Weekly Address: This Economic Storm Will Pass



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92 responses to “Weekly Address: This Economic Storm Will Pass

  1. dnd

    John Thune delivers the weekly Republican address. Talks about health care:


  2. TempeBev

    I love Jonathal Alter’s snarky piece about healthcare:


  3. dnd

    Bev, that Alter piece is a hoot! Thanks.

  4. Alter’s column was so consistently a reflection of status quo commentary, paragraph by paragraph, that I thought he’d been recording the conversations of my “change nothing in healthcare” neighbors. I agree with TempeBev that Alter’s column was really snarky…. if snarky is a compliment then I assure you that my out-of-the-ordinary neighbor, TempeBev, is also pretty snarky, too!

  5. Bev has a neighbor? Spill with some dish!

  6. Brian, et.al. If I dish about the dish TempeBev I would have to smudge up her present level of tantalizing and useful anonymity. My paltry descriptions could never do her justice.

  7. Must admit I have admired T. Boone (Bone) Pickens efforts on behalf of wind energy but also admire Franken’s accosting him about Swift Boat ads. Was not aware Pickens had such a money hand in the SB ads.

  8. TempeBev

    I don’t know who MesaDon is, but I have an idea.

  9. Will the mystery quest enter and sign in please.

  10. unlikelyburrito

    boring suburbia report here….the police have been here once….next time a ticket……..I am too old to care.

    My kids (at this party) are straight edge…no drugs, get great grades, and some lonely ass idiot called the cops.

    I think I hate people.

  11. Someone called the cops on your kids? Who? I want their name and address!

  12. unlikelyburrito

    me too the funny thing is…I asked the police station and they would not tell me who complained….they said if it got to a “sitation” then I would know.

  13. unlikelyburrito

    “F” suburbia…so so so un-likable

  14. unlikelyburrito

    when I was young, there were drunks up and down the street….all they, the neighbors, cared about was that I clean up the mess afterwards.

    My parents would say , “tell the cops we are out of town”

  15. You remind me of when I was a kid and used to sneak out my mother’s car. Here comment, “If you ever get caught you’re on your own”.

    yeah fuck the burbs!

    First person who tells me to put money in the curse jar gets it right between the eyes.

  16. unlikelyburrito

    lol …..good thing…..I don’t believe in “curse jars”….lol

  17. So just how noisy were the kids and who calls the cops on kids this early in the day?

  18. unlikelyburrito

    Brian, what are you doing around the end of Aug? I think I am driving up there….we could meet for like 2 shots and a beer, or ice tea….

  19. unlikelyburrito

    two piece live band ….drums and guitar….that’s all

  20. unlikelyburrito

    a bunch of losers around here

  21. unlikelyburrito

    it’s okay when the drunk guy yells and hollers but a band…..shut them down

  22. I’ll be around, definitely shots, screw the iced teas!

  23. fbog

    ” and some lonely ass idiot called the cops.”

    Sra Burrito, I think you nailed it. Some miserable people can’t handle others having fun.

  24. unlikelyburrito

    next time that dog barks or that leaf blower blows……f them

  25. unlikelyburrito

    fbog….what an interesting persona

  26. you have any thoughts as to who it is?

  27. unlikelyburrito

    wow, I didn’t even remember calling them a lonely “ass” how perfect, when I read that I thought “yeah that’s it.”

    I still hate people

  28. unlikelyburrito

    none….I told everyone near by and most are out of town….so I did my best to be a “good” neighbor

  29. fbog

    Sra Burrito,
    Take Brian to McSorley’s for some of their ale, soda crackers, onions, Limburger cheese, and their trademark mustard.

  30. unlikelyburrito

    I have live here 11 years……3 teenagers and NO trouble….f them

  31. unlikelyburrito

    I think I shall if he dares

  32. And here I was wondering who the hell this fbog is.

  33. unlikelyburrito

    oh come on…. I knew who he was in a nano second

  34. unlikelyburrito

    the only thing more interesting then reality is obscurity…..

  35. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    Tis me. fbog is my alter ego.

    I hope the kids at your party learned that being a grumpy old person is not something to aspire to.

  36. unlikelyburrito

    They learned …..turn the music up……….Ray’s mom is on our side..

  37. unlikelyburrito

    I wasn’t even a hippie….but I think I would have excelled there

  38. unlikelyburrito

    i know it tis you….lol…I hope you are well

  39. unlikelyburrito

    so when the police came I gave my maiden name , because my asshole brother is a council man….can you see why I hate suburbia……………………………………………………………………….

  40. If you weren’t a hippie you must have the chick in the wet tshirt.

  41. “because my asshole brother”

    Ah the love of a sibling, nothing quite like it!

  42. unlikelyburrito

    I wish…..I am some in between the “coke”generation, and disco era…..I think those are out of order….but what do you expect?

  43. I had you figured for the Pepsi generation.

  44. unlikelyburrito

    if I send graduation announcements out…you know the really nice stationary and all…..telling about the future and the goals…..what do you think?

    one side of the family …is proud , sends gifts…..
    the other side….. the idiot side… that are my siblings(in town)….f’ing nothing…nada….zip zadda

  45. dnd

    Sra Burrito,
    The mistake you made was not inviting us to the party. Your wacko neighbor would be putting up a “for sale” sign the next day 😉

  46. unlikelyburrito

    when i say coke , i dont mean soda

  47. unlikelyburrito

    dnd …i would have loved for that to happen….

  48. oh that kind of coke, I’m not really very familiar with it, I’ll defer to you on that one.


  49. unlikelyburrito


    silly man…….shut up……you can’t fool me

  50. unlikelyburrito

    the mistake I made was……..seriously believing that life was easy…….

    That is what has mess with me the most……because it’s not…..and that sucks….so when you find fun….

    it’s a good thing!

  51. unlikelyburrito

    so who is planning the first back channel get together?

  52. dnd

    The conspiracy theory is that some neighbor can’t deal with how gorgeous Sra Burrito is. Women can be mean that way…

  53. unlikelyburrito

    lo dnd…..lol……so funny….you make laugh..but you need to get to NYC..come on

    I think the BC should do a meet an greet

  54. unlikelyburrito

    dnd can you travel?

  55. unlikelyburrito

    I thing that NYC offers the best opt

  56. None of you are staying here!

  57. unlikelyburrito


  58. Who the hell wants your noisy brats under foot!

    I’m taking the boys to the park, nighty night.

  59. dnd

    Michelle Malkin joined the panel on This Week. That’s like inviting Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck or Ann Coulter.

    A new low for This Week.

  60. dnd…

    You beat me too it. I was just going to comment on This Week having that Racist, Bigot Malkin on with George.

    How much lower can MSNBC sink?

    Well only time will tell I guess, but they sure can’t sink much lower now IMHO.

    God Bless.

  61. MSNBC? This Week is not an MSNBC show.

  62. OOPS….

    Y0ur right of course Brian.

    God Bless.

  63. dnd

    Larry Summers on MTP. There’s something reassuring listening to a brilliant economist who probably has gravy stains on his tie.

  64. dnd

    I don’t know if Malkin is a racist or a bigot. But she’s an awfully bad liar, which is surprising considering how much practice she gets.

  65. nannymm

    Damn! I missed Burrito last night! 😦

  66. dog's eye view

    Why does Al Hunt, longtime ACTUAL journalist and former Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, have to share roundtable space with Michelle Malkin, known for her perky video cheerleading routine spelling out “Loser”?

    ABC could have gone with Dan Drezner or any number of conservative-leaning bloggers who have lots more to add to a real discussion.

  67. dog's eye view

    PS: enjoyed the overnight dialogue re Burrito and her kids’ party. Good to see her back.

  68. dnd

    The conspiracy theory is that This Week wants to make Republicans look like a bunch of loonies by having Malkin on the panel.

    Or maybe that’s all that’s left of the Republican base…

  69. nanny how was your weekend at Lake George? (My parents spent their honeymoon at Lake George)

  70. dog's eye view

    However, dnd, other side might be legitimizing Malkin. Being on This Week is a sign of having arrived, in a sense.

  71. nannymm

    We had a great time, Brian. We went with my friend Julia and her kids, one of whom is my grandson’s best friend.

  72. dog's eye view

    Has anyone else been following the march [slither]of gigantic pythons into Florida? I hadn’t, but finding a 17 foot, 204 pound snake on one’s property would get your attention.


    And our biology lesson for the day: merely bludgeoning OR decapitating the snake does not dispatch it humanely. You have to do both. A python’s body can function for 40 minutes after death, and feel pain as well.


    (Clicking on the second link takes you to Miami Herald stories on the python topic. First link didn’t have picture of the python. First story mentions python’s body was still moving as they were assembling for the photo.)

  73. dog's eye view

    Good to hear, nanny. Lake George sounds beautiful; am sure you and kids had fun.

  74. I’ve never understood why anyone would keep a snake as a pet, boringggggggggggggggggggg

  75. I’m not that fond of sharks either, never understood the fascination some people have for them.

  76. dog's eye view

    Yeah, snakes don’t do it for me, either.

    Turtles will interact with you. They get frantic about possibly getting fed.


    A Miami Herald commenter wrote that the pythons’ prevalence north of the Everglades may be proof of global warming. That previous freezes every 2-3 years killed them off (in younger form), whereas he or she didn’t recall a freeze since 1992.

    No idea if this idea has merit — and do intend to fact-check it. But interesting.

  77. dog's eye view

    You are probably safe from ocean sharks in Manhattan.

    Financial sharks, though …

  78. dnd

    I’m surprised that no one informed Ms Malkin that to qualify for unemployment, you have to be actively be searching for a job and be able to prove it. Unemployment isn’t welfare. Or that those on unemployment are spending every dime they get, thus boosting the recovery. The looks on the panel’s faces was similar to family members of a scatterbrained relative after the relative says something completely unappropriate.

    My guess is that Cynthia Tucker, Jerry Seib and Al Hunt took George Stephanopoulos aside and said: “Look asshole, if you ever book us with this nutbag again, we’ll never come back to your show.”

  79. I suspect Stephanopoulos has long grown immune to the effects of being called an asshole.

  80. dog's eye view

    dnd: re 4:10: agreed, but he’s got them, being one of the 3 network poliporn shows.

    Maybe the Malkin episode was a thought experiment not to be repeated …

  81. dnd

    I love your phrase “poliporn,” but I’d argue that Bob Schieffer on FTN is not in that category. He makes Stephanopoulos and Gregory look like fumbling amateurs.

    Plus, I think he’s from the same town as Doots 😉

  82. dog's eye view

    Agreed. Bob Schieffer: my apologies. You’re the keeper.

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