A non-political broadening of my knowledge ~ BevnTempe

As most of you know I live in the high degree temperature area of Arizona: 110* – 115* every day since the end of June. It’s hot! Because of these high temperatures, I tend to stay inside. We don’t have a pool, and from what I’ve heard from those who do, the water is too warm to be enjoyable. So in addition to working on the computer, playing Lumosity games, doing jigsaw puzzles, reading, going to the gym and walking at the local mall, I’ve been entertained by something new to me – the Tour de France.

We tape it since it starts much earlier than we get up. We watch it in the afternoon when our activities slow down. I’ve learned a lot. I now know what comprises a peloton breakaway groups, the chase group, leaders, staging, king of the mountain, yellow, green, and all other colors of jerseys. I’ve seen the cooperation of team members. I never was a fan of Lance Armstrong and his wristbands, but have come to cheer him on and admire his determination to compete and possibly place in this 2009 race.

So, aside from all the bickering among the Democrats over healthcare, the birthers, the police situation in Cambridge, the repugs who have now decided it’s better to do nothing than try and do something, I have seen something new that isn’t covered by the MSM, thanks to the Versus network.

Not only is it a chance to see well-trained athletes compete on bicycles, it also gives me a chance to see the beautiful scenery of France and parts of Spain, Switzerland, and Italy. This is especially enjoyable since I’ve never been to Europe.

By now the Tour de France is over and the winners have been named. Thanks for giving me enjoyment and educating me at the same time.

Since the Diamondbacks suck, I’m looking forward to the beginning of football It’s pretty on a big screen TV. . I’m not a big fan, and I don’t understand all the rules. I pick my favorite teams based on how cute the quarterback is. Currently, the Manning brothers are my favorites. Also, when football begins, the temps may drop to 100* around here and I’ll go outside again! Maybe I’ll even go for a bike ride!!!



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15 responses to “A non-political broadening of my knowledge ~ BevnTempe

  1. dnd

    One thing they don’t explain is what the cyclists do during the race if they have to pee. Let’s just say there’s a reason they all go to the showers immediately after the race…

  2. TempeBev

    Actually we saw that – they just pull over, stop and take a pee. We saw several riders watering a field in one of the stages.

  3. dnd

    A lot ’em just pee their pants.

    BTW, If you like the Tour de France, check out the Giro d’Italia. It’s in May. Better climbs.

  4. Wet spandex, what a charming sport!

  5. dog's eye view

    Cool idea, Bev, to visit Europe virtually while watching the Tour de France.

    With emphasis on cool. Ah, those Phoenix summers.

    Here’s hoping you get to see the Europe in person some day, if that is what you would like.

  6. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tuesday, July 28, 2009 — 12:12 PM ET

    Senate Panel Endorses Sotomayor in 13-6 Vote

    The Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Tuesday to endorse
    the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, easing
    her path to likely confirmation as the first Hispanic member
    of the tribunal.

    As expected, all 12 Democrats on the judiciary panel voted
    for Judge Sotomayor. But among the seven Republicans on the
    committee, only Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
    voted in favor.

  7. I suspect we may see the following on Ed tonight:

  8. dnd

    Ah, Virginia Foxx. Maybe she’ll make KO’s “Worst Person in the World.” Again. If memory serves, she received that prestigious award for her comments on the Matthew Sheppard murder.

  9. dnd

    WH kegger this Thursday!


    “Robert Gibbs reports that in an effort to teach ethnic and racial diversity, the President will be serving Sgt. Crowley a 40 oz Colt 45 and Professor Gates will get several pints of Guninness.”

    Ok, I made that last part up 😉

  10. That last line was really bad dnd!

    Gov Dean seems a tad nervous in his guest host gig.

  11. dnd

    Hey, when I was in college I drank Colt 45, though back then it was 32 oz. Now I drink Guinness. Why? Well my tastes have changed. But mostly it has the same calories as Miller Lite 😉

    I’m guessing Rahm Emanual is tossing back a few tonight. His nemisis is doing a great job dealing with health care while he subs for KO. If the beer diplomacy between Crowley and Gates works, Obama needs to have a cold one with Emanual and Dean. Sebelius should be able to use Dean as an advisor. And a pit bull…

  12. eProf2

    Greetings from the other part of the desert forty miles from Tempe. It’s 9 pm and the temperature is still 102 degrees. The swimming pool temp is 91 degrees. It’s hot. And, the D-Backs aren’t!

    The Tour d’France looked interesting, Bev, but I guess I’m not into endurance sports like the triatholan, et cetera. Football starts in a few weeks when it will still be hot, very hot for the players and the fans.

    Thanks, Bev, for the bicycle insights and the responses from BC characters and the discussion on peeing whenever you have the calling. LOL!!!

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