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I’m so tired of all the fighting about healthcare and everything else in the world of politics, the wars, the “party of no,” wandering husbands, DOMA, DADT, lawsuits for everything, lying, quitting, Michael Jackson, and just about everything else that causes problems, I came across the words to “Imagine” by John Lennon. I remember it being controversial when it first came out, but read the words . . . isn’t it relevant and hasn’t it always been?


Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one




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83 responses to “Imagine ~BevnTempe

  1. Morning peeps,
    Hey Bev thanks for the reminder to “smell the roses”

  2. nannymm

    Good morning. Thanks, Bev. Lennon’s words are as appropriate today as they were back when he first sang them. You post is a good reminder of how far we have to go.

  3. Anyone else watching the hearings? Sotomayor said Roe is settled law. I’m liking this woman!

  4. nannymm

    I’m watching, Brian. I like her, too. Are you watching MSNBC? Tweety seems to have some problems with her.

  5. dnd

    Great post Bev. Makes me feel guilty linking to this:

    Caribou Barbie in WaPo on “Cap & Tax Dead End”:

    In keeping with today’s thread, I’d remind everyone that a little manure is necessary for beautiful roses 😉

  6. trout boy

    is it just me or do all those in the hearings speak a different language than you and I do? I don’t know anyone that talks like that.

  7. Yes nanny, MSNBC, but I’ve been on and off the phone so only catching dribs and drabs.

  8. “congress speak” trout, LOL

  9. nannymm

    It’s lawyer speak. I grew up around it; my parents spoke like that when they were talking “shop.”

  10. nannymm

    OMG! Michelle Obama’s father was buried at that cemetery where graves were dug up and plots resold.

  11. TempeBev

    Thanks everyone – just hearing John sing makes it more relevant – especially after hearing some of the “remarks” at the SOTUS hearings.

  12. dog's eye view

    Hello from sunny and breezy Southern California. Here for a few weeks.

    Imagining having you all visit and soak up some Vitamin D.

    Blissfully unaware of Sotamayor hearings. WaPost has big headline up: “Under Fire, Sotomayor Vows ‘Open Mind.’ ”

    And I’m hearing they’ve published some cap and trade op ed by that no dead fish she policy wonk.


  13. dog's eye view

    Incidentally, Happy Bastille Day.

  14. nannymm

    OK, Dog’s Eye. I’m jealous! It is dark, dreary, rainy and a mere 52 degrees here, the HIGH so far today. I need summer! Southern California sounds heavenly. Actually, any place warm and sunny sounds good to me. This North Country weather is ridiculous; it’s turning out to be the “summer that wasn’t.”


    John Kennedy,Bobby Kennedy,Malcom X,MLK,and John Lennon all preached love and compassion for their fellow human and they were all killed. Makes you wonder why.

  16. Doesn’t make me wonder at all AI, there is a lot of evil and deranged people in the world.

  17. Hi everyone, what a breath of fresh air.

    “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace ”

    It’s a shame that too many people don’t really understand this concept. Anyway, hope you are all well……I am getting all nervous to send my second child off to the big world, and he’s so ready to go he can taste it.

    Not to bring up the S-woman (sarah P), but holy smokes what a piece of work. I am planning on stopping by again tonight, ready to re-join the BC….I have lost way too much cash-ola at poker, and need a break before I can’t pay my bills…..


    Yes I know,lots of “lone wolves” running around hating individuals preaching messages of compassion. I personally dont know anyone who would kill someone for being compassionate and loving. I do however know of people or establishments who fear people being united by messages of love and peace. Love and peace are not profitable or controlling. Meaning, people who are not scared are not able to be controlled.
    Why dont our leaders act out those messages of love,peace and compassion?

  19. I must have an abundance of manure, my roses have flourished this summer.

    We have had an unseasonably chilly summer as well, I am really dreading the on-set of winter……If I didn’t have a senior this year, and my house wasn’t worth less than I owe, I might just leave this place…lol ….. talk about no chance of moving there you have it.

    Hey Bri how the heck are you?

  20. The old back channel is looking good……Thank goodness you guys put this place together!

  21. I’m good, summer has barely begun, don’t worry about it coming to an end, geeez



    If you’d like any help with your constant battle let me know,it’s what I do. Just offering.

  23. I think Tweety likes his women , more on the “hot” side of the spectrum… that an out-of-line comment?

    My bad ….out of practice 🙂

  24. you are right Brian……I think I need to over indulge in some Margaritas……that always makes me feel like it’s summer time. 🙂

    Haven’t had one all summer…..tonight it sounds like a winner!

  25. UB I can’t go anywhere near a slot machine, I lose all self control!

  26. AmeRICANInSURGEnt….nice to meet you……(she said thinking to herself)……..what exactly does AmeRICANInSURGEnt do?

  27. I love gambling love it…..and I have never even been to Atlantic City…’s fairly close… you ever go there?


    I help people win that battle. 🙂

  29. No, about 25 years ago I spent a hellish weekend in LV and vowed never to return to a casino every again!

  30. it’s 4:00 – I wish I could say I was walking home, buy this lazy tush drove to work…..and it’s a nice day…..guilt…….well a margarita will help that away

    Brian, you mean you actually have self control?

  31. have you seen the movie, Hangover? it might cause flash backs for you…lol

  32. I like my battle….lol….I think….

  33. “Brian, you mean you actually have self control?”

    In matters of casinos no, that’s why I avoid them!


    Ok good luck to you then Burrito.

  35. I’ll keep you as a back up…..for those un-lucky days. 🙂

  36. later ….I’ll check back, be good or be good at it….


  37. trout boy

    wow a Burrito sighting. Welcome back UB.

  38. Wow, Graham is being really obnoxious today!

  39. dnd

    Is Margaret Wente of the Toronto Globe and Mail reading the backchannel blog?

    “The Democrats have Sonia Sotomayor. The Republicans have Sarah Palin. That’s all you really need to know. Between them, these two women explain why the Republicans are doomed. ”

  40. nannymm

    Burrito!!! Welcome back!! It’s so good to see you!!!
    Sorry your summer is cool, too. Mine is non-existent so far. Can’t figure out why we even bothered to open the pool….. what a waste!

  41. dnd

    Hey Sra Burrito! We’ll all be over for Margaritas later. 😉

  42. nannymm

    Hi AI, I started to say hi to you earlier but got distracted by a gang of 13yr olds.

  43. dnd

    Isn’t 52 degrees a heat wave for you?

  44. nannymm

    Margaritas would go great with the enchiladas I just made. 😀

  45. nannymm

    Not in July and August,dnd, mid 70’s is the usual. But from September through June, you got it right. Apparently Mother Nature is having a brain fart this year; she can’t seem to figure out that it’s summer. Or maybe she forgot to turn the page on her calendar…. 😉

  46. dnd

    Just turned on the tube to hear Tweety describe the delicious irony of Graham accusing Sotomayor of having a “temperament problem.” You’ll recall that Lindsey Graham was McCain’s biggest supporter during the campaign, and remains so today.

  47. That was a good moment dnd

  48. nannymm

    Graham is a pompous ass. He has some gall to suggest that Sotomayor should use these hearings to take time to reflect on her temperament. And then to insinuate that she might get a second chance. What a sexist prig. He wouldn’t dare make such a condescending remark to a man.

  49. trout boy

    Lindsay Graham sounds like Crusader Rabbit to me.

  50. dnd

    Willie Mays hitches a ride on Air Force One with Obama to the All-Star game.

    Cheryl Crow sings the Star-Spangled Banner.

    Stan-the-Man Musial presents the first pitch ball to President Obama.

    Obama delivers to Albert Pujols who catches the first pitch.

    Is this a great country or what?

  51. I wonder where Gordo ended up landing.

  52. nannymm

    Does anyone really care, Bri?

  53. As many of you know I’m not very good at saying how I really feel about the past administration or the current Republicans in the House, Senate or GOP Party so I held back when I sent a contact email to Jeff Sessions.

    See below….

    After watching K.O. the other night when he mentioned the preacher who prayed for the deaths of some I thought why not.

    So I did a contact to the racist, bigoted Sessions. See below….

    It came as no surprise to me your questions or responses to Judge Sotomayor’s answers. After all they were coming from a known White Racist and Bigot such as yourself.

    So knowing that, I will continue to pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for your Death. I will continue to pray that my Lord lifts up His mighty Sword of Justice and strikes you and all the rest of you Republican Fascist, Racist, Bigoted Nazi’s dead. May He let all your deaths by His Hand be excruciating and painful.

    Only then can America reclaim her honor, integrity and Constitution from the Nazi Reign of the last eight years under the Nazi Rule led by George Adolph Bush and Dick Heinrich Himmler Cheney.

    So in conclusion let me say May the Lord my God send down the Angel of Death upon you.

    And God Bless all True Americans.

    I wonder when I will be getting a visit by the FBI, because as you know praying for someones death can be considered a threat by the religious right.

    God Bless.

  54. nannymm

    Well, if the right wing crazies can pray for Obama’s death, I don’t see why they should go after you, AP. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

  55. Hi nannymm…

    I think we should all send them email telling them were praying for their deaths.

    Maybe then they will begin to fear God and the people for once.

    And yes your right since they do pray for Obama’s death and have done there utmost to incite their base to commit the horrible sin of political assassination over the past year form primaries to the election and even today.

    If there is ever another civil war I firmly believe that unlike Lincoln when we beat them again we should execute them all for Treason.

    Don’t forgive and forget like Lincoln did since that will allow them to rise up again in the future and we would have to repeat both wars a third time.

    Lets learn from our past and not permit the return of evil like we have done since the civil war. If there is another war lets make sure we end it once and for all.

    Well its time to hit the sack. Good night and…

    God Bless.


    WOW AP dont let Steve see you talking like that lol.
    I agree with you 100% but you left out the fact that this administration is following the same game plan as the previous.

    Oh and….. DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT!! Check out this clip from 60 min back in ’76.

  57. Morning peeps,
    Lucky me, I get to go to jersey today.

  58. nannymm

    Good morning! Lucky me, we may hit 65 degrees today.
    As for Jersey, I’m all for it if I’m headed for the shore. Otherwise, no thank you.

  59. Yes the shore would be lovely today, but alas my destination is Hackensack, and the Hackensack River his hardly beach like!

  60. dog's eye view

    Good morning all.

    Seeing headlines re Sotomayor’s “passion” and “identity”.

    Those excitable ethnic women.

    Did we see this kind of stuff for Roberts and Alito?

    Or Scalia?

  61. dog's eye view


    Dr. Regina Benjamin as Surgeon General.

    She sounds wonderful and highly qualified.

  62. dog's eye view

    NYTimes article on Dr. Benjamin. (See you discussed her yesterday.)

    OT: love this expression from story: “a house so small “we don’t have enough room to cuss a cat” ‘


    Coincidentally, am typing this from hospital cafeteria in Orange County, CA. Beautiful Catholic-run facility. A best friend is having surgery as we speak (I’m out here to help with post-op care and his no driving for weeks… mind you, it’s not pure altruism since he’s located 6-8 blocks from the Pacific and some marvelous bike paths … but love my friend and we are going to have a great few weeks.)

    Hospital: State of the art. Wonderful people. Statue of Jesus (or maybe St. Joseph?) affixed to wall in waiting area, above a grand piano. (His arms are raised, and you can imagine Him conducting the musicians.)

    Thrilled my friend has excellent medical care.

    Thrilled squared that a powerful advocate like Dr. Benjamin can ensure that all Americans get excellent care too.


    A MacArthur Award fellow.

    Adults in the house again.

  63. TempeBev

    Pat Buchanan, in his high, whinny voice, seems to have superior knowledge on how Sotomayor should have answered Rep. Senator’s questions. Perhaps he could get a side job coaching prospective candidates.

  64. dog's eye view

    Hello there Bev. Not watching Pat B and the political kabuki is a pleasure.

    CNN on in background; not paying much attention.

    That makes me an average American, for sure.

  65. eprof2

    Greetings from the desert. (It was 114 here yesterday.)

    Question: When the Republicans get to nominate court appointees, they go for the most “respectable” right wing conservatives they can find and have little or no trouble getting them through the Senate, whether Dems are the majority or minority (see Roberts and Alito). When the Democrats get to nominate court appointees, they go for the most middle of the road respectable centerists and they have one hell of time getting them to the court. Why don’t the Dems, who have the 60 votes, go for left wing liberals? (I know the answer but I’m throwing it out there for your contemplation.)

    Summer considerations, margaritas, bbq, and all other conversations can re-commence.

  66. nannymm

    Well, eprof, my conclusion is that the Dems are chicken shits, afraid of their own shadows. They lack the cajones to stand up proudly and proclaim their liberal philosophy and support their liberal positions. Hell, the very word “liberal” causes them to quake in their boots. I could go on and say they’re gutless and spineless, but why bother? We all know it, don’t we?

  67. I’ve survived Hackensack!

  68. dnd

    I disagree with your response to eprof2’s question. I think Democrats span a broader spectrum than what’s left of the Republican party. Makes sense with eprof2’s thesis that it’s the Democrats who will split into a third party, not the Republicans.

    And Obama is not a radical leftist; more center left.

  69. dnd

    Frankin made a funny. When Sotomayor what was the name of her favorite Perry Mason episode and she didn’t remember, he asked: “Didn’t the White House prepare you?”

  70. I agree with dnd on this one, we Dems do represent a wider ideological spectrum than the repugs do. We have to hope that Obama will have the chance to nominate to the court in his second term.

  71. dnd

    Margaret and Helen weigh in or Sarah Palin:

    “Margaret, I watched Sarah Palin’s resignation speech and all I have to say is, “What the hell was that?” My God that woman is an idiot. I have said this before, but I feel the need to say it again. Her problems did not come because the media was against her. Her problems come because every time you stick a microphone in front of her mouth a whole lot of stupid falls out.”

    If you’re not familiar with Margaret and Helen, trust me, they’re pee-yer-pants funny.

  72. nannymm

    OK, dnd and Brian. You are correct in that the dems span a broad spectrum on the political scale. But I am also correct in that the liberal wing has a real tendency to downplay their “liberalness” out of fear. Hell, most of them won’t even call themselves liberal. Conservatives are proud of the label; dems are too afraid to claim theirs.

  73. nannymm

    dnd, Margaret and Helen are hilarious. They make me laugh till I cry. Thanks for that link.

  74. dnd

    Caught the tail end of Hardball where Buchanan, while dissing Sotomayor refuted Robinson’s claim that she got straight A’s in high school, said “everybody gets A’s in high school now!” When Tweety said she graduated suma cum laude from Harvard he said “Everybody graduates with suma cum laude from Harvard now!”

    The truth of Buchanan’s rant is at best, questionable. But it is irrelevant. Sotomayor is 55 years old and graduated from high school in 1971. How they met out honors now is irrelevant to her accomplishments 30 odd years ago.

    Buchanan needs to either work a bit harder on his partisan arguments or change his meds. Or both…

  75. unlikelyburrito

    Hi….hi hi everyone…….

    dnd, thanks for reminding me of the Margaret and Helen blog….I haven’t been there in months.

    I drank my margaritas last night ….but they would have been better if I could have shared with all of you.

    Today was warmer, nothing close to Eprof’s – melt your lip-stick and watch it run down your face 114 !
    That’s just insane hot!

    The dems are gun shy, but I think it’s changing….as the new younger (dems) people don’t pay attention to the political details, and hang ups of the past.

    I can always hope….right?

  76. Buchanan is a racist and a bigot and I have called him that many times when I send one of those emails to the Morning Joe MSNBC show in the mornings.

    I ask how they can continue to have a racist and bigot like Buchanan on all the time since everyone knows he’s a racist.

    I also use my pet name for Joe. Too me he’s Nazi Joe the Lawyer and I have brought up the dead women in his office a few times while I knock him for his constant defense of the RFN’s.

    And the other day I even knocked Mika saying that if it wasn’t for her father she would not be on Morning Joe.

    I generally liked Mika, however lately she has been just as bad as Nazi Joe so I lashed out at her as well over her pandering for the Reich Wing.

    Anyway I almost feel like sending some of those other Racist, Bigoted Repug on the Sotomayor panel emails letting them know that I am praying for their Deaths as well like I am for Sessions Death.

    Since they supposedly believe the Bible and spout their Religious values crap all the time knowing someone is praying for their Deaths they will consider a threat I’m pretty sure.

    So lets see if they want to make prayer a crime which will be Christian Bashing at its worst.

    Well I’ll catch everyone another day. Take care and …

    God Bless.

  77. trout boy

    Oh UB, we never got a picture of the new Mohawk haircut. And we are getting tired of waiting. Snap to.

  78. As I continually put my foot in my mouth I did so again over at TM just a short while ago with the following comment.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again.

    When it first came out that Cheney had a Death Squad little did I know or could even consider that not only did he have a assassination squad, but that he had two of them.

    One with the CIA which never went fully active that we are now finding out about and one Military Pentagon Assassination Squad that was out murdering people, perhaps even innocent people got killed by them.

    At the time I said that Dick Cheney possibly had Ranger Pat Tillman murdered because he found out about it and was going to go public with it.

    I made that statement based on the known facts that were out on how and the way Ranger Tillman died, his uniform being burnt as well as his diary and the multiple stories told to his family by the Military..

    Also lets not forget that he was killed by American Soldiers and the Military along with the Pentagon covered it up. In fact according to a link I had posted on a interview with the Tillman family they had said that the person in charge over in Afghanistan now was involved in the cover up in their opinion.

    Since we know that Cheney outed a NOC spy is it that far out of the realm of possibilities that Cheney did order the Death of Ranger Tillman? I don’t think so.

    It is way past time for the Democrats to stand up and open investigations into the War Crimes and Murders ordered by the Sociopath Cheney and the Republicans who helped cover up the War Crimes along with the violations of the Constitution and Laws of the Land they swore to uphold.

    How much evil committed by these vile Republicans along with I’m pretty sure some Democrats will we let them get away with?

    If your not outraged by the destruction done to our country then we deserve becoming a third world nation and living under a Dictatorship and we have nothing to complain about since we allowed it.

    Bush\Cheney are Murders and Traitors as are the majority of Republican Fascist, Racist, Bigoted Nazi’s and some Democrats.

    I know that you don’t like my description of them or the words I call them, but the truth is the truth even if you find it offensive.

    I’m out of here now. Ignore my comment as you usually do. I know in my heart I am right and I will not be silenced into submission by these tyrants who scream I’m bashing Christians or Un American.

    Have a good day.

    And so ends another day in my paranoid life. At least according to those who think I’m not only paranoid, but crazy as well.

    Take care and …

    God Bless.

  79. Yeah UB, we’re waiting, snap to!

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