Poor W. ~ dnd


I feel sorry for former President George W. Bush.  I know, I know.  It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who got us into an unnecessary war, trampled on the constitution he swore to defend and managed to screw up our standing on the world stage.  But I do.

He’s reminded on a daily basis on how badly he screwed things up.  He’s reminded on a daily basis how wildly popular his successor is.  And his former cheerleaders are wasting no time throwing him under the bus and distancing themselves from him.  Even the revisionist historians have given up on him.  President Truman said: “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”  W. needed two.

The reality is that W. was duped.  He was born on third base and thought he hit a triple.  When Ann Richards said of his father: “Poor George. He can’t help it – he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.” little did she know how prescient she was.  W. was set up, propped up and screwed up.

He was a victim of the Peter Principle:


or possibly the Dilbert Principle:


all gone bad.



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65 responses to “Poor W. ~ dnd

  1. awe poor, poor George………not buying it.

    I do feel it must be hell to be him, but I doubt he even takes any of the criticism personally. I can’t get past all the blood that linger on his hands.

    I do pity his new neighbors.

  2. dog's eye view

    I wish Geo W Bush a long, long, long life of ignominy. He should live at least as long as it takes to successfully clean up the devastation he and his maladministration wrought.

    A favorite column: Leonard Pitts said it so well (and whole column is well worth the read):

    “Dear President Bush:

    I am glad you are, at 62, still a relatively young man. I am glad you are in robust health. This means there is a good likelihood of your being with us for decades yet to come, and I dearly want that. You see, history’s verdict is on the way, and I want you to see it for yourself.

    ….. History, it is implied, will say you were a far better president than we ever gave you credit for.

    You said it again Monday in your farewell press conference. History will have the final say.

    It is a curious position for someone who has been, as the quote above suggests, rather dismissive of history’s judgment. It occurs to me that, as patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, so history is the last refuge of the failed president.

    … So yes, I’m happy you’ll likely be around 20 years from now. Because, contrary to what you seem to think, it doesn’t take centuries to get some initial sense of history’s verdict. That takes about a generation. Meaning that when history weighs in on your presidency, you’ll probably be here to see it. And I don’t think you’re going to like it. …”


  3. poor George, he can’t help it, he was born with only half a brain.

    Morning peeps.

  4. dog's eye view

    Meanwhile, Cheney presumably will not live as long in retirement. Who can say.

    Someone theorized that he’s gone on the defensive on the use of torture as weapon of state to keep the issue bubbling through public discourse so that it’s still controversial and not yet suitable for a closer look and formal investigation. Thus, perhaps use of torture — and who approved it — becomes too hot a topic for the successor government to fully investigate — they will be castigated as “playing politics.”

    Theory is Cheney only has to run clock out for a few more years, maybe 10, and he will escape judgment on this mortal coil.

    May he be proved wrong.

    (Wish I could remember the link for this; it was interesting blog item!)


    Do feel a smidgen of sympathy for W — only a smidge and purely as a fellow, fallible human.

    Feel less for Cheney, although perhaps he was mentally unstable. Problem there is his apparatus — Addington, Yoo, etc — cold, blackhearted misuse of their high office and abuse of the Constitution. The word is “criminal.”


    Good post, dnd!

  5. “Dear Mr President”[Bush] by Pink

    worth the watch and listen

  6. Rush Limbaugh: New York Has Audited Me 12 Straight Years!

    During a press conference last week, Paterson didn’t exactly appear heartbroken that the king of right-wing radio will be departing. Noting Limbaugh’s rage at a recent state tax increase on those making over $300K, Paterson said, “If I knew that would be the result, I would’ve thought about the taxes earlier.”


  7. dnd

    Hanlon’s Razor:

    “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

  8. Coca-Cola Makes a Special Batch of Kosher Coke for Passover. ….. My Hub always looks for that batch he says it’s better…better flavor and smaller bubbles….who knew?

  9. You learn something new everyday UB.

  10. dnd

    I heard somewhere that the WH will hold a Passover Sedar.

  11. Obama Passover Seder: First Ever Held At White House


    They can’t fool us, just another ploy to cover up the fact he’s really a Muslim. Rachel was funny about Obama and the Jewish vote last night.

  12. Chicago ‘Tea Party’ Rejects Michael Steele

    While the organizers of the Washington, D.C. anti-spending “Tea Party” have given a speaking slot to Alan Keyes, that other failed African-American Republican Senate candidate from Maryland, Michael Steele, has been dissed by the crew behind the Chicago Tea Party. Eric Odom, the event’s organizer, has posted the email he wrote to the Republican National Chairman’s staff after Steele asked to be a speaker.


    Alan Keyes, too funny

  13. dnd

    I wonder who’s funding this “Tea Party” stuff. I got a robo-call from them yesterday. It was kinda wingnutty.

  14. horsedooty

    Monday afternoon in Arlington, TX GWB threw out the first pitch at the Texas Rangers opening day game. He didn’t throw from the rubber but it did get it over the plate. I have heard from some that were there that no one booed when he was introduced.

    About the second inning, George was invited into the TV announcers booth. He was actually pretty funny. No politics were discussed. Geo was a part owner in the Texas Rangers before he was the Governor of Texas. Someone asked if he was taking Barney the dog for walks in the neighborhood. He said yep Barney had never been on a walk in the neighborhood before and he now had a plastic sack on his hand. He said in the old days there was always someone else to do the walking and the picking up of the dog logs.

  15. nannymm

    Picking up shit is an appropriate job for poor George. That’s about all he was ever qualified to do.
    You must be a much nicer person than I am, dnd, because I have absolutely no sympathy for that man.
    He has caused irreparable harm to this nation and the world. Tens, and possibly hundreds, of thousands are dead and or maimed due to his incompetence and recklessness. The economy is in shambles; the planet is in peril; people can’t afford medical care; and the misery goes on and on. Yet George says he sleeps like a baby. The man is either heartless or stupid. Frankly, I think he is both.
    UB, that song was spot on.
    Brian, our governor just went up several notches in my estimation.
    Dog, thanks for that Leonard Pitts column. He expresses what I feel.

  16. nannymm

    Doots, Georgie Boy ought to come to Yankee Stadium. He’ll get an appropriate reception there. 😉

  17. Why do people waste time debating abortion? No one is going to change any minds on this. It’s just as futile as debating capital punishment.

  18. “Why do people waste time debating abortion?”

    Their time and energy would be better spent caring for the children that are living in deplorable condition all across the globe. Seriously – if they care so much about the sanctity of life…..do something to save those lives that are dying everyday, every second.


  19. dnd

    For the same reason people waste time on debating gay marriage. There is no debate, hence you can’t change any minds.

    This is a day late for yesterday’s thread, but here’s some fear mongering:

    I’m guessing the actors on this commercial won’t be putting this on their resume 😉

  20. dnd

    “The man is either heartless or stupid.”

    Nannymm, that is my point. The man was duped. Pretty much his entire political life. And he was too dumb to figure it out and unfortunately didn’t have anyone close enough to clue him in. He was surrounded by people who propped him up to use him.

  21. It’s more than appalling that the repugs are playing politics with Tammy Duckworth’s nomination. Sniveling cowards!

  22. Parental rights: The new wedge issue

    Hoekstra last week introduced a bill in the House to amend the U.S. Constitution to permanently “enshrine” in American society an inviolable set of parents’ rights. The bill had 70 co-sponsors, all Republicans, including Minority Whip Eric Cantor and Minority Leader John A. Boehner.


    It’s hard to keep track at how many efforts the repugs have under to amend the Constitution. Unfriggin real.

  23. dog's eye view

    re dnd at 11:58a: re Geo W’s dupeworthiness and that he didn’t have anyone to clue him in:

    Not quite. GWB was not smart enough to listen to his earthly father, and shut out or allowed his advisors to shut out common sense and wisdom from 41’s advisors: Scowcroft, James Baker, etc.

    Who else would be dumb enough — or arrogant enough — not to listen to counsel from a previous living president?

    To appear to shut out his own father (I suspect he listened and consulted more than W admitted, but GHWB may not have wanted to overstep), who had handled the same job only years before… and then say he answered to his heavenly Father…

    This is both Oedipal and colossally stupid; too much hubris from a “humble Christian.”

    W to a T.


    It’s said GHWB grieved over his son’s failures, and over being shut out.

    And Scowcroft is on record saying how none of them recognized Cheney any more.

    I wonder if the past 8 years will rank with the post-Lincoln death/ Civil War aftermath, when Reconstruction could have done some good, much quicker, but was derailed and racial problems forced to fester and generations of African Americans lost their opportunity, one after the other.

    Hoping its impact will not be that great.

  24. dnd

    “Who else would be dumb enough — or arrogant enough — not to listen to counsel from a previous living president? ”

    Dog, precisely my point. To phrase it another way, Ben Franklin said: “Love your enemies. They point out your faults.”

  25. dnd

    I’m just guessing here, but I’d bet those Somali pirates are having an “oh, shit” moment 😉

  26. eprof2

    dnd, your post is most sympathetic to W, as was Oliver Stone in his film, W. There is probably good in everyone. However, some evil is more banal than others. I’m holding out for a jail cell for W (and Cheney) right next to Alberto Fujimoro, who just received a 25 year sentence for ordering kidnapping and killing by his security police when he was president of Peru. Did W do no less?

  27. nannymm

    eprof2, I’m with you on this. Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Gonzales, etc all belong in jail. May I recommend a very nice newish one at Guantanamo? As I recall, they all have had nothing but high praise for the place.

  28. horsedooty


    I was wondering the same thing this morning about what those pirates were thinking when they saw the freighter steam off over the horizon.

  29. dnd

    “The Pew Research Center reported last week that President Barack Obama “has the most polarized early job approval of any president” since surveys began tracking this 40 years ago. The gap between Mr. Obama’s approval rating among Democrats (88%) and Republicans (27%) is 61 points. This “approval gap” is 10 points bigger than George W. Bush’s at this point in his presidency, despite Mr. Bush winning a bitterly contested election.”


    The problems with Rove’s analysis is:

    1. Moderate Republicans have pretty much disappeared into the independent category, leaving only the wingnuts.

    2. Everybody except the wingnuts has figured out that Rove is nothing more than a propagandist.

  30. horsedooty


    the other night I posted about Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks with Levon Helm on drums. Here is a picture of them in the early 60’s in Ft Worth at some club.


  31. nannymm

    It’s about time we liberals fight for what we believe in.

    Liberals Ramp Up Healthcare Pressure

    A coalition of liberal groups are waging a broad national campaign to build pressure on conservative Democrats and centrist Republicans who may not support President Obama’s vision for healthcare reform.


  32. horsedooty


    here is the site of that band I asked about that Levon Helm’s daughter has. Called Ollabell. Her is a link.


  33. dnd

    I clicked on the Ollabelle site. They sound great. The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree…

  34. dnd

    Hey Doots, what’s your pal Brad Davis been up to lately?

  35. dnd

    “Liberals Ramp Up Healthcare Pressure”

    Nannymm, this is precisely the wrong group to push for healthcare reform. Like Nixon breaking down barriers with the communist Chinese, there needs to be someone on the right that declares healthcare reform is the key to US companies, particularly small businesses which generate so many jobs here, being able to effectively compete with foreign companies, and consequently getting our economy back on track.

    IMHO 😉

  36. horsedooty

    Brad called me last Friday on his way to the DFW airport. He was headed out to the California area for several Brad gigs and a few Takemini workshops. I don’t think he is going out with BBT again this summer. He hates riding on the bus. Plus they added more dates and cut the salary so he doesn’t think he will go. His kids are starting to get up there a little and starting to play instruments. Daughter is playing bass and the boy is playing mandolin. So, with his brother playing banjo and him supplying the other 3, he is forming a family bluegrass band. He would rather do that anyway. He is working on his studio space. He bought a building in downtown Commerce, TX. The downtown area is like a ghost town really. He is always busy doing something.

  37. dnd

    Hey, maybe they can perform at Rockygrass in Lyons, CO:


  38. dnd

    Hey Sra Burrito,
    David Byrne will be at the next Telluride Bluegrass Festival:


    The Telluride Bluegrass Festival doesn’t have much to do with Bluegrass these days, but it’s a beautiful place to see music.

  39. BevnTempe

    Just announced: No honorary degree from ASU for Obama. Really makes me proud of my 2 degrees from ASU – must be why I haven’t contributed to the the alumni association for years.

    Can’t imagine he’d care if ASU he got one, although I’m sure McGrump will be tweeting all his birdie friends with the news.

  40. I checked out that Ollabelle sight too…they really sound good!

    Byrne at the Bluegrass Fest…I can only imagine what he might come up with…..good for him….

    dnd, are you going?

    Oh, my table just opened up…bbl

  41. Afternoon peeps,

    d you would have had a chuckle earlier today if you seen had seen me waiting for the number 1 train at 96th street. “burning down the house” came up on my ipod and I was fairly animated for being out in public!

  42. eprof2

    Bev, I just read about Obama not getting an honorary degree from ASU. The six member faculty committee that decided on that must be McCain backers. That’s embarrassing that the president of the US won’t receive an honorary degree because he doesn’t “have an extensive body of academic work.” BS; shame on ASU.

  43. eprof2

    dnd, your Rockies blasted us good!

  44. wow, that’s some avitar you got their eprof!

  45. dnd

    Yeah, but your Dbacks hammered us last year. I think it was 15 of 18.

    BTW, what does ASU think someone who was the first Black president of the Harvard Law Review, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago for a dozen years and is now the first Black President of the United States need to do for a lousy honorary degree? “have an extensive body of academic work.” is usually not a requirement for honorary degrees. That’s why the call them “honorary.”

  46. What an embarrassment for ASU…….

  47. eprof2

    Thanks, Brian, for helping me get my old stand-by avatar over to WP. It seems like I had to have a blog and not just a sign-in to have a gravatar. Now, I feel like I’m my old self again when commenting here.

  48. eprof2

    dnd, I have no idea what these six members of the committee responsible for recommending or not honorary degrees. Like I said, they must all be McCain supporters and find this a way to get back at Obama for winning. I’m hoping the AZ Republic is filled with outrage over this decision.

  49. I am so sick of this “is the president doing too much” mantra. If the repugs hadn’t ignored the needs of the nation for so long President Obama wouldn’t have such a full plate!

  50. dnd

    I wonder if this may backfire. If I was a member of the ASU graduating class, or a parent, I think this show of of petty partisanship would motivate me to show support for the prez at the graduation ceremonies, regardless of how I felt about the prez or his policies. And if Obama pulls out his quiet “we’re above this” card, he wins. Big time. So he wins either way.

    Dumb move by that committee.

  51. dnd


    I was in no way excusing President Bush’s decisions in this post. I was merely trying to understand it.

  52. dnd

    Just noticed, we crossed 89k hits. Thanks to all the lurkers, commenters and posters.

  53. we’ll have to have some sort of celebration for 1ook hits!

  54. Buchanan is getting his ass kicked tonight.

  55. nannymm

    “there needs to be someone on the right that declares healthcare reform is the key to US companies, particularly small businesses which generate so many jobs here, being able to effectively compete with foreign companies, and consequently getting our economy back on track.” posted by dnd

    dnd, the SBA has called for healthcare reform; they recognize that it is essential for businesses to survive and prosper.

  56. *stretches and yawns* I have to stop falling asleep after dinner, my father must be laughing his off, I used to always make fun of him for doing the very same thing, and he would respond, “you’ll see”.

  57. Ok I need one of my fellow oldsters to help me out here, go to the following link:


    scroll down to the three pictures of JFK and “guest”. Isn’t that Mrs. Roosevelt walking with President Kennedy?

  58. Obama “Bow” To Saudis: CNN Reporter Asks White House To Clarify


    And CNN wonders why it’s losing market share, wasting on time on bullshit like this is one good reason!

  59. Johnny

    President Bush is not the responsible party for what was left to Obama, research your facts. President Clinton passed law that freed Wall Street from Banking Restrictions; it just took 8 years to mature, unfortunately for President Bush, President Obama and the U.S. citizens, without mentioning world investors.

    President Bush was also left to clean up the mess President Clinton left behind; remember the first attempt on the Trade Towers, he shot two missiles into the Afghanistan Mountains and cried America prevails? Less we forget the damage Clinton staffer did on their way out of the White House (that the tax payer paid for), or the Whitewater Scandals. You profess Bipartisan but you profane Republicans (by the way I’m not Republican), you are a bunch of ungrateful hypocrites.

    How many of you were even old enough remember the U.S. cease fire with Iraq and the UN sanctions that brought about that cease fire. AS soon as President Clinton became president, Sadam ordered the kidnappings of the UN Inspectors and had them chained to tactical bombing sites (don’t take my word for it, look it up). I was in Europe when it went down; I was watching the news while you were safely asleep in your beds. I was here supporting those military members as they were going off to fight, where were you? Again I say “you are a bunch of ungrateful hypocrites”.

    After 9/11 the American people (all of you included) demanded satisfaction and the Congress voted. President Bush was mandated by Congress and the people of the United States to go to war against terrorist, indifferent of where they resided to insure the safety and security of the United States.

    Afghanistan was the first step to securing that mandate; Iran was a cove of fanatical terrorist (and still is for that matter). President Bush simply stipulated the UN resolutions set forth by which the U.S cease fire was based on and at the same time took the terrorist on in their own backyard instead of America’s front lawn. Now that everyone feels safe again at home; they want to criticize President Bush for being their “henchman” for insuring their safety. Let’s not forget the 2 skyscrapers, adjoining buildings, 4 air jets and over 3 thousand lives lost on that tragic day and their survivors. Since then we have lost thousands of our own military members fighting to secure our safety, let’s not disrespect their ultimate sacrifice.

    You and I are the guilty parties if we chastise President Bush for his actions, we demanded satisfaction and he gave us satisfaction and thereby allowing us the freedom to crucify him in the face of the whole world. Is this not anti patriotic “to renege your defending leader” for doing what you demanded of him?

    My question is when will President Obama stand on his own two feet and except the responsibilities as the President of the United States of America and quit charging President Bush the blame for every evil on the face of the planet. I am to assume he will place the blame “Trillion plus Dollar Budge” on President Bush when he starts raising your taxes (as he has already started), and you will yell “Damn Bush” again.

    My question is “If Barack Obama was not Black would you have voted for him”? Be very careful before you start yelling and calling a “Racist”, you know not of my life nor background, and that is a cheap lame attempt to hid the truth. Mine is a question and a fair one at that; before you answer this question; pass and review his election campaign, his campaign speaches and promises, lets not forget his experience and associates. Base your answer on truth and not on historical value of electing a Black President and again be honest. Sooner or later you silly Obama groupies will have to pay the piper and admit that Obama is not the Messiah you had hoped for. And that sooner is closer than you would have hoped for, already your grandchildren will be paying the debt President Obama has spent in the name of the American public. But it’s ok, because you can always blame it on Bush; but remember that won’t fix it, you’ll still pay for it.

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