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99 responses to “FINALLY! BrianInNYC

  1. Steve

    Good morning, exiles. I hope all are well.

    Great rumblings in Honduras. the OAS has “ordered” the Honduran Congress, Supreme Court, military and liberal party to reinstate Zelaya. He is supposed to return tomorrow.

    Re; Brian’s thread, this is indeed long overdue. I am just happy for Minnesota that this has been resolved.


    And this is important? why?


    Why arent any of you talking about McKinney?

  4. Steve

    American Insurgent:

    Help me out here. McKinney? Are you talking about Cynthia McKinney?

    Franken taking the seat is important because it resolves the issue of who gets the seat.

    AI, would like to know more about you. Whats up? How did you stumble in here and what are some of your beliefs, etc??? Good to see you coming back in for the last few days.

    I’m guessing you are in your late teens, yes???

  5. Steve

    Ok, I see what you are talking about:

    Cynthia McKinney has been detained by Israel. Thanks for bringing that up, AI. Its very interesting.


    Steve why would you assume I’m a teenager? And what does that have to do with anything?

    I’m a registered Dem who voted for the deceitful clown that’s now renting mi casa on Penn Ave. How I arrived at the BCB is my business. I had hoped for a little more humanistic free thinking from the members of this forum. But alas, it seems to be just more “gang” mentality from the left. Meaning,it dosnt seem to matter what is REALLY happening, as long as “your guys” give you the days latest greatest sound bite. I mean really lets be serious is Al Franken going to make any difference to you and me? Try to focus on things that are going to affect your family and the people you love and all of our freedoms. Things such as Codex Alimentarius wich goes into full swing in Dec. of this year.
    You might also want to notice the unprecedented “security”(and I use that term loosely) measures that have gone into affect since Obama got in,when the economy is clearly the biggest issue.
    Wake up,please your country needs you.


    And a quick note on McKinney. Strange how mainstream media is barely reporting the unwarrented ,forced detainment of a former congress woman and former presidential candidate who was on a humanitarian mission to HELP people. But hey with Obamas adoration for detainment I guess it shouldnt be a surprise.

  8. Steve

    Ok, I suppose thats that. Thanks for that response.


    You’re free to bring up just about any topic you like, however I really don’t appreciate you telling us what we should or should not be discussing.


    Where did I “tell ” you what to discuss? I asked why arent any of you discussing it? That’s a question Brian In NYC not an order. Isnt it? So defensive around this joint.

  11. Steve

    Good morning, Brian. Hope all is well your way. we got a good dawn rainstorm here, really beautiful. I am watching Honduras pretty closely today. I also found a web site you are well familiar with:

  12. Steve you’ve certainly taken Honduras to your heart? Why? It’s kinda funny when we were kids Latin American was always blowing up, now it’s become such a rare event.

  13. Steve

    Yes, well it was my emphasis in college and now thats it coming up so strongly (and dramatically with what may be coming Thursday) its kind of cool to be following it again. I think Hillary’s doing all right with the situation but do feel that Zelaya is problematic. I understand that basically the entire world has condemned the coup, but I get the feeling the Obama administration wouldn’t mind seeing Zelaya ousted, just not in the manner it went down.

    When I started college the Sandinistas, El Salvador and Panama were all in the news constantly. The attack on Panama happened just after I got out of the Air Force. Those were the days!

  14. My gut says Zelaya should return and finish out his term with all sides agreed he will leave office at the end of his term which isn’t too much longer if I recall correctly.

  15. Steve

    On the one hand if the guy violated the Honduran constitution, then the world should buzz off and stay out of their business. On the other hand if it’s a straight up military coup, then some measures should be taken. What really makes me mull the situation over is that the OAS, UN and entire world community are backing Zelaya. Now that says to me that maybe he should be restored. Its hard to get the truth.

    Notice though, how much importance was given to Iran as opposed to this in the media. You just know if Honduras exported something other than bananas, it would be of high importance.

  16. Steve

    I have switched to Washington Post from NYtimes for the best coverage on what has been going on (Honduras). Some of the mainstream blogs have done all right.

  17. I really don’t know enough to say whether he violated their constitution or not. Was the very nature of the referendum a violation of the constitution or was it the outcome that was feared by the opposition.

  18. Steve

    Interim Honduran govt sends envoy to Honduras, Zelaya meets with State Dept officials, vows to return to Honduras.

  19. Steve

    whoops should have read

    Interim Honduran govt sends envoy to US State Dept, Zelaya meets with State Dept officials, vows to return to Honduras.

  20. Steve

    I totally agree Brian. I know the constitution was written in 1982, but that’s about it. I think even if you found it on-line, how would you know the accuracy of the translation? Honduras is such a poor country that whatever information you get out of it is likely to come from the elite, who are not going to back Zelaya.

    For those reasons, I consider myself to be an interested observer. No opinions, just watching the situation….

  21. nannymm

    Good morning! Great news about Franken. That’s one more vote for healthcare reform.

  22. Steve

    Morning nanny

  23. nannymm

    Are you feeling better today, Brian?

  24. dnd

    Poor Kim Jong-il. We’re paying more attention to Honduras than North Korea.

  25. dnd

    Israel has detained Cynthia McKinney? Whoo-boy, they don’t know what they’ve gotten into. Ask the Capitol Police 😉

  26. nannymm

    I’d sure love to be a fly on the wall of that detention cell. Great entertainment! 😀

  27. I’m surprised a certain ghost writer from Tenn we all know hasn’t mounted a free Cynthia campaign!

  28. nannymm

    Seriously, I admire McKinney and her group for their efforts to bring aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. I wish we’d hear more about this in the MSM.

  29. Steve

    Oh, DND, being a Georgian, I think I can agree that McKinney will be released very soon once they get a load of her mouth. When I saw the story at first, I thought it was a mistake because she had been detained a few months back.

  30. Steve

    Nap time, holler

  31. dnd

    Check out Matt Taibbi’s blog on true/slant. That guy is a helluva writer.

    BTW, there’s an RSS feed to True/Slant here on the right of the comments section.

  32. Steve

    Trueslant’s the real deal all right…

  33. Steve

    Latest from Honduras: Zelaya now waiting until weekend to return, presumably to give coup government time to mull over OAS ultimatum.

  34. nannymm

    Hey Steve. Thanks for the updates on the Honduras situation.

  35. Steve

    You are welcome Nanny and it is good to be back, even if just for the Summer.



    You’re welcome for the response and Brian I’ll assume your silence is an admission to your error,apology accepted.
    Instead of commenting on how I say somthing,or my punctuation,I’d appreciate comments on the points I bring up,thank you in advance.

  37. “Brian I’ll assume your silence is an admission to your error,”

    Oh so wrong!


  38. I’m always a silent lurker/reader, and this is my first time to post here. I am Mrs. Steve, BTW for anyone who doesn’t know me.

    I am thrilled with Al Franken situation. It is ABOUT DAMN TIME and that magic 60 IS vital, even if some ignorant airheads can’t see that.

    As for McKinney, I remember a certain MASH episode where Frank Burns was captured by N. Koreans to hold him hostage, but he was such an idiot, even the NKoreans didn’t want him…I see some parallels…

    As it turns out, some of us have brains big enough to contain not ONLY the Al Franken situation but also Honduras and that McKinney fool, who I hope is ok, honestly.

  39. ps: Collectively, we also seem to be able to think about all these things while at the same time REMEMBERING and APPLYING the basic rules of grammar and punctuation. not bad for ignorant ass sheeple…

  40. nannymm

    Steve,it’s good to have you around even if only for the summer. Some of your excellent comments are better than none.

    Bird, welcome to BC. I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll join in regularly now.

    AI, welcome to you, also. Earlier today you mentioned Codex Alimentarius and that it is about to go “into full swing in December of this year.” I thought it had been in effect for decades. If you have any new info, I would be interested in reading it. Would you be so kind as to provide links? Thanks.

  41. nannymm

    LOL@ Bird. Makes me wonder why I bothered with all that education. All that time wasted on BA’s, BSN’s, and MSN’s. I could have been partying….

  42. sheabirdno1

    thanks for the welcome, brian and nanny…
    yep, why i got a BA in education when the world is obviously run by well-lubricating B.S. is beyond me.


    Hmmm where did my post go?

  44. nannymm

    Did you put several links in it? If there were more than two, Brian or dnd need to release it.

  45. Nanny you are correct about Codex being in effect for decades but the version has changed over the years. New standards are going into effect Dec this year. Here are the new standards:

    * All nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are to be considered toxins/poisons and are to be removed from all food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to “prevent, treat or cure any condition or disease”

    * All food (including organic) is to be irradiated, removing all toxic nutrients from food (unless eaten locally and raw).

    * Nutrients allowed will be limited to a Positive List developed by Codex which will include such beneficial nutrients like Fluoride (3.8 mg daily) developed from environmental waste. All other nutrients will be prohibited nationally and internationally to all Codex-compliant countries [2].

    * All nutrients (e.g., CoQ10, Vitamins A, B, C, D, Zinc and Magnesium) that have any positive health impact on the body will be deemed illegal under Codex and are to be reduced to amounts negligible to humans’ health [3].

    * You will not even be able to obtain these anywhere in the world even with a prescription.

    * All advice on nutrition (including written online or journal articles or oral advice to a friend, family member or anyone) will be illegal. This includes reports on vitamins and minerals and all nutritionist’s consultations.

    * All dairy cows are to be treated with Monsanto’s recombinant bovine growth hormone.

    * All animals used for food are to be treated with potent antibiotics and exogenous growth hormones.

    * The reintroduction of deadly and carcinogenic organic pesticides that in 1991, 176 countries (including the U.S.) have banned worldwide including 7 of the 12 worst at the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pesticides (e.g., Hexachlorobenzene, Toxaphene, and Aldrin) will be allowed back into food at elevated levels [4].

    * Dangerous and toxic levels (0.5 ppb) of aflotoxin in milk produced from moldy storage conditions of animal feed will be allowed. Aflotoxin is the second most potent (non-radiation) carcinogenic compound known to man.

    * Mandatory use of growth hormones and antibiotics on all food herds, fish and flocks

    * Worldwide implementation of unlabeled GMOs into crops, animals, fish and trees.

    * Elevated levels of residue from pesticides and insecticides that are toxic to humans and animals.

    Some examples of potential permissible safe levels of nutrients under Codex include [2]:

    * Niacin – upper limits of 34 mcg daily (effective daily doses include 2000 to 3000 mcgs).

    * Vitamin C – upper limits of 65 to 225 mcg daily (effective daily doses include 6000 to 10000 mcgs).

    * Vitamin D – upper limits of 5 μg daily (effective daily doses include 6000 to 10000 μg).

    * Vitamin E – upper limits of 15 IU of alpha tocopherol only per day, even though alpha tocopherol by itself has been implicated in cell damage and is toxic to the body (effective daily doses of mixed tocopherols include 10000 to 12000 IU).


    Ooops here’s a link . If you search codex in reference to Dec.2009 you will find plenty of info.

  47. Now how did we end up with two copies, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  48. Ok, I’m very confused now. Did you repost basically the same info? Cause I just deleted your earlier post, if that was a mistake sorry for the mix up.

  49. nannymm

    Thanks, AI. That’s a lot of info. It’s going to take me a bit of time to sort through it. As an RN, I’m interested in looking at it closely.

  50. Karl Malden, Everyman Actor, Dies at 97

    Karl Malden, the Academy Award-winning character actor whose
    half-century in show business carried him from the theater to
    films and then to television, where he policed the streets of
    San Francisco and became indelibly identified with a
    commercial for traveler’s checks, died Wednesday at his home
    in Los Angeles. He was 97.


    You’re welcome Nanny, I suggest anyone who eats food should educate themselves on it.

  52. And what do you suggest for those who don’t eat food?


    I suggest they don’t steal from people who did something nice for them. And I suppose I’ll be band now?

  54. sheabirdno1

    I’ve always wanted to be in a band. I just didn’t have the talent.

  55. nannymm

    We don’t ban people here, AI.


    That’s good to hear Nanny,Brian seems to be a moderator or something like that here. With my comment being directed at him on a personal level, I was expecting it.

  57. I just sent you an email at your hotmail American.

  58. Steve

    Thanks Nanny for the kind words.

    I’m still trying to figure out this AI thing. I smell a grand prank or farce.


    No prank or farce Steve,why would you assume such a thing? I’m sorry if anything I’ve posted made you think that. I’m even a Steeler fan. 🙂

    I just got your mail Brian.

  60. Steve

    4,000 US Marines launch major offensive into Afghanistan’s Southern region, largest offensive since 2004 in Fallujah.

  61. Steve

    Bird watching Ed Schultz. He has a good show…

  62. nannymm

    I still am not sure I understand what we expect to achieve in Afghanistan. Our goals aren’t very clear. I hope we’re not going to wind up in another mess like Iraq.

  63. Steve

    just noticed in the article that the State Department was supposed to send some people in but has been foot dragging. I hate to see that.

    Nanny, some objectives are spelled out in the article. Its a stability exercise more than one of just going in and blowing stuff up…”nation building.”

  64. nannymm

    Bird has good taste. Ed always has a good show. He’s a true liberal who is damned proud of it. Too bad there aren’t more like him.

  65. nannymm

    That’s the goal for this operation. But what is our final goal? No one else has succeeded in Afghanistan. How and why do we expect to? I may be wrong but it seems like we’re just holding back the inevitable there. If and when we leave, the Taliban will be back. What will we have gained?

  66. sheabirdno1

    I was really happy when Ed got his show. He’s got a set on him, and he’s not afraid to use them!

  67. dnd

    Hi Bird,
    Welcome. Don’t be a stranger.

    I keep thinking Ed’s gonna have a coronary if he doesn’t calm down.


    War is huge BUSINESS Nanny,follow the money trail.It gets much more clear.

    I feel bad for the people of Afghanistan,they live in dirt homes and we bomb them into dust with Predator Drones.The same kind that are now patrolling the skys over the N.Y./Cananda border for the next 3 weeks,to “help ” with law enforcment.
    Those Canadians are dangerouse lol.
    One actually flew over my house last month.

  69. Steve

    Bird is a long time lurker, kids. She was even a bit of a Craig for a while before the uh thing happened when he turned the blog over to the looneys. Ed is really her discovery….

    I think you are raising some legitimate questions about Afghanistan, Nanny. The big mistake there was leaving before we were able to get UBL and completely clear out the Taliban. Once we got into Iran, that was all she wrote. Where to go from here? I don’t know.

  70. No way Ed’s gonna have a thrombo…if that A-HOLE Limblob hasn’t keeled over yet, nobody will…

  71. nannymm

    That’s a good point, Bird. Limblob looks like he could blow up or if you were to stick him with a pin, the old gas bag might deflate just like in a cartoon.

  72. nannymm

    Where in NY are you talking about, AI? The drones flying over Akwesasne are a nuisance. But I suspect they will be there until the bridge between Massena and Cornwall is re-opened. Of course, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

  73. bag of gas, no doubt… although i wouldn’t mind seeing him deflate a bit, i wouldn’t want to be around for the stench that surely would fill any room…

  74. by the way, i’ve tried to change my avatar there, but i can’t seem to figure it out. any advice?

  75. nannymm

    Steve, my fear about Afghanistan is that we will be there for years, lose many more soldiers, waste, billions of dollars, destroy more villages, kill more innocent Afghans, and create even more enemies than we have already. Then we’ll leave without having achieved anything positive. How many times do we have to go through this before we get the message? I agree with you that we should have stayed and gotten bin Laden years ago. Now, it’s too late. As it stands, Osama bin Laden has won. He’s alive and free to keep plotting. As to those who claim success because we have not been attacked on US soil since 9/11, they are fooling themselves. Al Qaeda is patient. They waited 8 1/2 years after the first attack in Feb. 2003 to attack again. They don’t care how long it takes; they bide their time and plan well. Our failure to capture or kill bin Laden will come back to haunt us, I’m afraid.

    Like you, AI, I feel very bad for the Afghans, as well as for the Iraqis. It’s time for us to pull the plug on both wars, IMO.


    Along the entire NY/Canada border Nanny.
    Wich seems strange after (and I say this with sarcasm)Bin Laden threatened a chemical attack from the Mexican border a few weeks back.

    P.S. I did’nt know Predator Drones could build bridges!

  77. Bird you have to log into your account and edit your profile. You can also do I think at and log in with your wordpress account there


    And thats what Obama promised wasnt it? But no, he’s ordered more troops to Afghanistan, spent billions more on war and has no REAL plans to pull any troops out of anywhere. Talk is cheap. And your right,how many times do we have to keep doing this kind of thing,unless its done purposely. hey,what do I know?

  79. nannymm

    Do you live along the NY-Canada border, AI? If so, may I ask where? I’m about 10 miles from the border, right near Akwesasne and Massena.

  80. American people tend to be so short sighted that we don’t have a grasp of just how long in advance Al Qaeda is willing to plan and wait. Decades are nothing.

    As for bin Laden, I’m still for killing him. The whole head chopping-the-head-off-the-snake, so to speak. One of the things that I hated Bush most for was calling bin Laden “irrelevent.” It was also one of his biggest mistakes too, IMHO.


    No Nanny,I live out in the woods in western Ma. I get military aircraft flying over my house all the time. I’m assuming they come from Otis base near the cape,I dont really know. But I can say that over the last 2 months the volume of military stuff flying overhead has increased significantly. I’d say average about 5-7 times a day 3-4 days per week.

  82. Steve


    I dont know that UBL has won at this point. i think its still up in the air. He’s not too keen on showing his face any more. Although he allegedly issues occasional audio tapes.

  83. nannymm

    I hope you’re right, Steve. But I don’t think he cares for the limelight. If he and al Qaeda are able to pull off another attack within the US, he will be seen to have won. More importantly, we will be viewed as having lost by much of the world. That alone could embolden others.

    As for killing, OBL, I agree with you, Bird. Unfortunately, we’re not likely to find him in Afghanistan. Bush&Co. blew our chances there. If he’s in Pakistan as many claim, our options for finding him are quite limited. Let’s face it, we don’t know where he is and even if we did, we still might well be unable to get him. I’m sitting here shaking my head and wondering how the hell we let this happen.
    As for Bush, I don’t think he has ever cared about bin Laden. He was so fixated on Saddam and Iraq that bin Laden was just an excuse to go to war. Like you. Bird, I detest him for what he said about bin Laden being irrelevant and for his failure to get him at Tora Bora. But then again, my list of reasons to despise Bush, et al, would fill volumes.

  84. dnd

    Debby Smith was a plant:

    ANNANDALE, Va. – President Barack Obama wanted to put a human face on his plans to overhaul health care, and a Virginia supporter did just that Wednesday. Fighting back tears, Debby Smith, 53, told Obama of her kidney cancer and her inability to obtain health insurance or hold a job.

    Really bad move by Obama, as it’s too reminiscent of the plants in Bush’s town halls.

  85. Nanny: “But then again, my list of reasons to despise Bush, et al, would fill volumes.”

    No kidding!!! I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

  86. nannymm

    Where does it say she was a plant, dnd? Just because she’s an activist doesn’t mean her story isn’t true or that it was staged. Did I miss something?

  87. dnd-
    that turns my stomach!

  88. yes, what nanny said, I don’t see anything saying she was a plant. The president is out selling a policy, this is a “town meeting”, not an open house.

  89. dnd

    Oh, puleese, she worked for his organization. She was a plant. That doesn’t diminish her plight. I’m rooting for her and hopes she get’s the care she needs. She makes a valid point. But politically, using a plant was a misstep.

  90. Oh, puleese spare your “Oh, puleese”

  91. nannymm

    Sorry, dnd. I disagree with you on this one.

  92. dog's eye view

    Insurgent: welcome.

    Interesting about the increased military overflights near Mass. Maybe they’re in training for something. Bears watching.

    Bird: welcome and so good you’re posting.

  93. dog's eye view

    Re the Obama Town Hall on health care and taking a question from an Organizing for America member:

    Maybe a “plant”, but this woman’s plight is so universal.

    I find it hard to believe that a randomly chosen audience wouldn’t have dozens of folks in it who need better, affordable medical care.

    So: perhaps clumsy, and overkill, of a sort.

    But why should someone who’s willing to work to change the system NOT be included in, or attend, a forum with the President?

    Maybe “cherry-picking”, but that’s “plant” by a different name?


    It would not be hard at all to assemble a random audience of people whose foreclosures and personal bankruptcies started off with health issues of a family parent, either breadwinner or dependent.

    Lot of hurt out there.

  94. dog's eye view

    family member, not family parent.

    from above.

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