Bush Administration authorized use of insects in interrogations By: John Byrne ~ Horsedooty

The Bush Administration Office of Legal Counsel authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to put insects inside a confinement box as part of the Administration’s "harsh interrogation" practice, as well as throwing detainees into walls, according to memos released by President Barack Obama on Thursday.

"You would like to place Zubadayah in a cramped confinement box with an insect. You have informed us he has a fear of insects," the Bush White House said. 
"As we understand it, no actually harmful insect will be placed in the box. Thus, though the introduction of an insect may produce trepidation in Zubaydah (which we discuss below), it certainly does not cause physical pain."

You can read the memos here: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/politics/20090416_memos.pdf

This is a breaking story and I am sure more will be brought to light later.


(editors note, normally I enjoy looking for pictures to go with threads, not this time!)



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45 responses to “Bush Administration authorized use of insects in interrogations By: John Byrne ~ Horsedooty

  1. Thanks for the disturbing image doots!

    First off I want to applaud President Obama for having released these documents, they are important and need to be a part of the PUBLIC record! That being said I am disturbed by the presidents decision not to prosecute those involved with torture in the CIA. On one hand I can understand the president’s desire to have this episode in our nation’s history put behind us, but Mr. President this is not the way to go about it.

    Also it occurs to me that the president may be concerned about morale of the agency and what effect having members dragged into a court for “just following orders” could be. Sir I don’t think that’s a valid reason for letting the guilty go free. Too many times in our history we’ve been willing to look the other way because it was felt it serves a greater good, it doesn’t.

  2. nannymm

    Thanks, Doots, for posting this.
    Brian, I, too, applaud Obama for releasing these memos. However, I don’t believe there is any justification for his decision not to prosecute those responsible for torture. If he thinks that his refusal to bring the offenders to justice will allow the country to put this behind us, he is sadly mistaken. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the ONLY way we can ever put this behind us is by ensuring that justice is done and that those who authorized these atrocities are made to pay for their crimes. Their transgressions not only affected the prisoners who were tortured, they affected us all. They brought shame and discredit upon our nation, as well as all law abiding citizens. Their actions have endangered us by creating more terrorists and by increasing the hatred that many feel for America. They violated the ideals that we hold sacred; they cheapened our nation and our Constitution. Their actions can never be put to rest and we can never go forward until there is justice.

  3. I still think the president has hopes of the repugs eventually getting on “his band wagon”. I think that in part is influencing his decision on this issue.

    I am warmed by the thought that the speaker seems to be of the same mindset that you and I are of nanny!

  4. nannymm

    You’re probably correct, Brian, but wrong is wrong. And Obama is selling us out; repug support is not worth losing our collective nation soul over. Nothing is.

  5. I didn’t say it was right! I’m looking for reasons, not justifications!

  6. nannymm

    I know….. but I’m so upset and so disappointed in Obama, I could cry. I expected so much better from him.

  7. dog's eye view

    for Bill Richardson fans, and you know you are out there (dnd among you): WaPost profile on what he’s been doing lately.

    Bill Richardson, at Peace In the Political Desert

    After His Abortive Cabinet Bid, N.M. Governor Says He’s Content to Leave Washington Behind


  8. dog's eye view

    Sheila’s new blog is beautiful. What a cool surprise to wake up to!

    It’s on our blogroll, but even more convenient for lurkers without benefit of caffeine yet:


  9. dnd

    As soon as Richardson is cleared, Hillary is gonna tell him to pack his bags and get busy.

  10. dnd

    Speaking of the blog roll, True/Slant is now up under the Commentary section.


    Make sure to check out Matt Taibbi’s blog on that site.

  11. dnd

    This whole thing with the torture memos thing is interesting. I have no clue as to the motivation to release them. He had to know he’s gonna piss off the left who want prosecutions and piss off the right who now believe we’re less safe, see Hayden and Mukasey in the WSJ:


    What they neglect to say in their piece is if their previous boss had paid any attention to the intelligence, 9/11 might never have had happened.

  12. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Friday, April 17, 2009 — 11:40 AM ET

    E.P.A. to Clear the Way for Regulation of Warming Gases

    The agency on Friday is expected to formally declare carbon
    dioxide and other heat-trapping gases to be pollutants that
    threaten public health and welfare.

  13. According to President Obama re: past tortures by CIA and others: “Hate the sin but love the sinner.”

    And, “love the AK-47 but hate the gun runners.”

    Two major disappointments in one day. No wonder KO and Rachel are moving from red hot to tepid on 44.

  14. Texas Senate defies Perry by voting to take stimulus money for jobless fund

    AUSTIN – In a sharp rebuff of Gov. Rick Perry, the Senate on Thursday tentatively voted to accept $555 million in unemployment aid from the federal economic stimulus plan.


  15. nannymm

    Gotta love these guys:

    Maersk crew member on how they gained control over the pirates: ‘We’re union members.’

  16. Hey eprof,

    I think we have to be careful about falling into the “baby with the bath water” trap.

  17. ‘Red hot to tepid’ doesn’t mean throwing Obama out with the wash water. It just means life has disappointments, and Obama disappointed yesterday. Actions speak louder than words and, like so many others here and elsewhere in this country, I have high expectations of the president. His actions yesterday left me with the impression that he wants to turn a blind eye to many of the wholly unacceptable policies and practices of the previous administration.

  18. dnd

    I’ve got several theories on why Obama isn’t going forward with prosecutions, but will hold back. As Jim Ward put it on Stephanie Miller this morning: “Obama is playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers.”

  19. nannymm

    I agree, eprof2. I’m just so damned disappointed in Obama right now. Whatever “reason” he gives for not prosecuting, it’s just a rationalization. And he is dead wrong. I expected so much better. 😦

  20. nannymm

    dnd, some things are just too important to play any game with. Prosecution of the torturers is one of them.

  21. I don’t think he wants to turn a blind eye to the issue (keep in mind I’m in full agreement with you and others on this topic). My point being is we set ourselves up for disappointment when expect politicians to act as anything but. The GOP is very scattered right now, my bet is that the president feels that this is an issue that would unite the GOP rather quickly and give a false sense of creditability to those that say he is weak on security issues.

    As I said to nanny last night, I’m not letting the prez off the hook on this one, just trying to understand his reasons.

  22. dnd

    “Maersk crew member on how they gained control over the pirates: ‘We’re union members.’”

    Well, there goes their hero status from the right. I’m guessing BillO and Hannety will be now siding with the pirates 😉

  23. nannymm

    BillO and Hannety will be now siding with the pirates 😉

    Why not? Rush has been ever since it was revealed that Obama gave the order to shoot if necessary.

  24. Here we go again:

    Tell All 50 State Attorneys General
    To Investigate Obama’s Fraud!!!


  25. 70 degrees today, time to break out the shorts, yay!

  26. dnd

    It was 70 here Wednesday. It’s snowing today and they forecast a foot to 18″.

  27. nannymm

    We’re at 59 and windy. Way too chilly for me to break out the shorts.

  28. nannymm

    Those darn repugs just won’t give up on their “Obama wasn’t born here” bull crap. The so-called “Birthers” are nothing but bigots.

  29. horsedooty

    CNN is reporting that there may have been 400,000 people NATIONWIDE that attended the Teabag parties on 4-15. That is hardly “millions” that Faux News said there was gonna be.

  30. “CNN is reporting that there may have been 400,000 people NATIONWIDE”


  31. nannymm

    Darned repugs can’t even do a protest right. LOL

  32. dnd

    Nate Silver at
    estimates 300k to 400k at the teabagger protest.

    That’s 0.1% of the population. If that’s all the nutbags in the US. we’re in pretty good shape.

  33. dnd

    Here’s a thought for Rick Perry. If Texas secedes from the Union, you’ll have no military, other than maybe the Texas Rangers. This means that pretty quickly Mexico will invade. Something to ponder…

  34. Tweety is having a good time with Rick Perry!

  35. dnd

    I-70 closed both ways from Morrison (just west of Denver) to Vail (100 miles west of Denver) due to the snow. It’s been coming down all day and suppose to snow all day tomorrow.

    In the irony file, Vail, Copper Mountain and Breckenridge ski areas are closing tomorrow, with the best snow they’ve had all season…

  36. dnd

    Obama speaking live on CNN.

  37. horsedooty


    remember that the Texas Rangers (the real ones) motto is “One riot, one Ranger.”

    click here to see the Ranger Museum and Hall of Fame

  38. dnd

    Ranger Bill McDonald might dispute that 😉

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