What’s so bad about France? ~ BrianInNYC

For the life I have no idea why France has become the poster country for all that is wrong in the world according to the GOP~right wing crowd. I don’t know about you folks but I’m getting pretty tired of hearing these idiots claim we are turning into France as President Obama pushes his agenda forward. This argument may carry weight with idiots like “Joe the Plumber” and the followers of the nitwit from Alaska, or the sour grapes PUMA crowd, but it’s time for us who actually are capable of forming a complete sentence to start countering this absurd charge with some hard cold fact. There is nothing more disarming to the right than facts!


The United States

infant mortality


6.3 (1)

life expectancy


77.98 (2)

universal health care



Incarceration rates


737/100,000 (3)
GDP (nominal) per capita (US Dollars)


47,025 (4)

Cost of Long Life by Country

Folks these attacks have only purpose, and that is to undermine the nation’s confidence in this president and his agenda, we have to be vigilant and meet these attacks head on, with cold hard facts, and nothing more, no cats fights, just the facts.

And on the lighter side!

France vs USA


1 List of countries by infant mortality rate

2 List of countries by life expectancy

3 Us Rates of Incarceration: A Global Perspective

4 List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita



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133 responses to “What’s so bad about France? ~ BrianInNYC

  1. Aucun doute dans mon esprit que les Américains paresseux prennent n’importe quels risques qu’ils peuvent se rendre le sembler meilleur que ceux elles ne savent pas réellement dans de toute façon mais par les types et les queues stéréo. La France longtemps de phase.


  2. No doubt in my mind that the lazy Americans take any chance they can to make themselves look better than those they do not actually know in anyway but by stereo types and tails.

    Long live France.


  3. thought it would be nice for our French followers.. 😉

  4. Honey anyone can use an online translator!


  5. I like the comic of the American and French family….so true, and I was surprised by many of the statistics.

  6. dog's eye view

    you have the incarceration rates transposed.

    France looks like a nation enthralled by the Bastille.

    Quel horreur!

  7. dog's eye view

    PS: Phil Gingrey and other wingnuts on CSpan last night were using Natasha Richardson’s death in Canada as evidence the Canadian system is inferior and scary and dangerous.

    Kid you not.

  8. dog's eye view

    Merci beaucoup pour le chat.

    The talk. Vs. the cat. Ungrateful animal.

    It was tres nice.

  9. dog's eye view

    mais oui.

    Good blogpost, Brian.

  10. horsedooty

    where’s my Freedom Fries?

  11. nannymm

    Never could bring myself to order freedom fries, Doots. If the menus said French fries, fine. But no way would I buy freedom anything. That whole period was an embarrassment. Watching those morons in congress change the cafeteria menu was beyond belief. And seeing all the fools pouring perfectly good French wine into the gutter was stunning.

  12. nannymm

    Excellent post, Brian. France looks pretty damned good to me, as do many other European countries. Some of the more ignorant Americans don’t get this but we could learn a lot from France.

  13. France isn’t the issue, it’s just another right wing code word. Just like Major Garret was doing tonight at the press conference tonight, notice how he managed to get the words “communist and socialist” into his question.

  14. Matt Taibbi is going to be on Rachel…..author of the Rolling Stone article assigned earlier today. 🙂

  15. Oh that Matt Taibbi! cool!

  16. nannymm

    I noticed. France and Europe have become code words, as well. I think the meaning is supposed to be un-American. Never mind that France has been an ally and a friend….

  17. nannymm

    Btw, I believe that was Ed Henry of CNN, not Major Garret of FOX.

  18. As to the right wing and the French, it’s old school, but the die hard repugs despise anything French….it carries over in time….like a communal chant.

  19. nannymm

    But why do they hate anything French? It makes no sense to me, Burrito.

  20. It was Major Garret:


    QUESTION: (Off mike.)


    QUESTION: Good evening, Mr. President. Thank you. Taking this economic debate a bit globally, senior Chinese officials have publicly expressed an interest in an international currency. This is described by Chinese specialists as a sign that they are less confident than they used to be in the value and the reliability of the U.S. dollar. European countries have resisted your calls to spend more on economic stimulus.

    I wonder, sir, as a candidate who ran concerned about the image of the United States globally, how comfortable you are with the Chinese government, run by communists, less confident than they used to be in the U.S. dollar, and European governments, some of the center-left, some of them socialist, who say you’re asking them to spend too much?


  21. nannymm

    Oh, ok. That was Garrett. I was thinking of the other question about Andrew Cuomo.

  22. Notice how I replied to your question nanny, and addressed Trev’s former thread at the same time, pretty slick, no?


  23. Rachel gave a shout out to Eugene Miller about his eye wear fashion, saying , “it was a good move” or something to that effect, I happen to agree.

  24. nannymm

    This is the question I was thinking of. Obama’s answer was a slap to Ed Henry.

    Okay. Ed Henry. Where’s Ed? There he is.

    QUESTION: It seems like the action is coming out of New York in the attorney general’s office. It took you days to come public with Secretary Geithner and say, look, we’re outraged. Why did it take so long?

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, it took us a couple of days because I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak. (Laughter.) All right?

  25. nannymm

    Notice how I replied to your question nanny, and addressed Trev’s former thread at the same time, pretty slick, no?

    You’re really on your toes tonight. 😉

  26. In my mother’s case it came from her father, a WWI veteran, who spent many months in France. I do not think her prejudice is warranted but rather an ingrained belief due to upbringing….you see , from my experience, some repugs aren’t really seekers of deeper meaning or truth, but much more likely to just believe what they have always believed.

    No matter what.

  27. I knew what you were referring to.


  28. Twitterer’s react to Obama testy answer to CNN’s Ed Henry

    “EdJLucio typed, “Daaaamn CNN’s Ed Henry got roasted!”

    c3ane agreed saying, “CNN/Ed Henry you got spanked. Deal with it.” ”


  29. dog's eye view

    Turner Classic Movies has a good documentary on animator Chuck Jones on now.

  30. good morning gang!….gloomy and rainy today just another shade of gray. I did see crocuses peeking towards the sky yesterday….so we are moving in the right direction. 🙂

  31. dog's eye view

    Morning Burrito. Coolish and sunny here; wish you could get our mid-day weather. Are the trees in bud where you are? We have early spring here, with the earliest red buds (for about 10 days now) and some white buds out too. Very pretty.

  32. Hi Dog. No, just barely starting to show sign of baby buds. We need two nice days to coax them along.

  33. dog's eye view

    NYTimes: Next Foreign Crisis Could be Next Door


    They’re talking Mexico, not that scary socialist medicine to our north.

  34. dog's eye view

    well, at least your avatar is blooming.

    Have to figure out my wordpress password and chance mine. Have avatar envy.

  35. Obama testing pundits’ patience

    “Online reaction was dominated by the president’s minor spat with a TV reporter, his repeated calls for patience from the American people and the distinct lack of discussion of foreign affairs.”


    If the press wants better answers they need to learn how to frame a better question…imo

  36. lol….open wordpress account, and edit under profile..

  37. nannymm

    Good morning, UB and Dog. It’s cold and sunny here. Just 15 degrees. Not a bud in sight.

  38. dog's eye view

    Ahhhh. Clouded leopard twins born at Virginia research center for Washington National Zoo.

    Not easy for zoo to come by the newborns: parents must be raised together prior to mating, lest the male kill the female, and leopard mothers often accidentally or intentionally kill their cubs.

    (And we thought pandas had it tough.)


  39. dog's eye view

    nanny: hello. Was thinking guiltily of you and your snow while enjoying the buds here!

  40. nannymm

    The press doesn’t care about the answers, UB. They just look for something. ANYTHING, to get a headline or sound bite that they can hammer for a cycle or two.

  41. dog's eye view

    WaPost has slide show on clouded leopard cubs and their mother. Beautiful animals.


    Same story LATimes picked up from Post; the lede is lively.

  42. The press is sounded like a school of whinny adolescents ……his demeanor, his tone, his smile, his this and that…wah wah wah….

    Pitiful. No wonder the entire news market is suffering, their content sucks!

  43. dog's eye view

    he really would get better questions at a Town Hall, wouldn’t he?

  44. nannymm

    Unfortunately, newspapers are suffering the worst even thought that is where you get whatever substance there is (excluding news on the web.) TV news is wretched these days, nothing but sound bites and bull…tone, demeanor, facial expressions, etc. thrown in with baseless opinion. Radio, for the most part, is even worse. People who don’t have web access are in serious trouble if they are looking for real, in-depth news.

  45. nannymm

    He often does, Dog’s Eye.

  46. dog said, “he really would get better questions at a Town Hall, wouldn’t he?”

    That is right on the money!

  47. Morning peeps, well I see UB got the tinyurl memo, there’s a reason I luv ya honey! did you drag it to your tool bar?

  48. dnd

    These days the press doesn’t want to report the story, they want to be the story.

  49. It’s in my “tool” folder on the toolbar…. lol

  50. It works pretty well, despite where I originally found out about it!


  51. It’s Ed Henry day…a day in the press,he better enjoy it because his “15 minutes of fame” is ticking away fast.

  52. dnd

    Ed Henry probably asked the lamest question last night. He might as well have asked Obama about the octo-mom.

    Lucky for Henry I’m not President. I would’ve replied: “Thanks for fanning the flames on an insignificant fire. Where were you bozos when Merrill Lynch got those huge last minute bonuses?”

  53. Better question, “where were you bozos when Bush was claiming Sadam had WMDs?”

  54. The president needs to hire himself a top flight trust buster. We really to do a rethink on this entire concept of “too big fail”.

  55. nannymm

    I suspect he already has, Brian.

  56. Rezdog

    FYI: How to benefit from Making Home Affordable Program. There’s a 12 page FAQ.


  57. See and I didn’t even have to ask Rez to use tinyurl. what a guy! Why are the good ones always married or str8?

  58. dnd

    Back to the surrender monkeys, they work fewer hours per week, get longer vacations and drink wine at lunch.

  59. bevntempe

    Hi to everyone from snowy Utah. We traveled through wind and blowing sand in AZ and now we’ve been in snow for 3 days. Don’t know how you people deal with it. It’s very pretty when it’s coming down, but I’ll take sunny and hot AZ any day. After we leave SLC UT, we’re thinking of moving to France after Brian’s great article. We would enjoy a few more wonderful golden years. Haha!!!!
    Later —-Bev

  60. dnd

    The best skiing on earth is 40 miles east of SLC. March and April are the heaviest snow months.

  61. hey we just crossed the 85,000 mark! yee haw!

  62. The new RNC is working hard to expose the irresponsible policies of Democrats in Washington, but we need your financial support to do this vital work.

    Make a special, online campaign gift today to support the recruitment and election of principled Republican candidates who will defeat Democrats in 2009 and 2010. Thank you.


    Don’t everyone log on at once, we don’t want to crash their servers!


  63. nannymm

    Don’t everyone log on at once, we don’t want to crash their servers!

    Sounds like a plan to me! 😆

  64. Clinton Admits U.S. Demand Feeds Mexico’s Drug Trade

    “It is shocking to hear an American politician admit there is an issue,” said Denise Dresser, a prominent commentator and political scientist. “It is such a departure from unilateral Mexico-bashing.”


    ..as to the guns:

    “It plans to upgrade efforts to stem the smuggling of guns into Mexico from the United States, which were weakened after the Bush administration allowed the ban on assault weapons to expire.”

  65. Another consequence of the absurd policy we have regarding guns in this country. Seriously can anyone tell me any reason why anyone should be allowed to buy assault weapons other than law enforcement officials?

    Steve, that’s your cue!

  66. nannymm

    Fox Business Network anchor Dagen McDowell made her case against a new tax on Wall Street bonuses funded by the government by comparing it to sexual abuse.

  67. nannymm

    I don’t think most law enforcement agencies need assault weapons, either.

  68. teacher says every time you use tinyurl an angel gets his wings!


  69. nannymm

    and Brian is happy. 😉

  70. Mexican bashing on TM. A new low?

  71. dnd

    “I don’t think most law enforcement agencies need assault weapons, either.”

    Me neither, only the military need assault weapons. As Bat Masterson said: “Take your time and don’t miss.”

  72. Kind of like the stock market you can never pick a bottom….

  73. What about gun shows were any idiot can buy a gun…..what kind of crazy mind thinks that is a good idea?

  74. We have to be careful that the problems at the Mexican border aren’t used as an excuse to ratchet up anti-immigrant prejudices.

  75. dnd

    “What about gun shows were any idiot can buy a gun…..what kind of crazy mind thinks that is a good idea?”

    Not a good idea. But what they should do is put markers in ammo, and require people who purchase ammo to log their purchases. Knowing there are markers that can be traced back to the purchaser would eliminate illegal trafficking.

  76. nannymm

    What about gun shows were any idiot can buy a gun…..what kind of crazy mind thinks that is a good idea?

    Hmm…right wing lunatics?

  77. dnd

    “Hmm…right wing lunatics?”

    Naw, just lunatics. People who cite the 2nd Amendment as an excuse. People who fear the government taking their guns and imposing a totalitarian state. Those kooks who think they can fend off the federales with their 30-06’s are delusional.

  78. dnd

    “We have to be careful that the problems at the Mexican border aren’t used as an excuse to ratchet up anti-immigrant prejudices.”

    I’m glad Hillary is on the job. She’s much better in this role than as a politician.

  79. I strongly believe that being freed from the body politics is the best thing that could have happened to Hillary. Wonkish suits her well.

  80. Looks the president had a little bit of a chat with Evan Byah today. I think cap and trade is going to be put on the back burner till next year, just a hunch.

  81. horsedooty

    testing my gravatar submission. looks like it works.

  82. dnd

    Are you saying Hillary is a Wonkette?

  83. dog's eye view

    Historian John Hope Franklin has died at 94.

    He saw a lot of history; glad he lived long enough to see November 2008.

    (hoping this tiny url works — testing….)


  84. dog's eye view

    OK, on the tiny url front: convenient, but I love seeing the original link to see original pub. Would click on something from the Economist way faster than Infotainment Today, and with the url you cannot tell what you’re getting….

  85. With Hillary’s high approval rating one would think the PUMAs could relax a bit and save their venom for terrorists, child-molesters, rapists and thieves.

    Is that even possible?

  86. “save their venom for terrorists, child-molesters, rapists and thieves.”

    Are you suggesting they turn against themselves?

  87. dnd

    “BRIGHTON, Colo.—Danish Crown Prince Frederik visited Colorado Wednesday for the formal groundbreaking on two plants of by a Danish wind-turbine maker and urged Coloradans to keep expanding renewable energy, despite the recession.

    The two Vestas Wind System plants will eventually employ 1,350 people in Brighton, about 20 miles northeast of Denver. ”


    Now if they would just open up a brewery here 😉

  88. dnd

    Here’s today’s feel good story:

    “More than 100 dogs rescued from an alleged puppy mill in rural Arkansas will soon call Denver home.

    The first 15 in the rescue operation will arrive in Colorado this afternoon, flown into Centennial Airport by a volunteer pilot and organization. ”


  89. dog's eye view

    This belongs on Burrito’s thread from yesterday.

    Bobbie Battista, former CNN anchor, has joined the Onion News Network. For real.

    Link: she anchors report on Prague’s Franz Kafka International Airport.


    Must see TV.

  90. Rezdog

    DW got an extra $20 in her bi-monthly pay check. I guess that comes to about $500/year. Thx Obama 🙂
    Case Up!

  91. Drinks are on Rez tonight!

  92. The republicans are trying to divorce themselves from themselves….kind of a tough tasks.

  93. some good news:
    Congress votes to expand wilderness in 9 states

    “Congress has voted to set aside more than 2 million acres in nine states as protected wilderness – from California’s Sierra Nevada mountains to the Jefferson National Forest in Virginia.”


  94. Well that’s not going to please the “drill baby drill” crowd.

  95. Yay, Bernie Sanders, my favorite socialist senator!


  96. Idaho Teacher Sells Advertising Space On Tests

    ” Good morning, class, and welcome to U.S. history, brought to you by Molto Caldo Pizzeria.”


  97. chill baby chill

    ” Top Alaska legislators said Tuesday they’re likely to accept at least most of the federal economic stimulus money that Gov. Sarah Palin did not.”


  98. the chuckles after President Obama’s remark (thinking before he speaks)……were just perfect.

  99. dnd

    Sorry Brian,Sanders isn’t a Socialist.

  100. Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist, but because he does not belong to a formal political party, he appears as an independent on the ballot. Sanders caucuses with the Democratic Party and is counted as a Democrat for the purposes of committee assignments. He was the only independent member of the House during much of his service there and is one of two independent Senators in the 111th Congress, along with Joe Lieberman. Sanders is the first self-described democratic socialist to be elected to the U.S. Senate.[1] Sanders left the House in order to run in the 2006 election for the Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Jim Jeffords and won the election with 65% of the vote.[2]


  101. quote of the day

    ” made him his companion”
    – Eugene Robinson


  102. dnd

    Eric Cantor is a nitwit. If the Republicans want to garner moderates, they need to jettison partisan ideologues like him.

  103. In other words UB, made him his biAtcH!

    word dudette!

  104. I know, I laughed out loud….

  105. dnd

    “Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist,”

    “democratic socialist” is an oxymoron.

  106. http://tinyurl.com/dha3qh

    maybe to you, but not to me or the senator.

  107. dnd

    Geeze Louise, Brian, I know what “democratic socialism” is. The terms are still an oxymoron.

  108. I don’t see why you can’t see a socialist economic system operating with the rules of a democratic society. I think your view of socialism may be a tad rigid, ok harriot?

  109. dnd

    Nope. State ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods is inherently un-democratic.

  110. That’s a rather black & white statement dnd, at what point, if any do you draw the line?

  111. Do you consider the TVA do be undemocratic?

  112. dnd

    And don’t call me harriot!

  113. And don’t call me Louise!

  114. From your link Shirley:

    “Socialism is not a concrete philosophy of fixed doctrine and program; its branches advocate a degree of social interventionism and economic rationalization, sometimes opposing each other.”

  115. And btw, The Constitution is not a capitalist manifesto!

  116. UB you here? I have a question for you?

  117. dnd

    “And btw, The Constitution is not a capitalist manifesto!”

    Nor is it a socialist manifesto.

  118. I didn’t say it is, I’m not the one who sees a conflict, you do.

  119. repeats aren’t so bad when you get to see your favorite socialist senator again!


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