The month of August ~ BevnTempe

The month of August, during a pre-election year, has to be one of the most exasperating months of the year.  Not only is the temperature too hot where I live, but the lying, stupidity, arrogance, ignorance and the plethora of adjectives too numerous to mention, add to the unbelievable crap that occurs with repug politicians during August when they are the minority party. 

Words cannot describe the utter disbelief of the unmitigated gall of groups and individuals, and politicians and how they are trying to sabotage the reformation of healthcare in the United States. 

The f—king lies about governmental “death panels” reveals all the adjectives listed above about people who cannot take the time to understand that all it means is a doctor will be able to bill Medicare for counseling on advance directives for people nearing he end of life. 

People bitch about government interfering with their lives, but look forward to receiving Medicare and Social Security.  Are they stupid?  Yes, I think they are.

If there is a God, may she help those who need it!



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20 responses to “The month of August ~ BevnTempe

  1. Morning peeps, good piece Bev and spot on.

  2. dnd

    Great post Bev. Liar extrordinnaire Newt Gingrich had a great fraudulent piece in the LA Times yesterday:

    “When Sarah Palin said that the emerging healthcare reform legislation would lead to “death panels” and government rationing of care, her language was explosive, but her premise about rationing was not. ”,0,310602.story

  3. TempeBev

    Perfect picture Brian, you did a great job.

  4. It was easy, I just did a pic search on “repug” and that was one of the first that came up.

  5. dnd

    The Rude Pundit has some interesting thoughts on the health care town halls (including his own visit to one).

    “Another miscalculation by the Obama administration was in not seeing the political value of investigating and prosecuting Bush administration officials, including Dick Cheney. See, having the Justice Department under Eric Holder threatening to arrest and drag off the ex-VP and others would have been the perfect shiny object for the right wing. Who has time (or as much time) to argue about whether or not Obama wants to kill Granny if he’s wanting to jail Alberto Gonzales? Let people protest and let Rush Limbaugh pop like a diseased pimple over it while Glenn Beck weeps that he’s next. Hey, Obama has no control, really, if Justice wants to go ahead, right?”

  6. TempeBev

    Brian, attached is a link from today’s newspaper about the Navajo Code Talkers you mentioned last week. Very interesting.

  7. Bev that wasn’t me, I think that was dog talking about the code talkers.

  8. dnd

    Great link on the Navajo code talkers. Actually there were 17 tribes that were code talkers beginning in WWI with the Choctaws. My understanding is that the Hopi were the toughest to crack.

  9. TempeBev

    Thanks for correction – where is everyone?

  10. I’m here, can’t speak for anyone else, trying to catch up on some chores around the house, YUCK!

  11. dnd

    Work is the curse of the blogging class 😉

  12. dnd

    MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was recovering Monday from wounds he received after a man beat him on the head with a pipe after the mayor tried to assist a grandmother screaming for someone to call 911.

    My guess is that Mayor Barrett will be reelected in a landslide.

  13. TempeBev

    It’s been great chatting with you two – have a nice rest of the day – Brian, get your abode sparkling!

  14. Sparkling would be quite a stretch Bev. I live like a hetro bachelor!

  15. dnd

    “Sparkling would be quite a stretch Bev. I live like a hetro bachelor!”

    An yet you don’t like McSorley’s…

    We’re gonna need an in-depth report from Sra Burrito’s trip to the Big Apple.

  16. you gotta draw the line some place d!

  17. eProf2

    Well said, Bev! dnd, however, gets the quote of the day award: “Who has time (or as much time) to argue about whether or not Obama wants to kill Granny if he’s wanting to jail Alberto Gonzales?” So true, dnd!

  18. eProf2

    This from Jim Dean, Howard’s brother, on “health insurance reform” (my words): “To pass any bill in the House they need at least 218 votes but 64 House Democrats have stood up and said they will not vote for a bill without a public option. That means a bill without a public option would only have 193 votes.”

    One more indication of the Democrats spliting into two parties — one centerist and one to the left. The real fight going on behind closed doors is how long will the either faction of the Democratic Party pull away and start their own political party. The historical parallel for this situation is the election of 1912, when Teddy Roosevelt split from the Republican Party and started the Progressive/Bull Moose Party coming in second behind the minority winner, Woodrow Wilson, and Taft coming in third. Will history repeat itself?

  19. nannymm

    Excellent post today, Bev. And I love the picture, too. I get so mad and upset when I hear the lies the repugs are telling. Then I get even more upset when I see the mess that the dems are making out of this whole healthcare reform debate. If we lose this or end up with some watered down piece of crap, Obama will pay dearly. He needs to get over his bipartisan fantasies and accept the fact that the repugs have no interest in reforming healthcare; they just want to kill it. So far, they’re doing a hell of a job. Obama needs to grow a pair or borrow Hillary’s if we’re going to get this done AND DONE RIGHT. Otherwise, he may be toast in 2012. I’m sure I’m not the only one who will have trouble supporting him if he caves on this.

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