Those were the days… nannymm

The "Summer of ’69" is one I will always remember fondly. Just thinking of it brings a huge smile to my  face. For me, as for so many of my generation, it was a magical time. For many of us, life, real life, was just awakening. The "Summer of Love" was a precious and fragile time, one that is not likely to be forgotten. Now, it’s a shock to realize that it was 40years ago; even tougher to realize that that the young and careful kids of that glorious time are neither young nor carefree anymore. I can hardly believe that we are the "aging baby boomers,"  that we are parents and grandparents and, in some cases, retires. So when I read this article in the NY Times, I sat for quite awhile remembering Woodstock and that summer that can never be recaptured. And, yes, I was lucky enough to  be there. 

Wherever you were that hot, steamy August of 1969, I hope this brings a smile to your face and evokes fond memories.




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21 responses to “Those were the days… nannymm

  1. dnd

    The couple on the cover of the Woodstock soundtrack album got married two years later. And they’re still married!
    Damn hippies…

  2. dnd

    John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods in the WSJ, doesn’t care for Obamacare:

    Yet another reason not to shop at Whole Paycheck.

  3. TempeBev

    Nanny: You had a great experience and have great memories. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you think that McCain still can’t be in the same room with Obama? McC is missing the national VFW convention here in Phx where Obama is scheduled to give a major speech on Monday. Touchy, touchy.

  4. Bev who’s your governor now? Is he/she a dem or a repug?

  5. Squeaky Frome has been released on parole.

  6. TempeBev

    She is a Republican – as of this morning after reading the AZ Rep, it feels we’re becoming Alabama, Florida, West Virginia – really, really stupid. The state government seems only to care about their elected positions and nothing about the people or programs that can help people. That also includes our infamous Maricopa County Sheriff.

  7. TempeBev

    I am dumbfounded that the average and not-so-average citizen of the US can’t understand that end-of-life counseling has nothing to do with ending a life. It just boggles my mind that supposedly intelligent people really believe there are “death panels” in HC reform. Now it has been removed from one committee’s proposed bill. Maybe we are being taken over by aliens.

  8. “That also includes our infamous Maricopa County Sheriff.”


    The prez’s town hall from Montana should be interesting.

  9. Teddy must be in very bad shape if he didn’t go to Eunice’s funeral, it’s all too sad.

  10. TempeBev

    I hope he is able to hang on long enough to vote for the HC bill – if we ever get one.

  11. dnd

    DENVER – You may not know it, but Friday is Navajo Code Talkers Day proclaimed by President Reagan in 1982. The Code Talkers were an elite group of Navajo Marines in who used their native language to confuse the enemy in World War II.

  12. Baucus makes me want to puke!

  13. dnd

    It’s interesting that the MSM expected a town-hall-gone-wild in Montana, like the one in Pennsylvania. Haven’t they noticed that the Governor and both Senators from Montana are Democrats?

    People in Montana are fiercely independent and pragmatic. But they aren’t wingnuts.

  14. TempeBev

    There are very few of the 100 code talkers left. They performed a great service.

    Maybe it’s time to move to Montana.

  15. Yee haw Larry O’Donell is on fire today!

  16. Meet The Press is going to be fun on Sunday, Rachel is really becoming a name.

  17. Thanks *Squeaky (freedom is good)….I mean Nanny… glad to know your were there…..
    The other day they were playing tracks from Woodstock it was so full of emotion. Far too many hippies grew up and lost their souls in the sea, or sewer, of corporate America.

  18. I agree with you Brian , Rachel rocks! She is just at the beginning of a huge career…

    enjoy your evening everyone…..I love all the great tunes…thanks!


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