Who’s Afraid of Sarah? ~ Nannymm

OK, I’ll admit it. Sarah Palin scares the shit out of me. (Wolves are terrified of her, LeftfearsPalin too, but that’s for another day.) I feel threatened by her.  There!  I’ve said it. Are all you bat-shit crazy right wing bloggers happy now? Well, if you are, you can stop now. Wipe those self-satisfied grins off your silly faces. I’m not afraid of Sister Sarah because she’s so wonderful. And I’m not threatened by her good looks or political talent.
She strikes terror in my heart because she is poorly educated, lacks even the most basic knowledge one would expect in a political leader, lacks intellectual curiosity, is too stupid to know that she is incompetent, and has an inflated opinion of herself that is entirely unwarranted. And you Repugs are too dumb to see it.

She frightens me because Republicans are blindly stupid when it comes to choosing candidates. Don’t forget,it’s you guys who selected George Bush because ya’ll wanted to have a beer with him. The males among you will choose Sarah because you want to do something else with her. (Don’t bother trying to deny it. Your minds are in the gutter where she is concerned. Pat Buchanan has given ya’ll away) You repug women are no better. You love her because she pops out kids and preaches evangelical stuff. None of you, men or women, care that she is FUCKING INCOMPETENT!  All that matters to you is that she is a good looking Jesus freak who opposes abortion.
So, yes, I am afraid;  I’m terrified that you morons will be able to convince just enough so-called independents and PUMA’s to support Caribou Barbie for her to win someday. If that were to happen, the Bush fiasco would look like “Happy Days.”
Now for my Democratic friends, let me say this. If you think I am over-reacting, how many of you thought Shrub would actually become president? How many thought he would surely lose in 2004?  See? Anything is possible when you have the poorly informed electorate that we do. Even total idiots can be president and win a second term.
Heaven help us!
Of course, if Sarah were ever to win, we might get lucky. She has a history of being a quitter.



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40 responses to “Who’s Afraid of Sarah? ~ Nannymm

  1. Steve


    Man killed at running of the bulls. Some people die noble deaths, others fall by chance or slip away. Then there’s this guy….

  2. Steve


    I agree with you. I hope she doesnt make it into power. I would much rather see the GOP nominate someone with a better intellect. I think their best candidate is probably Romney or Tim Pawlenty. Glad to read your post!

  3. Bird

    It continues to blow my mind when people tell me they “love her” because she’s “so smart.” WHAT? my sister went on and on about how much she loved her, etc. This is the same sister who told me I should move to Germany or France when I protested the Iraq invasion. My sister, by the way, never votes so at least there’s that!

  4. nannymm

    Thanks, Steve. I have a couple friends who love Sarah, too. And like your sister, Bird, they don’t vote. Thank heaven for that!

  5. trout boy

    let all the non-voters love Sarah all they want. If that is the case, then she can’t get elected. Works for me!

  6. Steve

    Perhaps they will also join the census boycott the GOP is working on and they will have fewer Congressional reps.

  7. nannymm

    TB and Steve, great ideas. I’m fully in favor of both. 😀

  8. TempeBev

    Outstanding writing, Nanny. I agree with you 110%. “Pulling a Palin” is the new word on Urban Dictionary. Have a good weekend.

  9. Morning peeps,
    Love the pics nanny, haven’t read the article yet, will do after my coffee kicks in.

  10. dnd

    Palin may be a narcissist and dumb as a stump, but she’s got great instincts. Ever notice how whenever she’s questioned she trots out the “victim” card? She knows a large part of her base proudly wear the “victim-hood” mantel. She is the champion for the “not being smart is darn good enough” crowd.

    I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Palin doesn’t want to be president. Hell, she doesn’t want to be governor of Alaska. Too much work.

    Sarah Palin wants to be a celebrity. She want’s to be the center square on “Hollywood Squares.” She wants to be a judge on “Iron Chef” (secret ingredient: Todd caught salmon!). She wants to be a regular guest host on “The View.” She wants to be the star of “The Sarah Palin Show” on Fox.

  11. dnd is that instinct or just a trick she’s developed to cover up her obvious flaws?

  12. Steve

    There was a Yahoo! article this morning from the ex-son in law saying she was just cashing in and would be leaving politics. I hope its strue. There’s even talk she will have a reality show.

  13. Steve

    and good morning to all…just ate a tomato from our garden. Put some salt on it and chilled…yummy

  14. dnd


    You left out “lacks discipline and focus.” 😉

    What really hits the nail on the head is: “is too stupid to know that she is incompetent.”

  15. nannymm

    Thank you all. I hope Levi is right; but Palin is impulsive. She could get a bug up her ass and run on a whim. The woman is frightening….

  16. Steve

    Look I have to admit i would watch at least one episode of any reality show with her in it. I dislike Dr Phil and alnost all televangelists but i will watch them for entertainment value.

    Then again there’s Jack Cafferty, who I cant even stand to watch for a laugh. It may be that trying to watch her would be similar to watching him.

  17. nannymm

    Cafferty is bad. But Lou Dobbs is worse. When I see or hear him, I can’t turn the channel fast enough.

  18. Ok, I read your piece nanny, such language, I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

  19. nannymm

    Virgin ears, Brian?

  20. my last remaining chaste orifice!

  21. dnd

    I think Cafferty is great. That old curmudgeon isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. And he’s really funny when he calls in to Stephanie Miller.

  22. I love Jack, he and my dad had very similar outlooks on life and politics and actually resemble each other too.

  23. dnd

    Peggy Noonan on Sarah Palin:


    Caution: it’s not pretty…

  24. Steve

    Of Cafferty, to each his own…of Brian’s orifices, to each his own….

  25. Steve

    The Noonan piece was good, though the doom and gloom at the end was a bit much for my tastes. I did like it though. BTW, I’m actually reading a book about Ronald Reagan and the 1984 election (speaking of Noonan).

  26. Rolland Burris, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out the Senate chamber.

  27. Steve

    agreed about Burris. He’s a pain, shouldnt have put in Senate…

  28. dnd

    From the Noonan piece: “She wasn’t thoughtful enough to know she wasn’t thoughtful enough.”

    Perhaps Peggy had read Nannymm’s: “is too stupid to know that she is incompetent.” 😉

  29. dnd

    Ok, ok, I know Al Frankin isn’t gonna put on his satirical face in the Senate (though I think that’s a mistake). But I hope he’ll have a bug in Sotomayor’s ear during her Senate questioning.

    Mr. Sessions: Ms Sotomayor, why should you be on the nation’s highest court?

    Ms Sotomayor: Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me.

  30. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Friday, July 10, 2009 — 7:40 PM ET

    House Democrats Plan to Tax the Wealthy for Health Reform

    To pay for a sweeping overhaul of the health care system,
    House Democrats will propose a surtax on individuals earning
    $280,000 and up and couples earning more than $350,000, the
    chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee said on

    In all, the proposal is projected to generate roughly $550
    billion over 10 years, which would cover about half of the
    estimated cost of the $1-trillion-plus health care

    But it remains unclear if the Senate would approve such an
    across-the-board income tax on the wealthy.

  31. dnd


    This is guaranteed to fail. First, if the government option will reduce costs, lets just go with that first and see what the cost/benefits are. Second, a trillion bucks is real money. How is that revenue neutral? Third, and most important: someone making $280k in Topeka is stinky rich. Someone making $280k in Palo Alto is probably middle class. Taxing them equally is blatantly unfair. But that’s a tax rant for a different day 😉

  32. dog's eye view

    Good column, nanny. After W’s two terms, you cannot write off any political outlier, no matter how obviously incompetent.

    Sarah has many, many admirers in western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina. They praise her common sense and character.

  33. trout boy

    here is another rw christian group that has been in decline for several years. This article talks about how the Promise Keepers are trying to make a comeback.



  34. Steve

    Dog’s Eye, good to see you on! Hope you are well


  35. Steve


    My Bro IN Law was involved in Promsie Keepers…though I agree with your characterization of them as RW, I didnt see much indoctrination in his case. I dont know why he dropped out of it.

  36. dog's eye view

    Hello Steve and all. Good to see YOU! Back in Virginia briefly. It’s a beautiful weekend with no humidity so far.

    RE Promise Keepers and groups of that type: several online discussions re Sanford’s confessions and affair with his “soul mate” mentioned PK and similar groups as a tool for keeping dead marriages together and maintaining social control along fundamentalist religious lines.

    OK, know Promise Keepers etc. could save some marriages that CAN be saved. But some are too far gone, and it’s dishonest not to admit that, theologically or however.

    Maintaining a troubled marriage and seeing only the first (heterosexual) marriage as valid is not realistic when both partners can live to age 70 and beyond.

    This is not an anti-marriage remark. Only a comment from someone who knows many in happy and fulfilling second marriages, who survived a bad one the first time out.

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