An Earth friendly clean ~ BrianInNYC

Want to save a lot of money and do that planet a favor, make your own cleaning supplies.  I am amazed the wide variety of cleaning products that line our store shelves.   Here are a few of my tried and true cleaner recipes:

Window and general purpose cleaner:

1 cup clear ammonia
1 cup of rubbing alcohol
A squirt of dish washing liquid
Enough water to fill spray bottle

Laundry detergent:

2 cups of finely grated Fels Naptha Soap (yes they still make it and you can buy it online pre-grated)
1 cup washing soda (not to be confused with baking soda)
1 cup of Borax

Mix and store in an air tight container, you only need about a quarter of cup per standard wash load.  Also if you use this you won’t need fabric softener

Got rust stains in your toilet bowl or kitchen sink?  Tang will get rid of them for you (lord knows you don’t want to drink that shit!), also if your dog happens to get in a tangle with a skunk Tang is much better at removing the smell than tomato juice and far cheaper too.  Want to stop static cling in your cloths dryer, toss in a few balls made of aluminum foil.

A great fabric freshener can be made by combining 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, a tablespoon of orange extract and water in a spray bottle.    Instead of disinfecting kitchen wipes keep a bowl of bleach solution in your sink while you cook and use a cheap washcloth (5 for a dollar at my local 99 cent shop) to wipe up after yourself.

Ok, you get the idea,  the web abounds with recipes for earth friendly economical home cleaning products, all you have to do is look.



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12 responses to “An Earth friendly clean ~ BrianInNYC

  1. TempeBev

    Great ideas – I wish I could say I did all of the above, but I’m a new merchandise whore! Please refrain from making the obvious snarky comments. LOL

  2. Thanks Brian,
    It’s nice to be informed/or reminded of simple solutions that we each are capable of doing for the greater good.

    Have a great day everyone 🙂


  3. TANG…holy cow that’s funny… that what the astronauts used to drink? Or were those just commercials?

  4. nannymm

    Well, I’m happy to know Tang is good for something.

  5. It’s good for a lot of things, just not drinking.

  6. dnd

    I didn’t know they still made Tang.

  7. dnd

    Note, if you do use bleach or ammonia in cleaning, make sure you do in a ventilated area, as they are respiratory irritants. And NEVER mix bleach and ammonia, as you will get a very toxic gas.

  8. Ok I see Tang is going to be the operative word of the day! Actually I think any powdered drink mix will work, it’s the citric acid that is what gets the job done.

  9. dnd

    NEW YORK ( — Down the drain: $1.2 trillion.

    That’s half of the $2.2 trillion the United States spends on health care each year, according to the most recent data from accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute.

  10. I thought the prez was going to tear up when talking about Teddy.

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