The Politics of Health Care ~ dnd

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President Obama’s weekly Saturday message was about health care.  Sunday, HHS Secretary Sebelius hit the morning political talk shows to talk about the administration’s health care proposal.  Monday the President spoke to a skeptical AMA in Chicago, and received thunderous applause.

Opponents of the President’s plan have a number of concerns.

They don’t want a government bureaucrat making decisions about their health care.  The current system allows a for-profit insurance company bureaucrat to make decisions about their health care.  And since they are for-profit, the motivation of the bureaucrat is to deny claims.

On the public plan option, they claim that government agencies are inefficient, which will result in higher health insurance costs.  At the same time they state that a public plan will unfairly compete with private insurance companies.

They argue that a public plan option is the first step on the slippery slope to socialized medicine, which will result in Americans dying from waiting in line for “rationed” health care.  The Veteran’s Administration provides “socialized” health care for those who have selflessly served our country.  Does this mean the opponents don’t support our troops?

They fear a public plan option will drive private health insurance companies out of business.  For-profit corporations often successfully compete with not-for-profit corporations.  Banks and credit unions are a good example.

The health care reform train is leaving the station and those who are not aboard are  upset.



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22 responses to “The Politics of Health Care ~ dnd

  1. dnd the truth of the matter the only thing the right thinks the government can do is fight wars and put people in jail. Anything else they aren’t interested in. And you said our vets are receiving socialized medicine, as are people over 65. My mother had a pacemaker put in last week, she didn’t wait. Nor did our friend trout boy when his ankle needed surgery. The waiting for medical care is a bullshit argument.

  2. eprof2

    Not that it would do any good, but I would hope the skeptics in Congress, especially the Republican caucus, would read your post, dnd. Well done!

  3. dnd

    Shannyn Moore on “Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin’s “Outrage” is Misplaced and A Little Late…”

  4. trout boy

    If getting socialized medicine is anything like what I had as Brian mentioned, we will all be better for it. Now you might have to wait if you want your nose job done or have your tits enlarged but critical care will be done post haste. I used to listen to rw talk radio back when Clinton was in and the talk was about “elective” surgery. As in, if you want elective surgery. That is nose jobs or breast augmentation. Not open heart surgery or some plastic surgery say to fix a cleft pallet.

  5. Exactly trout! This whole argument is just bullshit and we shouldn’t let them get away with.

  6. Just got off the phone with nanny, she has strep throat which has gone on to pneumonia, but she’s starting to feel better and will be back in a day or two. She says “howdy all”.

  7. dnd

    It may be that the rigged election in Iran really backfired. Neither candidate was that far apart, but the election fraud seems to have served as a flash point for a people who have serious economic problems and want big time societal reforms.

    Could this whole mess serve as an entre to diplomatic relations with the US?

  8. dnd something I heard one of the talking heads discuss was how the Iranian people really expect to their elections to be fairly honest ones. It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens over the next few days.

  9. Could this whole mess serve as an entre to diplomatic relations with the US? How do figure, dnd?

  10. trout boy

    Bob Bogle, co-founder of the musical group The Ventures, has died at age 75.

  11. Who did tweety just said admitted to having an affair with a campaign worker?

  12. dnd

    No matter how this election turns out, shit has hit the fan. I think the Iranians will appreciate any help they can get. It will be quite, backchannel assistance.

  13. dnd

    Obama swats fly:

    Good reflexes. There may be some symbolism in this 😉

  14. dnd I’ m not sure what point you’re trying to make, but I think we should keep our comments about Iran very low key and very neutral. I think the prez is taking exactly the right tact.

  15. trout boy


    that was the first rock and roll song I ever learned to play on the guitar.

  16. Iran’s senior ayatollah slams election, confirming split

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