5/16/09: Your Weekly Address



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34 responses to “5/16/09: Your Weekly Address

  1. dnd

    In case you missed dog’s last post from the last thread:

    Letter to the Editor of the New York Times: “Defending Joe Scarborough”.

    Except it’s from …


    LOL funny. And completely false. Clearly a sign of an abusive relationship…

  2. nannymm

    Mika is an idiot. She can’t even stand up for a liberal point of view that she claims to support. Kinda reminds me of Hannity and Colmes. Mika and Colmes are both both weak and ineffectual token liberals and neither is capable of standing up to his or her conservative partner.

  3. dnd

    “Archbishop to Obama: Look Past ‘Strident Outcries’ Over ND Visit ”

    Probably 80% of the Catholics I know are left of center. Their religious beliefs guide their ideology, not the other way around. They cite the New Testament to Jesus’ teaching of tolerance, forgiveness, and devotion to helping those who suffer as the path to spiritual enlightenment and salvation. The Mother Teresa model if you will.

    So the recent trend of a few far right Catholics has really surprised me. Maybe I’m living in a bubble out here. I dunno…

  4. Don’t forget d, you now live in a blue state. Obama’s election has blown the lid off a lot hatred we haven’t seen in such a public manner in quite a while. It was to be expected, but it’s still pretty disgusting to see. There is something I think rather ugly about what’s going on at Notre Dame, and it has nothing to with the teachings of Christ from my understanding of them.

  5. Youtube is down, not a good week for google!

  6. trout boy aka Horsedooty

    youtube working at this computer

  7. yeah working here now too, was down for about 20 minutes.

  8. trout boy aka Horsedooty

    So, how cool do you have to be to have Kris Kristofferson do the eulogy at your funeral? Just back from Stephen’s funeral and that is what happened.

  9. dog's eye view

    Go Rachel Alexandra. Great news that a filly won the Preakness. And Mine That Bird almost did, coming in second.

    Horse racing is a Cinderella story this year, with a lot of the charm.


    Doots: sounds like a great sendoff for your friend. Somewhere, he appreciated it.

  10. dnd

    Way cool Doots.

  11. Michael Steele is getting his clock cleaned on MTP

  12. dnd

    If it’s Sunday, it’s my favorite curmudgeon, Ed Quillen:
    “If you go by definitions, Colorado is the original Red State. If you go by history, you’d know that it was admitted to the Union in 1876 because the Republicans figured they’d need its three electoral votes that year — and they were right.

    So when some of our GOP luminaries felt a need to gather in a non-smoke-filled room in February to plot a return to power, I found it easier to give credence to all those recent stories about the coming death of the Republican Party. ”


  13. dnd

    “Michael Steele is getting his clock cleaned on MTP”

    Steele is cleaning his own clock. All Tim Kaine has to do is sit there and smile while Steele does his Rosanne Rosannadana impersonation.

  14. dnd

    Garrison Keillor is becoming a Republican.

    “And crankiness is the birthright of Republicans. ”


  15. dnd

    Peggy Noonan on MTP about what the Republican party should be doing:

    “React by speaking the English language which the administration has not been doing so good.”

    The grammar police are in her rear view mirror. 😉

  16. And what about that crap when she was going on that the prez is doing too much. Well that’s cause her boy Bush left such a heaping pile of shit that needs to be cleaned up.

  17. trout boy aka Horsedooty

    here is an equally scary story.


  18. nannymm

    If you guys keep posting these scary links, I’m going to have nightmares tonight. That piece about Rumsfeld is seriously creepy. *shivers*

  19. nannymm

    dnd, thanks for another good read from Ed Quillen. I look forward to your links to his articles. 🙂

  20. Well seeing the welcome the prez just got I now see why some bishops were afraid!

  21. nannymm

    This whole controversy is absurd. The vast majority of Catholics support Obama and his being honored by Notre Dame.

  22. I’m very surprised MSNBC isn’t running this, I’m watching on fox

  23. Not a good day for the anti-choice crowd.

  24. dnd

    Judging by the reception at Notre Dame, the opposition and protests backfired, big time.

  25. dog's eye view

    Good evening from North Carolina. Back to Virginia tomorrow.

    Here’s link to President Obama’s Notre Dame speech (w/Balloon Juice comments). Look forward to seeing how he handled it and what was said. Have been away and on a bit of a news blackout. Passing on Doots’ Rumsfeld story, whatever it was, for the time being. In a good mood and plan to stay that way.


    Hope you all have had a good weekend.

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