Rumsfeld to ‘face difficulties’ over Guantanamo: UN expert ~trout boy

Former US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld could soon be in trouble for the role he played in human rights abuses committed in the Guantanamo prison, a United Nationsexpert said Wednesday.

"In a year or two, his responsibilities will be established. Wherever he goes, he will face difficulties," Leandro Despouy, who is Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, told journalists in Geneva.

A US bipartisan Senate report released late last year found Rumsfeld and other top administration officials responsible for abuse of Guantanamo detainees in US custody.

It said Rumsfeld authorized harsh interrogation techniques on December 2, 2002 at the Guantanamo prison, although he ruled them out a month later.

Despouy said the "strong resistance" put forward by the former US administration to current US president Barack Obama’s decision to close the detention center has nothing to do with the officially cited reason of "national security" considerations.

Rather they are fearful that they may be taken to task once the detention center is closed, said Despouy.

The UN expert called on the international community to "support" Obama’s decision to close the prison.

"If we act in the perspective of human rights, we should support the efforts of those who want these responsibilities to be established," he added, referring to the harsh interrogation techniques used on the detainees.

He said the international community should help the US by taking in former detainees.

Do we dare to be so lucky that we could dream about something like this?

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15 responses to “Rumsfeld to ‘face difficulties’ over Guantanamo: UN expert ~trout boy

  1. trout boy


  2. One of my favorite parts of the speech the prez gave yesterday in Cairo was his re-stating that Gitmo will be closed. Despite the enormous pressure coming from the repugs I’m glad to see he’s not backing down.

    Good catch on this article TB.

  3. dnd

    The question is will Rummy squeal on Cheney to save his own hide?

  4. dnd

    Happy National Donut Day!

  5. I don’t see how Rumy can “squeal” without doing himself a lot of harm legally speaking.

  6. dnd

    Rumor is that the administration may send Gore or Richardson to negotiate Lee & Ling’s release.

  7. Where you read that dnd, there certainly is cause to pick either one or send both.

  8. dnd

    Saw it on CNN. I think Lee & Ling work for Gore’s TV channel. Good idea to get Richardson involved.

  9. sturgeone

    david carradine……..dead in his closet.

    donald rumsfeld……teaching at college.

  10. trout boy

    HI Senor Fish,

    Welcome and tragic ain’t it?

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