Dow-sponsored Walleye Fest to donate contaminated fish to the poor ~ Horsedooty

Anglers will compete this weekend to catch breeding fish that will be swimming upstream through areas some say should be a federal Superfund site.

Despite advisories that warn people to avoid contact with river sediments and consuming locally caught fish, thousands are expected to participate this weekend in a Dow Chemical-sponsored walleye festival along the Tittabawassee and Saginaw rivers, where the watershed has been contaminated with harmful dioxin and other toxic substances.

And just as the Michigan Department of Community Health is warning that children and pre-menopausal women should mostly avoid eating river fish including walleye because of contamination from polychlorinated biphenyls and dioxin, organizers of the festival say they plan to donate walleye fillets to a local food bank.

I am not an expert but I don’t think this is a particularly smart idea.

More on this story can be found here:

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18 responses to “Dow-sponsored Walleye Fest to donate contaminated fish to the poor ~ Horsedooty

  1. Well I guess that’s one fix to the poverty problem, feed them poisoned fish!

  2. dnd

    Polychlorinated biphenyls and dioxin, now that’s good eatin’.

  3. haha, too funny, Pat Buchanan just predicted a 30 seat pick up for the repugs in the 2010 election. Whatever he’s smoking, I want some!

  4. Very cool on the prez appointing Jill Biden to a head up a committee on increased access for people to community colleges for further training! Very cool!

  5. dnd

    Maybe Buchanan is eating Saginaw Walleye.

  6. Words Designed to Kill Health Care Reform
    Sen. Jeff Merkley
    U.S. Senator from Oregon

  7. dog's eye view

    well this is a happenin’ place today.

    Fixing the usual salmon dinner; no PCBs that I know of.

    We had a sunny day today without rain; first non-rainy day in about 8. Got a good walk in the rain in yesterday; loved it.

    White House military director has resigned after that flyover. Sad end to a career, and embarrassing for him. Pretty amazing no one thought to alert New Yorkers; seeing a big plane in an unusual place in the Washington area is cause enough for comment.

  8. dnd

    I’m really starting to wonder what’s up with Cheney. Mostly in a hidden-location for the last eight years, presumably behind the curtain manipulating the levers, now you can’t shut him up.

    There was some weird kind of transformation when he became veep. To keep on today’s thread, spawning walleye swimming upstream through polluted waters may be a good metaphor for what’s happened with Cheney.

  9. Steve

    Great…just when I double my money on Dow Stock…guess I am in the BC doghouse now!

  10. Steve just don’t let them pay your dividends in Walleye

  11. going to be a quiet weekend dog, both nanny and doots are away and burrito is dealing with a friend in crisis.

  12. Steve

    Good morning troops. saw Craig on Olbermann last night. Man, it makes me sad to see him. He sure is a good writer. I just hate how things turned out and let me make clear to any lurkers out there that i am only speaking for me. Also, unlike my usual posts about such things, I mean that one from the bottom of my heart.

    Haven’t been much in the political mode.

    As most of you know from being buds with me I have a Granbddaughter on the way and I am trying to finish the school year, but I am running on fumes.

    I will be in and out this weekend. I will try to keep the fires burning as best as I can.

  13. Steve

    Why should Specter get a free pass? If he gets a challenger then so be it.

  14. dog's eye view

    Morning all. Beautiful one in Virginia; feels like it could get hot.

  15. Steve

    Back from the garden and checking in…..going to be nap time soon. By the way my investment in Dow has given me a good return. I wish they would be more responsible though

  16. dnd

    If you bought DOW in March, SELL! That Rohm & Haas debacle was a mess. Their bonds are two levels above junk. And those new 130 million shares should dilute the P/E.

    Just my $0.02 😉

    BTW, great news about the forthcoming grandbaby.

  17. Morning peeps, new thread

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