Sotomayor, why do they hate her so?

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen this now famous and infamous interview of pundit Pat Buchanan.  For years we’ve all watch Pat skirt precariously close to the line of full out racist.  Well the nomination of  Judge Sotomayor has pushed him over that line.   I had been more than a little puzzled as to what evoked such a reaction (certainly not her judicial record which by all accounts falls well within the mainstream)  but the other night it occurred to me it Judge Sotomayor is living proof that affirmative action works.    Given the opportunity a Latina woman can climb to the top of the American legal system and that’s driving all the Pat Buchanans of the world bat shit crazy!



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23 responses to “Sotomayor, why do they hate her so?

  1. TempeBev

    Tonight on Rachel, she presented proof of some of Pat’s more ridiculous comments. (See Mon. night show) Like you stated, he crossed the line when debating with her.

    My personal opinion is that many members of the Republican party are racist, but do their best to keep it hidden. That’s one reason why they are the party of no. They are having trouble accepting a Democratic President who is part African-American.

    This is only my opinion and have no proof. It is an internal feeling that keeps popping up when I watch the news.

  2. Constance Truggle

    I personally believe they are sexist & racist so either way they have issues with Sotomayor as a person.

  3. Nannymm

    I agree with you all. Pat gave them all away with his absurd rant about “white men” building this country. Hello??? White men STOLE this land from Native Americans. Then, they kidnapped and enslaved African men and women and used their labor to build this country. They used white women and everyone else who wasn’t a white male to achieve whatever THEY wanted without regard to anyone else. Sure, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written solely by white men. That isn’t because there were no white women or black men and women or others who couldn’t have contributed to those documents. It’s because, white men held all the power to themselves; they grabbed it and held on for dear life. Their sense of superiority led them to treat all who were not white men as second class citizens or worse. And they got away with it for hundreds of years. In many ways, they are still getting away with it.
    Now, some of them (the PB types) are angry and terrified because they see their power and control slowly slipping from their fingers. They see that African Americans, women, Hispanics, and others who are not white males are succeeding, are taking control and acheiving powerful positions that were once held exclusively by white men. So now they are crying that it is white men who are being discriminated against. Give me a freaking break! What a bunch of whine asses! They don’t seek equality now anymore than they ever did. They want to dominate as they always have. Well, they aren’t going to get what they want. It’s over. The tide has turned and slowly we are moving towards equality. They need to shut up and get used to it.

  4. Bird

    These same group of people think Sotomayer is NOT qualified to be a Supreme Court Judge but Sarah Palin WAS qualified to be VP???? PUHLEASE…

  5. dnd

    Bird, LOL! You nailed it. Buchanan thinks (or at least he says) Palin would be a great presidential nominee.

    I think Buchanan’s rants are part of his shtick. During that rant with Maddow he slipped up and let his racism show. Or maybe he didn’t slip up. His sister Bay is equally racist.

  6. In case anyone didn’t see it last night Rachel had a few more things to say about Pat’s most recent appearance on her show.

  7. dog's eye view

    Al Hunt had an interesting take on the Sotomayor hearings in his Sunday NYT column. “Life Lessons Should Count on Top Court”

    WASHINGTON — Senator Lindsey Graham, the engaging South Carolina Republican, lectured the Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor last week that if he had made a comment like hers that a “wise Latina woman” often reaches better conclusions, it would have a been a career-ender.

    The cable-news commentators concurred and the nominee, playing the create-no-waves confirmation game, expressed regret. Actually, her remark was rational and Mr. Graham’s analysis flawed.

    Suppose, for example, he had said: “I would hope that a wise, white Southern male with the richness of growing up in South Carolina would more often than not be more sensitive on the issue of race relations than a white Northerner who hasn’t lived that life. …”

    Pat Buchanan has lost the battle on this one.

    He knows it.

    And there is no way in hell that I am clicking on either video link to watch Pat B in action. It’s a sideshow.

    I’m interested at not seeing much on the blogs about either Ted Kennedy’s Newsweek cover on healthcare or Time’s cover hagiography on “Sarah Palin: Renegade.”

  8. dog's eye view

    PS: Bird: lovely to see you here.

  9. dnd

    “Suppose, for example, he had said: “I would hope that a wise, white Southern male with the richness of growing up in South Carolina would more often than not be more sensitive on the issue of race relations than a white Northerner who hasn’t lived that life. …””

    dog, that is precisely what Sotomayor should have said to Graham. She’d have shut him down and got his vote on the spot.

  10. dog's eye view

    I suspect she already has Graham’s vote. Seriously.

    Here’s Nate Silver of 538 on health care reform prospects. My biggest issue. It terrifies me to see the well paid, well insured, undercurious talking heads affecting polling results.

    “Rumors of the Demise of ObamaCare have been Greatly Exaggerated”

  11. TempeBev

    Nanny, your post was beautiful.

  12. dnd

    I agree that Graham will vote for Sotomayor. They just wanted their pound of flesh for the base and given that she didn’t lash out, they have an excuse to vote for her.

    That Nate Silver link on health care was great. I particularly liked:

    “3. Wyden-Bennett and Other “Bipartisan” Approaches.. I don’t see any particular reason why the Administration couldn’t press the reset button and push for a different sort of health care bill — particularly Ron Wyden’s, which already has a half-dozen Republican supporters.”

    I think the House version will get slapped down. It’s only utility is it’s use by the opposition.

  13. Nannymm

    Thanks, Bev. I get a bit heated when white men cry discrimination or try to take all the credit for this country. I will be glad to give them the blame for the damned mess we’re in now, though.

  14. Bird

    I’m usually here, lurking! :o) I’ve never been a Buchanan fan, but now I’m convinced he’s a frigging media whore who will say anything.

  15. I hate media whores, other types of whores on the other hand…..

  16. Constance Truggle

    I’ll reserve comment on whores….for now anyway

  17. dnd

    The real disappointment with Graham was that he has the background to have asked Sotomayor interesting Constitutional questions. He didn’t. He opted for the tabloid questions on her speeches and the Ricci case.

    The only two Senators who asked reasonable questions on Constitutional law were Hatch and Grassley. Both are skeevy partisan hacks, but at least they asked reasonable questions.

    The only other Senator who asked reasonable questions was Al Frankin.

  18. Well Republican Fascist, Racist, Bigoted Nazi Jeff Sessions put a hold on Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation vote for a week.

    I do sincerely pray for his death. Until all these Nazi Traitors are dead and in their graves we will never again be a Democratic Republic.

    Please dear Lord strike them all dead and the sooner the better.

    God Bless

  19. dog's eye view


    That said, good to see you here.

    Don’t know about praying for others’ deaths, though … at least, in black and white. In one’s heart, that’s another matter …

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