Weekly Address: President Obama Calls for Real Health Care Reform



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16 responses to “Weekly Address: President Obama Calls for Real Health Care Reform

  1. dnd

    This video of the Goshen County tornado is way cool. Saw it live yesterday on the local news:


  2. D did you get up early enough to see the prez at Normandy? I missed it.

  3. dnd

    Nah, I just got the last few minutes of it. I’m hoping it’s on youtube.

  4. I’m surprised it’s not up on huff yet.

  5. trout boy

    This is the same bad actor that asked for a divorce while his wife at the time was suffering from cancer. This is so he could marry his present wife and they could end their affair out of wedlock. Talk about “moral turpitude.” The guy is a genuine jackass.

  6. dnd

    Newt’s on FTN this morning. Follows Axelrod.

  7. dnd

    If it’s Sunday, it’s my favorite curmudgeon, Ed Quillen, this week talking about Jefferson, and the current crop of former pols who can’t keep from speaking out.

    “As Jefferson once observed, “When a man has cast his longing eye on [political] offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.” ”


  8. dnd

    Newt’s on FTN, again saying Sotomayor’s a racist based on her “wise Latina” comment.

    Sotomayor should bring Harry Belafonte to her Senate confirmation hearings:

  9. Isn’t that favorite song of a certain ghost writer we know from Tenn?

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