James Jones: US Safer Under Obama ~ trout boy

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama‘s national security adviser laid out a sweeping rebuttal Wednesday to former Vice President Dick Cheney’s charge that America is less safe under the new administration.

Pointing to increases in defense spending, efforts to get out of Iraq and revamp the strategy for Afghanistan, and a broad campaign to repair the U.S. reputation abroad, retired Marine Gen. James Jones said the nation is safer today than it has been. But, he added, no administration is perfect.

“I think that the former vice president knows full well that perfection is an impossible standard,” said Jones, adding that the U.S. can only do everything it can “to keep threats at bay and as far away from our shores as possible.”

In recent speeches, Cheney has condemned Obama for ordering the shutdown of the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and banning certain harsh interrogation methods for suspected terrorists. Overturning those Bush administration programs, he said, has made the country less safe.




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25 responses to “James Jones: US Safer Under Obama ~ trout boy

  1. Steve

    Today is JFK’s birthday (1917).

    The North Korean thing is pretty scary but this isnt the first time things have become shaky over there (in the last 20 years). Hope all are well.

  2. dnd

    Jones calls ’em as he see’s ’em.

    What I think funny is those on the right who say we’re less safe because of Obama are frequently the ones who say Obama is sticking with the Bush/Cheney security policies.

  3. eprof2

    The battle of competing songs: “My Safety Policies Are Better Than Your Safety Policies; Yes they are — no they aren’t.” And, we have almost four years of this facing us?

  4. I’m glad pundits are finally starting to say “hey we already had this debate and it was settled on election day” For me that is the only answer to this argument.

  5. dnd

    W. last night: “The first thing you do is ask, what’s legal? What do the lawyers say is possible? I made the decision, within the law, to get information so I can say to myself, ‘I’ve done what it takes to do my duty to protect the American people.’ I can tell you that the information we got saved lives.”

    Huh, sounds like Cheney wrote that for him. FWIW, lawyers don’t determine what’s legal, judges do…

  6. Well Buchanan just lost it on, referring to Sotomayor as “that woman”.

  7. nannymm

    Tom Tancredo has lost his mind. Opps! He never had a mind.

  8. sorry can’t blog right now La Raza is having a cross burning in front of my building.

  9. unlikelyburrito


    just have to say hello, you all have been on mind for some time….and I have failed in staying connected……but I just peeked in at TM….it was so nauseating that I had to come over and say hi. I want to praise you guys for keeping this place way above the dribble zone.

    that all I have…..you guy make me smile….even when I don’t talk to you…..

    A girl from the dog park asked me out…lol…I am going to the Indians game with her tomorrow….(she’s not gay…we are dog friends…) I am rooting for the Yankees, she’s from East Harlem, she hates the Yanks….go figure.

  10. unlikelyburrito

    lol funny

  11. unlikelyburrito

    Hey Bri, sorry I missed you when I was in the city last May, but my Mom was with me and that required extra care. I did get to drive about Brooklyn, and thought I did quite well….I was ready to hit any Saab or Volvo with those rubber mat bumpers….I was in the soccer mom van….(a bit beat up) perfect for the task.

    Maybe this August???? Hope all is well……

  12. All is well, is this just a tease visit or you finally back?

  13. nannymm

    Hi, Burrito!!! I’ve missed you! How are you?

  14. unlikelyburrito

    I wish I could say I am back…but my mind is fried….so, this is my deal….I will make every effort to stay better connected….seriously, I have missed all of you, but I could not keep up…with the comments or even the news……my TV went blank on my puter, and real life took over.

    I am here for real …..I just have to make more of an effort….”effort” anything involved with that word is stressing me out, but I think this is good….I think this is step one…to joining the real world again…

    Oh GOd! ( someone’s God) re – reading this….life is not that hard, but I seem to make it that way lately…..this may be my grounding source….lol…aren’t you lucky? Seriously….I know I will be “more back” when they go to school…..in the fall…..until then……my intention is to make an effort to connect

    ****for a barometer: today I wanted to tell everyone driving in front of me to “f off.” and I thought that was appropriate…loloolol

    lol…..that’s not my “zen-side”


  15. unlikelyburrito

    Hey nanny, my girl….good to see you…and you know I hope you are doing well!…Keep on keeping on….how old is that! omg

  16. unlikelyburrito

    I will be in touch more often, you guys are the best…..i am guessing that Doots has caught some trout? is he trout boy?

  17. yes trout is doots, but being the good liberal he is he catches and releases!

  18. trout boy

    Ms Burrito,

    nice to see your name on the blog again. Yes, Doots made the transformation to Trout Boy a week or so ago. Brian is correct that I am a catch and release guy. But in reality, the god damned fishes are just too little to keep. I got enough kids.

  19. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Nice you again. Don’t be a stranger 😉

  20. dnd

    It’s time to play “Whack-a-Kitty”


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