Would you fire him?

Justin Barrett, Boston Police Officer, Suspended For Calling Gates A “Jungle Monkey” In E-mail



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46 responses to “Would you fire him?

  1. eProf2

    What in the hell is going on in our country when all of a sudden it becomes acceptable, fashionable, even legitimate to engage in bigotry, racism and victimization? We can’t fire everyone for their speech and sometimes their actions; however, we seem to be on a slippery slope of lessening civil behavior and civil discourse regarding race and race relations.

  2. eprof I sincerely believe that a segment of the population has become totally unhinged with the election of Obama.

  3. TempeBev

    Yes, I would fire him. The motto proudly displayed on many police vehicles is “to protect and to serve.” Police officers undergo many hours of training to serve the public. The public put their trust in the police to do just that – protect and serve. Unfortunately because of the power the police have that is not always the case. Because this officer is an employee of a department that is already involved in a heavily publicized “police vs race” situation, he will probably pay the price. He has lost the trust of the people he took an oath to serve and protect. Racism is coming out from the shadows. One giant step backward for mankind.

  4. dnd

    I’d fire him. Not for the grevious statement. That’s up to the department’s code of conduct to determine. I’d fire him because any cop that stupid to make such a public statement in such a high profile incident is way too dumb to be a cop.

  5. I suspect if he’s fired he’s going to sue for violation of his own civil rights. But yes I agree with you d, very very stupid!

  6. unlikelyburrito

    Justin Barret should be Micheal Vick’s dog for a day.

  7. unlikelyburrito

    yo peeps ….how’s it going?

  8. yo peepette hows by you? Love the new haircut in your new avitar, you look hot hot hot!

  9. unlikelyburrito

    How many people are going to screw up their lives via email, and other recorded internet forums ie. twitter, facebook, myspace, live journal????…..seriously…it’s all on record.

  10. unlikelyburrito

    lol Bri….lol very funny…

  11. “How many people are going to screw up their lives via email, and other recorded internet forums”

    UB they don’t think there is anything wrong with what they are saying, hence their eagerness to share their thoughts!

  12. unlikelyburrito

    I am facing a party this Saturday that my son put together…omg….there may be as many as 125 teens in and out of here that day…yikes

    Grad/Going Away Open house….needless to say I am looking forward to Sunday

  13. unlikelyburrito

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that tiny fact…it so “wrong” to me I tend to forget people think that way and are proud of it.

  14. “I am facing a party this Saturday that my son put together…omg….there may be as many as 125 teens in and out of here that day…yikes”

    What time do you want me there?

  15. unlikelyburrito

    I live in my own bubble, and try to eliminate the bigots….

  16. unlikelyburrito

    lol Brian….most of them will be of age too!

  17. unlikelyburrito

    Oh dang!….I have to run out, just looked at the clock ….have a great day everyone……….


  18. Medals Of Freedom: Obama Honors Ted Kennedy, Harvey Milk And 14 Others


    It’s an interesting group of people he’s picked.

  19. dnd

    Ok gang, only an hour left until happy hour on the White House lawn. What will the President be serving with the cold ones?

    1. Chips
    2. Pretzels
    3. More beer

    Any ideas?

  20. dnd


    Interesting picks:
    Chita Rivera – A shout-out to the Sotomayor crowd?
    Sidney Poitier – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

    My fave though was Jack Kemp. We could use a few more Republicans with his character and intelligence these days.

  21. peanuts and corn chips are my choice

  22. dnd

    With all due respect, the President should have invited Tom T. Hall to the “beer summit.”

  23. unlikelyburrito

    What did President Obama serve?

    inquiry minds want to know….

    I think it might be kind of awkward meeting the President under these circumstances, I mean seriously…..

  24. unlikelyburrito

    wow dnd, look at you post in video in-line…..lol…pretty smooth

  25. Boy UB, you’ve been away a long time, wordpress has had that feature for a long time now. All you have to do is post a youtube link.

  26. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    New avatar, new doo? Looks nice. Good luck with all the teens Saturday. Good thing Brian will be there to help you out 😉

  27. And you know I love to be helpful!


  28. Looks like they are tossing peanuts back dnd!

  29. dnd

    Rumor has it that Rahm Emanual came out with his guitar and sang:

  30. As long as he didn’t put on his tights and dance!

  31. dnd

    “Looks like they are tossing peanuts back dnd!”

    Yeah, just like they do at McSorleys!

  32. dnd

    What’s Biden drinking? He doesn’t drink…

    Is he the designated driver?

  33. God I actually shuddered when I read “McSorleys”

    Maybe Joe is drinking near beer.

  34. dog's eye view

    Were you all drinking a beer along with the president and his guests?

    A no here, since we’re 3 hours behind and still have driving in my future.

    But did hoist an iced tea and wonder how it was going.

    NYTimes pic of the beerfest is interesting. Obama looking very comfortable, Officer Crowley in a suite and tie.

    Budweiser though?


    Someone needs to update the lyrics though.

    Mr. Crowley da da da

    What the hell were you thinking?

  35. dog's eye view

    way cool on the video link.

  36. dnd

    Soda crackers, raw onions, limburger cheese and McSorley’s mustard. That’s what would have brought these two Boston prima donnas together.

  37. dnd

    ps. For those of you who have never been to McSorleys (and I’d put that on your bucket list), they serve soda crackers, raw onions, limburger cheese and a mustard made with mustard powder and their ale.

  38. unlikelyburrito

    added to the list that McSorleys place….

    I just got a email from a friend….I mean I really can’t believe she wrote this about someone else…this is the email in it’s entirety:

    “sue’s husband died last night – now she does not need the divorce lawyer . . .”

    I am stunned…lol..sorry.. I had to share because I am so stunned.

  39. dnd neglects to mention that McSorleys hasn’t been cleaned or had their floor mopped since the Maine sank!

  40. You got some nice friends there UB! Good thing you came “home” to us!

  41. unlikelyburrito

    Brian you have a McSorley’s story don’t you?

    Time to go back….maybe they have improved

  42. unlikelyburrito

    I know that was really cold that email….geez….I can’t imagine what she’ll say when I die…..

  43. I went once, got queasy and left. You can smell the place about a block away, it’s a toxic waste dump!

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