good to your pets and love them as they will return that love a thousand times over.



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38 responses to “My Family ~ Anon Paranoid

  1. dog's eye view

    AP: I love this post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    PAW. Pets are wonderful.

  2. Your welcome dog and yes they are wonderful.

    God Bless.

    Really need to see what’s on other peoples minds at some of sites I lurk at. Later.

  3. Thanks for introducing us to the gang AP

  4. I actually just read your story, and sent it to my daughter, even though she is just in the room over there….I sent it to her computer…..AnonP….Good for you! and a big thank you for caring about their lives…

    I think when you love animals, those who do not speak words as we know them…you tap into a “being” world….

    I hope you let them watch Animal Planet….. 🙂

  5. nannymm

    Aww! Your family sounds wonderful, Anon-P. Thanks for telling us about your little ones and sharing their pictures. I have four dogs and couldn’t agree with you more that if we are good to our pets they will reward us with their unconditional love. I can’t imagine life with out my dogs. This big old house would be so empty.

  6. Brian…

    Thank you for hosting my post on my family.

    U.B. …

    As I sit here replying to your comment Jasmine has just jumped up on me. She’s in a play mode and I am sitting here playing shoelace with her.

    The photo’s are a little bigger on my site since I don’t have the formatting knowledge that Brian has.

    Besides I prefer big pictures and because of the way I put my post together they are rather long and take up a lot of room.

    Jasmine has learned a lot from Lady Greeneyes as far as catching a piece of string or in my case a shoelace.

    Now she uses both paws to grab it instead of one.

    They are a treasure and they will probably out live me since I’m getting to be an old man. My two favorites David and Monster both lived long lives. David around 15 years and Monster over 18 years.

    If they reach those ages I would be between 75 and 80 years old God willing. There all a blessing.


    I also had a dog called Class and he sure was a dog with Class.

    Shepard collie mix he had a really deep throat bark that made him sound a lot bigger than he was.

    He weighted around 65 to 70 pounds and when he stood on his two hind legs he could lick your face with no problems.

    Once he ate the hamburgers right out of the pan on the stove when I made the mistake of walking out of the kitchen and leaving the food unguarded.

    There was no food he didn’t like so I could never leave any food laying out in the open or it would be gone when I walked back in.

    Once he ate a whole bag of my Hersey Kisses and I’m surprised it didn’t kill him. He sh*t tinfoil for three days after that. LOL…LOL…LOL…

    One can only wonder what our lives would be without out animal friends. I for one would find it quite lonely and sad not to be able to share myself with one of God’s blessed.

    God Bless you all.

  7. The likelyhood of milk chocolate killing a dog is next to nil. A dog would have to eat quite a lot of bakers chocolate to have an adverse effect.

  8. It was a new bag and the vet told me to keep on eye on him and see if he had any problems for 24 hours.

    He didn’t except for of course all the foil he crapped out. After that I made sure my stash of kisses was well out of reach. After all how dare he eat my chocolate.

    God Bless.

  9. US to sign UN gay rights declaration

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration will endorse a U.N. declaration calling for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality that then-President George W. Bush had refused to sign, The Associated Press has learned.

  10. Steve


    As always best wishes, from the caretaker of a very demanding tabby

  11. Steve

    Noteable Birthdays- John C Calhoun, one of the antebellum Big 3 (among other things) and Grover Cleveland….

  12. Steve

    Its also Pope John Paul II’s birthday. Have a good one gang.

  13. Good morning all,
    The thermometer is just below 60 and it isn’t yet 8:30…could spring really be here??? Going to get valid tags for the bike, and a battery charger….seems I didn’t run it enough during those frigid days of winter….

    Seattle Paper Shifts Entirely to the Web

    The Seattle Post-Intelligencer will produce its last printed edition on Tuesday and become an Internet-only news source, the Hearst Corporation said on Monday, making it by far the largest American newspaper to take that leap.

  14. dnd

    Cute kitties anon-p. And a great tail.

    Um, make that a great tale 😉

  15. Barney Frank is on fire! I do however trouble with the names being made public, and I think Frank does too, I think he’s giving pressure for those who haven’t returned the money to do so.

  16. Ackerman is making a lot of sense!

  17. ed to Buy More Than $1 Trillion in Securities

    Saying that the recession continues to deepen, the Federal
    Reserve announced Wednesday that it would pump an extra $1
    trillion into the mortgage market and longer-term Treasury
    securities in order to revive the economy.

  18. I have not been watching the hearing are they getting anywhere, or is it more or less just grandstanding?

  19. nannymm

    Mostly grandstanding, UB. I agree with Brian that Ackerman made sense and that Barney Frank was trying to shame AIG executives into giving those bonuses back. A few congressmen have thanked Liddy for his efforts, acknowledging that he came in AFTER the meltdown and is getting only one dollar a year and no stock or other compensation. Too many others (both repugs and dems) are acting like he is the bad guy and are tearing into him, grandstanding for their constituents. The talking heads haven’t been much better.

  20. dog's eye view

    off topic, but I am sure saying some prayers for Natasha Richardson. Always liked her — very elegant, an excellent actress and especially like that she retains a private life, with a good marriage and two sons. Her husband is not hard to look at (or watch!) either.

    Like how they have avoided being infotainment fodder and do not live for being in the public spotlight.

    Hoping she will recover.

  21. dnd

    I haven’t watched the whole hearing, but too many congress critters are using this for their own political benefit. Thread post to follow 😉

  22. BevnTempe

    Anon – very meaningful story about your animal family. We had to have our beautiful dog put down almost two years ago, but haven’t replaced her yet.

    I sincerely believe that losing a pet is like loosing a family member. (Sometimes worse.) Only those who have had to put a pet down understands the pain involved and the months and years of missing their sweet, lovable presence.

  23. dnd

    I hope Natasha Richardson fully recovers, not only for her family and fans, but so she can be a spokeswoman for wearing a helmet. They’re comfortable, you can hear, they’re warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm.

  24. Thank you BevnTempe….

    Yes, you do miss them for ever. Not for a short time, but for a life time.


    I heard last night sometime that Natasha Richardson was brain dead and that the family was going to pull the plug on her life support.

    I hope and pray the Republicans don’t pull a Terri Schiavo on them. You never know when they just want to change the news cycle to take the bad PR on what they did to our economy.

    God Bless.

  25. You never know when they just want to change the news cycle to take the bad PR on what they did to our economy.

    Should have read

    You never know when they just want to change the news cycle to take the bad PR on what they did to our economy out of the headlines.

  26. horsedooty

    We have a cat. 17 or 18 years old. I am glad someone likes cats. I am not one of them. Good for you Anon P and your small furry family.

  27. horsedooty…

    Not that I don’t like dogs since a dog will love anybody, but because a cat is a totally different animal.

    I mean that you can have a cat, but that doesn’t mean that the cat will really like you or not. A cat will chose who they trust and whether or not that trust is worth it.

    Dogs are a different breed altogether and will like anyone who feeds and plays with them. Sort of like the lemmings following the republicans over the edge of the cliff.

    God Bless.

  28. dnd

    Dogs are like men: easily understood.
    Cats are like women: not so easily understood.

    Running for cover 😉

  29. Good one dnd…LOL…LOL…LOL…

    God Bless.

  30. dnd

    New thread at 6pm EDT.

  31. dnd

    Thanks anon-p. Just seems to be my experience 😉

  32. Hey AP, if you want to add your critter pics to the profile page let me know, check out the “Who Are The People” page

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