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24 responses to “One day, two men~ BrianInNYC

  1. dnd

    Steele – trying to save his job.
    Obama – trying to save the planet.

  2. I wonder which came closer to his goal? I don’t think it was Chairman Steele!

  3. Kieth did a really nice job with Elizabeth Edwards tonight.

  4. eprof2

    Brian, yes, KO did a wonderful interview with EE.

    dnd, I heard on NPR today while going to Home Depot that the Japanese car manufacturers, who are also having an economic downturn, went to the government not for a bailout, but a ten percent reduction in prices and a tax benefit to the individual car buyer who is buying up to “green.” In other words, a bailout for individuals and not for the car companies. It’s working, too, as sales have gone up dramatically. The US won’t get out of our current mess until people start buying again. Bailing out the car companies, as we saw with Fiat and Chrysler, is just money thrown down a pit. Give consumers a reason to want to buy again with credit available and not these smoke and mirror sales by GMC and Ford: one week “lower prices” and the next week “lower interest rates.” I’ve been wanting a new pick-up to pull our trailer. So, I’ve been watching this same truck for the past six months. The dealers and the companies are wanting to make the same amount of money on the sale whether they get it on price one week or credit rates the next. With the bottom line still the same, people aren’t buying. They are in Japan, though. CAFE standards are great only if people will buy.

  5. eprof2

    Brian, do you suppose KO has never seen Sicko? Tonight’s worst person was Senator Ensign who pointed out that Gitmo detainees get better health care than the average American. In Sicko, Michael Moore showed, perhaps, five, six or seven politicians saying the same thing when trying to defend Gitmo as a prison (or non-prison). Among the leaders was Bill Frist of TN, a doctor, who said the same thing in 2006.

  6. Aren’t we going to have a clunker tax credit pretty soon? I believe we are.

  7. I’m pretty sure he’s seen sicko. Who hasn’t?

  8. dog's eye view

    Morning all.

    Good someone’s learning about selling cars. Greener ones, even.

    One day, it will be us as well as the Japanese.

  9. bevntempe

    eprof2 – we finally got cloudy weather and some raindrops. Looking out my window right now toward CG, it looks like you might be getting some rain. Hard to believe it can be like this and still be 105 degrees in the afternoon. Good luck on the new truck. Lost your phone # & email when my computer crashed.

  10. Bev a very compelling reason for you to switch to an online mail service like gmail, you never lose valuable info.

  11. eprof2

    Bev, left you a message on your latest post.

  12. bevntempe

    eprof2 – can you please resend to Thanks

  13. dog's eye view

    Loved the Marcus column, nanny. “Pet accompli.”

    And comment that “Tank” sounds like a Palin child. True.

    Would not have seen, so thanks for posting.

  14. dnd

    Looking at the clip of Michael Steele’s speech yesterday, I think it’s time to play compare and contrast.

    When Howard Dean was the chair of the DNC, he didn’t go out on the stump much. He didn’t live on the cable news channels. Quietly, behind the scenes he was working on the 50 state strategy. He was building local organizations. He was raising money. He was doing what all good party chairs do. And by any reasonable estimate, he was pretty successful.

    So I’m mystified that Steele and the RNC think that this current strategy, “rebranding” and renaming the Democratic party as the “Democrat Socalists.” And these are the ideas of the same crowd that got the Republicans in the mess they are in now.

    I don’t get it.

  15. As it was pointed out earlier today on Tweety, Steele is lazy.

  16. dnd

    I don’t know if Steele is lazy or incompetent. What I wonder about is the people who put him in that position.

  17. I think it was one of those jobs that nobody really wanted.

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