As Mexico battles cartels, army becomes law ~ Horsedooty

Retired soldiers have been tapped to run police forces

PETATLAN, Mexico – President Felipe Calderón is rapidly escalating the Mexican army’s role in the war against drug traffickers, deploying nearly 50 percent of its combat-ready troops along the U.S-Mexico border and throughout the country, while retired army officers take command of local police and the military supplies civilian authorities with automatic weapons and grenades.

U.S. and Mexican officials describe the drug cartels as a widening narco-insurgency. The four major drug states average a total of 12 murders a day, characterized by ambushes, gun battles, executions and decapitated bodies left by the side of the road. In the villages and cities where the traffickers hold sway, daily life now takes place against a martial backdrop of round-the-clock patrols, pre-dawn raids and roadblocks manned by masked young soldiers.

Calderón’s deployment of about 45,000 troops to fight the cartels represents a historic change. Previous administrations relied on Mexico’s traditionally weak police agencies to combat the traffickers who funnel 90 percent of the cocaine that enters the United States. The cartels corrupted local authorities and reached tacit agreements with the national government, limiting the violence while the drugs continued to flow.

This is a story from the Washington Post and is written by Steve Fainaru and William Booth. Both of these reporters are excellent. The article is 4 pages but worth the time and effort.



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46 responses to “As Mexico battles cartels, army becomes law ~ Horsedooty

  1. Steve

    I realize this is a tough subject. You have to sift through the potential for racism, civil liberties concerns, use of the military, the role of the feds, etc…but again, I see this as evidence that we are at least now paying attention and prioritizing the problems in the country right now. We are moving forward, gradually…

    TGIF and Happy Birthday to a certain BCer

  2. All the more reason to legalize weed, so they can focus on the coke smugglers.


  3. President is tired. Not his best performance this morning.

  4. Steve

    Not going to happen…too much negative propaganda. I think that would take a good 25 years of work and the people who smoke wacky backy would forget to do the work and grab a bag of doritoes instead.


  5. dnd

    Happy bday Brian. Must make you feel old hearing Obama talking about the younger generation 😉

  6. dnd

    Speech started out good, but went on too long. Ditto for the Q&A.

  7. Thanks for the article Doots.

    What a total disaster for Mexico and the USA.
    Obviously the drug and gun traffickers here in the US, are in cahoots to varying degrees with cartels in Mexico.

    I fear that the severity of this problem isn’t getting enough press here. Drug crimes happen and most people dismiss it as it’s just local to the area/gangs.
    Happy Birthday Brian….

  8. dnd

    “As Norm Coleman struggles in what appears to be a losing battle to reclaim his Senate seat, and as faint rumors spread that he could replace Michael Steele as RNC Chair, a cloud of ethics scandal continues to gather over his head.”

    Poor Norm can’t get a break 😉

  9. dnd

    Good piece Doots. This should get some more press when the prez goes to Mexico.

  10. “yes we’re going to a party party…”

  11. breathing makes me feel old these days!

  12. Steve

    Steele Ethics troubles?


  13. Steve


  14. Steve

    ahhh big sigh….

  15. off to jersey, later peeps

  16. Steve

    take care Brian

  17. nannymm

    Happy Birthday, Brian. What are ya gonna do in Jersey?????

  18. nannymm

    Thanks for an interesting piece, Doots. The situation there just gets worse and worse and no one really has a clue how to reverse it. Legalization would be a good start. But I think Steve is right; it’s going to take years before that happens. And by then, heaven only knows what the border will be like. I know that it’s so bad now that I won’t even go to Mexico anymore. I’m just too afraid. Heck, I know Mexican Americans that feel the same way. What a shame!

  19. horsedooty

    I am with you Nanny. Ningunas visitas a México para mí hoy.

  20. eProf2

    Thanks, HD, for the article and post. Unfortunately, the closer you live to the border the more stories appear about the violence and it’s impact on all communities, north and south. For a vivid view of the border situation you might want to check out Gregory Nava’s film, Bordertown. While a bit hollywoodish, it does a very good job of portraying violence against young women, journalists, and the police by narcogangs. When we were in the El Paso area recently we woke up one morning to learn that ten people were found dead and 50 people had died violently that week while we were there. Maybe using the retired military to assist on a temporary basis is a good thing if Mexico is to try and stem the tide of violence in their country.

  21. The slide show provided on MSnbc of raw photos and accompanying explanation is pretty interesting.
    Slide 4 in particular was very disturbing.
    This Mexican/US problem has to been resolved post haste.

  22. Glenn Beck Mocks Obama’s Aunt (VIDEO)

    unbelievable, except that it’s FOX

  23. dnd

    Is that a crocus Sra Burrito? I need all the springtime I can get. Suppose to snow a foot here tonight.

  24. you bet it’s a crocus….but I didn’t take the photo….they are starting to pop up around here….Oh Man , a foot in April…..not good

  25. I thought you were going to be deflowered by now UB?

  26. Another proud day for the NRA I see!

  27. dnd

    “Rod Blagojevich, you’ve just been slapped with a 75 page indictment, what are you going to do now?”

    “I’m going to Disney World!”

  28. Well another mass killing, this time in NY.

    Thank God guns don’t kill people, only people kill people.

    Bud Hedinger talked about this and mentioned he thought the person who committed this crime was an Asian.

    He also said that he thought we would here sooner or later that it had an illegal immigrant tie to it as well.

    Now I have my own opinion as to what happened and ideas about the shooter as well.

    What if the shooter is a US citizen, a republican and he had lost his job and blames it on immigrants?

    After all he might also be a card carrying liberal hunting license member as well.

    We all know that Republicans like to murder people as we have seen time after time.

    They blow up Planned Parenthood Clinics, murder Doctors and Nurses who work at the clinics and more recently we had one walk into the DNC Chairs office in Arkansas and murder the chairperson.

    We also had one walk into a church with a loaded shotgun hunting liberals than opened fire on women and children after listening for years to the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage and the rest of the Republican Fascist Propagandists. He also read their books so when he lost his job he blamed it on the dirty liberals.

    As we know from history, Goebbels denigrated and demonized Jews to the point that the German people believed what they said. Of course we know the results of that propaganda and we saw pictures of the results.

    They are attempting to turn America into the next Nazi Germany and establish the Fourth Reich here in America. We can not allow that to happen and we all should be ready to defend ourselves and our country when they try.

    Vote out all Republicans and any Democrats who will not allow our new President to return our Constitution to us and return our honor, dignity and integrity back to our Country while washing the bloodstains off the Constitution.

    Or repairing our suffering economy after eight long years of being raped, pillaged and plundered by the Fascist Republicans.

    Sorry for the rant.

    God Bless.

  29. The Lede (NYT news blog)

    Updated | 7:25 p.m.
    The New York Times has now identified the alleged shooter as Jiverly Wong, who used the alias Jiverly Voong, according to federal law enforcement officials.

  30. no need to apologize anon_p. You make very valid points…..Time will tell what was going on with the shooter…..

  31. Palin Relative Arrested For Burglary

    “Todd Palin’s half-sister was arrested Thursday after police say she broke into a Wasilla home for the second time this week to steal money.”

  32. dnd

    “ is reporting that Sarah Palin has issued a statement in response to Levi Johnston’s comments to Tyra Banks about his relationship with her daughter Bristol:”

  33. The Palin brand is just not strong enough to hold up until 2012, I mean seriously, it never stops. She may as well become a pundit, a GOP cheerleader, write a book, and maybe make some appearances on tv.

    She may be toxic. The term “ten foot pole” comes to mind…..

  34. nannymm

    hi brian, how was your b’day?

  35. over thankfully! It was fine thanks. For dinner I had a double order of challah french toast and double order of bacon, then went to a movie with some friends.

  36. nannymm

    Now THAT sounds like a great dinner! I love bacon!

  37. Steve

    Back in this morning, troops. as many of you are aware, this is the anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination, 1968. I always remember it because it was in one of U2’s songs, although the line in the song incorrectly identifies it as “early morning, April 4th” when it was in the evening.

    I’ve been to the Lorraine Hotel where it happened. I visited there in 1988.

  38. dnd

    Life has some unpublished photos from the King assassination:

  39. Steve

    I just looked at them DND, great link.

    I stood just under the balcony in ’88, back then they had it enclosed in glass. I dont know what it looks like today. I do know they turned it into a Civil Rights Museum.

  40. Steve

    Beautiful day here in N GA. Cold but completely clear

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