America’s Ten Worst Pundits & Talking Heads~ BrianInNYC

Rush Limbaugh, self proclaimed leader of the American conservative movement, drug addict, drug smuggler, thrice married “defender” of “family values” (and the GOP wonders why they can’t win an election). Only real talent is that he can make member of the GOP quake in fear and soil themselves.

The Rush Limbaugh Show

Glen Beck, cry baby of the right. Recently moved from CNN Headline News to Faux News, which only goes to prove the old adage, “water does seek it’s level”. Like most of his kind still exploiting 9/11
The Glen Beck Program

Craig Crawford a.k.a. “Puma-lite” shed any creditability he may have once had in defense of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Number one defender of Don Imus’ racist and homophobic (ironic) cracks. Crawford host a PUMA-Obama hate blog (On the Congressional Quarterly Web Site) for the soft core racist set, who spend most of their time bashing the president, ranting against the Catholic Church or MSNBC, all the while Mr. Crawford enthralls them with things like three day rants calling for the Chief Justice to be impeached for tripping over the presidential oath of office (hey you can’t make this shit up folks) and Crawford wonders why he’s so infrequently on the air these days.

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix

Don who? Oh how the mighty have fallen, once the king of early morning talk tv/radio, now the darling of the Hee Haw set!
Don Imus fancies himself the Don Rickles of the political set failing to realize that Rickles’ shtick is tongue in cheek whereas Imus’ is heart felt.
Inside Don Imus

Greta Van Susteren self appointed defender of Sara Palin, need I say more! Her husband is also a consultant to Gov. Palin, I suspect Greta is entertaining thoughts of one day being press sect. Greta was interesting when she was on CNN doing a crime beat show, however her post plastic surgery FOX incarnation is a disgrace.
On The Record w/Greta Van Susteren

Ron Christie, GOP hack. Seriously, this guy disgust me.

Memo to the GOP:
If you want to show people you’re a party where blacks are welcome try to find a black guy who isn’t the walking embodiment of “Tomism”.

Memo to Ron Christie:
Butch it up a little dude, no one with a penis should be shrill as you are!

Tucker Bounds, this is who Ron Christie wants to be and who Log Cabin Republicans (don’t get me started on that one) fantasize about sleeping with.

Sean Hannity, former fat kid who’s still trying to get back at the world for being the grammar school dodge ball target. Serious man crush on both George Bush and Rudy Giuliano, brags about driving an SUV and being a polluter. Hopes to be Rush Limbaugh when he grows up.
The Sean Hannity Show

Laura Ingraham, proof positive that GOP should drown their children at birth. Spends so much time spinning her own words you need a Dramamine to listen to or watch this woman, she can be summed up in one word “bitch”. (I guess was already taken)

John Gibson spends a lot time denying he’s a white supremacist, spends even more time proving he is one.

Author’s note, I decided to leave Billo off this list, Keith Oblerman has that one covered! Also, honorable mention to Lou Dobbs, I debated putting him on the list but since the election I have a feeling his influence is on the wane. A nod to Alan Colmes, for being a Fox News and Sean Hannity enabler.



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  1. dnd

    Don Imus may be many things, but he is neither a racist nor homophobic. If you listen to his program, and not the media coverage of it, you can quickly figure that out.

    If you want a homophobic bigot, and a misogynist to boot, I suggest you replace Imus with Joe Scarborough.

  2. See how strange life is, Joe doesn’t bother me that much. But sorry buddy I can’t agree with you, I do find Imus to be guilty of both charges.

  3. dnd

    Just curious Brian, do you ever get up early enough to listen to either one of them?

  4. Brian good work! Sometimes we forget what people actually say, but nothing better than a video-tape to bring truth back to the reality sector of life.

    Can’t imagine what talking heads/pundits will see this past season as their last year.

  5. Well sometimes I catch Joe, I have a very sketchy sleep/wake cycle, I haven’t listened to or seen Imus since he “nappy-hoed” himself off MSNBC, before that I caught him probably once a week or so and frequently heard him make “queer cracks” about what guests were wearing and such.

  6. I have to agree that Joe Scarborough, has no value to being on television other to than continuously remind the rest of us that disdain for minorities, and those not pasty white, is alive and well in the USA.

  7. Looks like KO is going strong after Billo tonight!

  8. The party of NO! dude from Oho – is an embarrassment for Ohio…….needs to be voted into unemployment.

  9. I never listen to Imus now that he is off TV…..or is he still on TV? I have no idea? He grumbles to slowly for me. Maybe I a missing out?

  10. dnd

    Brian and Sra Burrito,
    Go to

    Listen to the Paul Begala or Jeff Greenfield interviews. Skip those you are not interested in. Keep an open mind. Let me know what you think.

  11. D i book marked it and will listen before tomorrow evening, promise and get back to you.

  12. dnd

    10-4 Brian. BTW, two talking heads I really like are Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz. Both former Republicans. Both too left for my taste. Both are funny satirists and don’t take their selves too seriously.

    This is in contrast to Scarborough who uses sarcasm instead of satire and is extremely thinned skinned and takes himself way too seriously. To quote Zbig: “Stunningly superficial.”

  13. That was a great line by Zbig! But hey don’t go thinking me a fan of Joe, I’m not, he just doesn’t grate me the way the one’s I listed do!

  14. dnd,
    I have an ope mind…..I’ll give it a whirl.

    Zbig was on this Am …I like him agree with much of what he says, but I do not think I would get along with him.

  15. Madonna Intro to “I Am Because We Are”

    Marketing of her new movie.

  16. I have a question to pose:

    Do you think that these people are acting out, or actually saying what they think?

    On one hand is it for money (promoting their “brand” ) or on the other hand, it is their insightful honest observations…..

    It is getting to the point for me, where they are can be marginalize in to cartoon characters because none of them appear to be genuine.

  17. Does it matter UB? Wouldn’t that like be trying to decide between sluts and whores?

  18. do you mean….the difference between being “used” or getting “paid?”

    I think if someone truly believes something(even if its obscure) that’s better than playing everyone for rewards.

  19. I don’t think it matters much IMO, the outcome is still the same. While I certainly feel many turn it up a notch or two for the sake of the camera I think at their core they believe the filth they are spouting.

  20. I think , putting the media types to the side, the occasional, and the “oh this will sound bad” comments that normally respectable people say is at issue. They do not realize that when they speak those words, those beliefs, they in turn own them.

    Before for someone says a racist and/or slanderous comment, they have to think it….. and they think it , because somewhere in their life their were led to believe it to be true.

  21. It’s always a tough call UB, I think frequency of such remarks has a lot to do to with it too. We’re all allowed an occasional stupid remark, the president’s Special Olympics remark comes to mind in that regard. That being said I have heard Imus make repeated remarks like “light in the loafers”.

  22. To add to your comment, generational comments come to mind….sometimes people regress to what terms they knew as a child, when they had no idea, of any greater meaning attached to the word….for instance, when I was a kid, “queer” meant odd…..
    nothing more nothing less….and a “hot rod” was a car……


  23. “sometimes people regress to what terms they knew as a child”

    Stroke victims often do the same!


  24. Patsi

    My God — you people are even more sexist than you were on TM. Take my name off you email list Brian.

  25. Rezdog

    Coach K, you’re out of here . . just like Obama predicted, asshole. lol

  26. Rezdog

    The one who suggested Obama should pay attention to our affairs and not Bball.

  27. Rezdog

    after Obama said Duke wouldn’t make it to the finals.

  28. ah, straight stuff, no wonder you lost me!

  29. Rezdog

    yeah, normal things, LOL

  30. Eleonore

    Does Hannity actually remember at least sometimes, what bullshit he said?

  31. Hi everyone.

    Thanks to Eleonore for that clip. I had not seen it before, and WOW ….words can’t describe what a jerk Hannity is. … ….

  32. Rez, I happen to agree that Coach K sounded like an @ss with his comment. He talked politics when he should have been an inspirational coach and leader. He may have sealed his own fate, by being such a prick.

  33. listening to Imus show…..well it’s commercials right now….giving it a chance…told ya’ I try…thanks for the links, dnd.

  34. Pakistan to get billions from U.S. despite oversight concerns

    “You can’t succeed in Afghanistan if you don’t solve the problem of western Pakistan,” Richard Holbrooke, U.S. special representative to the region, said Sunday during a public forum in Brussels. He was referring to the impoverished, mountainous region on the Afghan border where Taliban militants operate with impunity.”

  35. @ 9:25 President Barack Obama should be annoucing his new strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  36. dnd

    Morning Sra Burrito. Did you hear the Dick Gregory interview?

  37. I did, even though it was older it was okay. I thought the issue of people eating dog food was really quite sad….especially when there are so many ways to eat both healthy and cheaply.

  38. I know he’s a comedian, so I let some of the other comment slide by….lol…

  39. dog's eye view

    Brian: these are all cable TV talking heads. Any roundup of terrible pundits must include Bill Kristol, who has to have one of the worst records in the business.

    I don’t think Imus belongs here either. Is he a pundit? I would say radio entertainer and curmudgeon. He has more than atoned for the Rutgers remark. Don’t think he’s a racist, more an all purpose insulter when it serves his purposes.

    Where’s Joe Scarborough? He’s an amiable maroon who makes too few intelligent points.

    I am not comfortable with Craig’s treatment here, at all, nor the description of his blog or commenters. Yes, they have become monolithic over time — they drove out their early Obama supporters and are overinvested in those who preferred Hillary.

    But they discuss a lot more than Catholic-bashing — that was a single issue, in my view, and warranted, if memory serves — the Catholic hierarchy protected its child sexual abusers until it was no longer possible to do so.

    Craig’s blog has lots of gardening talk, and grandkids, food, current events and the occasional: “we are such a special place because we respect all viewpoints, everyone.”

    Craig does not belong in this roundup of 10 Worst.

    He is not, however, the advocate of free civil speech and fair treatment he believes himself to be.

    Posting this because we have free speech on BackChannel.

  40. dnd

    I want to know why Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin were left off the list.

  41. dog's eye view

    Yes, they absolutely belong there.

  42. dog's eye view

    I wouldn’t call Craig’s Trail Mixers softcore racists either.

    I would call some of them easily duped. Not all, some.

    And I thought Craig’s defense of Imus was a fine moment. Prefer to think it was good character and coming to the aid of a friend. A cynic might say it was protecting a powerful venue for selling books — since Imus is very good to authors. I am going with looking out for a friend of long standing.

    Brian: we just have to agree to disagree on that one. I thought Imus was shabbily treated; you feel he brought on his own downfall and Craig is wrong by implication.

    As I said, free speech.

    Appreciate being able to disagree civilly with the blog point.

    And your not erasing my posts.

  43. Dog….very good points.

    re: Imus…and “nappy headed hoes” from my perspective, ( involvement with sports, college sport teams, young adults of that age, college coaches) …. I have to say that was seriously nasty, sexists, racist, demeaning, ill-spoken(the list could go on)….but before he could speak it, he thought it…..that’s the problem for me.

    Re Crawford – he doesn’t have enough exposure/air time to reach top ten status, but I do agree with what you said dog – “He is not, however, the advocate of free civil speech and fair treatment he believes himself to be.”

  44. dnd, I give that guy in that clip credit for not walking off… not walking off he was able to make his point….But I am sure he consider it…lol

  45. Kathy

    Wow- this is really interesting about Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  46. dnd

    Yeah Kathy, Wasserman Shultz is pretty tough and courageous.

  47. Hi Kathy,

    Wasserman-Schultz was on Hardball a couple days ago, you may want to look for the clip….she was great on the air, and explained her situation…I think Chris Matthew’s teared up a bit.

  48. nannymm

    Dog’s Eye View,
    Catholic bashing is never defensible. I think it is offensive to suggest that it is. Certain actions by some members of the clergy were reprehensible; however, that does not justify bashing an entire church or religion. To suggest that Catholic bashing is somehow acceptable is as revolting as it would be to suggest that it is sometimes OK to bash Jews or Blacks or an other group.
    I an offended.

  49. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    I saw that infamous show. Imus was just riffing off something Bernard said while watching a clip of the Rutgers team. It was unfortunate and inappropriate, but we’ve all had something stupid accidentally slip out.

    Imus had the bad fortune for this to happen on a slow news week when the Media Matters catch made it go viral.

  50. dog's eye view

    Nanny: the sexual abuse scandal was widespread within the Catholic Church, and not handled properly overall. That is not debatable, although we can, if you like.

    For me to say that I was appalled at how the hierarchy handled the abuse victims — the Vatican on down pretty much protected its own — the clergy and enabling bishops — does not constitute Catholic-bashing.

    And that is what I meant by my statement. That was Craig’s view as well, if memory serves.

    Pope John Paul II for the most part avoided the situation, from what little I know of his personal actions on the issue. He told a new class of priests that they must be “perfect.” (That is not humanly possible, and no organization can expect it. JP2 himself was a very good man, but would not have considered himself “perfect.” You will not see an airline or the military expecting perfection of their employees by just saying “don’t do this.” They factor in human fallibility. They look at the individual issues and challenges and address any obstacles head on.)

    None of this constitutes “Catholic bashing.”


    Had I said anything about Hastert and Company ducking the Mark Foley/page texting debacle, I doubt you would be offended.

    I am a Catholic as well. I do not hold my fellow parishioners personally responsible for the abuse scandal.

    However, it appears that local leadership and more input from the lay community — and women in positions of authority — might prevent another from festering.

    That seems to run counter to the Vatican’s emphasis on conformity to tradition and authority.

  51. “To suggest that Catholic bashing is somehow acceptable is as revolting as it would be to suggest that it is sometimes OK to bash Jews or Blacks or an other group.” – Nanny

    Like a group of young African America women basketball players? ….

    Is it a stretch to conclude that “bashing” acceptable at Crawford’s Trail Mix blog? After all, those were not the posts Crawford chose to erase.


    But he thought it….I have to say that is really sick.

    Before I heard him say that, I never even considered those words together in a sentence. Let alone, used to comment about young athletes.

    Yes we all say stupid things, but most of us are not paid to speak to a national audience.

    I stand on my opinion that he thought those thoughts before he said them. I can’t imagine my Father, or my Husband ever saying those words. You know why? because they do not think like that!

  52. nannymm

    “But they discuss a lot more than Catholic-bashing — that was a single issue, in my view, and warranted”

    That is your quote. Would you care to rephrase it?
    Catholic bashing is NOT warranted. If you misspoke, why don’t you just say so?
    I don’t defend what happened re: the abuse of children or the response to it by some members of the Catholic hierarchy. In fact, I, as well as most Catholics, condemned it and continue to demand accountability from our dioceses.
    BUT, you can denounce what happened without stating that Catholic bashing is warranted.
    Thus, I believe you should apologize.

  53. I thought it was brought to the media because the Coach stood up to Imus, and defended her team….Anyway it’s old news, and I still think it was telling and obviously unforgettable.

    No one like to be called a “whore”….lololol…just ask me…..oh yeah- that happened on Crawford’s Trail Mix…..what a co-inky-dink!

  54. horsedooty

    please quit the one upwomanship on who is the best Catholic. I don’t think anyone should apologize. Just quit it.

  55. dog's eye view

    Burrito: I heard Imus’s comment live that day, and was amazed someone would say that on the air. Or think it, seriously. Ugly.

    I don’t think for a moment Imus personally thought the Rutgers women’s basketball team was comprised of literal nappy-headed hos.

    I don’t think Dave Chappelle or rappers or virtually anyone else thinks all women are skanks and whores, personally.

    Think the standards for on-air radio personalities were over the edge and Imus sailed right over it, on national cable TV and corporate flagship radio.

    Silver lining: getting to see those wonderful poised young Rutgers athletes. Who may now have a national fanbase for going through what they endured.

    Hadn’t followed Imus prior to the MSNBC shared broadcast, and don’t listen to him since. He was so much better than Morning Joe.

    Don’t like judging anyone solely on their perceived deficits; got to consider the good too. I think there is a lot of good to Don Imus as well.

  56. I guess it boils down to human decency.

    Having children of my own with various issues, and watching them grow and struggle, and succeed , I take a personal responsibility for all our children. Maybe it’s my mothering instinct, however, decent men have the same instincts.

    What do you call someone who marginalize other humans based on the color or their skin, their hair, and their gender?

    Dog – what do you think Imus meant ?

  57. dog's eye view

    I think he was playing off the setup provided by that producer (name escapes me) and fell into it. I don’t think Imus would have said that on his own, in those words, or particularly agreed with the literal sense of the statement.

    Not a decent comment, not humane, and struck most people as very ugly, in real time.

  58. dog's eye view

    Hey Brian. How are you today?

  59. Good morning Brian it’s almost lunchtime. 🙂

  60. Well I still have some leftover waffle mix, want some for lunch?

  61. lol….nooooooooooooo…..salad for me…

    waffles are fun food and so easy…..

  62. nannymm

    Hi Brian.
    I’m going out to lunch. But, I’ll probably have salad, too, UB.

  63. You know regarding the catholic thing on TM, and damn folks, there are 9 others up there you can rip apart too. My point being is that the thread that was posted about the Pope opened up a flood gate of anti catholic comments on the blog. Also the out of the blue quality of the thread was rather strange in my view, and since that day there have been more than several anti catholic comments posted on that blog.

    And btw you’re free to disagree with me all you want about who you think should or should not be on the list, feel free to write your own thread and email it me!

  64. Did you see Valerie Bertinelli – I bet she hasn’t had a waffle in years.,,20267734,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    47 wowza

  65. nannymm

    Well said, Brian. It would be nice if some more people wrote threads, especially those who have so much to say. 😉

  66. Rezdog

    Let’s see, piggly wiggly.

    Obviously, Brian’s list is his as I’ve come to recognize his singular opinion about many things. I would have omitted a few and included others, so mine would be different.

    The Imus BS was before my time as a commentor.
    I missed the Imus on TM saga. I would have sided with those here or there that congratulated CC for sticking, but I would have harshly condemned him for what I think was him just showing his true colors. I think he is both a homophobe and racist. I also agree he’s not in the punditry category. He’s more like numbnuts Limbo as well as Colbert/Stewart, all entertainers.

    I also think Greta tries but unlike Gibson she fails as a political commentator. JB is the mix though.

    I definitely have many differences of opinion with Craig. I don’t believe we’d make good teammates on any endeavor. That’s strange because if not for him I doubt I’d know any of you. 🙂 It’s been a learning experience. I agree with those that don’t think he’s one for this list because of either exposure (lack) and/or content.

    Coulter, Hannity, Ingraham, and O’reilly would be tops on my list.

  67. And really the point of the thread was pretty much of a follow up to nanny’s thread about the enemies of the president’s agenda, focusing on one personality or event I listed isn’t really the point of the thread. Yes I certainly used the thread to get some resents off my chest, but that’s not the real goal of the piece or else I would haven’t spent so much time going through a lot of youtube clips on the 9 others.

  68. nannymm

    Hi Rez, good to see you.

    My only disagreement with Craig being on the list is that he has no real audience other than his groupies on TM. That being said, I agree with everything Brian says about it.

  69. to waffle or not to waffle, that is the question!

  70. Rezdog

    “but I would have harshly condemned him for what I think was him just showing his true colors. I think he is both a homophobe and racist.”

    I just reread that and it’s very poor grammar. I was referring to Imus with this remark.

  71. nannymm

    I’m glad you did, Brian. Those clips are excellent reminders of what asses those 10 are. Sure, there are others we could add to a list. Then it would have to be the top 50 or something. 😀

  72. nannymm

    Go for the waffle. You only live once. 😉

  73. dnd

    Grammar Police. Pull over. “catholic” when is used to refer to the church is a proper noun or proper adjective, and consequently the leading “c” should be capitalized. A lower case leading “c” indicates an adjective meaning of broad or liberal scope; comprehensive, or including or concerning all humankind; universal.

  74. Exactly nanny, one can only view so many hate vids in one 24 hour cycle.


    Another point is who do you consider a pundit and who you don’t as you and I discussed yesterday, I don’t consider Coulter to be a pundit, she’s an author, her pundit version is Laura. I do consider Imus to be a pundit since so much of show (or at least it used to) focuses on politics and the day’s events and he gives full throttle to his views in those matters.

  75. Rezdog

    ditto :_) Nanny. I failed to mention the Crawford video. Craig’s worst attempt at non-partisanship imo.
    Maybe he would think it was one of his best hits.

  76. dnd i haven’t had enough coffee yet to hit the shift key.

  77. And btw saw what you like but how many blogs can claim they have stayed on topic for over 12 hours now!

    *takes a bow*

  78. And btw UB what’s all this talk about your weight, every pic I’ve seen of you you look great in!

  79. Nice, it’s 60 degrees today!

  80. The anti -Obama talking heads are relentless, but I wonder how many Americans, will remain interested in what they have to say? Obama’s approval rating is quite high…and the pundits and talking heads are getting really boring…..there’s real topics out there and they are stuck on teleprompter.

    They better think fast because everyday Americans see a glimpse of improvement, the more they like what Obama’s doing.

  81. Brian,
    I have a solid 13 more pound to lose, and I have been working on it since September 08, slow and steady.

    Plus we have a competition at work, lol…it a constant now, I was heavier last summer….

  82. dnd

    There’s a diner in town that makes whole wheat waffles and smothers them with apple sauce and strawberries (or whatever berry is in season that they’ve got). At first I thought they’d be awful, but one day I caved and tried one. They’re really good.

  83. Other than ending up with a killer ass what’s the prize?

  84. I only make whole wheat waffles, I’m pretty much white flour free, well almost, you need to use some white flour in the mix. But I do believe white flour is a killer.

  85. I have been gaining and losing .6 for the last 2 weeks, because I fell off the salad wagon…..each week I do not lose at least a pound I have to pay a dollar……

    enjoy your waffles…. 😦

  86. I won the first round….about 140 dollars as I remember….

    anything white is not right….food wise…cauliflower an exception

  87. dnd

    “anything white is not right….food wise…cauliflower an exception”

    And garlic!

  88. dnd

    “garlic on waffles, yuck!”

    But fried eggs on pancakes, yum!

  89. poached is better for you!

  90. Boy the PUMA set really does hate the Kennedys ,

    Here’s a miniseries you will never get to see on TV: an honest look at The Kennedys of Massachusetts, by the creator of FOX’s 24
    (anyone else see what’s so very wrong about that sentence? LOL)

  91. nannymm

    How about the use of honest and FOX in the same sentence?

  92. Douglas will veto gay marriage bill

    MONTPELIER — Gov. Jim Douglas, calling the issue a distraction, declared Wednesday that he would veto the same-sex marriage bill working its way through the Legislature.

    “The speculation about my decision has added to the anxiety of the moment and further diverts attention from our most pressing issues, and I cannot allow that to happen,” he said at an afternoon news conference. “I intend to veto this legislation when it reaches my desk

    Well that’s a new excuse, “most pressing issues”

  93. I really do not for the life of me understand why someone cares who someone else marries.

  94. nannymm

    I don’t get it either, UB.

  95. ….and they spent tax dollars to print these glossy blue pamphlets with nothing in them….

  96. nannymm

    That’s a nice little web ad. You know, I’m getting to like Contessa Brewer. 🙂

  97. I “loved” the Gov’s excuse, he’s just too busy to do the right thing, repug scum!

  98. Hey Tara of Teaneck, saw howdy next time!

  99. Steve

    We all need a little spice in life, don’t we, fellow “sexist pigs?”

    Brian, you can still get people’s shorts in a knot over at dullsville even now that they put you off the island…

    Sorry, just had to stir the pot.

    My my isn’t it funny that people who dont want us around find their way over here????

  100. stir away bro, stir away, you know if you don’t stir the pot the stew will burn!

  101. Steve

    And I think Obama is on the right track with this Afghanistan surge….

    I havent been in much the last few days, sorry about that, been playing the market a little and doing some religious things here and there….

    Now I am out for a few drinks with the wife. I will try not to come post any nasty snark as “giveitupfolks” like a certain person did a few nights back…


  102. Steve

    If the stew burns, I hope it scolds some puma ass….ha ha

    Later, Brian, You infamous sexist pig you!!!

  103. lol Steve geez……
    Happy Hour Friday enjoy your night out.

  104. MSNBC, CNBC shows are all sharing the same guests today….is it always like this? I never noticed this before. Budget cuts?

  105. Never watched CNBC, don’t know.

  106. U.S. Expected to Give More Aid to Automakers

  107. FAA wants to keep bird strike records confidential

    The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing to keep secret from travelers its vast records on where and how often commercial planes are damaged by hitting flying birds.

    AP report

  108. Here’s my question UB, what are you going to do with the info, most people don’t have an option when it comes to picking an airport.

  109. Another question may be, what other records regarding safety do they keep confidential?

  110. Since the launch of our Stop Supporting The O’Reilly Harassment Machine campaign on Wednesday afternoon, more than 10,000 of you have taken action. Thank you for all your support!

    -you can see the sponsors replies and sign a petition.

  111. And I see Greta made the world’s worst tonight too!

  112. And btw dnd another Jersey has done for this is country is elect Bill Bradley to the Senate

  113. Hey nanny don’t feel singled out, there’s a little old fashioned jew bashing going on, over at you know where.

  114. Patsi

    Okay, I will say one more thing, aging hipster….the reason I “found my way here” is because Brian bombards me with emails to read the blog. I am very sorry that someone has encouraged you to become one of the “I sneer at everyone who disagrees with me” crowd. You were not that person some time back. Brian, did you do as I asked and take me off the list?

  115. Patsi please use the contact form at the top of the page to make sure your request is sent on to the right department, I’m in the editorial dept.

  116. Taliban Denies Polio Vaccine To 300,000 Children

  117. Steve

    Change is good, Patsi.

    Try using a block feature for Brian’s e-mails. Most e-mail accounts have them.

    Morning folks.

    Very busy weekend for me today. Got some work to do, research and even going to look at a little piece of farmland for some planting, though that’s embroynic at this point.

    in and out today, trolling….and I must go sneer at those who disagree with me!

  118. Steve

    The more I think about someone from TM talking about having a sneering attitude, the more preposterous it becomes….How many people have been banned or told “fuck off” at TM when the crowd doesn’t like what is being said on any given day? I can name 4 people right off the top of my head. Even the frankenstein that the Clinton lovers over there created named GORDO got to be too much for them when he tried to get military people to mutiny against the President….then they axed him.

    How many people have been banned from here? Not a soul….

  119. nannymm

    Hey Patsi,
    All you got to do is mark that email as spam. But since you keep reading it, I suspect you must really miss us, especially Brian. 😀

  120. Hi everyone,

    Steve your land/farming project sounds interesting. Good luck with that.

    Patsi who?

  121. nannymm

    Morning, Burrito. That farming thing does sound good, doesn’t it? We’re putting in more raised beds this year for our veggies. Our goal is to have all raised beds to make it easier on our backs.

  122. My garden , was really messed with by my jerk neighbors addiion….it took a lot of my best sun areas away, and I have a postage stamp area to begin with….

  123. addition

    anyway, I am going to work around it, but I have very limited areas. LAst year I tried Tomatoes in 5 places they all failed due to the change in sun exposure… 😦

  124. Steve

    We are going small, small, small…just starting out this year trying to savbe a few pennies and git it right out of the ground. Maybe something we can all visit about this Summer! Bird and I know almost nothing about gardening so if any of you have suggestions, let me know….

    Sorry about the little flare up here. I will take the heat for it…I’m sure there will be lots of tattling about it over at Dullsville. Hell, those people need something to talk about, and we all know who their favorite topic is…our own beloved Brian.

  125. dnd

    “And btw dnd another Jersey has done for this is country is elect Bill Bradley to the Senate”

    Amen to that. Kinda surprised Obama for HHS.

  126. Steve

    Trent Hamm runs a web site for frugal folkel like me (and his politics are off the chain—-let’s all sneer at him!). He has a post about saving money through gardening…

    check it out if you like

  127. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Were you sneering at your tomatoes? 😉

  128. Steve

    Out for right now….trolling later

  129. nannymm

    Too much rain did a number on my tomatoes last year. My yield was way down.

  130. ping

    Steve, the last time your beloved was discussed on TM was maybe a week ago when a new poster complained about receiving his emails slandering regular commenters. Now that’s obsession.

    By the way, re: Post above — it’s hard to be credible when you attack someone’s “creditability,” unless you mean the ability to obtain credit.

  131. *stretches and yawns*
    Morning peeps

  132. dnd

    I’m not sure how much money gardening saves you, though I haven’t done any quantitative analysis. Farms have incredible economies of scale.

    What having a garden does do is:

    1. Give you the freshest possible produce
    2. You know exactly what’s been applied to your produce.
    3. You can grow varieties you can’t find in the store.
    4. You get some exercise.
    5. Satisfaction from growing what you eat.

    Gardening can become and addiction (the good kind). People from all cultures and income levels garden.

    Everybody will be more than happy to give you advice. Your county extension agent or a local master gardener’s group is a great resource.

    Good luck!

  133. dnd,
    lol….on the sneering at my tomatoes…..

    not but I will admit I neglected them, before the next door addition , I grew fabulous toms, with no effort at all….more than I could use.

    … it’s like I am learning all over again.

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