The First Puppies ~ dnd


WASHINGTON – Today the President announced that in fulfilling his commitment to his daughters they have acquired two dogs. Sasha and Melia were thrilled to be greeted with two Rottweilers. The First Daughters have decided to name them “Rahm” and “Hillary.”

In a prepared statement the President said that not only will the dogs be loving companions to his daughters, they would serve as “negotiating tools” when dealing with members of Congress. Secretary Clinton has also requested the use of the First Dogs when dealing with certain foreign dignitaries.

The President went on to say: “Let’s be clear. The girls will be responsible for feeding the dogs. They will be responsible for playing with the dogs. And yes, they will be responsible for scooping the poop. This will be good training if they one day want to be President of the United States.”

April Fools. What I really want to bring attention to is Freedom Service Dogs. They rescue dogs from shelters and train them to assist people with disabilities.



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69 responses to “The First Puppies ~ dnd

  1. Funny, thanks dnd!

    btw: FSD also has dogs for regular adoption

    “Freedom Service Dogs (FSD) often has dogs available for adoption that we have had to release because they either (a) do not have the temperament for full-service dog certification or (b) they may be timid, easily distracted, or unable to resist chasing the occasional squirrel. While they may not have what it takes to be a service dog, we feel that these dogs make excellent family companions.”

  2. ….and we can’t talk about dogs without the classic rulz…

  3. horsedooty

    I am not sure Triumph the Insult Comic dog would be exactly what Michelle would have in mind for her girls. Triumph would be welcome in my house but everyone here is over the age of 21.

  4. David Letterman aired his “Late Show News Recap,”

    (short video -Huff)

  5. nannymm

    Funny, dnd. And a great way to promote service dogs. They are an enormous aid to people with disabilities. My friend Dennis has a daughter who has CP. The family attended a two week intensive training program last summer before receiving Orsen, their new service dog. I am constantly amazed at what Orsen is able to do and at how well he is trained. You have chosen an excellent organization to highlight today. 🙂

  6. dnd

    Boy, Hillary is having a helluva week. Opening up talks with Iran, arms talks with the Rooskies. What’s next?

  7. Which one is Hillary and which one is Rahm?

  8. dnd

    They’re both Rahm.

  9. And the biggest April Fool’s joke of all, the GOP’s proposed budget!

  10. dnd

    In a related story:

    “Do We Love Our Dogs More than People?

    Americans have fallen in love with their dogs. We have dog walkers, dog groomers, dog parks and dog-friendly hotels. We buy organic dog food, put our pets on puppy Prozac and dress them up in costumes for Halloween. In the last 15 years, the amount of money spent on pets in the U.S. jumped from $17 billion to $43 billion. The role of dogs has changed, and journalist Michael Schaffer decided to find out why. Schaffer talks to TIME about his new book, One Nation Under Dog, and what he has discovered about our sudden need to treat our pets like children. (See pictures of a real-life hotel for dogs.)”,8599,1888304,00.html

  11. nannymm

    Have you found that GOP budget online yet? I googled it but no luck so far.

  12. Nope, just the highlights MSNBC pointed out, extend Bush’s tax cuts and add more tax cuts, rescind the stimulus package, and cut govt spending. How surprising!

  13. BevnTempe

    Love the dogs and the names- they would be great for walking with at night. Not sure that’s what the kids had in mind, but they’re really cute pups. I love Triumph and his cigar!

  14. horsedooty

    One in four think the GOP will be better at handling the current crisis. That’s 25% folks. GOP is in big ass trouble.

  15. The GOP has lost everyone but their hard core base, or as I prefer to think of them, the KKK.

  16. dnd

    I’ve got a friend with two Rotties, and two little girls. The dogs are really sweet and friendly.

  17. horsedooty

    lots of blank or nearly blank pages in that budget proposal looks to me like. I think all they did was change the cover from blue to green.

  18. Wow, over 50 pages, I’m impressed.

  19. Stephen Colbert Rips Apart Glenn Beck: Building His Career On 9/11 (VIDEO)

  20. dnd

    If you read the Introduction, it’s clear that this is a partisan proposal based on ideology rather than pragmatic appropriations.

    Skimming through the rest, it’s not really a budget proposal at all, it’s a series of initiatives, not appropriations.

    As a budget proposal, it’s laughable. As a tactical political maneuver, it’s embarrassing.

  21. White House: House GOP Budget A “Joke”

  22. Must have reminded the president of going to visit his grandmother.

  23. dnd

    “White House: House GOP Budget A “Joke””

    An April Fools joke.

  24. dnd

    I’m still scratching my head with McCain grilling Kathleen Sebelius yesterday about “government supplied” health insurance.

    McCain has had government supplied health insurance his entire life…

  25. Not only was it stupid for the repugs to issue their “detailed budget” on 4/1 but releasing it on the day the prez is meeting is the queen is pretty stupid too.

  26. dnd

    Two really funny phrases in the budget:

    1. “borrow and spend.” Um, isn’t this what these very same people did during the first six years of the Bush administration?

    2. “Sustainable growth” Anybody who understands how compound interest works, or the exponential function, understands that “sustainable growth” is an oxymoron.

  27. dnd

    Mother Nature enjoys a good April Fools joke. It’s snowing here. Sideways.

  28. Is snow in early April that unusual for you dnd?

  29. I think the best tactic for a republican who wants to still have a career say in 2010/2012; it would be to lay low for now and let all the egomaniacs and loud mouth repugs compete for stupid stunt or statement of the day.

  30. dnd

    “Is snow in early April that unusual for you dnd?”

    Nope. March are April are our biggest snow months. It’ll melt tomorrow. More snow on tap for Saturday.

  31. agreed UB, that’s why I’m so happy to see so many of them eager for on camera time!

  32. not only camera time, but they feel they need to you-tube and twitter….they are falling into the internet media stream, because they think it’s cool….but it’s all recorded…lololol….for future play…can’t run away from that

  33. the sun is out here and tomorrow may even be on the warm side……dare I dream of 60?

    got to get home….see you later, gators.


  34. dnd

    The worst thing for the Democrats is to have the Republican party dominated by right wing wackos. Why? Because they (the Democrats) will get drunk on power, just like the Republicans did with the Gingrich Contract on America.

    If we can find some moderate Republicans who can get into office, that’ll tamp down any Democrat’s frothing and be best for the Democratic Party, and America.

  35. Kudos to our new AG, a good day for DOJ, some of it’s honor has been restored.

  36. “moderate Republicans who can get into office”

    wow! that’s a tall order……

    Personally, I do not know a single repug in real life who would fit that bill – most the moderate repugs have joined in supporting Obama. (at least for now)

  37. Most moderate repugs were voted out of office, the problem is not that there aren’t moderated repugs out there, the problem for the party is that it was only the most conservative districts remained loyal to the party, therefore only real right wingers are in power right now. Such is the price for selling out to the christian-right wing-nut bag part of the country.

  38. Just look at what showed up at McCain-Palin campaign events!

    “Kill him!”

  39. Gingrich to Replace Palin at GOP Dinner

    ” “We decided to go in another direction,” said NRCC communications director Ken Spain. “Speaker Gingrich is a leader and an influential voice within the Republican Party and we are thrilled to have him.” ”

  40. Ed Schultz To Be MSNBC 6 PM Host

    Huffington Post has learned that radio host Ed Schultz will be announced as the new host of the 6 pm hour on MSNBC.

  41. Hey Ed Schultz getting his own show at 6:00 PM!

  42. here the correct link to the ED show link

    Did you ask for ED to get a show last week, Brian?

  43. wished for, not asked for. It was nice just now hearing him proudly say “I’m a liberal and union supporter” Oh how the times have changed, and for the better too I might add!

  44. I think it’s a really good move for MSNBC, someone there is actually recognizing this widow of opportunity to reach more people….I call it a window…because it’s been so long since we have seen any hope… The new admin and subsequent philosophies still feels “new” and “fragile”, if you know what I mean.

  45. Russia and America pledge to slash nuclear stockpiles

  46. oh I sure do, I’ve just started reaching point where I’m not pinching myself, when you think about it it really quite a shift we’ve made in the last few months, praise be!

  47. very cool about Russia….can you imagine?

    Bush = total failure

  48. yes imagining bush a total a failure is easy to do!


  49. Happy Birthday Rachel !

    36 y.o.

  50. I don’t how many of you are regular readers of the NY Times online, but they now have both a US and World edition available online, very cool.

  51. Democrats Agree on a Health Plan; Now Comes the Hard Part

  52. I read parts of it everyday……to get it in print is pricey last time I looked.

  53. I only get the print version on Sunday. I’m all for reading online whenever possible.

  54. Democrats Agree on a Health Plan (link above):

    “In November, two weeks after the presidential election, the health insurance industry said it would accept all applicants, regardless of illness or disability, if Congress required everyone to have coverage. The industry went a step further last week, offering to end the practice of charging higher premiums to sick people in the individual insurance market.”

    If this ever happens, I will be in complete shock.

  55. Here’s the way I see it UB, as more people opt for the govt sponsored plan the pool for people needed to make private coverage practical will dry up, and the “private” option will really just be those who can afford to pay ridiculous premiums and we’ll end becoming a single payer system, much like the British system.

  56. Queen Noor looks like she is wearing a silk Snuggie………..sorry it’s true

  57. Well it will be interesting…I think you are right….it’s just such a change that it’s difficult to believe it will ever happen. Don’t get me wrong, it has to change, but it’s difficult to actually believe what we have “known” for so long can actually improve and change.

  58. Teaneck in the house, again.

  59. Everyone say hi to Tara, she’s shy.

  60. Time to unwind……have a great night everyone.

    It’s been a good day for President Obama and the USA….. and the world.


  61. Oh before I go, Hi Tara!

    I’m shy too… yourself get comfortable, make a comment or not….whatever you like…..Glad you stopped by!

    see you all later!

  62. Teaneck

    Love the site…I’m hooked!

  63. New thread Taram, click on Home at the top of the page!


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