March is DVT Awareness Month ~ dnd


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) kills more Americans than breast cancer and AIDS combined. It does this by sending blood clots into the lungs resulting in pulmonary embolism. That’s what killed NBC correspondent David Bloom. It killed my neighbor’s young daughter. And it damn near killed me.

Symptoms may include pain, redness or swelling in the legs. Or none of the above. The problem with DVT is that often there are no symptoms. By the time you get a pulmonary embolism, it may be too late. If you do, get to the ER pronto. They’ll do a CT scan and pump you full of Heparin to prevent further clots from forming.

How can you prevent DVT?

  1. Move. There’s a reason it’s called “economy class syndrome.”
  2. Talk to your doctor.
  3. Read:

Awareness of DVT may save your life or the life of someone you know.



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73 responses to “March is DVT Awareness Month ~ dnd

  1. Good morning gang. Gray skies and inching up, may even crack 40.

    Dnd, good information…and yet another big reason for everyone to get moving. Now I see why doctors always check for swelling at the ankles.

  2. Steve

    Thanks DND for the information. Hopefully some people can pick up on this.

    Its cold but nice here, so I will be out for a walk soon. The wife and I are listening to some classical music and making the most of our day.

  3. Steve

    Oh, and of course, good morning UB.

  4. dog's eye view

    Here’s the DVT online risk assessor program. I am not at risk, but it’s easy to see how the elderly and those with health issues are. Particularly those whose activity is limited (recovery from injury or surgery).

    Will pay more attention to “pulmonary embolism” deaths as I read. Wondering how many of these deaths were preventable.

  5. Good morning to you Steve and yours…..sounds like a nice day, I think we may do some of the same….I am pretty burned out on the “news” ….. it’s bringing me down….and I can’t have that.

    Going to walk the dogs to the dog park, and help myself ward off DVT.

  6. Morning peeps, are we turning into the disease of the month club?


  7. dnd

    If it’s Sunday, it’s my favorite curmudgeon, Ed Quillen. In today’s column he discusses “going Galt.”

  8. Steve

    Hey, 4 miles a day keeps the doctor away.

    I am just in from a jog in the local church parking lot, and I almost got run over by a very angry looking congregant.

  9. What denomination was the church Steve?

  10. The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

    “Too many people have been turned off of running simply by trying to start off too fast. Their bodies rebel, and they wind up miserable, wondering why anyone would possibly want to do this to themselves.”
    I was one of those left “wondering why anyone would possibly want to do this to themselves.”

    However, this looks like a fair spring challenge to me….not committed to it …yet… 😉

  11. nannymm

    Good Morning from the snowy North Country. Waking up to 4″ of snow has put me in a foul mood; I was so hoping for a beautiful warmish day. 😦

  12. UB how about just walking those fine looking dogs of yours twice a day? I know how you of the burbs crowd just tend to let them out or let the kids walk them!

    I don’t know if many are you aware of this, but NYC has one of the longest life spans in the country, primary due to the fact that if you life here you gotta walk!

  13. Most people look angry when they drive….I see it when I walk to work….

    …but coming out of church? that’s cold.
    lol Brian….kids walking the dogs…lol..are you insane….I do know that about NYC, and last year, I wanted to rent a place there for a month (just me), just to get into shape….that didn’t fly.

    I like the idea of running because it’s something I have never been able to accomplish…and we are just about to walk the beauties to the dogpark….they love it there.

  14. I have a spare room, when should I expect you, between me, Tucker, and Ralphie we’ll have you in fine shape in no time. True story when I found Patsy (no cracks about the bitches name please) I had just started chemo and figured keeping her (I only had cats at that time)would be good for me and force me to get out of the house a few times a day and help me not to become a shut in.

  15. Steve

    Of running- I am enjoying it purely for myself, though i never say never, I have run my last 5K race. This is strictly for heart, lungs and health.

    Brian, they are some kind of Charismatic brnch. they once came to my door and got an earful that they will likely never forget. If you ever go to my profile at FB, they are the “pious sidewinders.”

    Nanny, try to enjoy the snow a bit….we will probably get one more decent snowfall….

    Still lurking

  16. nannymm

    That’s one of the things I miss most about the City, Brian. I used to walk everywhere I possibly could. Here, most places are too far away and for much of the year the weather is too bad. So when we walk, we generally just walk for the sake of doing so, with no set route and no planned destination. I never quite thought of it this way before but, we actually have to make time to walk. No wonder we don’t walk enough.

  17. Speaking of walking, Tucker and Ralphie beckon!

  18. nannymm

    Steve, I’m trying, but it’s been snowing here since mid October. It’s been a very long winter….

  19. nannymm

    dnd, great piece about DVT. It’s good to see the attention this condition is getting since David Bloom’s death.

  20. Steve

    I cant say the winter has been terrible here this year. We got a nice solid one. Right now it is a beautiful spring Sunday!

  21. dnd

    Yeah Nannymm, stroke and heart attacks get all the press, but DVT is a serious problem.

  22. dnd

    I use to run. A lot. Started causing problems with my joints and my doctor told me to walk, swim, bike, etc. I miss running but not the joint pain.

    BTW, the hardest part in running is putting your shoes on, getting out the door, and the first couple hundred yards. After that, it’s pretty enjoyable. Unless you are apt to be mowed down by an angry churchgoer 😉

  23. Steve

    With my temper, the guy better do a number when he runs me over or I will kick his butt.

  24. And lord knows there sure are a lot of angry church goers. Which is something else I don’t understand, isn’t going to church supposed to make you more calm and centered? Why are some many fundamentalists so angry?

  25. nannymm

    I wonder the same thing. Maybe it’s because they are afraid of modernity.

  26. Spitzer on GPS right now, now this is someone we really could use in govt right now. I still want to know why Bush’s justice dept was going after him. They seemed to have no trouble tracking down a very rich man’s spending on hooker, but they couldn’t figure out what Madoff was doing?

  27. dnd

    Spitzer + hooker = fired.
    Vitter + hooker = hired.

    Go figure. Maybe it’s because Vitter is a nincompoop and Spitzer is brilliant.

  28. horsedooty

    I think Wall Street took Spitzer down. Payback for him going after some of the money types like that guy that was in charge of all of Wall St and got that HUGE payoff when he retired. I would bet one of those guys dropped the dime on him.

  29. There was a major problem with the Justice Dept being used for political purposes, frankly I think this was a greater sin than what Bush did in Iraq.

  30. dnd

    “Why are some many fundamentalists so angry?”

    I think by definition fundamentalists are a pissed off bunch. Evangelicals, by definition, are the opposite, i.e., the name comes from Greek meaning “good news.” Catholics have a greeting of peace as part of the celebration of Mass.

    I think fundamentalists are just grumps 😉

  31. horsedooty

    Dnd reminded me that the guy I was talking about is Richard Grasso. He was head of the NYSE.

  32. horsedooty

    from Wikipedia about Grasso: “On 24 May 2004, Grasso was sued by New York state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, demanding repayment of the majority of a nearly $140 million pay package.”

  33. I don’t think it was a matter of someone dropping a dime on him, I think the word went out that Spitzer was fucking with their “peeps” and lets see what we can dig up on him.

  34. dnd

    Spitzer was a dope for going after Grasso. Grasso did nothing wrong. He got the NYSE up and running right after 9/11. His pay package was approved by the board.

    Spitzer was drunk on power. I think he’s been humbled since his scandal. And that’s a good thing. I hope he gets a second chance.

  35. nannymm

    That was an excellent interview with Spitzer. Too bad GPS isn’t on daily. I love Zaccaria’s in-depth interviews with serious and accomplished people. And no shouting….what a pleasure!

  36. Yes dnd, but does that justify a pay out of that size?

  37. horsedooty

    well, maybe “dropping a dime on him” is not the right way to say it. I think Brian is correct that the “guys” got together and like Brian said decided to see what they could dig up. Low and behold, they found something. As a matter of speculation, I would bet that some of the same guys were using the same service that Spitzer was using and someone told them about Spitzer. Or maybe a lot of money changed hands for the information.

  38. nannymm

    I think Brian is probably right. Wall Street hated Spitzer but the Bush Justice Dept. had the resources to do the digging. It sure would be interesting to know the back story there. I just find it way too difficult to believe that the U.S. Attorney’s Office just happened to stumble upon this.

  39. Like I said the whole DOJ thing disturbs more than they how they got us into Iraq. I know it’s hard to compare due to the death toll in Iraq, but I don’t feel Iraq was a direct assault on The Constitution, the way Bushco used Justice I think was.

  40. horsedooty

    here is a pretty strong indictment of the same SOB’s we have been talking about in the Spitzer posts. Down right scary if true.

  41. And we still don’t the full story of what went on with the Gov. of Alabama.

  42. Steve

    The Bush DOJ made Nixon’s AG (Mitchell) look like the King of Ethics.

  43. Friendly fire: NYT hits Obama

    I love Krugman, he’s probably my favorite at The Times, and on the merrits I think he’s right, but on the politics I think he’s wrong. I do think the prez really needs to get Treasury fully staffed and soon.

  44. My nephew has scored an internship at Bill Nelson’s office for the spring, and may go to DC for the summer.

  45. Wow, that’s really good news for him, how old is he?

  46. 21 last August, I’m still hung over from that night, he decided to spend his birthday here with me in the city, Well he also went to the allstar game with his dad, but nephew stayed with me.

  47. Celebrating 21 in NYC…..can only imagine..

    Is the internship part of a school program?

  48. I gave him three pieces of advice:

    Keep your shoes polished

    don’t discuss your persnonal life

    Try not to tell Sen. Nelson he looks like a corpse!

  49. I don’t know UB, might be, he goes to school in Orlando and he’s going to be working in his Orlando office for the spring. Be cool if he got the DC summer gig, he could spend a few weekends here in the city, let him go crazy far from the work site, and maybe bring his uncle an intern or two!


  50. Well good for hm….here’s one more piece of advice,
    (he may know this, but sometimes kids forget)

    Say “yes” not yeah.

  51. lol…he’s not going to bring you interns…….

  52. Another dream crushed! Damn you UB!

  53. horsedooty

    so, have y’all seen anything about this movie? Hillary: The Movie?

    Seems it is going to trial and the Supreme’s are gonna try it.

  54. I read something the other day about it, all the PUMA sites are cackling over it!

  55. nannymm

    It sounds like a very mean-spirited, one-sided diatribe, not a documentary. But who would expect anything different from the right wing crazed Clinton haters. From what I read, it dredges up every bizarre accusation that has ever been leveled at Hillary Clinton and presents it as fact, including the accusation that she was having an affair with Vince Foster and was involved in his “murder.” Pure rubbish!

  56. “Bossie (Hill the movie -producer) expects to produce at least 15 movies at his Washington-area studio by the next presidential election in 2012. Among them, he says, will be “Stimulate This,” an indictment of the recently enacted economic stimulus package.”

    I think it’s a waste of the Court’s time…a movie, a network, a newspaper, a book…it’s all the same just different packaging.

  57. Hillary Clinton is not the issue at all in this case, she just happens to be the subject of this piece of yellow journalism, the question before the court is this really a docmumentary, or a very long political ad.

  58. I see what the argument is now, thanks for that info, Brian….a fine line, if you ask me.

  59. Steve

    Congrats to your nephew, Brian.

    Thats about it for me gang. I will TRY to check in some during the week, but you know how I am….

  60. dnd

    “21 last August, I’m still hung over from that night, he decided to spend his birthday here with me in the city, ”

    You took him to McSorleys?

  61. No he had been to McSorley’s on a prior trip when he and some of his buds stayed here on their way back from Israel and they got snowed into the city for three days.

  62. dnd

    Lone Star Bar & Grill?

  63. Don’t know it, dnd you and I travel in different circles!


  64. dnd

    Lone Star is in Brooklyn. Famous haunt of Kinky Friedman back in the day.

  65. Yeah, I’m more David Sadaris than I am Kinky Friedman.

  66. BTW in case you missed the link I posted late last night, this is without a doubt my favorite quote of the weekend:

    “He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’ It’s like, Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.”

  67. Well peeps, I have to rise early (before sunrise) to transport the hubby to the airport. He’s off to DC for biz, then to Atlanta for spring training….

    Sleep well….tomorrow is almost here.


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