Our man of the week, Rep. Joe Wilson R-(SC)



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27 responses to “Our man of the week, Rep. Joe Wilson R-(SC)

  1. TempeBev

    He was told to apologize – it doesn’t count.

  2. dnd

    Hellooooo Mr. Wilson!

  3. dnd

    Mike Littwin on Joe Wilson: “Rebel yell cues the idiot chorus”


  4. Interesting Faux News has Glenn Beck on while CNN and MSNBC are both showing the prez.

  5. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Sat, September 12, 2009 — 9:03 PM ET

    U.S. to Expand Review of Detainees’ Cases in Afghan Prison

    The Obama administration soon plans to issue new guidelines
    aimed at giving the hundreds of prisoners at Bagram Air Base
    significantly more ability to challenge their custody,
    Pentagon officials and detainee advocates say.

  6. ABC News Was Misquoted on Crowd Size
    ABC News Reported D.C. Rally Size in Tens of Thousands, Not 1M to 1.5M as Activist Said


  7. Spot on piece by Maureen dnd. I can understand the WH’s reluctance to acknowledge that racism is a driving factor in a lot of the opposition to the president but that doesn’t mean we can’t see the trees for the forest.

  8. dnd

    Kristof on universal health care:

    “In the debate over health care, here’s an inequity to ponder: Nikki White would have been far better off if only she had been a convicted bank robber.”


  9. It’s a nasty cycle dnd, one I’ve been caught in myself. Even if I could afford to go back into the private system right now there is no company that would insure me because of my two chronic illnesses.

  10. dnd


    Outside of being a bigot, I think the reason Wilson will not apologize to the House for breaking the rules is that it’s dawned on him that by refusing he goes from being a nobody backbench-loser to the golden boy of the teabagger/birther/AM talk radio crowd. In essence, he’s the new Sarah Palin.

  11. Money is pouring into his campaign.

  12. TempeBev

    Just read Modo’s column. I have been saying this for the past two months, I even wrote it on one of the blogs about the same time.

  13. Hey folks don’t forget to watch 60 Minutes tonight, the prez is going to be on, should be an interesting interview.

  14. Steve

    I’d like to see Wilson censured but the Congressional Dems dont see to have any notion of why we put them in. I’m losing patience with them.

  15. dnd

    I’m no expert on House rules, but I know he can’t call the President a liar. Sounds like a legit reason to censure Wilson.

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