Assume The Postion by Robert Wuhl



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  1. nannymm

    Damn! Why didn’t I have a teacher like that?

  2. Cause you went to Catholic school, duh!

  3. nannymm

    Yeah, most of those nuns had no sense of humor.

  4. nannymm

    Well, looks like it’s going to be a rainy 4th here. So much for going to Lake Placid for our anniversary and July 4th parade and fireworks. 😦
    I hope you all have better luck with your plans.

  5. Steve

    The roads are completely choked down here with traffic. Ugh. I hope all are well. Anon Paranoid made an appearance at the end of the last thred, hope AP will back. Bird needs to see AP in action…

  6. Steve

    I like the video. Hopefully, it will pass eprof’s standards too.

  7. Steve

    and by the way, Bird and I agree: enough with the Michael Jackson coverage…

  8. You should watch all the parts Steve, I caught this on HBO when it first came out, it’s where I learned where flipping the bird came from, very useful info! I had reason to mention the vid on another blog recently and thought you all would get a kick out of it too.

  9. nannymm

    I’m with you and Bird, Steve. This wall to wall coverage of MJ is absurd. You’d think there was nothing else going on in the world.

  10. New Rule!

    Anything pertaining to Michael Jackson cannot be labeled “breaking news”. It’s neither!

  11. Good day to all of you happy channellers.

    On the hot and muggy side hear nannymm with the likelihood of some rain later.

    So Brian you like flipping the bird huh? How about flipping your wig? How long has it been that you’ve done that? LOL…LOL…LOL…

    Steve its been awhile since I’ve been in action, though I do still drop a few shots over on who’s name we shall not speaks site.

    In all honesty I’m just too burned out to post my tirades much these days.

    As much as I like Obama I’m am deeply disappointed in him. I almost feel that now he’s complicit in the cover up of War Crimes and that would make him a War Criminal in my eyes.

    Just as guilty as Pelosi who took impeachment off the table and allowed the continuation of War Crimes and Acts of Treason against our country by Adolph Bush and Heinrich Himmler Cheney.

    But that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.

    Anyway I just wanted to wish all a Happy Fourth of July. Maybe I’ll stop by later on, need to take a nap since I’m an old man who needs his rest at the moment.

    Take care all and …

    God Bless

  12. It’s very frustrating that we know so little of what’s going on in Iran.

  13. Palin not to seek re-election as gov of Alaska CNN is reporting.

  14. nannymm

    It’s great to see you AP. I hope your 4th is a good one.
    Don’t feel like you’re the only one who is disappointed with some of the things Obama is doing or not doing. I get quite aggravated at times and let it be know here and elsewhere. And I’m not the only one. Eprof2 and our newest poster, American Insurgent, have plenty to say on the subject, too. So come around more often and join the discussion. We all miss you. I think you and Insurgent will hit it off.

  15. nannymm

    Maybe Palin is gearing up for a run in 2012. Now THAT could be fun!

  16. Definitely they’d hit if off!

  17. Makes a lot of sense if she’s going to run, she can’t risking losing the gov race, which could happen. And now she can work the rubber chicken circuit full time.

  18. dnd

    Very appropriate video post today, given what’s on the news: non-stop Michael Jackson interrupted by breaking news on Sarah Palin.

  19. TempeBev

    We’re in Los Alamos NM for the 4th with grandkids/family.

    Does anyone really think that S. Palin could possibly handle the intricacies/politics/etc of POTUS? I just don’t see it.

    100% agreement with the MJ stuff.

  20. nannymm

    Palin is resigning!

  21. nannymm

    Hi dnd and Bev.
    No, Bev, I don’t think she can handle it. Hell, I don’t think she can handle a campaign! She is all fluff, no real substance whatsoever.

  22. dnd

    What I really liked about the video was the delicious sense of irony. First a guy who makes his living in pop culture saying history’s flawed because it’s so often a result of pop culture, and second he uses history to show where the areas where pop culture have inaccurately recorded history. Great paradox.

  23. Ok, resigning is weird, something is up, talk about a day to do a news dump!

  24. trout boy

    I like the fact that Palin is resigning. She is politically toast. It will always for ever said that she could not finish the one commitment she had as a politician. MSNBC says she is leaving this month.

  25. nannymm

    Seems like she’s more thin skinned that we thought. In her statement she said something about the media “picking apart a point guard.” Hmmm…. sounds like she’s afraid of what else is out there to be revealed.

  26. dnd

    Caribou Barbie may be a classic case of the “Dilbert Principle:”

    That Todd Purdum piece in Vanity Fair made it pretty evident she’s not qualified. The question I have is will she become, to paraphrase former Rep. Pat Schroeder, “the Teflon candidate?” Seems that the more people point out her incompetence, corruption, hypocrisy and know-it-all attitude, the more her base rallies around her.

  27. dnd

    Well it’s never too soon to start the Palin-Sanford tryst rumor 😉

  28. nannymm

    I’ll be there is something big out there she doesn’t want to come out. Can’t wait to find out what it is.

  29. She seems like she’s on speed, and all this blaming the press bullshit, something is up!

  30. nannymm

    OMG! Now she is accusing people of “mocking Trig,” her youngest, the one who has Down’s Syndrome. What a liar!

  31. nannymm

    It’s barely controlled fear or rage, or both. This is getting interesting.

  32. sheabirdno1

    What’s this bitch up to? so, she wanted to be VEEP not too long ago??

  33. nannymm

    Hey, Bird. This bitch, as you call her (and I totally agree, btw) is hiding something. The press isn’t buying her bullshit excuses so I expect we’ll find out soon.

  34. nannymm

    Oh, yeah. Her timing is great! It’s put the MJ story on ice, at least for a while.

  35. Something is up big time!

  36. Steve

    Re Palin: rotten, rotten, rotten—something stinks about this. Is Matthews on tonight?

  37. nannymm

    Matthews is out of the country. But ya never know. He could be on a plane back already. 😉

  38. But no matter what the holiday you can always count on the camera whore Pat Buchanan to be available.

  39. nannymm

    It’s disgusting that he is still defending her. He claims it isn’t irresponsible for her to just up and quit the governorship. Give me a fucking break! It shows how shallow and thin skinned she is, not to mention how cavalierly she treats her obligations.

  40. dnd

    Ok you guys made me go in and look. CNN rebroadcast her speech. Three things struck me:

    1. This was a rambling stream-of-consciousness-I’m-not-to-blame speech that rivaled Sanford’s. Why didn’t she just get to the point?

    2. She didn’t say exactly why she wasn’t running for re-election a year and a half from now. Inquiring minds want to know. And that excuse for stepping down at the end of the month was pretty lame.

    3. If you want to bury a story, you do it on Friday afternoon. If you really want to bury a story, you do it on a Friday of a three-day holiday.

    Something smells fishy, and it’s not just the dead fish who go with the flow…


    Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!
    (notice I didn’t use the word independence):)

    A salute to anon-paranoid! Thank you for noticing we’ve been duped again. A true patriot questions their government, people seem to forget that these days. Questioning is now viewed as “extremist” or “unpatriotic” in this country,and that’s not me saying it,it’s DHS. AP ,if you want any info into the things that are rubbing you the wrong way,let me know,I have plenty.

    Nanny I hope your day is great and your weekend even better.
    Brian if you want to know what Palin’s secret is,tell me how to post a pic and I’ll show you.
    Steve I take back my statement about being a Steelers fan,I live in Ma. and Brady’s back,your ass is grass.
    dnd tell me how that GMO corn you’re going to eat tomorrow tastes.

  42. You can’t post a pic, you can post a link to a pic.

  43. dnd

    Buchanan loves to defend the indefensible. Remember his role was as propagandist for Nixon. Plus he’s got a crush on Palin. He’s entertainment, not insight.

  44. Now they are saying she’s leaving politics.

  45. nannymm

    Thanks, AI. I hope your 4th is great, also.
    Can you send that pic to Brian so he can email it? I’d love to see it!

  46. use, then paste the link here.

  47. dnd

    One more thing. I fully expect to see ace Republican strategist Mike Murphy on MTP Sunday. I think he was on last week commenting on Purdum’s article. Murphy is no fan of Palin.

    Might see Purdum on one of the Sunday shows too.

    For a good read from Murphy on the problems Republicans are having, check out:,9171,1904136,00.html


    What kind of operation are you running here?
    I took this pic of Sara when we hooked up in Fla.:)

  49. Oh come on you love that pic, it’s that slut look that keeps her so popular with a large part of her base!


    Of course I liked it,I told her to wear it .lol.
    How to I post a vid?

  51. Steve


    I am in total agreement. Something is up here. You can bet there’s some rotten deal or something that has gone down. We may never know. This is very much the Bush-GOP document dump that we saw 2001-2009…dump it on a Friday so it plays out. Something is up….

    How long before she puts out some lame 225 page evangelical mom and apple pie memoir to fuel a 2012 run?

  52. Steve

    What about Olbermann? Is he on tonight???


    lol Nanny

  54. If it’s a youtube just post the link the to the youtube page

  55. nannymm

    Steve and dnd, if this is some effort on her part to take time to gear up for 2012, I think she’s made a huge mistake. After this performance today, she’s toast. No one is going to trust her. She’s shown herself to be unreliable. People don’t like quitters.

  56. nannymm

    According to Mike Allen of Politico, she quit because of “some bad polling.”
    She’s thin skinned like Nixon was. The thought of her anywhere near the WH makes me shudder.

    BTW, this is just an observation based on my years of experience as a psychiatric nurse.
    She is impulsive, has difficulty getting along with others and maintaining relationship, is overly sensitive, and has a highly inflated sense of her own self worth and importance. My guess is that she is suffering from a personality disorder.


    Lets not worry about a 2012 election yet. With Specter introducing legislation wanting no term limits for the president. Mmmmmmm indefinite Obama.
    But more likely than that would be the official formation of the North American Union. Obviously the Constitution and the Bill of Rights would be null and void.
    First link is the Bush version,the second is the Obama version.

  58. No AI, if the Constitution were changed to allow for more than two terms it wouldn’t apply to Obama.

  59. dnd

    What type of personality disorder? Do you have a reference in ICD-10?


    Why is that Brian?

  61. Cause that’s how it works, changes don’t effect the incumbent. There is a legal name for it but I don’t recall it right now, I suspect nanny or d will help me out here.


    And lets hope it wouldn’t apply to the Schwarzenegger/Palin

  63. Steve

    Nanny, Re: Nixon:

    “Let me make one thing perfectly clear,” Sarah Palin may have the same evilness or worse than Nixon but he was a brilliant man, and she is pure dumb. She is Nixon without the smarts…

    …and i think you are right, maybe she is just unstable.


    Actually that might not be a bad idea. Arnold could handle the national debt just like he’s handling Californias,with I.O.U.’s. Amazing.

  65. Why does the world need more Trigs?

  66. Outta here, later peeps.

  67. Steve

    take care Brian, I gotta cruise too. I will see you guys later. The Palin thing shouod be interesting.


    The scary thing about your statement Brian is,you didn’t even address no term limits.Instead you went to the rule book. That train of thought is why we are in this mess.People forget that these idiots work for us. Not that you could ever tell with how docile the average american is,I mean what does it take for people to get pissed? Living in a tent city?

    You’re are also assume you/we would have any say in the matter.

    It’s funny, the Iranians are rioting for freedom,we riot because the Lakers won.

  69. nannymm

    AI, here is some info re efforts to repeal the 22nd amendment. There are bills introduced regularly, often by repugs during dem administrations and by dems during repug admins.None of these bills ever go anywhere. In fact, none have EVER come up for a vote.
    And even if by some bizarre circumstance such a bill were to pass, it would never become law because it would be impossible to get 3/4 of the state legislatures to ratify it. So don’t worry! The 22nd Amendment is safe.

  70. I don’t believe in term limits, me and the boiz, off to the park.

  71. nannymm

    dnd, it’s hard to say. My resident shrink (aka my hubby) says he sees elements of several types as well as some mania. If I were to guess (and that is ALL I’m doing) I’d say mild borderline personality disorder. Hubby Shrink says, “you may be right….”


    I was pretty much being sarcastic about the term limit thing,although he really did introduce it. My main point was the NAU and how this country will be drastically different by 2012.

  73. dnd

    I’m only an armchair psychologist, but I’d call it narcissism. I think that feeds the Dilbert Principle 😉

  74. nannymm

    AI, I, too, have often wondered why more of us weren’t out in the streets demonstrating against some of our government’s positions., like the Iraq war, GITMO, warrantless wiretapping, etc. I went to quite a few demonstrations during the Bush years and was shocked at the dismal turnout. Nothing like the anti-Vietnam war demonstrations that I was involved in back in the 60’s. Here in my town, it was mostly a small group of older grandparent types (like me) out there every week holding signs and protesting. Prior to that when I still lived in NYC, the protests were larger but not really that impressive. And again, a large number of the participants were older. It’s a sad commentary on the involvement of the electorate. And it bodes poorly for the future of this country.

  75. nannymm

    dnd, I totally agree about the narcissism. However, since there appear to be elements of several other personality disorders, I think Borderline fits best. After looking at the DSM IV, hubby agrees.


    You people are aware that NORTHCOM is conduction military trainings with troops from U.K.,Austrailia,Canada,and Mexico starting July 9th. These excercises are for confronting homeland militias and and urban containment during national emergencies. These will be taking place in NY,Maine,Georgia,Arizona,and Washington state(and a few others I cant remember.
    Why am I talking about this?
    On 9/11 NORTHCOM was conducting excercises dealing with “terrorists” hijacking commercial planes. The British SAS were conducting the terrorist attacks in their subway systems on the day they had a terror attack on their subway system.
    I’m just saying.

  77. Steve

    lurking, reading….


    And what do you think Steve?

  79. Steve

    What do I think about what?


    What you’re reading and lurking around.

  81. nannymm

    OK, I want to revise my guess about Palin. After more research, I would say Mixed Personality Disorder (common term.) The official clinical term is Personality Disorder NOS (not otherwise specified.) Essentially that means that someone exhibits an array of symptoms that fit a variety of personality disorder criteria, but doesn’t meet the complete criteria for a single pathology. And I stand by my earlier statement that she exhibits symptoms of mania. No matter how you look at it, a thorough evaluation by a psychiatrist would be advisable.


    Well that explains why Sara and Elizabeth Hasslebak get along so well.

  83. Nanny-I was in college (better late than never) when Bush invaded Iraq. I did protest the war…made signs, etc. and had to wade through shitty emails like telling me that I should be shot for treason and that I should move to France or Germany, etc. I still have the signs I made. Having done it, I’m glad I did it but I don’t see where it made any difference. Having a VP who responds to those who oppose the war with, “SO?” pretty much says it all.

    About Palin, I just wonder what she’s trying to get in front of. She’s going on and on about how much she loves her job and co-workers, so much that she’s QUITTING? that makes sense. Didn’t the people elect her to a FOUR YEAR term? I wonder if, had she been elected VP, would she be resigning? She makes my skin crawl.

  84. nannymm

    Bird, I know there were young people out there protesting and didn’t mean to imply otherwise. Unfortunately, however, there were far too few. The “shitty emails,” threats, and accusations of treason and weakness were intimidating to many. Apathy was another problem, as was the lying by the Bush administration. The false idea that Iraq was a response to 9/11, based on the erroneous idea that Saddam was involved created an insane patriotic fervor unlike anything I’ve witnessed before. Back in the anti-Vietnam protest era, young people didn’t believe anything the government told us. War was not considered patriotic or glamorous. We questioned EVERYTHING and we not intimidated by threats and accusations. We stood up to tear gas and bullets and were back the next day for more. In many ways, I think the existence of the draft made it personal for all young people. Today, war is seen as something optional, something no one has to get involved in if they don’t want to. There just isn’t the same urgency for most to oppose it. For that reason, I supported Charlie Rangel’s idea to reinstitute a draft.

  85. trout boy

    Nanny and Bird and Dnd,

    I have a more man on the street term for Palin.

    “Bat shit crazy”

  86. nannymm

    Works for me, Doots. (Sorry, but I’m still having trouble with your new name. I LIKE Doots!)


    No “they” don’t but the Census Bureau dose, they GPS’d my front door.

  88. nannymm

    You know, if the repug bench for ’12 gets much leaner, they may have to run Michele Bachman. 😀

  89. Speaking of Bachman, AI you should follow her advice and not fill in your census form when you get it.


    I plan on it.

  91. I like the term ‘crack-pipe stoopid’


    She actually said she would answer the regular census questions but not the other 100+ questions.

  93. nannymm

    AI, here is a link to a copy of the 2010 Official Census Form. It is 10 questions, all very basic. There’s absolutely nothing there that the government doesn’t already know. The questions aren’t intrusive in any way. Check it out:


    Nanny if that’s the form I ge .I’ll have no issue with it. But I still don’t like the guy in my driveway GPSing my place.

  95. Maybe it was the people from Publisher’s Clearing House just making sure the prize patrol would know where to go.

  96. I agree with several of you that there is something ready to break with regards to Palin.

    Or she was told to resign or something that would kill her politically would be put out on her.

    Yes we already know that the Repugs eat their own so it would not surprise me at all.

    Hi AI, nice to meet you. I have my own issues with the previous administration as well as some of what Obama is now doing.

    I believe that there are many Democrats who are just as guilty as Bush\Cheney in regards to War Crimes and Treason against our country.

    However, proving it is another thing. Well out of here for awhile to see what else is going on around the country and the world.

    God Bless.

  97. Steve

    Bird and I both opposed the Patriot Act, despite the claims from a thread about 2 or 3 days back. We were also opposed the the Gulf War.

    I am also a veteran of the US Air Force with a nephew in the Marines and I am goddamn proud of him. In fact, I am proud of all those kids. They didnt ask to be sent to any of these dirty wars….

    Thats just me though….

    I’m with Trout Boy, bat shit crazy on Palin.

  98. Steve


    Good to see you. Hope you are well. It has been a while….

  99. Hi Steve…

    I think what AI is talking about is the long form that some people get on the census and not the short one nannymm is talking about.

    A few households get the long one and I had one of those many, many years ago. It is more intrusive than the short one.

    I too opposed the Patriot Act and the revised version as well. I’ll see if I still have the copy of a email I sent to one of the Senators about it and if I still have it I will post it.

    Got to run so I’ll see you all later.

    God Bless.

  100. Steve

    Take care, AP.

    Bird and I just broke open some cheap jug wine (open discolsure). We toasted BC and you Brian, you magnificent bastard. You wont find any appletinis in these Georgia hills….

    This Palin thing would have been red meat for Olbermann and Matthews. MSNBC and their cheap ass net missed the boat!

  101. Steve

    whoops, “open disclosure”

  102. trout boy


    Air Force vet my own trouty self. I feel the same about the troops and the wars. I am of vietnam war age but fortunately did not have to go to that slime pit. I went to Labrador and then Frankfurt Germany for the rest of my 4 years.

  103. trout boy


    have you checked out Google Maps and put in your address. Likely there is a picture of your house. If not there will be one in the future.

  104. Steve


    Thanks for your service. I worry about some of these hokey missions that we are sending the kids on these days. I get tired of seeing lip service paid to these kids and then not backed up…..

  105. Steve

    Happy Independence Day, BCers

  106. AmeRICANInSURGEnt


    Trout Boy,that’s exactly my point. If I Google map my address I see my house. Why did the censcus bureau need to do it?

    Im glad to see you all oppose the patriot act,to bad Obama likes to cuddle with it in bed at night while he dreams of the “preventative detainment” he and his “hand picked” team will conjure up. His words not mine.
    AP there’s plenty of proof to convict these people of high treason and crimes against humanity,I can show you if you’d like.
    I support no party,left or right,I support people. There is no two party system ,that should be blinding obviouse at this point. The two party system is just meant to divide and conquer,to keep us occupied debating the details of issues that only have one outcome that could benefit all,the right one.

  107. trout boy


    I don’t think the Census people were involved. The way I understand it Google did it on its own.

  108. AmeRICANInSURGEnt

    Trout Boy,

    The Census Bureau is GPSing our homes. I spoke to the man who I noticed sitting in my driveway punching info into his hand held gps system. I said to him “Who are you,and why are you in my driveway?” he said he was from the bureau. The bureau hired people to canvas areas all over the country. I am not getting google and the census bureau confused with each other.

  109. trout boy

    thanks for the link. I just spent about 20 minunts reading about the “Census Bureau is GPSing my front door”. Honestly, it looks like paranoid behavior. Looks like the Census is trying to use modern day technology to complete the task they have been given by the Constitution. The census has been going on since about 1790. My dates may be off a little but the point is it has happened every 10 years.

    One of my buds worked for the Census in 2000. He disagrees that the Census is trying to help take everything away from you.

  110. AmeRICANInSURGEnt

    I don’t recall saying I thought the Census is trying to take everything away from me.
    Why dosn’t the census use google instead?
    Paranoid behavior? trout,if I had told you about the patriot act before it was enacted,you might think that was paranoid behavior or if on 9/10 I told you planes were going to hit the towers tomorrow you might think that was paranoid behavior,or when I bring up the fact that Obama wants to implement preventative detainment for people who he thinks might cause a crime in the future,I suppose that’s paranoid behavior as well?
    If I need to provide you with a link as proof let me know.
    This goes back to what I posted earlier about how we view people who question the powers at be. We can add “paranoid” to the list of terms we call them along with terrorist,extremist,dangerous,scary, and threatening. I’m am none of those things,I just don,t trust people who lie to me repeatedly.

  111. trout boy

    “I don’t recall saying I thought the Census is trying to take everything away from me.”

    but isn’t that what you are insinuating?

    No, I was against the Patriot Act from the beginning.

  112. trout boy

    when I googled “is the census bureau using gps on our front doors” I got a lot of hits. Some saying they are only going after GUN OWNERS and then I saw a post about Alex Jones noted RightWingNutter. Even Hannity had some posts about it. When that crowd starts to murmur or scream about it, I start to take a look at where the info is coming from. In this case, it looks a lot like the Paranoid Right.

    I am not throwing you in with those people AI, but I have always been told that you are known by the company you keep.

  113. AmeRICANInSURGEnt

    No I’m insinuating that they need to know nothing else but how many people live in my household,age,and sex. That’s it.

    I said IF I told you about the Patriot Act before it passed.

    So tell me, am I being paranoid about preventative detainment?

  114. AmeRICANInSURGEnt

    The company I’ve been keeping is on this blog. If you chose not open you’re that’s you’re issue not mine. Although I wish you would.

  115. AmeRICANInSURGEnt

    I don’t really appreciate you’re insinuations. I talked to the person doing the GPSing in my fucking driveway,I suppose that was a paranoid delusion I was going through? lol

  116. trout boy

    I am not saying Obama did not make that speech. I just don’t think there is much chance it the law being changed. There have been a number of things this admin has said that they have backed away from and I suspect this might be the latest one.

  117. AmeRICANInSURGEnt

    You should be outraged that was even considered by Obama the “peoples president” the “scholar of the constitution” ,tell me trout boy if you were president and a scholar of the constitution would you ever consider such a thing?

  118. Constance Truggle

    Hmmm…again very interesting….

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