Unemployment and the Good ‘Ol Days ~ dnd

Thursday the unemployment figures were reported to be as high as they have been in the last 26 years.  Obama’s opposition pounced:

I remember 26 years ago.  Third year into Reagan’s presidency.  High unemployment, low wages and double-digit interest rates.  Ah, good times… Back then the recession was created by the Fed raising rates to rid ourselves of the crippling stagflation that had gripped the nation.  When that worked (inflation rates dropped from 13.5% in 1981 to 3.2% in 1983) deficit spending by the Reagan administration worked us out of the recession, along with a measured and gradual reduction in interest rates.  Unemployment dropped, albeit gradually.

Elephants are suppose to have good memories, but the GOP seems to forget how Reagan’s deficit spending helped get unemployment down to reasonable numbers 25 years ago.

Epilog:  The failure of Reagonomics resulted from the fiscal policy that was imposed after the recovery, but that’s a topic for a different day.



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59 responses to “Unemployment and the Good ‘Ol Days ~ dnd

  1. Steve

    Good morning to all BCers. I hope you had a wonderful Fourth.

    DND: Thous Shalt Not Speaketh of the Gipper’s Foibles. I am glad you posted that. I remember his antics rather well, and yes, memories are short.

    More Palin Speculation

  2. I’ts called “selective memory,” an unfortunately malady which strikes right wingers regularly, obviously…it’s kinda like when your kids have “selective hearing”

  3. Steve

    Zelaya is to return to Honduras today. His supporters are gathering in the capital…


  4. trout boy

    The Washington Post article is full of spin. All those things could be true also but so could the ethics violations regarding the sports complex and the Palin house. Sometime in the next year or so, I would love to see a purp walk with the both of them.

  5. Steve


    She just keeps dodging all the stuff that is thrown at her. I believe she is totally corrupt. The press conference Friday was pure pap.

    We are getting some really good rain here in North GA, and we need it.

  6. Steve

    Hello Brian. Hope all is well your way

  7. too soon to tell, still on my first cup of joe. Hows by you steve?

  8. Steve

    Been up since 4, headed for early lunch and then a nap. Bird and I are watching “Dance Your Ass Off” on Oxygen, reading and both of us are sad about the death of Steve McNair…a lazy Sunday

  9. hey till the other day I had no idea who McNair was

  10. Steve

    Pioneer African-American QuarterBack from a small town in Mississippi (where we come from). He was killed in a murder-suicide in Nashville early Saturday morning. I saw him play in person and on the tube many many times.

  11. Steve

    He did a lot of post-Katrina relief work down on the coast.

  12. Steve

    Nap time. I will be back to “check the oven” in a couple of hours to see what you guys cook up.

  13. dnd

    If it’s Sunday, it’s my favorite curmudgeon Ed Quillen. This week on the Declaration of Independence:

    “One must grant that this particular committee — Benjamin Franklin, Robert R. Livingston, Roger Sherman, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson — boasted an abundance of intellectual horsepower. It was Jefferson who wrote the Declaration, with the rest of the committee proposing a few changes before it was submitted to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, which made more changes.

    One might wonder how the Declaration would fare if it fell into the hands of a modern committee: ”


  14. Ok my caffeine and nicotine levels have been restored to normal. Good piece dnd.

  15. dnd

    I was really shocked to hear about McNair. Sad story.

  16. funny how people feel sorry for McNair but no one seems to be sad about the woman he killed before he offed himself.

  17. Ah, apparently the chick killed him and then she killed herself. Interesting.

  18. Steve


    take it easy, Brian, I’m just sad, period. Of course, I feel sorry for the girl. Its obvious there was something horribly wrong…

  19. Constance Truggle

    I thought the police believed that SHE killed McNair then herself not that he killed her especially since he was shot SEVERAL times and she was only shot once in the head and the gun was found near her. Either way the event is still shocking.

  20. I always take it easy steve.

  21. Steve

    Yes, she shot him several times and then killed herself.

  22. Hello Constance, welcome aboard

  23. Constance Truggle

    Hello, hello all and thanks for the welcome. Happy end of the 4th week end!

  24. tell us about a little about yourself Constance, and how you found us.

  25. Constance Truggle

    A friend of mine linked it to me and I’ve been reading it for the last few days now…

  26. Steve

    Thats why you are such a beautiful guy, Brian.

    DND: Loved the Littwin column. Why does Palin remind me more of Spiro Agnew than Dan Quayle?

  27. Probably because Quayle was just an idiot and Agnew was a creep.

  28. Steve

    Honduras closes airport to block Zelaya’s flight from landing


  29. Steve

    Welcome Constance

  30. Steve

    Agnew was also a crook (Quayle wasnt) though both used the old attack-the-media strategy.

  31. Steve

    Good catch, Brian

  32. Steve

    I guess thats more proof of how fair and balanced they are at FOX.

  33. trout boy

    welcome Constance from Texas.

    tb the poster formally known as doots

  34. Steve

    Creatrix, do we need rain!

  35. Steve

    We need it for the garden.

  36. dnd

    I think Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are pretty fair. They repeatedly call propagandists miss-truths from Fox bloviators. Which means they’ll soon be looking for work at CNN.

  37. dnd

    Let me join everyone else in welcoming you.

    And I agree, whatever the circumstance surrounding McNair, it’s shocking and tragic.

  38. Steve


    Honduran Military scrambles to intercept deposed President Zelaya’s Plane, Several Latin American Presidents and UN Sec may be forced to land in El Salvador

  39. Steve


    You are right about Shep. He’s a Mississippi boy I believe…but you are right, he doesnt have some lucidity here and there…

  40. Steve

    Uh Let’s try that again


    You are right about Shep. He does have some lucidity here and there…

  41. Nannymm

    Good afternoon, all. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Hubby and I celebrated our 24th anniversary with dinner and a movie. We were going to go watch the fireworks but they got rained out. Oh well. Maybe next year…

    Welcome, Constance. It’s good to have some new blood on the blog.

    Like Brian, I had never heard of McNair until yesterday. But I’m sorry that he died such a tragic and untimely death. I feel badly for the young woman, as well. She obviously needed some intensive mental health treatment.

    Good post, dnd. The right wingers seem to have some memory problems. I’m glad you pointed that out; let’s hope the MSM will follow your lead.

    Steve, you want rain? Come visit me. We get nothing but rain! My pool is about to overflow. Hubby was saying this morning that he may need to lower the water level if this miserable weather doesn’t let up soon.

    Brian, did you catch the fireworks last night? I watched them on TV and was so homesick for the city.

  42. Steve

    Happy anniversary Nanny! 24 years is quite an achievement.

  43. Sure is an achievement for Paul.

    *runs and hides*

  44. Steve

    Low Budget, Brian.

  45. Steve

    Zelaya’s Venezuelan jet is headed for Honduras, but Latin American Presidents have backed out of the escort. Only Un official Miguel D’Escoto is with him. I believe the jet will be forecd to land in El Salvador.

    We will know something in a few more hours…


  46. Steve

    More anti-Palin opinion


    This one features her own poorly written internet post (you should at least read that part).

  47. Steve

    Coup Govt in Honduras asks for talks with OAS, Nicaragua moves troops to border


  48. CNN has live video right now steve.

  49. Steve

    Brian, Can you get a link for me and either post here or send it via e-mail or facebook? Bird has the tv right now….


    You should rename this thread to “Unemployment and Selective Historical Recall ”

    McNair was a excellent human being and a warrior QB,I’d take him on my team any day.

    Who gives a fuck about Palin, she’s just a distraction,like Honduras.

  51. Nannymm

    Good morning!

    AI, as a group, we BC’ers are political junkies. Thus, Palin’s shenanigans are interesting to us. Individually, we each have particular issues that are of primary interest to us. We keep each other informed, trade links to interesting articles, and generally just bat around our ideas. We don’t consider any topic off limits. And, I think we are fortunate to have two historians in our midst. It’s worked well for us for over a year now.

  52. nannymm

    Robert McNamara,former Defense Sec’t under John Kennedy has passed away.

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