Rescued captain advises Congress on piracy ~ Horsedooty

WASHINGTON – The planet’s shipping fleet should be protected from deadly pirates by arming senior crew members, or not — depending on who was speaking Thursday to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Maersk Alabama Capt. Richard Phillips or his boss, Maersk Inc. Chairman John P. Clancey.

“It would be my personal preference that a limited number of crew aboard the vessel have access to effective weaponry,” Phillips told the panel, his wife and a crewmember seated behind him.



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58 responses to “Rescued captain advises Congress on piracy ~ Horsedooty

  1. horsedooty

    Captain Phillips boss, Chairman of the Board for Maersk Inc. John P. Clancy does not agree with the more experienced captain.

  2. What does Clancy think should be done doots?

  3. horsedooty

    the rightwingnut wackery has really began to flourish with this Swineflu thing. Most are blaming the open border policy that the US, in their mind, has.
    All the usual suspects are targeting the Mexicans for the flu. There is NO PROOF of this being the case but these ass hats don’t let truth or facts get in the way.

    You can read more here if you click here if you can stand reading more about this shit

  4. horsedooty


    Clancy is essentially saying that this will ratchet up the violence that the pirates will use as they start to be confronted by armed crews. Bigger and bigger weapons that sort of thing. Insurance is bound to escalate also.

  5. Actually I thought those students from Queens going on a visit to Mexico was the first known entry in this country. And just wait till the president makes him nomination to the Court if you want to see rightwingnut wackery!

  6. horsedooty

    that is my take also Brian wrts to the students bringing in the flu.

    It will be interesting to see how they spin this nomination.

  7. If the president nominates Elena Kagan expect all hell to break lose. What fun!

  8. dnd

    It is clear that Capt. Phillips is:
    1. A hero
    2. Well trained on dealing with pirates
    3. Not too savvy on police or military methods

    You pretty much have to be a crack shot to nail those little boats bobbing about in rough waters. The pirates have RPGs.

    You can’t arm tankers. You can’t have a cigarette lighter on a tanker.

    Unmanned drones might be an interesting approach. Military escorted convoys might be another. Figuring out the reason for the rise of piracy and dealing with that might be the best.

  9. dnd

    Closing the border is without a doubt the dumbest idea ever. This would mean shutting down all travel from all countries that allow travel with Mexico, or all countries that allow travel with all countries that allow travel with Mexico, or all countries that allow travel with all countries that allow travel with all countries that allow travel with Mexico. Etc.

    Ditto for trade. I.e. we completely shutdown the borders to everyone for an indefinite period of time.

  10. dnd

    For identity politics, Sotomayor is probably the top pick, then Sears, then Kegan. None will be popular with the right.

    But I have no clue how heavy identity politics will weigh.

  11. There was a report earlier on MSNBC that it’s quite possible swine flu actually started in California and not in Mexico. I wonder if Mexico will now call to close the border!

  12. Looking like Bo has turned out to be Michelle’s dog!

  13. BevnTempe

    I agree, dnd, that closing the border would be stupid. I assume they’re talking only about the Mexican-US border. Can’t the flu come in from the other border -Canada-US? Haven’t heard anything about closing that one. What about the Pacific and Atlantic borders? Should all the international airports be closed because they crossed a border? Yes, I know cruises and perhaps some flights have been cancelled. Closing an entire school for one flu case is debatable.

    I think its a good idea to be prepared for a pandemic, but there is a difference between being prudent and hysterical.

  14. Based on the president’s remarks before Planned Parenthood I wouldn’t be looking for someone who clings to the center as the next justice to the court.

  15. Nannymm

    Hmmm… Maybe Canada will close the Northern Border.;)

  16. Nannymm

    Good post, Doots. But, I fail to see why the Captain’s opinion on how to protect cargo ships matters. He is an expert at running his ship; security on the high seas is not his specialty. That is a matter that must be dealt with by security experts. I think Congress was just looking for an opportunity to bask in the glow of the heroic captain.

    As for the upcoming SCOTUS nomination, my guess is that it will be a liberal woman. The repugs will fight like hell; they will scream and holler; they’ll swear that the world will stop spinning on its axis if Obama has his way. THEN, they will lose.
    I can’t wait for those hearings! What FUN! I think we should have a “SCOTUS Hearing Party.” 😀

  17. Nannymm

    That jury duty thing is hysterical, Bev. Thanks for a good laugh.

  18. Nannymm

    For once Limbaugh has a good idea:

    Limbaugh on Souter replacement: “We need a teenage single mother who’s gay, is a lesbian, who’s dirt poor, African-American, and disabled.”

  19. dnd

    I’m with Nannymm. That jury duty thing is a riot!

  20. horsedooty

    I think I would value the captain’s input in what to do about the pirates. I might not use his suggestions but I want to hear them. After all, it is his butt sitting there on that boat.

  21. Nannymm

    That’s a valid point, Doots. I’m sure he and his fellow captains just want something done to ensure their safety.

  22. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m down right tickled that we are getting to see so early in his presidency Obama appointing a justice to the court. There is a high probability that this president will be appointing more justices than any other president in modern history and his first pick will be telling about what the court will look like for a long time to come.

  23. BTW I don’t think we’ll have a pick soon.

  24. Nannymm

    I’m beyond tickled pink, Brian. I’m ecstatic! I’m also hoping that one of the right wingers will leave so Obama can really tip the balance of the Court.

  25. dnd

    I’m not tickled. Souter has been great and I’m sorry to see him go. The last thing Obama needs is another sour political pickle on his plate. As with the release of the torture memos, no matter what he does he risks pissing off both the right and the left.

    Ike picked five. I doubt Obama will have that opportunity. And I’m sure Obama is aware of Truman’s observation that stacking the court is impossible.

    Give me fair. You can’t have “fair and balanced.” You can either be fair, or balanced or unbalanced. They are all mutually exclusive.

    Ok, off the soapbox.

    For now 😉

    ps. I agree. Unlikely to see a pick soon.

  26. “Ok, off the soapbox.”

    I thought you were permanently attached to it.


  27. And I do think there is a high probability Obama could appoint 5, and not sure we can still consider Ike “modern history”.


  28. dnd

    Roberts, Thomas, Alito and Scalia ain’t going anywhere. But you did make me think that perhaps Obama should appoint Mario Cuomo.

  29. dnd

    In all seriousness, I think Mario Cuomo would be great on the SCOTUS.

  30. dnd

    Any president since the advent of rock & roll should be considered in modern history.

    Rumor has it that Dwight and Mamie use to dance to this in the White House:

  31. Steve

    Rightwing whackkery? Who is more irrelevant: them or own own beloved appltini drinking bob?

  32. Rosy did a better job of it, and with cute dancing boys to boot!

  33. Steve

    I understand the porblem with getting the pirates is the wide expanse of the water these guys can be found trolling. the expense would not be worth it.

  34. Steve

    I will be trolling all weekend kids…

  35. “Applitini Bob” is in a class all by himself. I suspect he might be stealing some of Helen prescription meds too!


  36. dnd

    Troll away Steve!

  37. Steve

    We cant have Dean without Frank.

    I suspect Bob will come staggering in before 4 in the morning

  38. Steve

    Oh My God the Randy Newman that we could post!

  39. dnd

    Dino, Rosy, Frank. How cool would it be to have the Rat Pack on the SCOTUS?

  40. Steve

    Well I guess Sammy would take Thrugood Marshall’s seat and Peter Lawford would be a shoo-in since he was a Kennedy In-Law.

  41. *stretches and yawns*

    Good nap!

  42. dnd

    Here’s what Chrysler should do: make the first hybrid muscle car. Bring back the Dodge Super Bee that gets 50 mpg and goes from 0 to 60 in 14 seconds.

    I’d buy one tomorrow.

  43. BevnTempe

    My final thought for the day: I think Obama should pick a Liberal Latino Lesbian Lawyer.

  44. dnd

    Ann Coulter vs. Joy Behar smackdown on Larry King tonight.

    Are you ready to rumble?

  45. Nannymm

    Get the popcorn ready, dnd. That’s gonna be one great show!

  46. Nannymm

    Thanks for the tunes, Steve. I adore Sinatra!

  47. Nannymm

    I can’t believe she asked Joy Behar if she wanted to be aborted. That woman is nuts!

  48. dnd

    Wouldn’t it be great to waterboard Ann Coulter?

  49. Nannymm

    OMG! That would be awesome, dnd!

  50. horsedooty

    I will be out of pocket for the rest of today and most of tomorrow. Off to the Lower Mountain Fork River for a few days of fly fishing. Yippee! See ya ’round the square.

  51. Steve

    Dont thank me. Thank the pack, or at least thank their memory.

  52. Steve

    I’m hanging around today…see you guys off and on

  53. Morning peeps,
    New Thread

  54. Nannymm

    I read this “Dam” Letter years ago. It’s as funny today as it was then.

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