Alaska’s Magnificent Bristol Bay Fisheries at Risk ~ Horsedooty

The rivers and streams in the Bristol Bay watershed of Southwest Alaska read like a dream destination wish list for fly anglers around the globe. Nushagak. Mulchatna. Koktuli. Kvichak. Upper and Lower Talarik Creeks. The list goes on and on. For those who have been fortunate enough to wet a line in these waters, it’s an experience likely to never be forgotten. For all who have yet to do so, the dream endures as we keep waiting and saving for that “once-in-a-lifetime” trip.

While wild salmon stocks in many parts of the world are in peril, Alaska represents a place where these magnificent fish still return in such abundance that the numbers are staggering and nearly impossible to comprehend. And no where in Alaska, do so many salmon return as to the Bristol Bay watershed.

Just a few of the superlatives in this region include:

  • The Kvichak River is home to the world’s largest sockeye salmon run and is also within Alaska’s designated trophy wild rainbow trout area. Other species found in the Kvichak include Chinook (king), Coho (silver), pink and chum salmon, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, northern pike, and whitefish.
  • The Nushagak and Mulchatna Rivers support the largest Chinook (king) salmon runs in Alaska, and perhaps the world. Other species found in these drainages include Sockeye, Coho (silver), pink and chum salmon, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Dolly Varden, northern pike, and whitefish.

  • Lake Iliamna is Alaska’s largest lake and America’s last undeveloped “great lake” as it is the same size as Lake Erie. It is home to one of only two freshwater seal populations in the world, as well as all five species of Pacific salmon, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout, northern pike, and whitefish.

Now some people want to create some of the largest Strip Mines in the world. They would be over 2.5 miles wide and over 1500 feet deep. There will be a toxic lagoon that will be 20 miles wide. Conservationists do not want this to happen. It is one of those ballot issues that is “If you are for this bill vote no and conversely vote yes if you want this not to happen.” I hate it when they label issues this way. So far, it has been stopped but the threat is still there.



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80 responses to “Alaska’s Magnificent Bristol Bay Fisheries at Risk ~ Horsedooty

  1. Thank you for that post, Doots…

    The more I learn about Alaska, the more I recognize just how dangerous Sarah Palin is, not only to Alaska but to our country, and the entire world.

    More power to the conservationists… there a web-sight where I can support their fight?


  2. strip mining is rape, plain and simple, Palin will would probably try to bill the planet for the post mining clean up!

  3. Water Pollution Americans’ Top Green Concern

  4. A new blog low:

    New York Post Speculates About Cocaine Use

    Before the blogosphere convicts Ashley Biden, the VP’s daughter, of a cocaine felony, let us pause for a moment to consider the many equivocations in the New York Post story that launched this claim.

  5. Speaking Freely, Biden Finds Influential Role

  6. Steve

    Great post, HD, fish is a big part of the diet at our house….morning to all

  7. Border Explorer

    This post ignites my “explorer” component. Must-see geography!

  8. dnd

    Great post Doots. We’ve got serious water pollution problems in Colorado from water leaching out of mines. If you’ve ever seen a large strip mine, it’s a pretty awesome sight, but clearly there’s no way it can’t severely screw up the environment.

  9. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Near the bottom of the article Doots linked is a link to a BLM comment site.

    You could also contact BLM Director Mike Pool and Alaska State Director Thomas P. Lonnie. Go to

    and click on “Contact Us.”

    I think the best person is Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (BLM is under Interior). He’s already put the kibosh on some wilderness exploration projects approved during the Bush administration.

  10. horsedooty

    thanks for the info dnd good idea to contact Sec Salazar.

  11. Morning peeps. You still getting snow out there dnd?

  12. Hi everyone,

    To see larger photos in the post, right-click on the image and select “view image.”

    Looks to me that the walruses have a few things to say on the matter. 🙂

    Can’t believe it’s almost April, might even break 50 here….and it’s sunny. yipeeeee!

  13. Thanks for the contact info, dnd and Doots.

    The conservationists need all the help they can get. They have been fighting for years, and it would be fantastic if their tireless efforts were finally met with success.

  14. dnd

    Sec Geithner on This Week.
    Obama on FTN.

  15. The president’s budget it doing pretty well poll wise

  16. Hey UB, not only it is hard to believe it’s almost April, hard to believe I’m very soon to be 51 *shudder*

  17. It’s very interesting the info that is coming out about who played what role in Obama’s Afghanistan plan. Apparently Hillary was pushing for greater involvement and Biden wanting the mission as limited as possible. I have to admit at first I was more than a little surprised at Obama’s pick of Biden, it was hard for me to see their personalities meshing, but I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.

    White House Debate Led to Plan to Widen Afghan Effort

  18. 51 is only a number….enjoy while it’s with you because you know what’s next…. 😉

  19. dnd

    On the This Week round table, opinions were that the Obama economic plan would not be responsible for a recovery or that another plan would have made it happen sooner and at less cost. I had predicted this; I was surprised that it happened so soon.

    These are arguments that are easy to claim, because they’re impossible to prove. As such they can only be politically motivated.

  20. Yeah but it’s a big number UB!


  21. Who was on their round table dnd, I don’t watch ABC news.

  22. dnd

    Matthew Dowd, George Will, Cokie Roberts & Paul Krugman.

  23. Watching Krugman and Will at the same table must make for some fun viewing!

  24. nannymm

    Good morning!
    Great post, Doots. There is a group called DEN (Defenders of Wildlife) that have been trying to stop this destruction.

  25. dnd

    “Watching Krugman and Will at the same table must make for some fun viewing!”

    Not really. They were just sparring for who’s reason for slamming the President’s economic plan was correct.

    BTW Geithner on MTP. Curiously, almost all the same questions as on This Week, and consequently about the same answers.

  26. The Eisenhower Executive Office Building (new image on the header)

    Construction took 17 years as the building slowly rose wing by wing. When the EEOB was finished in 1888, it was the largest office building in Washington, with nearly 2 miles of black and white tiled corridors.Eight monumental curving staircases of granite with over 4,000 individually cast bronze balusters are capped by four skylight domes and two stained glass rotundas.

  27. Thanks Nanny – for the link

    I have been to the sight before regarding the Palin and her wolf killing campaign.

  28. MTP just finished up here in NY, I think Geithner is starting to finding his comfort zone in the role. He seemed a lot better in front of the camera than I’ve seen in the past.

    UB the EEOB may be DC’s greatest fire trap, hard to think of a building in the city that has suffered so much from fire since the war of 1812.

  29. Steve

    how do all…checking in…paying bills and other tasks, wife is messing with seeds and such….trolling

  30. Brian, that’s ironic …from the EEOB link…

    “Almost all of the interior detail is of cast iron or plaster; the use of wood was minimized to insure fire safety.”

  31. I guess the idea of plaster and cast iron was a big bucket of fail.

    Hey Steve ….Happy Sunday to you both!

  32. dnd

    “Morning peeps. You still getting snow out there dnd?”

    In the upper 50’s today, snow tomorrow.

  33. nannymm

    This has gorgeous photos of wildlife and nature:

  34. UB I suspect all the fires the building has suffered were purposely set, people have to trying to have the building torn down from the moment it opened it’s doors!

  35. Mitch McConnell on State of the Union right now, god he gives me the creeps.

  36. Steele: “I’m Done” Reaching Out To Obama (VIDEO)

    Seriously, don’t you all sleep a little better knowing his man in not in the Senate?

  37. dnd

    “Seriously, don’t you all sleep a little better knowing his man in not in the Senate?”

    I want to see him and Caribou Barbie in the next Republican presidential primary.

    Ok, not really. Republicans deserve better than that. But it would be entertaining 😉

  38. The man has done and said some rather downright strange things since getting the chairmanship.

  39. The entire world has a “thing” about Steele…..he’s an idiot, and he has a totally peculiar perception of reality… is truly him, because he keeps giving more of the same….for the Republicans, he is a train wreck defined.

    He’s off. That’s the best way I can explain what I think of him….and that is with putting his political views to the side.

  40. Exactly Brian, that’s what I am saying to….he’s an odd bird, as they say.

  41. That whole bit about his battle with Rush was according to plan, downright odd!

  42. Noticed that Huffington is growing into local markets, below is a beta page for Chicago…..

  43. UB they throw up “site specific” pages as the need requires, the Chicago tab started appearing shortly after Obama secured the nomination. I suspect as both the NY mayoral race and the Gov race start going strong you’ll see a NY section appear on a regular basis.

  44. oh really, I had no idea, well it’s a great idea….

  45. Greta Van Susteren Rips Politico For Alleging She Advises Palin: A “Hit And Run”

  46. horsedooty

    why is there a Preview. in the tinyurl line?

  47. haha, cause I copied the wrong url, I’ll fix it

  48. horsedooty

    here is another Bristol Bay story from the NYTimes from last year.

    Tiny url is not working for me for some reason.

  49. nannymm

    Thanks for that link, Doots. The more I read about Palin and her stewardship (or should I say lack thereof) of Alaska, the more frightening it is to think of her leading the Republicans.

  50. She lives in a it’s a “drill baby drill” world.

  51. nannymm

    She’d be wise to live in a “Zip Sarah Zip” world. And Steele ought to join her there.

  52. horsedooty

    here is a woman from Homar, Ak that I think is one of us. I think we should link her web site to this one. Her name is Shannon and she is out to expose Sarah for what she really is. Trouble.

  53. doots email her and ask her if she wants to swap links.

  54. nannymm

    G.M. Chief Is Said to Be Resigning as U.S. Plan Nears

  55. “There was no indication yet who would take over the top job at General Motors.”

    Seriously, I can’t think of anyone with a brain that wouldn’t be an improvement.

  56. I have to say I don’t care for the cheesy graphics used as backdrops…the computer generated logos/images repeated like wallpaper….

    I prefer it when they use the architectural or natural elements of the room or surroundings……but no one asked me….lol

  57. *wonders what UB is talking about*

  58. lol no doubt… response to the guy on the video talking about ….press conferences….lol…

    Sorry…I do this all the time…

  59. one of my dearest friends used to ask me….”are we having a conversation?’

  60. dnd

    Next post is “Krugman vs. Obama Smackdown!” but I dont’ want to put it up until tomorrow morning because Doots post is so important.

  61. nannymm

    I knew what you meant, UB. 😀

  62. must be a post menopausal mind meld thing, now if we just harness the heat of hot flashes we’d be half way there to energy independence.

  63. nannymm

    I’m gonna tell Patsi on you. 😉

  64. must “not” be….lol…..

    lol no need Nanny….she’s already sneering from afar…

  65. No need, she’s sure to see for herself.


  66. see UB and I just did our own mind meld!


  67. nannymm

    Former judge fired up on making pot legal.

  68. I told you a few months ago the legalize pot movement is moving into the mainstream! We just can’t afford to keep putting people in jail for it any longer.

  69. Hi gang…

    If you want to see a good show on right now watch ABC’s Extreme Make Over Home Edition.

    Its about giving a new home to a family that rescues wild animals and gives them a home. They just did surgery on a tiger.

    I don’t usually watch this, but this episode is well worth watching.

    See you all and …

    God Bless.

  70. Ok, seriously, Family Guy is like the best show ever!

  71. You know the president has boxed the repugs in by asking for Wagoner to step down from GM, they’ve been screaming for the head roll, and they keep trying to hang the socialist mantel on Obama, so how are they going to reconcile these two points. Does this make sense?

  72. The lawyer, John Coale, is a former supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign who became a Palin confidante as his wife, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, interviewed the former GOP vice presidential nominee and her family numerous times during and after the election.

    forgot my favorite part of the article!

  73. Steve

    Good morning all—-back to work this morning—didn’t see much news this weekend as I was watching the NCAA Tourney. You can look for UNC to win it all. I likely won’t see much political news at all until tonight/.

  74. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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