Happy Birthday Roy! (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988) ~ BrianInNYC

To quote K.D. Lang, “Roy doesn’t sing songs, he sings epics”

If you want to know why American Rock & Roll  looks and sounds the way it does you need look no further Roy Orbison.   As you listen to Roy figure skate his way through his 3 octave range you can’t help but realize that Roy’s singing is an act of male sexual liberation freeing himself and the listener from an outdated notion that men  have to tough it out.  Orbison puts on display the pains and glory of love in a manner usually only seen in the world’s great opera houses. 

So kick back, relax, kick up the volume, and enjoy some of my favorites tracks from what I feel is finest “music video” ever made. 

Roy Orbison and Friends, A Black and White Night


Roy’s Wiki



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54 responses to “Happy Birthday Roy! (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988) ~ BrianInNYC

  1. Nannymm

    Brought forward from the previous thread:

    The issue is already partisan, Brian. Even those repugs who know that we tortured and that we did so illegally and for political purposes are turning a blind eye to this. They won’t support an investigation by an independent prosecutor or prosecution of the torturers. They are standing together, brazenly supporting their party and the previous president and vice president, all the while hoping and praying that this will all somehow go away. Given that, there is no hope for any bipartisanship on this issue.

    As for Colin Powell, I have been tremendously disgusted with him since he gave his UN presentation prior to the invasion of Iraq. Prior to that, I thought he was a principled and honorable man; after that, I lost all respect for him. He owes this country a huge apology for failing to speak out in an effort to stop the war and torture. Heaven only knows what else he kept silent about.

    When he endorsed Obama, I got the feeling that he was trying to make amends for his prior bad acts. IMO, it was too little, too late. The only thing he can do now to regain any respect in my eyes is to come clean, COMPLETELY CLEAN. If he were to tell everything now, to expose the guilty and help ensure that they are dealt with by the legal system, that would help to restore some of his good standing. Unfortunately for him, his image will always be tarnished by his cowardly failure to speak up before the damage was done. But since he brought it on himself, I have little sympathy for him. At least he is alive and in one piece; far too many others are dead and maimed due to his silence.

  2. Nannymm

    Thanks for a lovely tribute to Roy Orbison, Brian. His music continues to touch all who hear it.

  3. Although “Bob” left a note for me on the last thread, I would like to re-post my response to him here as well.

    To Bob: Thanks for the compliment. All bloggers must feel like they’re not getting much readership for their views as I surf the Net and see the number of comments (or the lack thereof) on individual, non-corporate sponsored sites. I not only have my own blog but I like double posting here as I’m comfortable with the group as small as it is. I used to post comments on a much larger site only to have my pithy posts ignored or debunked without any real discussion. Mostly they were ignored. The “seven” folks here are very respectful of one another and know how to agree to disagree amiably. So long as that persists I will share my thoughts here; albeit to a small group.

    Bob, you obviously found your way here so why not tell your friends about this site and have them join in with a meaningful discussion as you did earlier. I hope to see you back.

    Nice tribute to Roy Orbison, Brian. His videos and songs brought back some mixed emotions from my youth, especially “Crying,” over a unrequited love at 21. Ah, so bittersweet!

  4. FYI eprof, we get about 300 viewers a day on average.

  5. Yeah, I knew that stat but wanted Bob to tell his friends to comment as well as visit. When BC hit 100,000 did it roll over back to 1 again? The blog stats have been “static” for a while now.

  6. hmmmm, I didn’t notice that on the hit counter, I don’t know. I’ll have to check it out.

  7. Well I can’t find fault with wordpress for response from support:

    “Thank you for contacting us regarding your blog stats

    Our engineers are rolling out some new stats systems over the next week or so. If your stats fluctuated it was due to their testing the new system. Your data is safe and getting safer! As a consolation for the inconvenience, there will be a very hot new stats feature available very soon.

    Be aware that there might be some additional temporary stats fluctuations in the next couple of days.


  8. horsedooty

    Much like Bo Obama, Roy Orbison was born in Texas. Wink, Texas is a little town out in west Texas near Midland and Odessa and Monahans where his family moved when they left Fort Worth. We know someone else from Fort Worth don’t we? Why yes, Martha, we do. That fellow Horsedooty is from there I seem to remember.

  9. dog's eye view

    Starting the day with Roy Orbison. Priceless.

  10. dog's eye view

    Gotta love a caption on the New York Times website this morning.

    Mr. Moms (by way of Fortune 500)

    Successful men are adapting to joblessness, taking on new duties with a bluntness honed in the business world.

    (with picture of two casually but well dressed white men standing with an anonymous schoolgirl)


    Successful men? As opposed to the unsuccessful layabouts who get stuck with childcaring — a woman’s job — by default?

    On bright side, photo could as easily be a picture of a successful (yes) gay male couple collecting their daughter after school. So there is progress in our world, if not always among editorial staff.

    Story online tag: From Highly Successful to Unemployed to Mr. Mom

    They’re not successes anymore.

    (Bright spot: Mr. Moms tend to spend more time with their families once they return to successfulness)


  11. dnd

    It’s unclear to me how “Bob” knows that “only” seven people read this blog, but you had the perfect response.

    ps. Your Dbacks finally won a series!

  12. horsedooty

    At least one more Texan that I know of because he too is from Fort Worth. I think he is the producer and possibly the band leader. His name is T-Bone Burnett.

  13. horsedooty

    lets try this again

    click here

  14. dnd, yep, the D-Backs finally won a series. Now both us are at the bottom of the standings. The season is still very young, but the natives here are starting to grumble about Melvin, who has got to be feeling the heat.

  15. Nannymm

    Good morning from the dark, dreary, and cold North Country. It’s 30 degrees and I’m sitting here “Crying” for spring. 😦

  16. dnd

    Then there was that guy born up in Lubbock. What was his name? Buddy Holly?

  17. dnd

    I’m not so sure about a special prosecutor for those involved with torture. That will effectively put a lid on it.

    I’m not in favor of a congressional commission or an investigation. This will serve as a huge distraction. While the base on the left is for this, it looks more like revenge than justice or truth seeking. The base on the right keeps saying “let’s move on, look toward the future,” I think there’s nothing more they would enjoy than to keep this front and center, so as to serve as a huge distraction from the serious problems facing us now. Remember this is the crowd of patriots that wants Obama to fail.

    I think the Justice Dept. should quietly keep investigating and when the time is right bring it to light.

    And if Cheney refuses to testify, we can always waterboard him 😉

  18. horsedooty

    Then there was that guy born up in Lubbock. What was his name? Buddy Holly?

    I thought you were gonna say Joe Ely.

    Don’t forget Delbert McClinton also.

  19. dnd

    The Traveling Wilburys were never the same after Orbison died.

  20. dnd

    Billy Joe Shaver from east Texas.

    Is Corsicana east Texas?

    Oh, and there’s that obscure musician, Willie Nelson. Ever heard of him?

  21. horsedooty

    Kris Kristofferson and Janis and some country bumkin named George Straight and another guy named George (no show)Jones. Johnny Winters and his brother, I guess we should not forget Waylon and Willie and don’t forget LeAnn Rimes and LeAnn Womack. I am sure I am forgetting someone important.

  22. horsedooty

    Corsicana is just south of Dallas on I-45 to Houston.
    See I did forget someone important…Shaver.

  23. horsedooty

    This is a good justification that Texas has saved country music.

  24. Morning peeps, yes doots, t-bone put together the black and white night.

  25. horsedooty

    Yup, Brian, T Bone has some mighty producer chops.

  26. dnd, I don’t follow on why selecting a special prosecutor “puts a lid on it.” Yes, grand juries work in secret, but the media will continue to uncover more details whether there is a grand jury on it or not. We’re in for at least 18 months to two years of drip, drip, dripping bits of information almost daily. This morning it was revealed that Con Rice and Dick Cheney gave the verbal orders to use waterboarding, a universally accepted method of torture, on Abu Zuybaydah — maybe as many times as 50 or more four months after he was captured. And, so it will go. Let’s start the judicial procedings now and let the chips fall where they may — contrary to Judge de la Vega’s theory of why we shouldn’t call for a special prosecutor now.

  27. eprof do you have a link on that story about Condi Rice, that’s something I’d like to read about.

  28. I hope everyone is braced for what I think is going to be a serious knock em down battle that is going to happen between the repugs and the Dems as the torture issue becomes more central. I think it might even get more ugly than is going to happen around the budget.

  29. horsedooty

    here is another story about Rice and torture from MSNBC.


  30. Rezdog

    dnd sed: “I’m not in favor of a congressional commission or an investigation. This will serve as a huge distraction.”

    Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I don’t have any problem with a special prosecutor or a Cong. commission. The 9/11 commission could of been a big finger pointing televised fiasco but it was handled without much derision or distraction. Our country better start doing as we tell everyone to do and quit following the do as I say and not as I do path.

    I support Obama and think it took a lot of courage to go against our country’s lifetime of sweeping our dirt under the carpet.

    I have a feeling we’ll do a takeoff of the ‘it’s different went we do it” dance to the world.

  31. Nannymm

    You make a great point, Rez. The rest of the world is tired of our preaching to them while we do whatever we damned well please. We are seen as hypocrites with good reason. I think Obama is working hard to change that; unfortunately, he will get a lot of push back from the right wing and those who strongly believe in American exceptionalism.

  32. Nannymm

    I just filled out that survey, Brian. 😈

  33. Nannymm

    I just filled out that repug survey, Brian. 😈

  34. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Thursday, April 23, 2009 — 3:24 PM ET

    U.S. Is Said to Prepare Bankruptcy Filing for Chrysler

    The Treasury Department is preparing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy
    filing for Chrysler that could come as soon as next week,
    people with direct knowledge of the action said Thursday. The
    Treasury has an agreement in principle with the United
    Automobile Workers union, whose members’ pensions and retiree
    health care benefits would be protected as a condition of the
    bankruptcy filing, said these people.

  35. dnd

    Do you remember during Scooter-gate that everyone in the Justice Dept. and WH would respond to questions with: “I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation?”

    I’m not against a Congressional inquiry or an independent commission or if necessary, a special prosecutor. I’m just against it now.

    The global economy is in crisis, Iran is working on nukes, Pakistan is melting down. These are urgent and important. Getting to the bottom of torture is important, but not urgent, as we don’t do it any more.

  36. I want televised watergate style hearings, great TV!

  37. Glenn Greenwald, a critic of the fourth estate, points out in his Salon.com post today that “media stars” are as responsible for trying to squash an investigation into US uses of torture in the last eight years as any former member of the Bush administration. A must read if we are to understand how the M$M filters our information on this issue.


  38. Rezdog


    I’m hip to your point and it’s valid. But isn’t that what always happens. Postpone, delay and forget.

    Greenwald’s a good read on all this torture biz. imo.

  39. dnd

    “The issue is already partisan, Brian. Even those repugs who know that we tortured and that we did so illegally and for political purposes are turning a blind eye to this. They won’t support an investigation by an independent prosecutor or prosecution of the torturers. They are standing together, brazenly supporting their party and the previous president”

    1. None of those guys are supporting W. They’re throwing him under the bus at every opportunity to hide their previous sins.
    2. Of course this is a partisan issue. What isn’t these days? I blame it on gerrymandering, making it impossible to throw out fringe wackos who made it into office. When was the last time you heard one of these kooks say about the WH: “Say, that’s not such a bad idea!” Instead they say: “I support our President 100% and want him to succeed, but I can’t help but differ with him on this issue because he’s a Socialist, anti-American Muslim, born in Kenya, who wants to take away your guns and force your daughters to have abortions so they will wind up having a gay marriage.”

    3. dnd’s conspiracy corner says that the far-right want’s nothing more than this torture issue to take stage, front and center. This will be, as I said above, a distraction from the real problems, allowing them to do what they do well: attack. Coming up with solutions is not this current crop’s strong suit.

  40. dnd

    I agree with Rez on the Greenwald piece. The problem with the M$M these days is that they report on politics, not events. Is Dana Priest the only investigative reporter with a job these days?

    Huge difference between this and Watergate. Watergate dealt with a sitting president. The Watergate hearings were bipartisan. Watergate had Woodward and Bernstein 😉

  41. Nannymm

    I stand corrected on the point about supporting the previous president. You’re correct that no one is supporting him; however, the right is supporting his torture policy. Or to put it more accurately, they are desperately trying to defend and justify it.

    As far as your conspiracy theory, you may be right there, too. Nothing those repugs do would surprise me anymore. But it won’t work. We are all capable of multi-tasking and processing multiple ideas about a myriad of issues. Only the feeble minded think we have to focus on one issue at a time. And let’s not forget that it is W’s fault that Obama must now deal with a bushel full of urgent and important problems. I agree with Rez:

    “But isn’t that what always happens. Postpone, delay and forget…”

    That’s what I think the repugs are hoping for. No matter. Their wishes don’t matter. They lost and now the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress will decide.

  42. dnd

    The right’s defense of torture is predicated on a syllogism with a false premise:

    1. We are in imminent danger
    2. Torture will alert us to this danger will happen
    3. Therefore torture is justified, to protect us from imminent danger

    The false premise is 2. Torture is psychological manipulation, which takes time to be effective in those instances when it is effective.

  43. dnd

    Everything Matt Taibbi writes is funny. He is, IMHO, the best satirist on wheels these days.

    I would be nice if Al Franken is seated he resorts to satire, his strong suit. I doubt he will, but someone needs to poke fun at that august body’s absurdities.

  44. Re Franken, I’d just be happy to see him seated already!

  45. dnd

    For those who want to read the torture memos, check out:


  46. In case you didn’t catch it live today, this is a must see!

    Liz Cheney Defends Father’s Torture Legacy (VIDEO) [UPDATED]


    Just proves the old adage, shit does run down hill.

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