Weekly Address: Health Insurance Reform, Small Business and Your Questions



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27 responses to “Weekly Address: Health Insurance Reform, Small Business and Your Questions

  1. nannymm

    Good morning!

  2. dog's eye view

    Good morning. I put this up late on nanny’s excellent thread yesterday.


    Really good topic and column, Nanny. Well stated.

    Ironic, given the moon landing’s 40th anniversary this week.

    We could never shoot for the moon in this climate. I am sure we got progress on a lot of unexpected fronts from the R&D that went into that great effort.

    Providing healthcare access to all citizens of the world’s richest major country just should not be such an issue. It is doable, should be done, and is late in coming.

    I do love the US of A. Which makes it doubly sad to see the small-mindedness and cynicism that prevails.

    Shake up the status quo and the provincialism and negativity. They are literally killing some of us.

  3. dnd

    Well, clearly the President is reading our blog. Just a couple of days ago I ranted about how small business pays more for health care costs.

    If you want to stimulate job growth, programs that benefit small business is the way to go.

  4. Well great minds do think alike d!

  5. TempeBev

    For those in both parties who say we need to go slower and not rush, what exactly have they been doing to help accomplish healthcare change? Some of the members of Congress admit they have not even read the bill because it’s over 1,000 pages. I heard that if you download the bill, actual pages are about 250+ and time is about 2.5 hours. What is the reason, other than wanting to kill the bill, they can’t put the needs of the American people first instead of themselves? I assume their personal incomes would be cut if things change, but is this the only reason they ran for Congress – to get on the take from lobbyists? Isn’t there anyone who sincerely cares about others? Are they all on the waiting list for a room at C Street? Is this country in such a state that no cares about anyone other than themselves?

  6. dog's eye view

    Highly aggravating, Bev.

    The first way to effect real healthcare reform: dump Congress’s asses off their cushy government-provided (aka socialist) healthcare. Feel the need — you might get better results.

    Sure they empathize with the constituent letters they get.

    But they have no skin in the game, save the Ben Franklins that won’t be coming their way if they displease BigHealthcare/BigPharma/the healthcare industrial complex.

  7. Ok, everyone needs to chill on this delay bullshit, we’ve waiting over 5o years, a few weeks isn’t important.

  8. dnd

    It’s 1018 pages. Here’s the complete text:

    Note it’s double-spaced with wide margins and they use a pretty big font, but still, it’s still a pretty good sized bill.

    I’m guessing the opposition wants more time as they’ve probably hired Frank Luntz to comb through the bill to to give them a set of unified talking points.

    I’m guessing the Senate is coming up with a better plan, hence Reid’s request for more time.

    They could save themselves a lot of time and effort if they’d just adopt my one page proposal, which I’ll post here Monday.

  9. dnd

    One more thing on the size of the bill. Whenever one of those congresscritters is standing in front of a camera with four reams of paper bundled together, complaining that they haven’t had time to read this massive bill, I wish someone would run up there and point out that all those pages are blank. It’s just a prop to try to fool the gullible.

  10. TempeBev

    I disagree about it not being important. Ok, we have no other option except to chill about the delay – we’ve waited 50 years, but some seem to indicate they want to wait longer. That’s not acceptable. If the Blue Dogs etc. are legitimately taking the time to “get it right” fine. If they are helping to delay that will result in failure, that’s not OK. Healthcare change is important and the more people who express their opinion is very important.

  11. Bev there is an upside to the delay in that it get people fired up and hopefully they are letting their members of congress know how they feel!

  12. TempeBev

    The key word is hopefully!

  13. dnd

    Two prominent women on TV today. Hillary on MTP and Palin at the governor’s annual picnic in Fairbanks. The former a notorious non-quitter (remember the primary campaign?), the latter a notorious quitter.

    Interesting, no?

  14. morning peeps,
    Well dnd one of those woman will be interesting!

  15. dog's eye view

    Good morning all.

    Frank Rich has a good column up about Walter Cronkite.

    Last paragraph is the killer, although whole article is well argued.

    “Watching many of the empty Cronkite tributes in his own medium over the past week, you had to wonder if his industry was sticking to mawkish clichés just to avoid unflattering comparisons. If he was the most trusted man in America, it wasn’t because he was a nice guy with an authoritative voice and a lived-in face. It wasn’t because he “loved a good story” or that he removed his glasses when a president died. It was because at a time of epic corruption in the most powerful precincts in Washington, Cronkite was not at the salons and not in the tank.”


    Not in the tank.

  16. dog's eye view

    Seems like Sarah Palin gets eyeballs. I’m amazed at how often you see content about her — however meagre — on news websites.

    We’d be safer if she was less photogenic.

  17. dnd

    If it’s Sunday, it’s my favorite curmudgeon Ed Quillen. This week ol’ Ed weighs in on health care.

    “In any conflict, it’s good to know what the enemy is thinking, so I found the Republican talking points on health-care reform. ”


  18. Bachmann, Other GOP ‘Mother Bears’ Decry Health Care Reform, Long Fast-Food Lines


  19. dog's eye view

    Quillen’s idea: have Wal-Mart put medical clinics in its 4,000+ stores; use its bargaining power to drive down medication prices.

    [Would prefer we had US physicians rather than those trained in India and China — perhaps more doctors should be on a salary. Public funding for public health doctors/nonspecialist physician training would open the field to young Americans of limited means; save them from immense debt to finance their education.]

    But not a bad idea, at all. And include dental care too.

    Minute Clinic is already doing this, in CVS drugstores, with a nurse practitioner or physician assistant onsite.

  20. dnd

    Some thoughts on Sec. Clinton on MTP:

    1. She is really sharp, a great policy wonk, but a lousy diplomat. Her statements on North Korea and Iran may be correct, but hardly diplomatic. Bill Richardson and Richard Holbrooke must have been screaming “STFU” at the TV.

    2. She is a great team player. Backed Obama and Biden unconditionally.

    3. She’s tough. Getting back to work so soon after elbow surgery had to be hard, no matter how much Vicodin she was prescribed.

    4. If she’s thinking about running for president, she’s hiding it well with all her denials.

    5. David Gregory is no match for her.

  21. dnd

    “Tax on ‘gold-plated’ health care plans gains ground”

    While this looks good politically, it’s fraught with problems, e.g., where do you set the cap? Is it indexed for inflation? Is it predicated on geographical cost of living?

    The only fair way to manage it is to tax all benefits.

  22. “The only fair way to manage it is to tax all benefits.”

    No argument there!

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