A rock and hard place, today’s GOP ~ BrianInNYC


While reading Frank Rich’s Sunday Times column I was struck by the following paragraph:

In 2008, 60 percent of Iowa’s Republican caucus voters were evangelical Christians. Mike Huckabee won. That’s the hurdle facing the party’s contenders in 2012, which is why Romney, Palin and Gingrich are now all more vehement anti-same-sex-marriage activists than Rick Warren. Palin even broke with John McCain on the issue during their campaign, supporting the federal marriage amendment that he rejects. This month, even as the father of Palin’s out-of-wedlock grandson challenged her own family values and veracity, she nominated as Alaskan attorney general a man who has called gay people “degenerates.” Such homophobia didn’t even play in Alaska — the State Legislature voted the nominee down — and will doom Republicans like Palin in national elections.


As I read the above my first thought was “And they call us (The Democrats) the party of special interests”  and then  thought “boy are they fucked”.  How can a party that has so eagerly built it’s base on the ideology of right wing evangelical Christians have any chance to become a broad based national political party once again?  I suspect they can’t and hence the rock and hard place the GOP has created for it’s self.  To add insult to injury that base that the GOP is working so hard to hold on to is pissed, really pissed.  For the past twenty years the evangelical Christian right has been as loyal to the GOP as any one group can be, and what do they have to show for it, squat!  There rage and anger has now spilled on to the street and has become the face of today’s GOP.  Under the guise of protesting increasing taxes (taxes for 95% of Americans are going down) 10s of thousands of rabid right wingers took to the streets to let us know just how pissed they are with the black guy in the White House. 

The GOP’s embrace of the “teabag movement” shows just how low the party has sunk, and just how desperate they have become to hold on to their increasingly narrow minded base.  One would have thought the 2006 and 2008 elections  would have  served as a wake up call for the GOP, apparently just the opposite has happened. 



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31 responses to “A rock and hard place, today’s GOP ~ BrianInNYC

  1. nannymm

    Great piece, Brian. The GOP is desperate; they are running blindly, desperately trying to find their way out of this mess they have created. Their problem is that they are running in circles; they will never find their way until they stop and plan a reasonable course.

  2. dnd

    FYI, not all Evangelicals are right-wing crazies. Check out Jim Wallis’ Sojourners:


    Right-wing extremist are an ideology that transcends any singular organizational characterization.

  3. I didn’t say they were dnd.

  4. Outstanding Family Guy tonight.

  5. nannymm

    Evangelicals, Catholics, devout Jews, etc. are not the problem per se. The “right wing crazies” are crazy, not because of what they believe (many sane and reasonable people are devoted to their faith) , but because they insist that everyone else should be forced to live by their beliefs.

  6. nannymm

    A-P, thanks for those links you posted on the previous thread. I’m making my way through them now.

  7. I don’t know why we have to tap dance around the fact that a large part of the GOP base is evangelical Christians, who claim they’re political beliefs are “god based”, it’s fair game!

  8. dnd

    I don’t know why we have to tap dance around the fact that a large part of the GOP base are Zionist Jews, who claim their political beliefs are “god based”; it’s fair game!

    ps. some of those Zionist Jews were instrumental in getting us in this war in Iraq. Can’t say the same for Evangelicals…

  9. nannymm

    Well, actually, Bush and his cronies claim to be Evangelicals…..

  10. Morning peeps,
    Well I don’t know if it’s a large percent of the GOP base who are Zionist Jews, but I have no problem in calling those out who use God as an excuse to justify their political beliefs. When people bring their religious beliefs into the political arena it becomes fair game, you don’t get a free pass because your political beliefs are religion based. Nor did I say all evangelical Christians, or all Christians for the matter, I said “right wing evangelical Christians”

  11. And d there are about 3 – 4 million Jews in the United States, 78% of them voted for Obama, if the remaining Jews make up a “large part of the GOP base” as you claim that party is really in trouble!

  12. dnd

    Point of clarification: the branch of the United Methodist church that Bush belongs to is not evangelical.

  13. dnd

    “you don’t get a free pass because your political beliefs are religion based. ”

    Well, John Kerry said his political views were based on his religious beliefs. I have no problem with that at all. Makes a lot of sense.

    I agree with what Nannymm said earlier: “they insist that everyone else should be forced to live by their beliefs.”


  14. “Well, John Kerry said his political views were based on his religious beliefs.”

    Come on d, that’s a bit of a stretch and you know it. Senator Kerry never claimed that those who disagree with him and some lesser Americans, and as we both know many of his political beliefs are not in keeping with those of his church. Nor do I recall Senator Kerry using his religious beliefs as a justification for bigotry as the evangelical right. Maybe if was you who was constantly being used a tool for hate mongering, as I am used by them you’d feel a little differently.

  15. dnd

    No stretch at all Brian. The point is, once you figure out that not everybody is going to agree with you, and you tolerate that, you begin to find commonality. Kinda like our president…

  16. I don’t have to tolerate anyone who goes out of their way to demonize me! Hate under the guise of religion is still hate and there is a lot of hate coming from the evangelical right, you might think it gets a free pass because they’ve used religion to rationalize it, I don’t.

  17. dnd

    “I don’t have to tolerate anyone who goes out of their way to demonize me! ”

    So do you think Obama should diss Chavez, Ortega and Castro?

  18. You’re mixing apples and oranges there d, nor have I heard any of the three you mentioned claim that US domestic law must conform to their beliefs or fight for a constitutional amendment that would relegate me to second class citizenship.

  19. nannymm

    My problem with the right wing evangelicals is that they want to impose their will on us all, in everything from marriage and relationships, to prayer and worship in the public square, to education and science. They even have tried to impose their beliefs within the military. They use their faith to control and to demonize.
    Some of those crazies protested at and totally disrupted funerals of gay people and military members. They claim that God HATES those they disagree with. They have murdered doctors and nurses who don’t agree with their anti-abortion beliefs. And they target vulnerable women who have made a choice they disagree with.
    They claim that America is so great; yet they are constantly trying to change it into a theocracy that they control.
    All in all, dnd, I find it hard to be tolerant of them given that they won’t be tolerant of the rest of us.

  20. The first one hundred degree day expected on Tuesday. Heat hit yesterday with high 90’s!

  21. I hope you’re a heat lover eprof, too damn hot for me!

  22. LOL, Meghan McCain described Karl Rove as creepy!

  23. horsedooty

    sounds to me like Meghan speaks the truth.

  24. Girls got a good head on her shoulders!

  25. The President was at his very best just now while addressing the CIA.

  26. horsedooty

    excellent news Brian. Gene is one of my favorites if not my favorite journalist.

  27. Yes indeed doots, very cool news.

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