What are you planning to do this summer? BevnTempe

OK, summer is 1/3 over, but there are 2 more months that count as summer vacation.  I’m tired of listening to all the political haggling and do-nothing Republicans.  So it’s a good time for us to write stories on “What I did/or are planning to do during summer vacation.”  Sort of like in grade school except we’re all much older!

As for my hubby and myself, we went to Washington D.C. for a week in early June.  We had never been there so we fit right in with the millions other tourists visiting the city.   We were all looking at maps of the Mall.  We saw all the required museums, historical sites, took the trolley rides, learned to navigate the Metro, and deal with aching legs and feet.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites near downtown, so we thoroughly enjoyed the happy hour to medicate our aching feet.  It was a wonderful trip and we’re very glad we traveled to the other side of the U.S. 

I’ve never been a history buff, so this trip was really my husband’s choice.  I quickly realized that I had forgotten (read: never retained) much of what I was supposed to learn in high school about American History.  When I got back home, I bought “U.S. History for Dummies,” and am really enjoying reading it and am now appreciating what I saw in D.C.

We’re planning to go to Los Alamos, NM for July 4th to see family and grandkids.  In August, we’ll meet the Salt Lake City family and go somewhere with them.

We also go over to our son/partner’s house in Phoenix to swim when we want to get cooled off.  It’s often hard to go from an air-conditioned house to a hot car and drive 10 miles just to get splash in a pool.  They do serve good food though.

Mid-August brings the return of regular activities and back to my usual routines.   Right now, we’re still in the “it’s a dry heat phase” but July/August is when it’s insanely hot and humid in the Phoenix area.  I’m sure you’ve all seen descriptions of how hot it can get here – 122° is the hottest I’ve experienced.

http://www.joke-archives.com/youmaybe/hot.html (this really is true about Phoenix)

If you’re so inclined, ignore politics and the rest of the world for a few minutes and share your adventures for the summer months.  I found it’s good for the heart and soul to think about something else. 

Happy rest of summer 2009!



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34 responses to “What are you planning to do this summer? BevnTempe

  1. nannymm

    Good morning, all. Summer is not 1/3 over here; it is just beginning. Today is my grandson’s last day of school. It’s a half day which means he’ll be home at 11:30. Then we’re off to celebrate the end of the school year and his high average; he’s on the high honor roll once again! And of course, I’m very proud of him. So, I’m taking him and his friends up to the lake to swim, fly kites, and have a picnic. Later, we’ll shop for his special present that he gets every year for high grades.
    So far we haven’t planned any big trips this summer. We do plan to do some camping and canoeing, though. We will spend much of our time either at the lake or in our pool. Lounging on my deck or front porch with a good book is a favorite summer pastime of mine.
    The 4th of July (our 24th anniversary) will be spent in Lake Placid. There is a wonderful parade and street fair that we love to go to. And browsing the lovely little shops is quite enjoyable. Then we’ll have a nice dinner and watch the fireworks over the lake.
    One thing we always look forward to is the County Fair in late July/ early August. My grandsons and I are there nearly every night. We love the lights, excitement, and vibrancy of the fair at night. And it has become a tradition that we eagerly anticipate.
    I’m sure we’ll also make our usual short trips to amusement parks and water parks with friends, have many barbecues, and get in some hiking in the Adirondacks.
    All in all, I expect it to be a wonderful summer.

  2. Hey nanny, congrats on the kid doing so well in school this year. Don’t forget Bev is in AZ, to them summer started in March! I’m hoping at some point this summer I’ll rent a car and take the boiz down to the Jersey shore for a few days.

  3. eprof2

    Great post, Bev. You’re right, we do need to take a break from the constant jibberjab ber of politics and stop and smell the roses.

    We’ve put so much time, energy, and money into our backyard “resort” — as my daughter calls it — that we’ll spend most of the hot weather here at home with family, lots of pool time, fireworks on the fourth, and bbqs. We’ll take in a few D-Backs games, as well as get ready for the grandson’s high school football games in mid-August, when the weather is still in the 100’s during the day and the nineties after the sun goes down. No bundling up for football season here in the desert.

    We would like to take the trailer out and go up north for a couple days, too. Can’t go too far for too long as the m-i-l is 94 and my wife, along with her sisters, take turns staying with her, bringing her meals, and visiting. We’re in the “sandwich” generation of taking care of an elderly family member and the very young of the family. Our great grandson, six, spends anywhere from three weeks to three months with us at a time as his separated parents like, need, want to leave him with us for extended times.

    My garden needs constant attention, especially watering each day, as it would burn up if left alone for more than two days at a time. I like the job of constant gardener as I’m learning what does well and where here in the desert. It’s a real trick to grow many common vegetables; but, I’m learning.

    OK, I’m looking forward to reading what each of you will be doing this summer.

  4. eprof, one of my win the lottery fantasies is to buy a RV, sign up for mobile broadband, take to the road and never be heard from again!

  5. Supreme Court Rules Strip-Search of Girl Was Unconstitutional

    Upholding a lower court decision, the Supreme Court ruled
    that officials at an Arizona public school violated a
    13-year-old student’s constitutional rights when they
    subjected her to a search of her bra and underpants for
    prescription and over-the-counter drugs that were forbidden
    by school rules. But the court said that the officials should
    be immune from liability in the case and that lower courts
    should decide whether the school district could be held

    Anyone care to guess who the one dissenter was?

  6. trout boy

    not much will happen here this summer. The wife works a Six Flags and summer is their very busy season. I am hoping to take another fishing trip sometime this summer. No plans yet. Might go to the Lubbock Cowboy Symposium later in September. Hoot and I are going to another deal later in September at a little burg in New Mexico for 3 days or so. Place called Nara Visa. Other than that it is too hot to do much already.

  7. nannymm

    That’s funny, Brian. But I doubt you’d be silent for long as you’re much to social for that.

    So far it sounds like we all have high hopes and wonderful plans for this summer. In September, we should all look back and see how we did.

    eprof, do you irrigate your garden? When I lived in the desert of West Texas I irrigated mine. I found that I could grow just about anything that way.

  8. Be careful nanny, I might end up parking on your front lawn and plugging into you electric and cable!

  9. trout boy

    yup, Nanny those black porous soaker hoses would be just what eprof2 would need. Bury them puppies in the rows and put a timer on them and let them do the rest.

  10. trout boy

    Oh, to add, I have heard that watering at night allows the most water to remain in the garden and not evaporate. For me, that is not a proven theory.

  11. dnd

    I’m going to putter around in the garden, hike & bike, catch a few Rockies games take some trips to the mountains when the weather gets too hot.

    I also want to paint the bathroom and put in new linoleum, but I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to put that off 😉

  12. dnd


    Brian, I have a cousin who did that. Sold his house & business, packed up the wife and kids and off they went. If they like a place, they stay a while. When the get the itch to move on, they pack up and go. Apparently there is a whole culture of these modern day nomads.

    I’d like to do that and spend the summer going to baseball games all over the country.

  13. dnd

    Get some mulch. Rain spoiled hay works the best for me because people with horses or cattle want to get rid of it. Fully dried grass clippings work ok too. Pile it on thick, say 6″. It breaks down and improves the soil. Worms like it too, and there’s nothing like worm poop to improve your soil.

  14. https://clistersbackchannel.wordpress.com/2009/06/25/what-are-you-planning-to-do-this-summer-bevntempe/#comment-25192

    My brother and his son did that the summer my nephew turned 16, but they flew to various “historic” stadiums and went to a game and then flew home.

  15. eprof2

    Brian, there are more than 500,000 “full-timers,” as they’re known in the RV world. They have no base and move as they see fit. We’ve encountered them at practically every RV park we’ve ever experienced. Most of them have these big motor homes, cost range from 275k to 2m. They have mail forwarding service from either Escapees or a UPS store. Most try to beat the tax systems with lic plates from South Dakota or Washington or some other state that doesn’t have income tax and live close by those states without sales tax. Interesting group of modern day nomads.

    Thanks everyone for the gardening tips. I plan to put a sun screen over my little patch and to put in a pvc irrigation system and hook up to my existing timed water system. This is only my second year and I’m learning as I go.

  16. TempeBev

    Thanks to everyone for their contributions on summer plans. It was enjoyable to hear what everyone wants to do.

    We’ll have to check back in Sept. as Nanny suggests and see what we accomplished.

  17. dnd

    Just turned on the tube and as MSNBC was going to commercial, they were focusing on Sanford, playing the theme from “Sanford and Son.”

    Which proves not only is David Shuster a guest on Stephanie Miller, he listens to the show too.

    Perhaps next they’ll play “Take a Letter Maria”

  18. dnd

    Farmers up here use sun screens to grow micro-greens and specialty greens during the heat of the summer. There’s also a lot of PVC irrigation, as water is a sparse commodity here. Sounds like you’ve got some practical approaches there.

  19. It sounds like they have unconfirmed reports that Michael Jackson is dead.

  20. LA Times says he’s dead.

  21. I suspect the funeral will be grand in a Sunset Blvd. manor.

  22. dnd

    Comes in threes. McMahon, Fawcett, Jackson.

  23. That’s what my mother just said dnd!

  24. dog's eye view

    Wow. I guess Mark Sanford is sort of off the front page.

  25. dog's eye view

    I would like to have seen him. Interested to hear he was doing London concerts. Would have spent some $$$ to see him in US concerts, as he’s a once in a generation phenom.

    OK, child molester and deeply troubled person as well. But you could always see the good in him and the awesome stage presence.

    But for Thriller — and that’s a big “but for” — his fame eclipsed his music.

    But would have been thrilled to see some moonwalking, even if he was 55.

    Knew that Farrah Fawcett’s passing would bring a lot of reminiscing, as she’s so identified with the 1970s.

    Who knew you would lose an icon of the 80s and 60s and 90s and … on the very same day.

  26. dog's eye view

    My youngest sister — who is astonishingly beautiful — I say that not as her older sister but as someone with eyes — had a wedding gown embellished with sequins and beads. It was very sparkly. She was a young bride.

    We were calling it the “Michael Jackson” wedding dress — a la the glove — until our mother made us stop.

  27. sad and creepy, the thing Hollywood legends are made of.

  28. dog's eye view

    He would like that.

  29. This story is going to be huge!

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