More ’sickening’ truths about torture soon to be revealed ~ trout boy

A crucial CIA Inspector General’s report from May 2004 is expected to reveal hidden truths about the Bush administration’s use of torture.

According to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, “This report is sort of the big kahuna in terms of what we have been waiting to see from the government’s own files on torture. That report, which is long and has been described by people who have seen it as ’sickening,’ apparently stopped the torture program in its tracks.”

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) recently warned in a speech on the floor of the Senate that almost everything we think we know about the Bush administration’s torture program is wrong.

I can’t wait to see this report!




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22 responses to “More ’sickening’ truths about torture soon to be revealed ~ trout boy

  1. Steve

    I still wonder how we got to this level as a country.

  2. dnd

    Me thinks this is why Cheney doth protest too much.

  3. Me thinks Cheney heart beats too much!

  4. Another day, another chance for Morning Joe to make an total ass of himself:

    Joe Scarborough Likens Paul Krugman To ‘Extremists’ (VIDEO)

  5. If anyone is the mood for a good quick read, I really like this piece written by an online bud of mine:

    Six-legged cows and quadruple homicides: Travels with Sailor, Part Three

  6. Steve

    Palin has become more stupid.

    What has McCain wrought?

  7. “Palin has become more stupid.”

    Hard to imagine that’s even possible, but alas it is!

  8. dnd

    This validates my position that the media is sensationalist. Palin wants to use this episode to get her mug on TV all day. Due her inability to put together a coherent sentence, the MSM is more than willing to oblige.

  9. dog's eye view

    Yeah, I read the Krugman column. It’s deeply troubling to find so many people who believe the crap about no birth certificate and socialism and Obama’s deficit and anything else shoveled their way.

    We’re not talking lunatics. We’re talking people who don’t think you will laugh at them if they tell you what’s on their minds. Who think Sarah Palin is a good, common sense woman. People you talk with in restaurants, or overhear talking among themselves.

    I am briefly in a beautiful area of North Carolina with very few well-paying jobs. Textiles left. NAFTA shafted this area.

    Walked into the produce stand shack as a very young, white cigarette-smoking guy walked out with some friends laughing “well, that’s your Obama tax….” Derision.

    I bet he respected the previous president. Thought he was a patriot.

    (PS: seeing LOTS of Obama bumper stickers on cars here. Not saying smoker was representative of everyone…)

    When you walk into a bar or restaurant or hospital waiting room, what channel is likely to be on? If it’s not sports?

    It’s virtually always Fox, in my past year’s experience. (Granted, I live in the South, but have traveled to several regions this year …)

    And then you see network news using Fox TV stuff as a basis to hang their stories.

    What did happen to us?

    And why do so many people want to believe life is so simple and simplistic?

    The Tiller murder and Holocaust Museum shooting did not happen in a vacuum.

    Who besides Shepard Smith is going to say “enough. Stop.”

    Keith Olberman is on target but frequently histrionic and goes for too much cheap humor. Rachel Maddow is marvelous but dismissed as a liberal (she’s edukated and it shows).

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the most likely to give you the scoop. NYTimes just approvingly reviewed Colbert’s Iraq tour.

    Network TV is timid and bending over backward to give “balance” during their 10 minutes or so of “hard” news nightly.

    NBC is pretty much GE’s house organ.

    It’s like you have Edward R Murrow up against Red Skelton or the Timex commercial man and no one will admit there’s a difference in their skills and outlook and intent.

    Who has the gravitas to be taken seriously by those who are watching Fox for enjoyment — or because it most resembles the trusted newscast format from years past — but falling for its subthemes?

  10. dog's eye view

    PS: I’m reading a copy of “The President’s Plane is Missing” from the 1960s. “the novel that shook the nation! 30 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list!” A Dell paperback. When Dell was a publishing house and not a PC. 95 cents.

    President Jeremy Haines — “an idolized leader whose image combines the best qualities of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson — but whose inner thoughts remain a dark secret even to his closer aides” — has just been served breakfast by his Negro valet.

    China is a problem, on front pages of Washington Post and New York Times.

    I will keep you posted.

    He has stepped nowhere near a plane on the first 3 pages.

  11. Damn KO is going after Palin!

  12. Steve

    Dog’s Eye, Sorry for the delay in e-mailing you. Its coming soon. the Palin thing? What can I say? McCain wouldve filled the US Govt with 10,000 like her. Thank Christ he didnt get in there!


  13. Steve

    I think Limbaugh’s little comments about exercise were a joke. They weren’t very funny, but Olbermann likely took them out of context.

  14. Steve

    The cable nets need to stop playing this up as a reformer vs. old guard election. All of these candidates are picked by the Shi-ite clerics. Its a theocracy.

  15. dog's eye view

    I don’t believe the election results. Not with that enormous turnout.

    And this makes me wonder more about our 2004 election.

  16. dnd

    “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes,”
    — Joseph Stalin

  17. morning peeps, new thread

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