Racism is Alive and Well ~ Nannymm

If anyone thought that the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States signaled the beginning of the end of racism in this country, they need to re-think that.   Everywhere you look you will find that bigotry and racism are as alive and well as they ever were. It’s in our classrooms and boardrooms; it’s in our industries and universities. It can be found on the internet and in traditional media. Some of it is overt; most of it is more subtle.

Not too long ago, a Barnes and Nobles Bookstore in Florida was forced to issue and apology after a photo of it’s store window display was circulated via email and in national media outlets. The window display featured books about the Obama family with a book about monkeys prominently displayed in the middle.

Just this month Walgreens ordered the removal of “Chia Obama” from its stores in Florida and Chicago.

Just two months ago, the New York Post published an offensive cartoon that likened President Obama to a chimpanzee. Rather than apologize, the editor of the paper defended the cartoon and the cartoonist who drew it.

Another racist cartoon recently appeared in an Israeli newspaper. It depicted our president painting the White house black.

Even the fashion industry seems to have racist underpinnings. All the criticism Michelle Obama has been getting from some of the most well known designers clearly has a tone of bigotry to it.

Listening to all the criticism of President Obama, it is hard for me to believe that it is all based on opposition to his policies. Hearing what Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck have to say convinces me that they are playing to a racist base. They know exactly what they are doing; they are deliberately inciting the bigots among their listeners. Fortunately, their followers are a minority. Unfortunately, they are a crazed minority.



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47 responses to “Racism is Alive and Well ~ Nannymm

  1. shoot me, I liked the chia Obama.

  2. My *so called friend* is a racist, she has raised little racist children…..so I know this all exists out there, but it is so foreign to my own thought process that sometimes I discount what I hear….and try to isolate it to only certain individuals.

    Racism is alive and strong…. Nanny thank you for this post, we need to stay aware.

    A chia Obama puppy would be cute…if you go for that whole “chia scene”…lol….Brian do you have an apartment full of “chias”?

  3. notscarenews

    I have to make it public. It’s suppose to be secret, however most people in Austin, Tx knows about it. The police department has machine that can read your mind. A machine that can read someone’s mind will be used to violate EVERYONE’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! It can also change the way you feel. Sexual impulses, anger, and paranoia are all feelings they can induce to you at their fingertips. This means it can cause a girl or boy to feel sexual, and get raped thinking they wanted to. Its like a drug. This is just one of the many crimes they commit with this machine RIGHT NOW!!!! They are using it right now to spy on their citizens RIGHT NOW!!! People will be spied on in there homes, without a warrant. (this means someone will be able to watch you during sex without your knowledge.) There are a lot of people all over the United States knowing about this machine. The police department is able to use it to spy on people in their own home. During interrogation they keep a person dazed, confused and not sound of mind to cohersed them into making certain statements. This is a violation of these people’s constitutional rights. Start thinking about how the government has given the police department a weapon to commit not only one of the biggest civil and constitutional rights violations of all time, but to commit war crimes such as rape, brainwashing, and toturing people without the victim’s knowledge. I know it is hard to believe, however if you happen to know someone in the police department who cares for you enough, just ask if they have a machine that can read and control people’s mind. After that, I would also like people to think about how we are able to get the government to stop letting the police department violate the people’s civil and constitutional rights, and committing war crimes against there own citizens. Major media companies have knowledge of this, but are not willing to broadcast it. People need to find out and talk about this issue.

  4. No I don’t have a place full of chia UB, but when I first saw the commercial for the Obama Chia it gave me a chuckle, and made sense to me considering his popularity. I don’t think it was meant to give offense, just cash in!

  5. I have not seen the ad for it….it is funny and actually may boost sales for the Chia company…I really had no idea it really existed…lol

  6. Now the monkey book is quite another story. However they are some very encouraging sighs out there none the less, his election, America’s embrace of Michelle (luv her), his favorable numbers. That hard core group of Americans who will always be racist don’t scare me, the GOP’s willingness to exploit that group, now that’s another story.

  7. standard low budget chia commercial.

  8. horsedooty

    I live in the “Hood”. My mother lives about 3 blocks from me. She is not pleased that black folks are buying houses across the street from her. She has not done it lately but for a time every time there was a picture of then candidate Obama, her response was, “God, I hate that man.” Part of that is because she is a member of the GOP. At least, I got her to quit using the N word out loud.

  9. Bayh: ‘I’m Agnostic’ About Having A Public Plan As Part Of Health Care Reform


    Bayh needs to start acting like a real Democrat, and stop this coddling of the right dance.

  10. horsedooty

    morning all. Am off today to the VA to visit my prime/care dr. This is sorta becoming a bit tiresome to say the least. I am lucky in a way that the VA will take me into the system. I read a terrible story yesterday about diabetics losing their jobs and health insurance. They were cutting back on meds because of the costs. It is landing them in the emergency rooms with serious health problems.

  11. nannymm

    Good Morning!
    I hope your check-up goes well, Doots.

  12. nannymm

    Brian, I have to disagree with you about the ChiaObama. There have been many popular people in this country, but I don’t recall any of them being turned into “chias.” Can anyone name even one? One white person who had “chia” made to his or her likeness?

  13. dnd

    Maybe they can do a Chia Pet of the First Puppy! 😉

  14. nannymm

    That would be more appropriate, I think.

  15. dnd

    “One white person who had “chia” made to his or her likeness?”

    Haven’t you seen the ChiaBrian? 😉

  16. nannymm

    Just looked at that tea party video you posted, Brian. Those people are crazy. A 50yr. old communist plot? WOW! They need to either get a life or a good shrink.

  17. dnd

    That Krugman column was a hoot.

    One of the thing I don’t get about the “Tea Parties” is that if they’re suppose to hearken to the Boston tea party, they’ve forgotten that the latter’s theme was “taxation without representation.” Last time I checked, we have representation…

  18. It’s with good reason he’s my favorite liberal dnd!

  19. nannymm

    dnd, I don’t get anything about these tea parties or the repugs. They are such a joke!

  20. nanny scroll up the teabag party link I posted from huff last night, the video is amazing, people yelling “burn books”

  21. dnd

    “Obama signed off on taking out pirates”

    Well technically, he said: “bust a cap on the muthas,” in keeping with today’s thread 😉

    Fox News is asking viewers if Obama is taking too much credit for the rescue. FWIW, Obama gives all the credit to those involved in the rescue.

  22. When did Obama take credit for the rescue? I must have missed that sound bite.

  23. Ahead of schedule and under budget!

  24. Rezdog

    I agree nannymm. . . .I think the election proved the thinking of many wrong and it pissed them off. Call me overly sensitive or just biased but what they call fair criticism has some racist undertones as you point out. I agree with Brian too, in that, there’s no hope for any change in some of these people, yet we learn to live and deal with that but inciting those folks is dangerous. I hate bringing up the L word but many of these tea parties I see on video reminds me of things past.

  25. Rezdog

    The wingnuts wouldn’t give the prez any credit for a successful hostage rescue, but you know damn well if it had gone the other direction with a few dead SEALS they be blasting him and dredging up all the
    Blackhawk, Desert One, and Bay of Pigs comparisons.

  26. dnd

    Good point Rez.

  27. dnd

    Obama ends travel ban to Cuba for Cuban-Americans. An almost 60 year old failed policy.

    Si se puede!

  28. nannymm

    I agree totally, dnd. The wingnuts are already looking for a way to turn this rescue into an anti-Obama tirade. And I have no doubt that for many of them, it is all about Obama’s race. What a disgusting bunch of human beings!

  29. The drum beat is growing louder re: the ASU snub of President Obama. Including my drum beating, too, on my blog this morning. This is such an insult it makes FOX News seem important. Yeah, right!

    Speaking of drum beating, be sure to see the film, The Visitor. A very political film with some great acting and some great drumming.

  30. dnd

    Great post on ASU. They have some really good departments, but this honorary degree thing is really embarrassing.

    BTW, w.r.t. shading your garden, if you can find it, there’s a black shade cloth that is available in different levels of shade, so the plants get some sun, but they don’t roast. Mulch helps too. Heap it on, at least 6″ and keep adding it as it decomposes. If you can find someone who wants to get rid of spoiled hay, that’s a perfect source.

  31. Limbaugh: Somali Pirates Like American Liberals

    Limbaugh described the pirates as having “entitlement mentality. I could have sworn they were originally Americans … maybe they were illegal immigrants … fled the scene because Republicans drove them out of the country.”


  32. Thanks, dnd, for the garden hints. I just came in from about two hours of constructing my pole beams to hang some sun screens over. It’s turning out to be a bigger engineering job than I had imagined. But, once it’s in place it will be there for the next umpteen years as I’m constructing it out of galvinized steel.

    Yes, ASU is making an ass of its self, unfortunately. I’m surprised Bev hasn’t posted on the embarrassment, too, as this thing is snowballing out of Michael Crow’s control. If he doesn’t watch it, this could cause him his job, literally. ASU graduates aren’t taking kindly to all the negative public reaction.

  33. Has anyone else gotten in the show Chuck, or am I alone on this one?

  34. Rezdog

    It’s would be hard to agree with the lawlessness of the Somali “pirates”, but my leftest friend emailed this story which happened to be linked with Huffpo.


    If you believe any of it, it seems all this lawless area is ripe for plunder of it’s fish and the dumping of heavy metals and nuclear waste by countries willing to do so. Leaving the fishermen of the area to go broke and hungry and turn to other means plus sickening and killing off the coastal inhabitants. quien sabe?

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