“State’s Rights” still valid? BrianInNYC

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone around here that for the most part I find the entire “state’s rights argument” to be pretty bogus and am hard pressed to think of anytime it has been invoked to  justify a stated case that I can embrace.  From where I sit “states rights” is  really just an obsolete concept that bigots and right wing whachos (aren’t they all?) like to hide behind.  Given my druthers I’m not sure which of the  amendment  to The Constitution I would repeal  first, the second or the tenth.



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23 responses to ““State’s Rights” still valid? BrianInNYC

  1. trout boy

    carried over from the previous thread.

    just off the phone with a good friend of mine. I have posted his web site before as it is a good one.

    http://www.stevensguitars.com then click on the address on the page to enter the site. Anyway, one of the founders of the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine, TX won a NEA Award. It is called National Heritage Fellowship. It is for the year 2009. He and his bride of 3 years get to go to Washington DC to receive the award. I think they get a check for $25,000 also. They run a cattle ranch that is 24,000 acres. Just the 2 of them. Anyway, we are all excited for him. A very nice guy. He almost died about 10 years ago when a horse he was breaking kicked him in the face. He was alone at his Mother and Fathers ranch and somehow he got up and drove himself to the hospital. Fortunately he gets his medical attention from the VA. Nearly a complete facial re-construction requiring many trips to the hospital.
    you can see his picture and read about him here.

    His name is Joel Nelson.


  2. dnd

    What’s “whachos?” Is it like nachos?

  3. yeah, but without the salsa!

  4. Now should I correct my typo and then render your post “obsolete” or leave it as it is?

  5. dnd

    Well, grammatically, you’d have to remove “(aren’t they all?)” too. 😉

    BTW, I think the 10th Amendment was a good idea. Sure it’s abused, but it keeps control of the federal government in check. I’m not a big fan of totalitarianism.

  6. Now I’ll make a smiley to let you know I’m just kidding:


  7. Actually d I think the 10th has led to far more oppression than it’s protected people from. And since the 10th has no baring on how our federal officials are chosen I think that’s quite a leap you make regarding totalitarianism. You been hanging around with Ron Paul lately?

  8. White House Appoints Czar to Oversee Executive Pay

    The Obama administration appointed Kenneth R. Feinberg to the new post, giving him broad discretion to set pay for 175 top executives at seven of the nation’s largest companies.

  9. dnd

    “I think the 10th has led to far more oppression than it’s protected people from.”

    Grammar police, pull over. Serious fines for ending a sentence with a preposition. Ask Sarah Palin.

    Can you cite some recent examples of this oppression, excluding God, guns, gays and abortion?

  10. “excluding God, guns, gays and abortion?”

    That’s not enough?

  11. eprof2

    The tenth amendment may not sound like much and is hardly ever invoked because states’ rights are primarily found in the First Article of the Constitution. That being said, Justice William O. Douglas found “privacy rights” in the tenth amendment in the case, Griswold v. Connecticut, arguing that the state could not ban the sale of contraceptives to individuals. In other words, Griswold establishes the things states can not do; ergo, the amendment is useful.

  12. eprof2

    Well, dnd, we’re now all alone in the basement. And, our draft wasn’t too hot either with most of the players just now leaving high school. The D-Backs, apparently, don’t see the college ranks as the “minor leagues” and would rather have draftees earn their way to the majors after paying $10 million or more for a top pick. Oh well, what do I know about baseball talent?

  13. Follow eprof’s example dnd, that’s the way you debate!


  14. Hey eprof we need some threads, how bout putting your thinking cap on?

  15. Abortion doctor killed, shooting at the Holocaust Museum. We are for some rocky times over the next few years.

  16. trout boy

    Wonder how much heat “The Donald” got over Miss California controversy? Anyway, Carrie is the ex-Miss California.


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