She Killed! ~ BrianInNYC

Make no mistake about America’s newest first lady killed on her first official trip to Europe.  Long gone was the dour expressions of the Bushes who looked like they would rather be anyplace except where they were.  The Obamas obviously took delight their new roles on the world stage, and I for one am glad because of it.

The first lady not only delighted the high born but also delighted the “low” born.  What a wonderful  moment to watch Mrs. Obama talk to those school girls in London, her mere presence demonstrating to them that no goal is too high for them to aspire to, her wrapping in them in warmth, telling them that being smart and working hard is “cool”.   These events and these images may seem like small things to many people, but make mistake about it, Mrs.  Obama presence had just as great effect on the mood of Europe as the words her husband delivered.  Don’t believe what the repugs want you to believe, Europe wants to like America, as painful as the past 8 years have been for us on this side of the Atlantic they were equally oppressive for those on the other side of the pond.

Thank you Mrs. Obama, you did us proud!



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115 responses to “She Killed! ~ BrianInNYC

  1. BevnTempe

    Michelle Obama is neither Jackie Kennedy nor Laura Bush. She is her own unique person and projects her own style. The people of the United States should be very proud of her, just as the people of the countries she visited.

  2. Obama tells country “Serve Satan” (or not?)

  3. Michelle is every woman…..she’s gone global, and she is so down to earth loaded with pure authentic grace as our First Lady….it’s a beautiful thing…..we are very lucky.

    On a sad note KO made me cry tonight, he lost his mother, and delivered a very touching tribute. He is a chip off the ole’ block as they say, I could see it in both of them. I am sure he made his Mother proud.

  4. nannymm

    Michelle has a natural grace and style that shines through. She genuinely is enjoying her role and it shows. All Americans, especially women, should be very proud of her; she is representing us well.

    Laura Bush tried, I think. But she was hampered by that boorish buffoon she was saddled with. As for that other Bush woman, Barbara, she was a disaster: sharp tongued and totally without style, grace or human kindness. She was as much a bitch as her son was an ass.

  5. nannymm

    Brian, I too, liked the new “Ed Show.” Anyone who is proud to call himself a liberal and a progressive and champions universal healthcare and education spending is A-OK in my book!

    Burrito, I cried too when I watched KO’s tribute to his mom. It was very touching. Having lost both my parents, my heart goes out to him. It leaves such a void in your heart…
    She was very well known among the Yankee fans. I’m sure she will be missed.

  6. Poll Finds New Optimism on Economy Since Inauguration

  7. Palin Popularity High Despite Latest News
    Hovering At 60 Percent At Home; Negative News On Extended Family, Acquaintances Not Hurting Her

    Gotta make you wonder what the average IQ in Alaska is!

  8. Seems our beloved Keith isn’t very popular today on a certain PUMA blog.


  9. Woo hoo, the president has just landed in Baghdad!

  10. dnd

    “Woo hoo, the president has just landed in Baghdad!”

    Is the press covering what Michelle’s wearing? 😉

  11. Like Keith cares about some PUMA blog…lolol……I am sure that spot on Palin pained him to no end…. you could see Keith grimacing through the entire spot.

    “Is the press covering what Michelle’s wearing? 😉 ”

    No dnd, Brian is. 🙂

  12. btw……I have to go see what she is wearing…..

  13. Multistate plane chase ends on Missouri dirt road

    “The chase began with a stolen plane from a Canadian flight school, meandered through three states with U.S. fighter jets hot on the trail and forced the evacuation of the state Capitol in Wisconsin”

    Okay- so all that Homeland Security money was well spent? What’s the threat level now…? geeezzz

  14. Flack jacket and pencil skirt?

  15. oh, and kitten heals too!

  16. I wonder if kitten heals will push aside all the super high heels they are showing now…..I actually hope not….but Michelle is going to be copied left and, dare I say, right.

  17. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of women in faux jimmy choo kitten heals UB. Are you a high heal wearer?

  18. well, I like to when I get the chance. However, I find it difficult to garden in them. 😉

  19. *tries to picture UB pulling weeds in come fuck me pumps*

  20. Jimmy Choo homepage for shoes……they must be selling like crazy

  21. Even at those prices you think UB? remember those prices are in pounds!

  22. our cleaning lady at work is Russian, she wear pumps when she washes windows…..she says when she goes anywhere she gets the evil eye from woman and nods from men…..she says, ” I was born in high heels, I will die in high heels” (Russian accent)

  23. I think they are selling , and in China they are already making copies to ship to Canal Street. Target will also make a copy as close as they can get.

    There are people all over the world who still have money, and some women will buy shoes before food….

  24. But Paris and all the fashion mags are pushing the pump… there’s a conflict….I can see the kitten heel at work, and the pump for play….but nothing makes a woman’s leg look better than a pump….

    Fashion day Tuesday….all this talk is making me want to go shopping… 😉

    Doing my part for the good of the economy!

  25. I don’t think you’re going to be seeing the first lady in high heels anytime soon!

  26. Okay before I go – the biggest fashion tip I can give… a smile….Michelle is the master of the smile….it looks good on everyone, and makes everyone who wears it look better….instantly! (and it’s free)

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  27. Thanks for the saccharine UB

    *gag me with a spoon*

  28. dnd

    Get a room you two 😉

  29. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  30. Vermont leg. overturns gov’s veto of gay marriage bill!

  31. nannymm

    Vermont has just legalized same sex marriage.

  32. nannymm

    The time’s they are a’changin’….. I hope NY is next.

  33. I wonder what Michelle is doing in Baghdad, I’m curious if she’s getting off the plane or not.

  34. nannymm

    I thought Michelle returned to DC yesterday.

  35. nannymm

    She skipped Turkey trip to come home and see her daughters.

  36. Eminem Raps About Sex With Sarah Palin In New Single “We Made You” (AUDIO NSFW)


    I love eminem, I really do!

  37. Vermont Legalizes Gay Marriage

    The Times story.

  38. dnd

    “Eminem Raps About Sex With Sarah Palin In New Single “We Made You” (AUDIO NSFW)”

    I wonder if that’s on the iPod the prez gave to the Queen…

  39. It’s a pretty good vid dnd.

  40. horsedooty

    “Gotta make you wonder what the average IQ in Alaska is!”

    I have been to Alaska twice. Once to Juneau and once to Anchorage. Both times for work and for about a week at a time. This was very many years ago. Probably mid 80’s. I don’t remember anyone being terribly stupid. That could have changes since I was there. It is sort of the “last frontier” here in the US and that probably attracts loners and separatists and the like. Life is not easy up there. When I was there in Juneau there was about 26 miles of paved road around the village. There were board sidewalks and I sorta imagined that what I was seeing there was what Seattle looked like about 50 years earlier. In Juneau you pretty much worked for the State Government.

    I wanna go back and fish.

  41. Talk about people taking themselves way too seriously!

    Tax Day Tea Party

  42. dnd

    Here’s a video of my last fishing trip to Alaska:

  43. horsedooty

    don’t they put tax evaders in jail these days?

  44. horsedooty


    LOL. Glad I was not there.

  45. You look good in a bear suit d!

  46. Franken’s lead now up to 312 votes!

  47. BevnTempe

    Just heard on the radio that Coleman is taking it to the Supreme Court and wants all the votes counted. Coleman says it will take “years.”

  48. I’m willing to bet the Supremes won’t take it!

  49. BevnTempe

    Let’s hope not! By then it will be 2010, there will have been another election and Franken will have won by a large margin. Coleman won’t have anything to gripe about.

  50. No, senate term is 6 years, not two.

  51. nannymm

    Coleman should have to pay Franken’s legal bills. And congress needs to look at legislation to prevent this crap in the future. It’s quite clear that Coleman and the repugs they lost and are ONLY doing this to keep Franken from being seated. This is more Republican obstructionism, pure and simple.

  52. Biden: Cheney “Dead Wrong,” Country Is “More Safe” Under Obama (VIDEO)

  53. Virginia Dems To Slam GOP Candidate With “Divisive” McCain-Palin Footage

  54. I’m beginning to suspect that those who are getting all bent out of shape about Emimen’s latest really aren’t getting the point that he’s not talking about fucking Palin, he’s pointing out how she’s pimping herself out.

    (pardon my french, but sometimes no other word will do)

  55. Yee haw, I love the fact ED Schulz is going after individual senators. We haven’t had a real pro union guy with is his own show in a very long time, this is going to be fun!

  56. I just saw huff pulled the Eminem vid, it’s up on youtube for those who missed it:

  57. Hi gang,

    Here’s a link to check to see if your infected with the Conficker virus.

    This link came from work and will let you know if your computer is infected or not. The link is safe so check it out.

    If you are infected find out how to clean your machine. You may have to go on a clean system to get the information you need to clean it off your system from your anti virus programs site.

    Even though I’m not really wanted by some over on TM I will post this over there too.

    God Bless.

  58. Damn Teddy has lost a lot of weight.

  59. Court reduces sentence for Iraqi shoe thrower

    ” Iraq’s highest court on Tuesday reduced the prison sentence for an Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at former President George W. Bush from three years to one, a court spokesman said.”

  60. Yes, he is slim. If he wasn’t ill, I would have said he looked great!

  61. His hands had a very noticeable shake too.

  62. Less than a quarter of Americans polled disapprove of President Obama….

  63. I didn’t get my invitation!

  64. I am sure it’s “in the mail.”

  65. dnd

    “Chafee weighs 2010 bid for R.I. governor”

    If Michael Steele has a brain, he will embrace moderate Republicans and eschew right-wing wackos like Newt. The only way the Republicans can make a comeback is to start making sense and stop the wingnut-tinfoil hat rants.

  66. dnd

    So Teddy is a Red Sox fan. Wonder how that squares with the Sec. of State and Sen. Schumer…

  67. Chafee quit the GOP in 2007, and endorsed Obama in the RI Dem primary.

  68. dnd

    Ok, stop making sense:

  69. Are you trying to sweet talk me with the Talking Heads?

  70. And btw dnd, their really isn’t very much “moderate” about Lincoln Chaffe.

  71. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.

    David Byrne’s latest

  72. lolol….okay…. I admit that was a bit pre-mature…I just wanted to say it!!

  73. ewwwwwwwwwwwww indeed, he’s far too old for me! really!

  74. dnd

    I’ve got a huge crush on Tina Weymouth.

  75. was she one of the three back up singers on the Stop Making Sense dvd?

  76. dnd

    Weymouth was the bass player in the Talking Heads. Founder of the Tom Tom Club.

  77. awesome, I will look for her

    Talking Heads is part of the foundation of my current life….. so I have a fondness for all of them. 🙂

  78. Looks like there is trouble brewing in PUMA paradise! Someone has violated it’s “humor free zone” status!

  79. Oh no, Rachel is now going to be on the PUMA hit list.

  80. Nannymm

    You mean the “unmentionable site,” Brian?

  81. that site that shall not be mentioned!


  82. …..PUMA rule # 16 – leave you sense of humor at the door.

  83. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    I’m seriously conflicted about the the best rock movie ever. My two are the Talking Head’s “Stop Making Sense” or the Band’s the “Last Waltz.”

  84. what happened to the blues brother?

  85. I just left this comment on Obama’s site since I heard he sided against the people in the wiretap spying issue where they argued against a case going forward for spying on Americans without a warrant.

    He has destroyed my faith in America and the Democratic Party, as well as my faith in him. I’m going offline now as I don’t feel very good. See comment below.

    Mr. Obama,

    I voted for you and now I find that I can no longer consider you change America or Our Constitution can believe in. It is apparent that you do not believe in Our Constitution and the American Peoples rights under it.

    You have become complicit in the cover up of Crimes Against Our Constitutional Rights and the Cover Up of War Crimes by the previous administration of Der Fuhrer George Adolph Bush and Dick Heinrich Himmler Cheney.

    Now it is up to the International Community under their obligations to the Geneva Conventions to charge, arrest and prosecute those responsible for War Crimes. Crimes Against Humanity and Torture among the charges so that America can begin to remove the Bloodstains off our Constitution and restore the Honor, Dignity and Integrity of Our Country.

    Their is amble evidence in the public domain to proceed with War Crimes charges since there is even video evidence of Fuhrer Bush and Heinrich Himmler Cheney admitting to authorizing Torture. There is also the matter of the outing of a NOC spy which is Treason under all statues of our laws.

    Your refusal to follow the Law tells the American People that we still do not have a Constitution or live under The Rule of Law since you have abandoned those principles for political gain.

    We also still do not have a Department of Justice, only the Department of No Justice. The majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate are complicit in the cover up of War Crimes as well as directly involved in the Commission of Crimes Against Our Constitution and War Crimes.

    But just so you don’t think I’m partisan their are also many Democrats as well. Including Nancy Pelosi who refused to start Impeachment Hearings to remove the Cancer that was Destroying Our Country by taking Impeachment off the Table and allowing more crimes to be committed by the previous administration, as well as the Death of more of our brave young men and women in the Military, but by violating her sworn Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution from All Enemies both Foreign and Domestic.

    And so have you Mr. Obama!

    I will not contribute to any Democrat in the future nor will they get my vote. I would rather have a Republican Fascist Nazi, which we had sitting in the Peoples House since we already know what their policies will be. Rather than a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing like you and the Majority of the Democrats are now.

    There is nothing you or any Democrat can say or tell me to change my mind unless and until you uphold the Constitution like you Promised to do.

    Sweeping these crimes under the rug like you are doing now will only let this kind of sick perversion once again permeate Our Country in the Future since you are setting a precedent by allowing it to stand.

    Either we have the Rule of Law and no one is Above the Law or we do not. At this time we do not and there is no Rule of Law. And the DOJ will remain the Department Of No Justice until Justice and the Rule of Law is upheld.

    Thank you for destroying my faith in My President and My Country.

    Have a good day.


    {Name Removed by author}.

  86. I agree with you AP, the president is not following the right course here. Hopefully that will change shortly!

  87. dnd, the winner is “Stop Making Sense” hands down….even my way cool daughter fell in love with SMS , (she took the DVD to school with her) at the age of 17, and she is hyper critical of anything art…she living proof that SMS is timeless…..but I have to admit I have not seen the “Last Waltz”…I will check it out…..even as biased as I am.

  88. dnd

    The Blues Brothers was a R&B musical. The Last Waltz and Stop Making Sense were rockumentaries. Like Spinal Tap 😉

  89. AnonP,
    Glad you wrote that letter. Rest well that you expressed you fellings. I doubt that you are alone, and I think it may take a few days for the news to settle with the rest of the population. I am sure there will be pressure, once everyone get a chance to heard the facts.

    Can’t give up.

  90. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    I think Levon Helm is the greatest rock musician ever. I don’t say this lightly as there are so many I hold in high regard.

  91. This stupid bus driver in Cleveland just killed their second person….geez…ran them over….

    We always refer to the buses here as “killer buses” they are ruthless…..I mean you would think if you ran over one person , that maybe you wouldn’t be able to drive a bus again….wouldn’t you?

  92. Spinal Tap was a comedy and parody dear!

  93. how is this for a representation of – The Band?

  94. horsedooty

    In the movie the Last Waltz, the band is sitting around talking about the old days before they were called the Band. Someone mentioned that they used to play with Ronnie Hawkins and they were called the Hawks. see this website:

    He is a rockabilly and mighty good at it. Anyway, someone talked about playing a gig with Hawkins in Fort Worth in a club that did not even have a roof. All it had was a canvas on guy wires that they could pull back in the summer and let out the heat. That building is no longer a honky tonk but it is still standing and being used as an auto parts store last I saw when I went by there. It is on the old Jackboro Highway. It is said that most any club on the Highway would check you for guns and knives at the door and if you did not have any they would give you some. Jacksboro Highway was a rough area of town in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Jimmy Reed and Lighting Hopkins played there regularly. I was just a bit too young and naive to try and go out there.

  95. horsedooty

    Sra. Burrito,

    I think this is a better example of The Band.

    it is a little slow loading so patience.

    this is song is The Weight

    another example of The Band might be a song called “Up on Cripple Creek.” The guy Dnd mentioned as his favorite Rock musician (Levon Helms) is playing drums and singing.

  96. Thanks Doots…I’ll watch them, I was looking though the you-tubes, and just guessing at what might be a good track…..

  97. I hope this post doesn’t piss some of you off, it might, but frankly this is making me see red and I’m really disgusted:

    “next i must navigate the gay marriage issue for 9am MSNBC hit tomorrow, any advice on that one from the tribal council here assembled?

    Posted by: Author Profile Page | April 7, 2009 10:46 PM”

    It’s really disgusting to me that a gay man, whether he is up front about that fact or not feels compelled to ask a bunch of heterosexuals how he should be handling the “gay marriage issue”.

  98. I thought it was disingenuous at best.

    I can only imagine how infuriating this must be to you, knowing that an openly gay man acts as though he doesn’t know where he stands on the “gay marriage issue”. Even more frustrating is that he has been given the opportunity to support the issue and he’s acting as if it something he hasn’t considered…..very puzzling…

    I bet Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow and Potia DeRossi would know what to say.

  99. Have a good night all.


  100. It’s so god damn “tomish” it makes me want to throw something through a window!

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