Afghanistan *sigh* ~BrianInNYC

Like many in the West I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the Taliban until the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamyan.  Truth be told,  few things capture my attention like the destruction of art and antiquities.  Shortly  after this act of barbarianism we here in the West were flooded with information about the brutality in the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.  We learned how a group of religious zealots had effectively enslaved the female population of an entire nation. Make no mistake, life for men,  while not as brutal as life for woman was not easy  either.  Life under the Taliban included the following restrictions:

Men were required to have a beard extending farther than a fist clamped at the base of the chin. On the other hand, they had to wear their head hair short. Men were also required to wear a head covering.

Possession was forbidden of depictions of living things, including photographs of them, stuffed animals, and dolls.

These rules were issued by the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice (PVSV) and enforced by its “religious police,” a concept thought to be borrowed from the Wahhabis. In newly conquered towns hundreds of religious police beat offenders — typically men who shaved and women who were not wearing their burqa properly — with long sticks.

Theft was punished by the amputation of a hand, rape and murder by public execution. Married adulterers were stoned to death. In Kabul, punishments were carried out in front of crowds in the city’s former soccer stadium. (1)

Believe me, I understand my liberal brethren’s desire to fold our tent and bring our soldiers home from Afghanistan,  but what good are our liberal values if we walk away without doing everything reasonable within our power to insure that the  people of this much suffering nation are not returned to the brutality of life under the Taliban.  I think many us  of make a grave mistake by lumping the war in Afghanistan with that of Iraq.  There was more than just cause for us to remove the Taliban from power, not only had they brutalized their own people, they willingly allowed their country to become the operational base to the one of the greatest mass murders of our time.  Also the sins of Saddam Hussein pale in comparison to those of the Taliban. Iraq before the American invasion for better or worse was a functioning secular nation,  Afghanistan was anything but.  I for one am not sure we as a nation can hold our heads up if we walk away from the people of Afghanistan and return them to the certain horror of a life in a Taliban controlled state.

(1) Taliban



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  1. Iraqi police: 2 gay men killed in Baghdad slum

  2. Iowa’s Gay Marriage Ruling in the 2012 Lens

    A Push Is On for Same-Sex Marriage Rights Across New England

  3. dnd

    Been reading Doonesbury this past week Brian?

  4. Very haunting and important post Brian. I recall the first two images like they were yesterday.

    It really points out how horrific our last 8 years of foreign policy have been…..what a tremendous waste of life, resources and opportunities.

  5. Hi dnd,

    Doonesbury was on topic!

    (btw…. that was an iPhone….) 😛

  6. dnd

    Some satellite imagery of the Musudan-ri/Musudan-ni Missile Test Facility:

  7. morning peeps,

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww iPhone

  8. Saw the cartoon dnd, btw I do think Karzai has to go, it’s not that there is so much corruption in his govt that I object to, it’s the fact he has proven so infective!

  9. Obama In Prague: Launches Effort To Rid World Of Nuclear Weapons

  10. nannymm

    I mostly agree with you on the Afghan situation, Brian. But I don’t believe we can “win” there militarily. History has pretty much proven that. I think we need to narrowly define our goals there and then find the means, other than military, to achieve them. If we continue to focus on our military mission there, we will lose as will the people of Afghanistan. W e will find ourselves in another Vietnam type quagmire.

  11. dnd

    I’m with Nannymm. No way we can win militarily in Afghanistan. We need to understand what gave rise to the Taliban to figure out how to deal with it.

    I think Pakistan is a greater concern.

  12. I don’t think anyone is talking about solely military agenda for Afghanistan. One thing I don’t understand is why we aren’t moving to legalize the poppies crop in the country the way it is in Turkey, for medical use.

  13. dnd

    On CBS’s Sunday Morning, Ben Stein had an interesting essay. He said, no matter what your problems are, the answer is: get a dog.

    I’m guessing the First Daughters have forwarded that to their father 😉

  14. Geithner: We Won’t Hesitate To Change Management At Banks

  15. off topic – little romantic blogosphere story- awe

    Commoner Captures Princess, Blog Version

    That’s why the bloggerati pounced gleefully last week on the news that one of their own had fallen in love with a commoner, er, commenter.

  16. UB you’ve been deflowered.

  17. dnd

    That’s sweet Sra Burrito.

    In not-so-sweet news, UN Ambassador Susan Rice is kickin’ ass and taking’ names.

  18. dnd

    Thanks Brian. Makes me long for some ale, Limburger cheese, raw onions, saltines and kick-ass mustard.

  19. I wanna go to McSorley’s……..

    Was just checking out some real estate, and come to find out that my entire neighborhood has been photograph for Google maps….the high, the low, the whole surround view….they took all the photos last fall…….kind of a weird- intrusive-ish feeling….Emailed my daughter if she felt homesick she could visit home @ Google maps…lol

  20. You don’t need a map to get to McSorley’s, just follow your nose, you can’t miss it.

  21. This link provides a snap-shot of the economy by state in three categories, unemployment, state deficit , and foreclosures.

  22. Damn California’s deficit is staggering.

  23. News CENTRAL/S. ASIA
    Karzai to review ‘abhorrent’ law

  24. horsedooty

    hope springs eternal…Texas Rangers baseball club starts a new campaign tomorrow at 1:07 pm


    good luck to the rangers!

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