5/2/09: Your Weekly Address



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39 responses to “5/2/09: Your Weekly Address

  1. dnd

    Today is National Astronomy Day.


    Keep looking up!

  2. Steve

    Up from a nap. Boy, did I need that. I am about to watch President Obama’s address.

  3. Steve

    The speech was a job well done (as usual). Presidencies are built on every day things like his speech. The tip of the hat to Bush’s 2005 work on the flu was an especially classy touch.

    …back to my Weekend Nirvana…

  4. dog's eye view

    for Doots and dnd and everyone else: LATimes on vintage guitars (50-60s, etc.) coming on the market. Not cheap, but memorable.

    And 2 points if you figure out who’s pictured in accompanying photo. I never got past the “wow, that guy looks familiar…”


  5. dog's eye view

    of course, WITHOUT reading the caption.

  6. dnd

    Hard not to read the caption. Extra two points: what chord is he playing?

  7. MadMustard

    Is that an Ab barre chord? If not, I’ll blame eyesight and BlackBerry’s screen resolution.

  8. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Saturday, May 2, 2009 — 10:28 PM ET

    Jack Kemp, Former Quarterback and Congressman, Is Dead

    Mr. Kemp played for the Buffalo Bills, represented western
    New York for nine terms in Congress and served as Bob Dole’s
    running mate in 1996. His spokeswoman and a former campaign
    adviser said Mr. Kemp died after a lengthy illness, The
    Associated Press reported.

  9. Steve


    That’s too bad about Kemp. His rhetoric could be tough at times, but he was never one of the lunatics. Not that it matters, but he played for the Steelers for a while too.

  10. dog's eye view

    Morning, Steve.

    Yeah, Kemp was a decent guy. RIP.

    Although his passing did remind me of this famous magazine cover.


    (hope tinyurl works here…)


    a Mustard sighting. Awwright! Good to see you here. No clue on the chord — don’t know any of them that far down the fret board.

  11. dog's eye view

    The full link to that Kemp Time cover.

  12. dog's eye view

    from NYTimes Kemp obit.

    Mr. Kemp was a founder and president of the A.F.L. Players Association. In January 1965, he supported a boycott of an all-star game in New Orleans by the league’s black players after they had been barred from nightclubs and cabs in the city. Mr. Kemp helped get the game moved to Houston, where the black players participated.


  13. MadMustard

    Hello Dog and the gang, good to see you guys.

    Yes Kemp was a committed fiscal conservative but he did have integrity on some social issues.

    If memory serves, he did have some ugly comments about Clinton during impeachment. But then again… A lot of us did.

  14. dnd

    Hey Mad, how ‘ya doing? Ditto your comments on Kemp. If the Republicants had a few more like him, they wouldn’t be in such bad shape these days.

    ps. Missed it by that much. It’s an A (fifth fret). I’m amazed that you could see it at all on a BlackBerry.

  15. MadMustard

    Ah ha! That proves that I am both pitch deaf and blind. I was most concerned whether it was a major or minor chord. I didn’t even get the number of frets correct. 🙂

  16. Morning peeps.
    Specter on MTP right now.

  17. dog's eye view

    Good morning all. Soggy one in DC area. No biking today, but the flora is happy.

  18. dog's eye view

    via Balloon Juice: Jack Kemp’s letter to his grandchildren on Obama’s election:

    “Dear Kemp grandchildren — all 17 of you, spread out from the East Coast to the West Coast, and from Wheaton College in Illinois, to Wake Forest University in North Carolina:

    My first thought last week upon learning that a 47-year-old African-American Democrat had won the presidency was, “Is this a great country or not?”


  19. dnd

    Moron Joe on MTP, presumably to hump his book.

    He said that Reagan said: “The government that governs best governs least.” Um, no. That is generally attributed to Paine or Jefferson. Reagan said: “The government is the problem.”

    In his effort to re-establish Republicans as conservatives, he trots out Reagan time after time, but the reality is there hasn’t been a conservative Republican president since Eisenhower.

    He finishes up by saying “We can disagree without being disagreeable.” failing to notice that the downfall of the Republican party began with his class and their penchant for being disagreeable. And big government…

  20. Nannymm

    There’s nothing wrong with big government when the repugs want something. Look at that ass Rick Perry. Someone sneezed in Texas and he closed the schools, declared a disaster and requested federal funds. He sure does like those big government funds, no matter what he says, since he asks for them a lot.

  21. I’ve always felt the “big argument” is really a canard. I don’t think it’s the size of govt. repugs object to, it’s the cost, and we all know how repugs feel about taxes.

  22. Nannymm

    I agree with you, Brian. But they seem to want something for nothing. How do they think government is going to pay for roads, wars, veterans, schools, disasters, etc? They talk about personal responsibility and paying your own way UNTIL they need help. Then they want government to be there for them. Let’s face it; they’re hypocrites.

  23. dnd

    All politicians, Republican and Democrats, like big government as it increases their power. The only issue is what programs the government supports. I worked for the BLM during the Reagan administration and saw huge increases in the size of government.

    The only president in recent history that reduced the size of government was Clinton, and they impeached him…

  24. Nannymm

    That’s my point, dnd. They all like it; only the repugs lie and claim that they don’t.

  25. Lifting the Bush-era veil of secrecy
    On US torture, we need to find out what happened – and why
    By Patrick Leahy


  26. horsedooty

    The old man is back from the river. Score Hoot = 0 Doots=2. Fish = unmeasurable. Rained most of the time and we had some lightening Sat late day. We decided that holding 8 or 9 foot graphite rods standing up to our waists in the river with lightening might not be the smartest of things to do. We retired for the evening got out of the waders and boots and went to eat. Like I said I caught 2 rainbows and for that river are about medium sized at 9 or so inches. It only spurted rain this morning and no lightening. More to follow.

  27. dog's eye view

    Have you feasted on the rainbows yet, Doots? Two sounds honorable. And you have the sense to come in from the rain. (For fish, that’s optional.)

    We’ve had a rainy day, but how pretty it looks with the new greenery that sprung forth last week. (It could have been time lapse one day — from sparse leaves to everything out in full, overnight.)

    Fixing some leftover salmon kind of Japanese style, with asparagus too.

    Think there’s a band named Leftover Salmon. Seriously.

  28. dnd

    The only thing I catch when fly fishing are mosquito bites.


  29. horsedooty

    hoot and I apply the catch and release option with regards to fly fishing. In fact, in the area we fished this weekend it is mandatory.

  30. dog's eye view

    Washington’s National Zoo in throes of a panda pregnancy watch.


    Recall: last time we had a newborn panda, Ana Marie Cox was still Wonkette and the baby was christened “Butterstick” (its size).


    I think it’s cool we’ve still got our juvenile panda, Tai Shan. He’s about 3 years old now, and still here.

  31. dog's eye view

    Hey, they wanted to be paid for those downloads, dnd.

    And who knew they were a Colorado band?

    Looking them up on Youtube soonest.

    (They being Leftover Salmon. And dinner was delish.)

  32. dnd

    There are two kinds of salmon in Colorado:

    1. kokanee
    2. leftover

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