Maybe It’s Time To End Prohibition (Article by Leonard Pitts Jr.) ~ Horsedooty

Maybe we should legalize drugs.

I come neither eagerly nor easily to that maybe. Rather, I come by way of spiraling drug violence in Mexico that recently forced Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to acknowledge the role America’s insatiable appetite for illegal drugs plays in the carnage. I come by way of watching Olympian Michael Phelps do the usual public relations song and dance after being outed smoking weed, and knowing the whole thing was a ritualized farce. Most of all, I come by way of personal antipathy: I don’t like and have never used illegal drugs.

But yeah, I’m thinking maybe we should legalize them. Or at the very least, begin the discussion.

I find myself in august — and unexpected — company. Ronald Reagan‘s secretary of state, George Schultz, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the late Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman and the late conservative icon William F. Buckley Jr. have all said much the same thing.,0,5856083.column

It’s gonna take some big time politics to legalize pot much less all the other designer variants.



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52 responses to “Maybe It’s Time To End Prohibition (Article by Leonard Pitts Jr.) ~ Horsedooty

  1. I love the graphic, and as for the the topic, I think there are solid common sense grounds for the argument to legalize. However, I will be totally surprised if legalization happens anytime soon.

    Happy Friday!

  2. yeah I saw the graphic and couldn’t resist!

  3. Here’s an article to drive the PUMA crowd in a full froth!

    Hillary Clinton Channels Michelle Obama With Brooch, Belt (PHOTOS)

  4. dnd

    The classic argument against legalization is that we’ll quickly become a nation of stoners.

    However I seriously doubt that would happen. Why? Because drugs are so prevalent now that anybody who wants to use them can find them. So legalization makes sense on a number of levels.

  5. I already thought we are a nation of stoners!

  6. horsedooty

    Brian and dnd,

    here is the stat to argue the “nation of stoners” argument.

    from the article: “Cole says that in 1914, when the first federal drug law was enacted, the government estimated 1.3 percent of us were addicted to illegal drugs. In 1970, when the war on drugs began, the government estimated 1.3 percent of us were addicted to illegal drugs. Thirty-nine million arrests later, he says, the government says 1.3 percent of us are addicted to illegal drugs.”

  7. nannymm

    Good Morning, all. I’m all for the legalization of pot, but not for heroin, cocaine, LSD, etc. I have seen the damage they do and don’t want it to be any easier to get than it already is.
    If pot were to be legalized, then our resources could be better used to prevent hard drugs from crossing our borders and most importantly, for treatment and rehabilitation.

  8. dog's eye view

    Morning all.

    Have to think on this a bit longer. Am for immediate decriminalization of marijuana in smallish quantities, as it’s a ridiculous use of police resources to prosecute recreational users or cancer sufferers. And looking the other way at small scale growth/cultivation (for personal use).

    Medical use of marijuana should be legalized now, nationally. Who wants their loved ones or neighbors to suffer, if they feel they can gain relief from a toke or brownie?

    Think legalization and taxation of marijuana would eventually follow, but not anytime soon.

    A good question, because Kentucky and some other areas would certainly benefit!

    Further, poppies can be used as analgesics (?); think Afghans and farmers here should be allowed to grow crops for medicinal purposes.

    Not sure about legalization of other drugs, but it’s a valid idea for debate. Need to study up.

    Wouldn’t guess anyone thinks the war on drugs has been a success, least of all those involved in enforcing it (in their private views, anyway).

    I don’t see where heroin or meth abuse helps anyone, and the potential damage is a great societal cost. Slippery slope argument.

  9. dog's eye view

    nanny said it well and more succinctly!

    The yard calls and we might get thunderstorms later. Cheers.

  10. horsedooty

    After WWI, Heroin was invented because the doctors needed something to help get the Vets off Morphine. That worked out well.

  11. BevnTempe

    I’m all for the legalization of marijuana. However, I don’t think that legalizing it would do much for the Mexican drug wars, since it the hard drugs seems to be the money makers.

    Dog and Nanny summed up the subject very nicely.

    Gay marriage and the legalization of drugs in this country are bound to happen someday – I wonder which will come first?

  12. dnd

    All I can say is that if the First Daughters don’t get a puppy for Easter, there’s gonna be hell to pay…

  13. I think there is a very compelling public health argument for legalizing smack!

  14. nannymm

    What is that argument, Brian?

  15. nannymm

    Hmm…decriminalization of small quantities for personal use combined with clean needle exchange might solve those issues. Legalization isn’t really necessary to do so.

  16. “decriminalization of small quantities ”

    You’re splitting hairs, 6 of one, half a dozen of another. Criminalizing drug use has never preventing anyone from using drugs, just drives up the price.

  17. eprof2

    The “foresters” of Northern California are ready for the legalization of marijuana when the day comes. Probably more mj grown under the trees of Humboldt County than what is brought in from Mexico. No real data, of course, but anyone who has lived in No. CA knows that’s the real cash crop, not trees anymore.

  18. “Why? Because drugs are so prevalent now that anybody who wants to use them can find them.”

    To that point:

    Last year the valedictorian of the high school a few towns (nice suburb) over was arrested for heroin use and dealing, she was tripping and had heroin on her when arrested.

  19. drugie point: you trip on acid, not smack. The proper term would be, “she was really fucked up when she was busted”.


  20. Conservative radio host John Batchelor says it’s obvious: His Republican Party is a corpse. And its response to the financial crisis reveals how and when it died.

  21. yep…I didn’t know the term………

    The other day I was looking out my front window, a brand new car with temp tags drove by…they (adults) were lighting a pipe/bowl?

    (Feel free to fix this one too, Bri ) 😉

    Years ago a local art gallery was the go to place for pot….like dnd say, if you want it you can get it.

  22. dnd

    I think what the government (NIH) needs to do is sponsor research into what makes people addicted to opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, alcohol, etc. Is there a genetic component?

    Seems to me solving that problem would be more effective than interdiction.

  23. They don’t have their puppy yet????? Say it ain’t so.

  24. WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama’s back, still no puppy

    “Mrs. Obama said Thursday that the dog will arrive “soon … so soon.” ”

  25. *stretches and yawns* where my homies?

  26. nannymm

    I just love The Ed Show! Schultz is doing a great job.

  27. nannymm

    The “Psycho Talk” segment is awesome.

  28. Tea Party Video: Right-Wing Tax Protests Caught On Tape




  29. eprof2

    Nannymm — Quite frankly I don’t know what Ed says during his show as the cameras are going left, right, up, down, the television monitors are swinging back and forth and the background music is over powering. He might be saying some interesting things, but I’m too dizzy and disoriented from all the goings on from the set. Reminds me of the disco palaces of yesteryear!

  30. dnd

    I’m with eprof2. The Ed show covers any substance with flash.

    BTW eprof2, Rockies won their home opener against the World Series Champion Phillies today, 10-3.

  31. take a dramamine dude


  32. The way to solve the drug problem is to ban the gateway drug St. Josephs Baby Aspirins.

    We have all at one time or another in our childhood been given those tasty 0range drugs and damn they are good.

    Now that is the Gateway Drug we all took first before even knowing what MJ even was.

    God Bless.

  33. dnd

    LOL! Baby aspirin is the only drug I take these days. Doctor’s orders 😉

  34. watch out dnd!!!! you are walking right into the dark side of society……I can score some Advil for you…..when you are ready…first dose free. 😉

  35. Boy MSNBC is really riding the teabag trolley.

  36. nice video, makes me miss the city….and all its life.

  37. REPORT: “Fair and balanced” Fox News aggressively promotes “tea party” protests

  38. Hillary still owes Mark Penn over 5 million bucks, amazing!

  39. ……not only because Penn failed miserably but also because Clinton’s die-hard PUMA supporters are not generous with their cash…they can talk the talk until the sun goes down , but ask them for a penny and you are on your own, Hillary.

  40. nannymm

    Hmmm…I just made another donation to help her retire that debt. I hope she pays Penn dead last.

  41. about 95% of her debt is money owed to Penn.

    Maybe you should use that money and buy a cow.


  42. eprof2

    The Rockies are off to a very good start. The D-Backs whipped on the Dodgers tonight, 9-4. It could be an interesting season for both our teams, dnd.

  43. dog's eye view

    Coming this Sunday in the Washington Post:

    In Calif., Medical Marijuana Laws Are Moving Pot Into Mainstream

    “LOS ANGELES — With little notice and even less controversy, marijuana is now available as a medical treatment in California to almost anyone who tells a willing physician he would feel better if he smoked.

    … “The one thing that’s really caused it to go from medical to pretty much all-out legalization is the doctors,” [marijuana shop entrepreneur Richard] Lee said. “They have realized you can’t over-prescribe it. They’ve really taken the lead. Alcohol — frat boys drop dead by the hundred every year. You really can’t kill yourself with marijuana.”

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