"The Democrat Socialist Party" ~ eprof2

The Republican Party stalwarts are trying their best to label the Democratic Party, “Democrat Socialist Party.” This is a blatant attempt on the part of reactionary Republicans to find a saw for their followers in the face of their new label, “The No Party.”

The sponsors of this move in the Republican Party don’t even realize that the official name for Democrats is the Democratic Party, with the ic added after Democrat. For moderate Republicans, it must be embarrassing when your own party leaders don’t even know the official name of the opposition.

Also, the Republican sponsors don’t seem to have a clue as to the meaning of socialism. They want their followers to believe that this is part of the scary communist plot from the nineteen fifties. Call someone a socialist and ignorant Americans will think they are communists being called out from the old Soviet Union.  These same sponsors are McCarthyites who need a straw dog to show that there is an enemy out there to be opposed.  “Be afraid, be very afraid!”

Republicans who buy into this fear-mongering are probably the recipients of a socialist society here in the United States and don’t know it.  To start with, most probably attended public schools, drive on public highways, took a book out at the public library, mailed a letter through the public post office, received social security, needed unemployment benefits at one time or another, got their medications through Medicare or the Veterans’ Administration, probably deposited their money in a bank knowing that the Federal government guaranteed their deposits, believed in the Federal Reserve system, and the list goes on and on.  Many probably believe that some form of health insurance for all Americans is necessary as all of us watch our health benefits depreciate.

My conclusion: If the reactionary wing of the Republican Party wants to call me (an independent Democrat) a socialist to go along with my belief in small d democracy, then I will gladly welcome us to the rest of the industrialized nations of the world and will feel good that we are finally leaving the 19th century America of “free enterprise” and “capitalism” behind.

Call me a “Democratic Socialist,” thank you very much!



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44 responses to “"The Democrat Socialist Party" ~ eprof2

  1. Ok, you’re a Democratic Socialist.

    This thread has me seeing RED!

  2. Bob

    You’re just taking the bait, eprof. Democrats should reject such labels and dish it right back (call the GOP fascists), instead of playing defense like you just did.

  3. Bob

    300 hits a day, Brian? That’s like 50 unique readers at most, at the very most. You know that. Quit lying to these people.

  4. Bob

    By the way, Brian’s hateful and insulting email blasts are not exactly building traffic to your site. But if that is what the rest of you want to be known for, by all means, go for it.

  5. dog's eye view

    Hey Bob. re calling the GOP fascists: not sure Americans realize what fascism is. Would require a better understanding of political history.

    Wondering if the “Democrat Socialist” might backfire on GOP types trying it. Some of its social (yes) protections might not look so scary compared to the kleptomaniac capitalism we’ve suffered from.

  6. dog's eye view

    Bob: where are you in the DC area? Did you have a good weekend amid our sweltering weather?

  7. horsedooty

    so, Bob, is this a competition? Dueling blogs? Is your blog threatened by the Backchannel, Bob, if that is really your name. I am thinking appletinis and blogging might bring out your nasty petty side Bob. It ain’t pretty.

  8. Steve

    Personally, I don’t care if we get 10 hits a day, or 2….We have been over this 100 times. Just block Brian’s e-mail address and you wont get any more from him.

  9. Steve

    Re the post: It seems to me the GOP is at low tide right now. When Obama makes some big mistake (and he will, as all of us do in life) then they will find their footing. The party has always had a negative driving force behind it. They need something to gripe about.

  10. Steve

    “Quit lying to these people.”

    What did Brian know and when did he know it?


  11. dnd

    Snowing here again. Started last night about the time “Bob” was on his fifth appletini 😉

  12. dnd

    Excellent post to follow yesterday’s. Unlike her party’s old guard, Meghan McCain understands that “Democrat” is a noun and “Democratic” is an adjective. Never heard her call Democrats “socialists”, or the new slur “fascists” either. Interestingly, communists call social democrats “fascists” so if Republicans call Democrats “fascists,” I guess that makes Republicans commies 😉

  13. dog's eye view

    The GOP seems to take labeling to an extreme, although I am probably overlooking some DemocratIC examples in saying that. (Plz provide some, if you think of them. Makes for a discussion.)

    They throw labels out there, alone, as a substitute for actual discussion on the merits and shortcomings of ideas.

    It would be gracious if the GOP returned to saying “Democratic” where it’s proper usage. Barry Goldwater would do that.

    I think [Saint] Ronald of Reagan might do it too.

    At least in public and official speeches. He seemed to respect Tip O’Neill and some other Democratic leaders as people he had to work with to get his policies enacted. Probably some personal affection as adversaries, if occasional irritants too.

    It’s odd. If a Democratic candidate wants to rouse an audience, s/he will speak of GOP policies that are anathema. Robber Baron Capitalism. “War on Terror. Torture. No Child Left Behind.”

    For GOP candidates, politicians, media figures: just go with the label du jour. “Socialist. Soft on defense. Surrender monkeys.”

  14. dog's eye view

    Recession is hitting 4-legged municipal employees hard too.

    Columbia, SC considering layoffs for its police dogs.

    (Also its 3 horses, although everyone agrees they are ceremonial.)


  15. Morning peeps. I see we had an overnight visitor.

  16. horsedooty

    Yup, Bob the appletini abuser!

  17. horsedooty

    But Bob is helping drive up the post numbers.

  18. horsedooty

    raining here all day. Rance is welded to my hip officially now. Laying under the computer desk shaking is ass off now.

  19. horsedooty

    “To start with, most probably attended public schools, drive on public highways, took a book out at the public library, mailed a letter through the public post office, received social security, needed unemployment benefits at one time or another, got their medications through Medicare or the Veterans’ Administration, probably deposited their money in a bank knowing that the Federal government guaranteed their deposits, believed in the Federal Reserve system, and the list goes on and on.”

    All that has happened to me at one time or another. So I guess I am a socialist.

  20. Yeah “Bob” needs to cut back on those!

  21. dnd

    “Doots the Cowboy Socialist” would make a great C&W song.

  22. Greetings from the desert. Playing defense? My post was not tongue in cheek, Bob, but an open acknowledgement of being a small d democrat who rather likes so many of the aspects of socialism, like our European, Scandinavian, and Canadian brethrens. It’s time to move forward with an open mind toward national health insurance and other government supported enterprises and leave behind the myths that Republicans would like you to believe. In reality, Republicans probably practice the old saying, “socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest of us” which has been a part of our political language for quite some time now. Today, we need socialism for all of us!

  23. eprof to me the really interesting thing about this whole socialist label attack from the repugs is how infective it’s proving to be. Just imagine what power such a charge would carry 10 or 20 years ago. We’ve come a long way baby!

  24. BevnTempe

    I also consider myself a “Democratic Socialist.” I attended public school, get books from the library, have called 911, drive on the highways, and receive Social Security and Medicare.

    Great post, eprof2. The other party just doesn’t get it!

  25. dnd

    John McCain has received government supplied health care his entire life, and will to the day he dies. He’s received a paycheck from the government since he went to college. Must be a Democratic Socialist!

  26. Fred Thompson: Obama Loosed ‘Dogs of War’ on CIA

    Former Senator, TV star and presidential candidate Fred Thompson tells Newsmax that President Barack Obama is revealing his “naivete, ineptitude and arrogance” as he deals with matters of national security.


  27. dnd you left out that McCain’s education was fully govt. funded and I suspect he spent most of his childhood in govt. housing too.

  28. dnd

    David Corn on why a special prosecutor may not be such a hot idea for torture-gate:


  29. Special prosecutors make me nervous. Remember Ken Starr?

  30. dnd

    Special prosecutors make me nervous. Remember Archibald Cox?
    — Richard Nixon

  31. discussing the cutting of funds for pandemic preparedness right now on Tweety.

  32. horsedooty

    Fox Snooze is making themselves totally irrelevant to 2/3’s of the American public. Works for me.

  33. dnd

    I don’t think a lot of people who watch Fox buy into the ideology. E.g., I think a lot of people watch Glen Beck for the same reason a lot of people attend the freak show at the carnival.

  34. Oh boy dnd, I couldn’t disagree more strongly, I’m sure Beck’s audience is mostly true believers. Seriously if you aren’t into the shit he’s shoveling how could you watch it for more than 10 minutes.

  35. dnd

    I know people who don’t agree with Rush but listen to him just to get riled up. I know people who don’t like KO but watch, again, just to get riled up.

    Me, I watch The News Hour on PBS. Just to get riled up 😉

  36. dnd

    Here ‘ya go eprof2:
    “A conservative faction of the Republican National Committee is urging the GOP to take a harder line against both Democrats and wayward Republicans, drafting a resolution to rename the opposition the “Democrat Socialist Party” and moving to rebuke the three Republican senators who supported the stimulus package. ”


  37. Just in case any of you forgot the words:

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