Weekly Address: On the 4th of July, Overcoming Americas Challenges



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13 responses to “Weekly Address: On the 4th of July, Overcoming Americas Challenges

  1. nannymm

    Happy 4th of July!

  2. Morning peeps, happy 4th

  3. trout boy

    the old saying is, ” buy a fifth on the third for the fourth.” Happy 4th of July.

  4. dnd

    Happy 4th.

    New conspiracy theory: Sarah Palin is preggers. Again. 😉

  5. Well she did the world needs more Trigs!

  6. Nannymm

    New truth: Sarah Palin is bonkers. Still. 😉

  7. Happy Fourth to all…

    Here is a good take on Sarah Palin and a possible reason why she is stepping down as Governor.


    Pay attention to the part of the post saying further update when you get to it.

    Maybe this is what a lot of us think about a scandal breaking as the cause of her resigning before the end of her term.

    God Bless…

    Time for my nap.

  8. colleen

    happy holiday, all!

    yep, looks like Caribou Barbie has a Ted Stevens problem…stay tuned

  9. Steve

    Happy 4th of july to all…sorry I have not been in much, lots of activity here in 3d land today.

  10. Steve

    One rumor about Palin…she quit because of a scandal involving political contributions and her home being built back in 2002:


  11. Steve

    Looks like Anon beat me to it. Whoops!!!!!!!!

  12. Steve

    Thats way too young for him to die like that

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